Slacker and Steve - OPP: He Didn’t Defend Me 4/20

Thursday, April 20th

Our OPP was out with her boyfriend and one encounter with another guy could completely change they way she feels about her boyfriend. Hear what happened and tell her how you would feel.


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Staying on day. I I'm trying to remain talent you're is all yours ever since you read the soapy he'd just say you're like I AM not open are not the real world studies history and sly eight RO PP there are cheers them but I'm pretending to be nice right now aren't contour won't give her story and ask. She says what I think she's gonna say they're monitoring us you know manual thing going on here Elisa. Yeah. I Elisa what are you tell us what's going all you got your you're its friendly here once come Mayan calendar lets we're gonna help Pia. Okay Luke yeah our I am about. My boyfriend my and I ain't where Aaron a bar area and this other guy a parent and that to me in key. I mean lack of a veteran he carried out according to meet front of might. Eat and get in a little too close and trying to get a little bit and I'm burn comfortable. Well might just suggest that we would see like he didn't say anything into the guy a not that I'm expecting him that into a high heat but he did that light in which surely. And just kind of lead at that and I'm O. Doron and whole boring beach headed. I can't I would expect my boyfriend elite company until eight. This is inappropriate that a line that cracks you know I actually the public didn't I want like none of that. Lois do you see a guy that's gonna walk up to you and hit on you in the bar just curious do you think somebody saying this is inappropriate is she gonna go you're right. I shall batted down fourth with CIA. I'm overly I was overzealous I mean what happens is Mike says you're inappropriate what do you think is gonna happen next. I'm eager and get like deliberate and the potential aren't I can happen I get. But it came from my aspect of Hawaii. Okay at what point exceed the infantry Kathleen. Tonight. Should I be OK technically mean and the like and all of correctly ranks second ambulance he should know that it didn't occur pretty regardless of you know what he would do it or not because I mean he I'm sure he had nothing to drink at we have are gonna drink but you want to like lock only talk to eat it. Including the a real media and naked. And I believe friend that I wanted to spend time with the record might quit and I think Mike wolf. When this kind of position they can get gonna let people walk all over Alec is really gonna be able and that. Sports. Now and our students and there are. And things like. Elizabeth rejected a bass for a now now you're you're doing your show women do woes swimming got that it planned out for yes but Steve are you the guy who says. Blake. Women. Don't want that anymore. Like you try to drop your sugary as stuff because you don't think women want you'd have pulled their chair because I'm stealing their empowerment. So then wouldn't it wouldn't might be stealing your empowerment Alyssa if he defended you. I don't think and off I think that it stayed there for his partner and let me. Barney an appropriate boundary. Alyssa I hate to boil this down there but basically it's fight or flight your boyfriend chose flight you who should be thought he should Jones fights. And now you look at your board from a is a big once or something right. I have to pay a big lunch today is a bit about her show over and like where to eat. Thank you can get it up for me. I can't use that she actually did the did the right thing he's remove you guys from the situation. So your tickets at the level like. That if you start feeling heat he's not man enough to protect the children of the family are still are little more great plains and legs with Gavin nice in your mouth then your. Killing would monopoly up. I am not I I don't I I don't think we need to gang up on new Elissa but it's like. There's a part of mean I don't wimpy guy who's like. Men and women get cease we challenges every day and we have to find a way to overcome them he just overcame it. In a different way then you want to do you wanted to escalated though you what do you that moment to prove that she's Mahan and us. Well I wanna act great but do you think that camping so it does then that in regard to read this on and you can. I am happy with that dialogue ever has. Then. Is that I go around by that because it yet and it seemed like it this behavior is an a impact that I bought that the people who work. You bring it to be termed the good and then take him I excused and saw that it. Was pregnant and becoming a bigger issue. I mean erupted I ask you to your question yeah let's say Alyssa was it was a huge handle yourself let's say you said the guy that's inappropriate that's inappropriate you mean apology why didn't. Why could you assess as and does that make you. Without hair but then I would like we should get out of air in all situations. I would post like I was oh light corona that was his response and like he never got a light needed about the ideally. Act I would like little more get past the end. Assume I I mean how can we were there weren't try to take your side a little bit hearing more and try to get some people who I understand from what or woman comes from yes. You know me you choose should be able to defend your family your pleasure talking about the kids use you spent all your time saying when we don't want and stealing your empowerment so do you want to beat the empowered want some more do you want to be the damsel which one do you want to listen this are you the victim or you this this thing sent to so many levels it does. It. I like that somebody is a deep down I think act inappropriate at that and I'd been at ambler being empowered. I don't wanna be the input but I wanna partner they're going to apple ram iiroc. Alyssa what did you girlfriends and I know you've already console your girlfriend's on nauseam so what do they what does it say that's what they're saying to our day he should just stood up. I mean I can definitely get a majority of people that I think he should and then I'll though late edition have been the removal of us from the. He should have defended you before he removed elicit one more question you're never gonna see no on the same member again because. Us this is yeah. True you know continue passing. It. I'm trying to get past it but I can try to have a really hard trying to kind of wrap my mind around it be carried out. I am I lucky Medicare ten but it's kind of the best urged. Our relationship that come up. That is counter cute like what I experienced into indeed been really great in IA but they want her Kemp shouted at kind of like okay whatever you want speaking you know the car hit a my girlfriend that. My word it's. That's how he said he took his girlfriend away from the he's still what it feels like rule I guess you know you're writing I wells. We're your new I IC weren't talked to other people then you situation. But let's just check if he's fitted escalated into a fight. Do you think you'd feel regret right now. Are. Odds I have no idea I can't. And now. You'll Alyssa if you stood up for you and you figure it got physical he won that battle you guys would've gotten home he'd be you're here you for a would have yeah I guess he could have you were hoping he would prove that death and that moment but if you they got to fight any locks whereas it UV in fact I think you dump the Melissa oh my god right now. Less. So important to you. No radios no results showed he didn't say anything and anti god is your artery I think you might as. But right slacker I feel like I'm getting up on Alyssa I'm sorry for Lauren yeah we're not and we don't want anybody come kicker about today very well thank you listen hang on arms and just so many surgeries all pillars of the word dancing around this seven yeah issue that's nice. You know am I thought how. Happy empower women are also go healing your own juice you know this league for Jews in a bar you know the other guy gets tossed up you know what I know that it's better for isn't better for kind of shoved her into the season I don't know her face. I mean a second. It's because there's fighter flight and then there's also a deep into the night is a bar there's fight for relates. Can't match I. Clearly wasn't getting anywhere Melissa so she was ready to fight yeah asks what should a lists do you and should she do nothing how can she get over the fact. There man didn't defend her Lindsay and yes I'm here what what do you think. I think it's summer and I've been an error agents have bypass the kind of guy who'd gotten cynical is that he got physical that other guy and not for me. They got typical meet and I was in my early when he ran around in my late money and run into myself. I'm being approached by somebody gets touching me doing things that I felt so comfortable when I tell them my help. He and I think the state shall at all. So you're saying kinda that could be if you have the boyfriend it's gonna fight for your owner. He nice site always yes you might just be a fighter. With you as well. And I don't work friend now opinion played our banking Dolly he'd apologized where he kind of work an attempt acts men that. Tina did that and that's what the island nada laying. How does she get over the fact that she wanted more than that though she I don't know what she wanted him to fight she wanted him to at least stand out cease opened the other dude. Her critics getting upset about it just kept trying to clean that you might be mentally talked to him about it and that's communicate her feeling. And then he took probably say I care about you and I just wanted to go to the banks. Which is a right Nancy she thinks now from a logical perspective there was he did the right right thing I use it emotionally for her side each she doesn't feel like she has a Knight in shining armor. Stage you've got a call Lindsay. I'm don't really like them options such talk to him. This stock to hit a eight Q I'm glad you're out of that relationship you know Jesse's. Johnny what do you think. I'm my boyfriend actually would be almost exact same thing and we had our and it acting in our band and we are better car. Am well ED I ain't never. Any duty you. Didn't insult and a I would worry you won't politically with the random within Europe are the most early a couple of Eagles are no I don't even know go out. And I'm pretty good candidate will not occur when really your song. Being your phone bill JC Jesse I don't know did you hear like moving around the went out what I'm hearing from you know is she's so funny little games you. I didn't say you because I need you later and he he built you up to compile and said well god I don't even more now you are just so kick butt. I don't need to defend jail. And even even if you shouldn't. Or some friend and I are actually actually left the art yet there he goes. You go I'm not a boyfriend and we moved on and I caught indymac are granite and I would expect and that the qatari but the bombarding people speaking check yourself. And you know what a lot of guys would have panel that exactly the way that's a Cassie just signed an actress you said it right. We can say something the other guy knowing is going to get she's going to take a swing when we can go to the home you're right I'll put a verbal it any easier to physical back on me so we know that but if we season. Veterans so what he'll say unless you're one of dale somebody out of jail yeah is that the longer we stay out of separated. Tiny bit apparently the current tour called you mean legal I want to step in and what I had to make our great ego but. It's like you you're out of your girl at the club and being an art director coming on you if you take every thought and your paper and then then why should I can't figure it off. Good point to pat is great yeah SE. Stacy is up next it's Stacey. Yes what do you. My opinion ever I don't believe how much they knew that the children of my boyfriend had that same eighty. Are my marker a fact they even get trying to avoid complex yeah it should. You know overall made very night better you know can pick out where it. Knowing the fact that it ER IA you know you know they. I share interview go to gal I have CCW. As a women wash and say this I I. We know women who like to get their man in situation. They feel like I've got two men fighting for me it's and they run their male to win. You know compared guy you pew babble go to all bark and try to do all we don't start the congress shouldn't get. Our own hate hate Obama and I can ticket but now you know once. All I can more or go to a fact that my boyfriend you a little better look at children do Irish back. The fact that he wouldn't mortgage hello boy I can't bring PG and being all have a bagel Barbara alt. It's a way better play but sometimes you lease for us the guy gets away and let her time as proof positive that they. Hey I don't you think. Hello I grew up and a cowboy state and land he would go out to the bop are there be a bunch of a cowboy in that would just grab your ass at that point I'm in my life there are no man to defend means I have to turn around and defend myself and stick up for my self you know. And in this they need you don't know what someone. Is gonna do they could pull a gun on you it could be really bad situation. So if you can't. And all that stand up real soon you might do the right to. I think she should of stood up for herself to begin with a. No women should it's always for the stand for themselves the end of the user to escalate the that your boyfriend your man thing there to help Brad got you back to some other woman and said he tickets physical all it yeah I leave here he's bigger than me if you're touching my woman I don't have a problem exactly what lights. If it's it's it's it's just sticks and stones stands the word just lose pierce stayed even gone there and she sounds tough armed Kristen. Yeah I I resent high I think that she has overreacting and potentially protecting and security is under her relationship odds. A new one miles from where you get all that since the things. It just seemed like kind of an overreaction first something that like any alcohol is involved then. It seemed like she speaking something deeper than just three assurance for herself and that situation and. Interest earning do you would you want your man to say any hint if you're in that exact same situation and all he did was like let's go. Would you be OK with it. Yeah act. How uncomfortable are imminent is something may have solved. Door turning to see some starts he is your walking away like the fifth and I just feel like I am starting to see what it's like he does look like. Marty makes like George may fly like. Okay now just think he's just he's the wind just go to Q did you only can he's tall he backs are sold hard but that's a good thing to tell it's. Not bay I mean it really a lot lot of what I'm gonna win and that's which reached not left by eight or eat. Or you said something in thing about ethically bad but they're just they're not aware that situation and each child high alert really if you look at to be like this guy does drive a golf. There's she's gonna she looks at him differently now in the relationship than you than you do about it. I here's the other thing I'm I'm picture in like Mike analysts are standing next to each other the guys hitting on her nose mikes there exactly. Guy who's totally is who's testing bound so if he's already testing boundaries when Mike says any word to hand. His sister is going to fly through his head blue it's not I yeah. Thank you for the call Christen. Judy. You know I what do you think. So I think she needs to probably let a guy go. I would and it's similar situation. My boyfriend to daughter came out and a bit and worst significantly older. And she talks down to me and that a crappy way and he just got there it didn't say a word this man. And I'd. All he had a trailer that's an appropriate. Any didn't and I've decided I will not marry him. It is role is gonna lose out he would never stick up to you I'm one moment with that daughter or anybody. Now you one moment that all he had to say and that's completely appropriate period speak to her about what do you have your back. And that's exactly what I that he doesn't understand and he doesn't get that he doesn't get what he did Ron. So I don't think that she's probably don't look at them differently now. Asian supplement proven to be relations from a woman who with how I really guests will need that yes it later so that when the thing with this. When Dottie yeah yeah I don't feel all right I don't jitters and guys that I just had to get all the so you're still with him through right now. I'm Kim by you know we've had the topic of marriage come up and I thought I'm not going to marry up. And that means that for best. We had talked about merit and are trying to figure out when to do it and I just have no I can't that would such an uncomfortable situation. It. Turned my relationship. But I won him a beer with him but I'm not marrying him. Wow. Thank you for the call. It's it's fascinating that we literally have two different sex and women that are light sects. Is not women that are lights. Some of merlot I got to myself and other ones are like us. I I wish I warm demand to be the guy to be a man will at least say something but by and large most everybody. Think oh she's crazy like a little. But the movement he did the right thing yes English crucify you yeah yeah if you still wanna sound off on it so. I hit us up on the soccer Steve FaceBook page.