Slacker and Steve - OPP: Graduating Without a Plan 4/26

Wednesday, April 26th

Graduating college can be a daunting task. It takes years of hard work and you’re not even guaranteed a job when you graduate. Our OPP is searching for a job after graduation, but just wait until you hear the twist in this OPP!


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Stay right there. Graduation coming out of college shoot over time we go get on with flank of real life stuff right you can him over Charlotte does that's where she's at in her life apparently helped her launch into the world I think cougar word from Charlotte. How EI and well what brings you know T yeah. Well and I have at my god and you're about to graduate from college who handle. And that's CDC that it should have been didn't much nation is at home where we're and so he. Really had no plans. So where. A guy. I'm a little word and I love record but I mean she knew that she needs to do now. All the arms down and out in the world and out of your house job. But it's how. And half. You know I mean. I didn't think recently as she says she is in the applying for. And then she you know either the ways that higher need her friend doesn't have the job and he hit and put a lot of excuses you. You know I'm thinking maybe I should just let me get where some sort un wed remain calm her and I. A crying to god I don't know you know it could get her going to get our it's our job. Helpers put to get off or you say you. You're gonna put together stuff. I mean she says she's so I I don't know at this point it I think my feet there I just put something together for her. Art. Can be an out her reprimand but who you know and can then it won't need that went. But I do we are doing I get what you Wear your head Zach but there is the worst two ways to look at your conundrum. What what are you know she's about to come back full force in your house all look like she's. NASA now and to go to class is so you have around all day blah blah blah it's gonna sock. So law I wanna get her moving and that makes cents or but if you do that. You are bailing her out yeah dinner and and any chance she loses it. You're gonna have to be 16 is it. So if you do this you're enabling her to suck at life if you don't do it. She might suck at life a little longer home but she will eventually figure out herself and then she'll actually know how to do it. What I make sense is like to teach him deficient I don't have to get them the vicious that I. Accept an all out man to man decision saying you've given manifest so stick. With a guy that you pursuers in the. And I get back how long guy like Greg during my sick mind to eight years. I mean how you know how I feel like. But all is not rolling in and shoots. You started giving me excuse that she likes to write the however paying now not even ran. It's not working and why not yet now I feel like I guess. I don't do something to get her golly it's just and that is gonna come up with sort of that you paired right. Nothing in the brand of I can't find anything you know unfortunate sort of blowing me off a little bad I just. I thought Ramirez I think both UN slacker are right. And we're worse lockers right is if you don't teacher of the slice skill now. She's never gonna have a she's always going to be coming back like I don't always come back whatever goals are lighter so I want I want more with you let's get her out as fast as possible painless is easy do whatever it takes. But I see that boomerang always come and are you doing it for her. Your whole list but who's who's to say this in the Charlotte sends out a package. For her and she gets that magic call like you're exactly what we're looking for she interviews and then boom it works. I know which she never made her own package. I don't let this go up to one she miss stepping. One would still deployed there then goal endgame is to get her out of Charlotte house and each season to me she's gonna sponge and they're gonna hate each other Charlotte's gonna resist her daughter this is gonna get uglier smooth motion she's promoting an ugly if she comes back fifteen times retention loses a job as a problem so we got to decide who's a short sure. We only we only Missouri. There especially I mean that's also prevalent here. This is always my nephew right that's how I. I can relaying URNCAAN. And last I heard your thinking about what to move in with you could still he's an you're enabling gas if you let him move then. It's a good thing for a local video. What's your right I'm torn did you between that or he's he's. He's been he's got abused like Charlotte's daughter easy it is he taking advantage. She needs her own apartment she needs to scrape she needs to eat Ron and yes this sucks yes in Charlotte there are a little tough love you gonna be able to shove her out not just gently pusher on this nest but trick during the known to do that. No parent has I'm telling you right now Charlotte is talking into a game like I want around in my house. Moms especially unless you're a special different mom unlike anyone I've ever met I don't think he got a minute continue to tick tick around shoulder is that true take her out of the nest. But I have got an and I wanted to go to somewhere where she has the great job empire that I want to move this reality a lot of yeah. Somebody out you can't make that happen. You want to you wanna pay for and he knows what are surely there's going to be a limit to what you right now there's links. You can't have it all either you gotta be tussle for you gotta be a doormat she's got a we don't carry surely you do your job we get cheap and I think more people parenting. Hundreds did just are it's Charlie I don't know what to tell you and it's so are you still married is your husband on board with this or what what's your. I mean he is now like he. He supports legacy isn't your Lara. I'm used to ask can you still is on the right. Are you all let's figure out if we can get a slingshot in launcher daughter out of there or if you should just. We were oracle light of the parts of the slingshot in your house for her to figure out our own. Or something in between you know we need it hang on Charlotte we're we're in decent and nice. We need other parents you pull this Oscar. We need. Millennial starts if you heard like we do you would you want your Mon do you want them to help you or do you was it will it be is it better that you. Figured it out on your own because ma that's. She's talking about a lot of parents and mine especially this year like. My kid could not learn to tie his shoes as you know why you come to me. It's time to get the car to go to school it's like you say you're like all right here since I was I easiest for you went back it's a Rihanna goes on just entice you rob who's been bullied to lure that life skill yes and she likes all of and if she doesn't resonate for her and gets everything put together. Toast which Jewish roots at the end of the man she needs regular Q I know how of her house again it and sort of now or does it easy way. It could be harder in the long run that's the problem we help we definitely do it you know you've been in Charlotte shoes are you really kid of Charlotte. She needs all the advice she can get Amy earth. Yeah maybe. I'm gonna an exact situation and my kid lit match I count commodity gender do any change though we sat down and we wrote. Go to contract together and a contract was signed by our program that couldn't get out and lay church and the contract that I Wear out stacked get ready to go to school. All wait to get my after the Greeks or I will get jobless men pretty mum or I'm out here. And gave him the motivation or start just after New Year's furious about it. One oh suits her right path. I am glad that I had the alternate their Learjet and I'm a little bit return him. You know the nit earlier yeah it's about time. Sounds great but so if you decided to go get his master's degree you let him stay longer. We are let and hunger are long that he quit doing what I. Are getting kicked trade and going to school. So you're on reasonable wasn't a line in the sand that said if you haven't found six figure job in three months. You're you're on the streets you eruptions. Still thinks figured out but it like she you're working forty hours a week you're poor man to man come and you're gonna pay rent the air and buried by. I'm Gerald plate. Good for you guys so you enabled hum. But then you had to get tough the tough love and now finally got to him but it was that bizarrely was notre rise so yes our miss contracts and anyway how much longer did he live at your house after the contract. After the contract he could have probably about two more months. That he found a place that he took four and he felt like you know I'm an adult now I'm mark change. On now I can start and for my announced and it kind of sex to live with my parents now. There this is he got his own job you realize man I I if some pain in memory and I might as well be some all right I'm not under their assault exactly does that stuff. Yeah he met people at what. Amen. Whilst contracts. Yes hats but she's NATO and it's like me didn't you only are you really good teacher she did Judge Judy tell when they don't have a job for the masters degree by three months from now no they're always gonna have upper hand mural courses are refusing federalized go like mommy or miss me right you know he kicked me you know Sam's. Yeah I agree do you think. You know I don't let it college student breached at me and I and I took a year off in between what I my college in my career and. We're just talk about his senate name is it like here. December a year or something what is these are technical name for bad snowflakes here. You know our Google I didn't know I China now discovery air nick contract time. But I would just didn't Schlesinger wrote ready to go directly or not yet. And you know I got to save money I got a nanny job stern right in between. They're proprietary and chipped up the money and I finally got two laps when he grows like you know like I'm ready to go into bright expect that started applying for the job and got my teaching jobs went like opt out instead of getting paid I'd shun my apartment looked out. To like Charlotte's daughter are doing good crotchety. Take I assume I hate to be crotchety old guy here but like you just you said I guess it was school and I wasn't sure if I was ready to get in my career yet. Anonymous war but guess what we have a choice is if you like he's. He's zero yeah I was ready but I was at my dad's a Jimmy Dolan. We're a team got home from college Indian on the road or whatever might. Pay you he's my room Stiller and his ankle. What room Yahoo! or you know you're done was I remember I remember celebrating your eighteenth birthday where he's still he wants you to pay our mortgage jet out to prove it. So not very HL and I think out what to think that rank right now is so high and so when I'm trying to figure out my church your jobs figure all of beat Spain. You know that's such a great transition toward me and likely get the came out and touch and things and I kid and so now. I'm not living paycheck to paycheck and I didn't I got the job that I wanna the action and like ten and pushed me how I figured out that there's just arbitrary. So then Charlotte shouldn't help out she should let her daughter come to the terms on her own. I think I don't I don't think our issues has written retired ethnic harder. That's definitely enabling but I think speaking their career making sure that she used. Kind of starting to move to work better at least getting her sketch I'll see you picked not her career she needs that job. If if she couldn't bring her daughter if she knows how to do Reza Maine why can't mom Charlie just taken over and chooses me about. No always better now to veterans and thank you for the cost gentler side you got your transition year in. You to produce snowflake I die I hate to be that guy that's I can yeah that's that's a rare case we didn't have choices most kids would still stay in spun yeah. Us and not on tenure is the guy behind. I actually have two adult daughters I'm an older man I have had to move back and let me or even the. The effect as a couple China office. And where he gets frustrated that they're there and yeah I'd get trapped everything I still have a teenage boys home so it it may. Saying it's. But at the same time what it. Products to realize that parent has. Parenting doesn't end at eighteen or 21 and our. 31 person I can tell. Because they still need guidance they still need nurturing and even if they're older. I mean I would say maybe support you try to get that job didn't you know. Getter on her feet but as a parent I think we have to kind of dial it back it's different and it was my only recant. And it's different because we allow it to be easier and Diebler. We've seems. How. I think I mean. When well you're much younger than I am I Mehmet safeties and so when you're younger it wasn't nearly the number of things to. Pastor over comments are now. And maybe I am and then they are and it's the same time I mean they're both doing really great now they're on their own they're married and you know but that's few extra years. You know the pain in the butt yeah. And made a huge difference. So my. So no matter what your do one night and I know that I'm I'm talking tossed right now because my kids are young men but no matter what are your kids you're never gonna. No Everett draw that line was staying in every natural ecology and John Phoenix unity -- way you don't responsible formatting when there's still you more kids sit in seats erratically and did you do whatever they before we caught them off he just your parents and tell you I'll tell restraining order against young parents should go to restraining order against mortal. You know they lived with me that you know if you want clothing her you want desperate act together. You got to make money stopped after earning eighteen need to I still live and they eat because most of them went through that you could merit just. And that you know. It lessens your faith played. Then I'm okay with that but it didn't mean I wouldn't take care of their babies I wasn't doing everything for them you know you're a laundry. Her weight and probably dead. Till just else likes all my dark the American dream was. Finding gals don't buy a house get married have kids and an eighteen years later they're gone and they'll do their own version of it. And now eighteen is the right number it's like forty cents or four all I favor us Tareq. Yeah I what do you think. Feel light heat the hotter and yet it still are in her life. And and any banging in the girl. Almost through college so yeah. Anything you throw around the world an actor Alec that it. You're right you can't coach would hasn't been taught it sounds like Sherwood the Mamas and Clyde were tougher with her daughter was stuffed so it's actually Charlotte's fall this. All tell you know it's that's so. Does the 60 well if there has to be one with open arms. I'm young and that's bury it. And all my siblings are much older than I he'll let that. It will add all of you terabyte siblings have their crap together so I need cheering tracked it odd. Me and they trust what eight and a very young age. And now I ain't happy I crap. I have a job I have a car at how you can. Just throw out of the world and it actually know what they had to do. There are threats to our youngest sibling in the family is most likely be the millionaire and the most successful business trips you up. It's like you're like. I object your parent that you. That's true finally get it they didn't write a new term I done well I happen to be the baby who's news that I did today. Chocolate second have access this. That guy who you. I think that she needs and make her grow up my parent I'm 29 now and when I was in college age old me. A day graduate and completely pain actually coming old men I knew that. And I thought male conduct when he I didn't say oh my little car and I have had an accident occurred and and it. You made it happen it feels like when I don't just like anything else in school you get done with school and you go home but that's. But when you don't colleagues right not an option that's not sure how many know. It has the word go when your own you got to battle your own way life. You do and I think that the primary part two kinda realized that I have had to make bail out the only way back. I am so grateful because they are completely independent and he'll get at just not an act and live out their dollar and they can enjoy their retirement. There it is and then the and then they'll save money for you who you know in the Willis daughter and Jesse mark Herring clearly costs at our disposal well. Way to turn and into inherit is tough to tell us postal workers are still doesn't work like daddy's won't make our own we can try Charlotte could still use more tips maybe you want her daughter to live with you but the mom can you got any more advise for please give it to was over on the slacker in Steve FaceBook page.