Slacker and Steve - OPP: Girlfriend’s Sister Love Me 6/19

Monday, June 19th

Patrick’s girlfriend’s sister told him that she loves him. He has been in a relationship for about a year and a half and has been nothing but faithful to her. The other day Patrick’s girlfriend’s sister pulled him into a room to talk about “something”, that something was her telling him that she loved him, like she is in love with him. Though those three words took Patrick by surprise, he told her it would never happen. Does Patrick pretend it never happened? Or should he tell his girlfriend?

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Selector in Steve's son today. Yeah I feel sorry for this but I can't hear me. I don't know the right answer but I will tell you this I heard of any other people who've been in situations like this so cool we can get an answer bright young guys you. Hi my girlfriend sister told me that she loves being in the she wants me to go out with her. Let's also get a job my girlfriends. Sis term said that she loves it. I don't know what to do now I mean up there with my girlfriend for about a year and a half and have been faithful to her her sister is sort of a loner really nice kid that keeps to herself. When I first started coming around she was really quiet and didn't really talk to me at all. But about six months into what we became really friendly and she loosened up so I wasn't shocked the other day when she pulled me into her room to talk about some things. She just came out and said it I told her that I loved her too but then she emphasized I love you. All I don't carry I didn't know she was I love you shoot all she was like hello means go Emily sue Rosie O'Donnell forensic analysts like I don't know I love the view yes. Since. I was a little taken aback when told there would never happen. But what's why do now pretend it never happened and keep my mouth shut the hell my girlfriend and ruin and potentially ruin their relationship. Or should I do this is from Patrick. Uniter and a man role. Now we are joined now typical guy's situation he's guilty Tilly prove himself innocent well what's he guilty if you union and went into a rule month alone we are exist there. Thirty yard this is gonna go down so leery glitter off of Oakland I don't love you. He's probably you know going into this girl girlfriend go look this has happened with your sister's sister had on me sister's gonna go to the little sister go what do you think you're doing elusive hey I was just in my room and this new boyfriend came in. This is love to me oh my I'm a victim here now Patrick you screwed. She's not. Now game time. Where US should be just keep it right just don't say they don't let it work itself out. I ate I'm getting (%expletive) on by your. Girl's sister I you know I would it I think if you don't say anything you're dead. They never came out I mean later on down they're down the line if it ever came out like they're getting married and they and it's night. She's they hit the sisters the maid of honor its Aaron brewer told had a crush on you and it's like. You why it's like ho lol. It's no I'm not good. I don't know though. So does it come down to Patrick has to know his girlfriend well enough that if he comes clean new word that she won't. Terry on the ball and run news sisters and blast heard make a big drama deal under sinks do you think. Think I never had this competition in my Brothers I can say that honestly and I don't know many guys whose brother who as Brothers have competitions like that where it's like oh. Oh man that your new girls hi Margo laughter. But I do know a lot of women who've done. Who sister has gone after boyfriend of Lou other sister and I wonder if this isn't kind of backed. It's not that kind of competition dang where it's like I'm gonna get so she's she's a loner to force she didn't seem like the competitive. At least sister tied to real quick you're gonna go into words it's not just what it's so much is Patrick Percy personally it's just because of shady guy. Older sister she covets what are older sister asks I see that she wants to be more like her I definitely heard things like that. And in that case. Maybe you're supposed to teller because then she's used to tell my god she's always done. When I decided our tennis she started taking tennis lessons too when I decided to do become. You know cheerleader she join Jim Leach there's act. Bible read that some sisters have no other than men doing too I just not seen as many they'll cover of many more women sleeping with their sisters man Boca and I heard immensely with the Brothers girls let me ask you this and can Patrick could go back to the little sister bingo. Kind of put me in my position where I have to tell. My girlfriend slash your older sister do you give her the heads up eager to tell the sister or you just do it or. I guess I don't run at somebody. Debt and where was I was related to there. I would assume they're gonna ramming an estate right. If I was the little sister and I decided goto Patrick and I love them Oka I assume one of two things is gonna happen. He's either going to have relations with me rush it or not and then. If it's not he's going to tell so it's a little sister should know should probably assume. He they stacks this is too big. But we didn't. If it's just over it's we go to plan Steve which is just don't say they will work it's so slow and awarding double and if she's if she's genuinely accepts the fact that he's not going to be with her. It could just go away on its own. But I guess that if it ever comes out. It's like. Women take. Don't wanna say omitting the church because it's such a Jew thing to do but it women takes sometimes we don't tell you. What happens because we don't wanna upset you it's not that were hiding in the day always take it as if your high right the women did so you're right soul man on. Bad stop stop trying to disturb my kids don't decide about my feelings I'll do that you tell me everything that happened on saving you your relationship with your sister. If I if I told you what your sister said to me in that room and attack. You would be so mad at her you would disown her and is isn't it better have a sister than decency no that's logical. And that's rational but there are some good god I don't know. Just. No. This is really tough because I feel like if it is that competitive sister tank and he Patrick goes to his girlfriend says. Not sure if you can believe this for you sister blah blah. She's she's gonna do exactly we section come all the way uncorked two now what are going to be in huge sigh you know it's not going to be good it is somehow he's in the blame analysts who gave she gets blamed then good riddance like if she side so he played turns it around like. In my room and say do you got to look. Because he's looking at First Lady did Lovie. But roommates you do you think he's guilty until proven dig through our guys are. It is this if you're a person who has hit on your so I know this is very what it just gently generic advice if you just if you heard this whole thing you need gas and advice. We actually won here but if you've been in the situation where this sibling of someone you're dating. Took off running you eaten what are you. What did you do did you immediately pull the band aid off and tell your significant other and go wow they just an army or do you. Did you handle yourself does it feels like Patrick Kimball but he said no this is never gonna happen in easily grid and he didn't. No there's one more step. That's all we ask captain and you're saying. You say there's one more stepping you're already saying that's a Passat yeah he's halfway there. He feels it he did seek a key part having to let the little sister down. Probably want so it's not urge you the truth. Paris she sounds like the loner type owner brooding and OS snow move. I never loved any room you do now I think you're a okay with the armed. I I. That's the first question is does he have to say anything or ZRD handled it. I'm broke that I just told. Anybody it's like. If you pulled over by the police and I've worked it out and I don't it doesn't have to us or anybody else to tell anybody that's how does that cause it's my wife's home to my mom and tell. Anybody that I handled it there was a weird situation it's no longer with situations handled I because it was. Low in nature yup and saying only sisters. Maybe he does have to tell again if you've been in a situation like this you just have a nice Patrick could really use your help a later. I die what do you think. I'm Nina I feel like he should just tell her I Biden on the other end and it was my pleasure and an ex boyfriend. And I mean it can either a lot at all or have problems. Can he wouldn't talk for about a year but then their toll dying sister on your man's. You add on they actually matter and a whole different seat behind my god and I found thousands. Her her. Okay why does what do you think so he was she knew he was looking to cheat to you. Yeah absolutely. I think CNET looking guy court totally fine now on Alec that I Rick you know after cops but it's. Amy just better and you know get through it. Sleep with her. I don't know who. Do you trust and wanna know you tell looks. You know honestly no I mean that's like without seeing it again described as somebody kinda led finally came forward and told me. OK bush. What is he. Cool cool do you know who started it did she started or did they. O'Neal could walk yeah I mean you know on that medication errors can reach out to him but he's the one that. We now fully loud and on Mississippi where she lives. And they. And you don't know what happens. So I say I know I thought picture of them together and all coming out of her my boyfriend is with my sister in another state I'm gonna yeah. Cool were you mad that instantly him or her. I'm disturbed. When you said you've heard that relationship though you can never trust her though huh. Eat. I would not want her around. My name and what are the only thought out and show you them. Yeah it is really she's the one who's in relations and she's your sister she should know. Nights myself my age they don't that's weird. So he initiated attacks and then he reciprocated that thank god debuted daytime for the Carolina and that is easier when you're okay. Super during the next. You guys what do you think. I think that he's gay Italian girlfriend with a little good spirited cage initiated by panic there are freaked out and decides to go and her older sister or her own Virgin Islands and then you know whole world crap. He is he's innocent until proven he's guilty yeah she goes oh my god this you know you know I estrogen might this this scenario of Steve laid out I thought it was really farfetched. But now they you say it. I don't think they took her. Any team you're right that's what it would happen gee we just feel like. I'm opposed. It's gonna come out some distant teller five million really invests in any said he loved and I was like whoa I only tunes I know I love it she could tell the story exactly as it happened you know just switched roles. And Patrick can burn foreign Jesus sisters your trust each other against Patrick yes. And that's how I lost my best friend who did you threw. It out. Well I had it would my girlfriend I had a platonic best. Friend and her little sister's Arnie and I didn't Owens got OPEC stopped or reject gay. But you went herald a huge deal chapter with a modified version of the US. And and older sister would never doc. And Yelp I see the younger sister RO PP doing that it's a panic move here isn't just cents a pop journeys I I got us I have to attached. Before I do have to defend us. Yeah. This is doing well dirty your couldn't get so you lost every link you lost your best friend in a moment. Yeah I didn't. It is really SA an alternate even more upset Betty. I had quote hit on her little sister's you'd agenda and told her about it yeah I never have been so. Wow thank you for the cost nick we appreciate it candy. You guys you are disguise to tell us what you've been in the situation right. Kind of the opposite in my picture independence. In the back I appreciated. Always say did you hitting on him he hit on you. What I eat till he could mean the bad predictor and convinced me not to tell her it came now and I wish the bad guy rich and. I made it looks like you hit on him yup. You know. And it made it look like I was hiding it from her to not take you know I had no intention and outgoing mayor. But he would like you know it could our problem denying there and we don't pay anything and I'm like fervor you put me in the back this year and I won't. Tell her that if she actually I'm not but it didn't dossier and men you know she'll probably never trust me again and I felt awful I wish I would have older. Held her tell her tell her tell your girlfriend. You didn't you didn't tell because you sigh you're staring her Felix. I really do want to get in the middle of their marriage can't. We're already in the middle of their marriage he hit new. True true true. They're out. So tell her we future. So just no matter what that's your colleagues you think there's you know wade didn't. Even though you shut this dude down just like Patrick shut the little sister down that's not announced as if you don't get out someone else can spend their version of the truth. Exactly and it just looks horrible that you didn't come out. In the beginning. Candidates go to guy and give him a heads up look I'm about to tell your wife. You haven't you owe him his Patrick have to go back to little sister goats look you put me in this position I gotta go tell your sister. No don't do that concern you have aren't giving government tools he's now. Alec little guilty or hurt any warning should never deserves back. Yeah it's like the police say were conducting drug raids in this neighborhood tomorrow and I have always yeah death is like we dinnertime they can toxin and steam and yeah. Gotta just doing it and keep in mind you little sister disrespect to an older sister Tess by doing that you don't seemly Bondra so she's them into that her. They do the cart Indy we appreciate it Sean. Oh yes we go to voice is Ezra you hang on did a whole cloth alone. Every 08 it I'm broke your position sorry Sean I know what you think. Well I mean I yeah I have. You know I think you know listen that you didn't younger sister test on you know you I was like yes I think that's I got and sent possible. Still do that together and yup. They do you know yet they do yeah I would always do what did you eat out you go and it is different to be sister. Give anybody you know. He shouldn't just a real quick timeout here you say yup so emphatically have you ever been tested. I saw I was born as an event William bodies that have been sore real nasty send their best friends their sisters or somebody households. Yes AJ yeah they send them dolls and I don't know mentioning that it didn't just tell it's like automatically. You know and urban by tidbit. My buddies I don't know if the president guy. Wins somebody's coming on do you really really hard. You need to automatically assume you're exactly how rapidly before eight. Your sister's best friend. Wait a minute who's close to them you know why eases. I had blood you know there's some things right. Going on there and she didn't test it now trash filled. So when you heard this so DP that your mind it has that what's so weird is I never heard of anybody didn't think I'd I'd seen in TV shows and stuff and it cheaters. I just never know I've never known anybody ever we haven't seen so that my mind doesn't go there and the fact of both. You Sean and Steve. Are so emphatic I mom board thanks Sylvain. I did a blooded I think he does test didn't. Maybe should tell you get it doesn't say not mean China I didn't exactly. But he's not because I did it first and the first part of it I just started you know like. No and yes we brought it back up. Similarly he tells. You what they're doing right now they've got a stopwatch talent and they're like you have to. Tulsa yet. He is he better than that no longer he waits thank you for that call shall we appreciate any screwed no matter what he does now if he says he's like I've labored over this I think what he's got to do is don't say I labored over it it. And and I and I didn't wanna break up your Stanley. But I love you more rare got to play it like there are extra high. I tried to be that everything and I chances and it remains it is it is a test shall be light. You're lucky. It's Jesse if it's not been all the listeners we talked about earlier gonna to do and she's gonna go beat up persist early famous Janette how we got people already Collins say. The into her sister for a year two years. Some dude if speed with him. He's got a saying yes did he labored though the reason I didn't tell you right away is because I wanted to carry the load for you. Yeah and that's all he does the only choice he's got right now he is sews her Patrick if you're listening you gotta tell buddy. And please brightest Sudan or call us after you yeah how'd that go break up this Hamlet and Sony Patrick advice do it over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.