Slacker and Steve - OPP: Is He in Love With His Ex 7/19

Wednesday, July 19th

Claire has been in a relationship for 9 months now. Her boyfriend’s last relationship ended on good terms and they agreed to be friends. He and his ex were rather close, and she has recently fallen off the map. Claire’s boyfriend is constantly wondering if he did something wrong and wants to reach out to her and make things right again. Claire is starting to wonder if his ex is ‘the one that got away’, or if he’s still in love with her. Should Claire run now? Or is it worth sticking around?


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Staying on. So it is tough when you are dating somebody in they have friends and you don't like their friends and you just can't got a good deal it's gonna go whether there's not much you can do about it in this case there may be something that Claire can do about it. But she's gonna disguise her voice apparently Claire. Our eighth. Bombs tell you what he's gonna. Are me. I'm having your usual weird. He. Might break for now being in a girlfriend kill even a little bit old so leaning. His legs. Why do exploited problem. Oh well it can look at my portrait night every bone Kuwaiti we got here on our Clark actually. Call them. And you know we do we really nothing to go buy another great future. Growth read the man. People thought you know what part of removed. Fresh clean break all the good stuff pretty brutal that finger you know future Hamas agreed to do you know. And I think we've all about it you know all share will be trampled over. I don't know what I at all desks lockers or won't IAG sever ties and doesn't look but I'm dealt with you I am. Through nine abductions and we have male and I know that normal people do that so okay you don't. Oh yeah until I know I. Should think the quite warm uncharted fortunate because it. OK we're good friends they would talk to reach a locker room you know it's duplicate what are the current quarter and feet underneath immediately. No on the recall law should not include donut politic. You don't I'm not the picture of lower you to try and I think he can put. Which can carry strangely we become a little by little you'll get pulled about a month. You should contribute a drop off treat to be your kid literally. We bought talk. At all. And I can whole league had peppers from being all huge huge huge recurrent colon and the more in our wonder should look at. I even hurtful I don't know do we dish all of a review Rasheed. I shouldn't torsion or shoot global. Saying these things to you know I should sign I access. We didn't. No I don't think so amicable like you said they're still friends looking out for each other a little bit awful but she doesn't know her play and leave them alone and it's your job to look after remain Oca. Yeah I didn't know more Burke is fatal at the burger. How would you put on people and our bar code who we're trying to figure according gonna meet them and I'm always aware of what went on. Sure you're gonna be can be sure of the week. We I don't know if you we treat the Prado to the world not gone away and I typically exclude. Meet your computer more mediation you think you liberal and are removed. I'm due to move into Claire I don't know. You know. I want I I gotta go straight for the jugular here do you all our UST if he's still in love with tour. Well. I don't know what would you be friends with your. I've I've 55 do that sometimes. We we've split amicably and we still like reach out every three or four months or some thing and I you know I like this I understand people who do that I don't think that's as weird as I try to make it seem like it is. But Steve are you ever liked. Oh my god. I can do on hasn't communicated with me in six months. I hope she's OK did you ever liked it obsessive about it sounds like this guy. Take I don't I don't take that is immune obsessive I don't I I don't you I I thought you said that there amicable we still check on each other. And you went through back. So there's concern on his part to be like a friend or buddy kind of that's only used last week that's way taken you're relationship the way you described it ten. Don't feel a little bit look at cage you know no acute can really worried to. And immediately be credit another girl and pick it up Arnold more at all. I do I eat you know I'm cute but commute each and click O ignorant about it every. Other what you want to go to church all. All 30. Computers British contingent. Closer than. There's still lingering low probably there's concern he cares for clearly learned yeah yeah so there's probably so is that bad can he. He did. I don't want to slip slop leg doesn't make him a good person that he chairs. First some I don't know how to take test his legs. But I would I'd never slept with you I'm not in love with doom and I have heard from you and a little while I'd be like. Oh crap it's so weird I ever heard from him so don't worry about Steve did begin a car he drives kind of crazy granted that you use the dawn eggs that are example for me. Maybe after six months or so I'd be going down what ever gonna reach out and she doesn't going to be like a wall that's weird that she hasn't gotten back then listen to your home but I wouldn't freak out when right now he's she's caught describing him like a caged animal who. Now I am but I can't decide if maybe he's just one of those guys who reacts that way to sayings or he really is. We can we almost need him on the phone. Just cajun mentally she should have kind of removed herself it when she gets serious she need to be more French friend and also invested but that that it happened he didn't shut her down you didn't make him shut her down as a friend so that's cool you know what if I was gonna be devious Claire. I would keep you informed every step of the way if I was to be super devious but I don't feel that here. Has he had moon valley he's trying to be devious about NB dirty and seedy clear then what's the question what are you want for must do you blame the river. Well I can I just want to know how I should. It should know America the medium a just being worried about. Chile media should be more or concurrent but she's due to become more slowly I can I've never really. We count about a gimmick that the actual crime pepper him a question put it spiritual but it would. If you could credit you know we need you want to try to recruit company or public about it. And to move on Ricky called auto optimum package but people remember you okay you're from the big ticket gates becoming more and more and more important. Claire and it is always but clearly he's still getting something from her on the C needs something from her that maybe he's not getting from you he's getting other wonderful things are you like he's getting best of both what world I don't latching it from her to she's pentagon MIA it's shrinking amount OK that's it exam means. If they just automatically mean he's he's a solo with a very. That's the million not clear the once you hang on where to see if anybody's been in your C chair hang on. I don't even know to do with her okay so it's yeah at the end now it's she's more or OK I see the way he's reacting to her absence feels bigger. But like you said the beginning she's she's fine with that sort of finally Indian friends. This year and shut it down around one of my friends disappeared I'd be like. Crap we're out you know these are probably out of reached out and may never reach back after retirement do we this is kind of weird I would be more concern. But I don't know if I would be. Slip through my eight you know what I like this guy does it all changed because they've had relations ice are not allowed to still be that concerned. If you're in a relationship and somebody you've had relations list goes missing are you supposed to go. I can't think about that I'm with you now and my god don't. I think because it's up to it but it's clearly it's bothering clearer so I think it's kind of up to that new person in the needs of declares insecurity. OK I. IRA they would tell you guys okay beckons that's part yes all right so what. Can you help Claire is her man a six month still in love with his axed because he's freaking out he hasn't talked to this concern about of a bus friend friend type of thing you boil it down to something simple is now if you guys get to decide Indians hurt your advice. Maria. I Heidi these are. I'm concerned you know I broke up with my action ill. The Shakespeare's the formal Egypt this girl in college only two months. I have met. He currently live like I wonder how she's saying and which broke up with her boyfriend. On what we're dating he can't live like I need to reach out to her I'm worried about her coach or staff and then there's the plane out aptly broken up a concern to him for closure you know any Aggie yell. I and he still are. As I should play a little bit of words to her and she'll never ever higher. Blake is that you could could that could be enough for you though. If you're gonna get a 100% of his lose three suffocating no that's like preserving love for a brother is a veteran. We're. There's no choice but let me go oh no it's it's it's I don't think love is finite and that kind of love you should only really. OK I just say you know I find it fascinating that day cheating even try to hide it yeah. He just Odyssey is Oprah's about to go right but like just like clears and and it's like oh my god you know what what she's due and I wonder I can reach it's like what it. Even if I was still would you just tell Dick about my I would never save my why is it with her and I wonder whatever had a big. Yeah. That's weird so. You think this is a giant red flag and he is in love with this there axes and. I hit it's part of our political ideology people alliance and to be honest if she finally. Sharing him in important lately as. Except it turf but is she iron. I'm glad I don't think that you'd ever again ever heard. We're real sore so you and I were relationship and I knew they don't love you 98%. That's pretty good out I can't give up weapons of it yet so that's that's the way to view with some of the give you all of their love there's only UK I don't I'm trying to set. You're trying to say yeah you're always owns a Mac and nobody here is shocked look pathetic but I did a regular relationship. Yeah oh yes that's a good employee titles won and we know here who is an only you constantly talking and being concerned about them because given talked to him in ten minutes it's that's weird it's like your whom you love them more than me. Wow. I think clarity to disappear for a while CRT looks more drew not a bad idea debut for the call Maria. Melanie. He guys who do you think. I think it's a crock of crap I don't apparently you to backwards rumors are around our exit at Kemper except sick mom is still in love weather. You Lisa Loeb. You reaching for a TV it's really OK and I am I'm mostly in agreement with you but if he's taken an X in solitary into a friend. Can't she be concerned about a friend we're artists and a lot of. It did it after six months he still trying to find out where you idly let that sleeping dog lie. You. When you put it that way. It's me they're. So then your saint Clair bouncer thought makes the good news is it's only then you mean we're talking about six months as if he should know by now but I am looking at night. You're you're only in six months you can balance without feeling like you invested too much of your life that's true. She did that she's got that line between leader but it but buddy I'd like actually the dog locked. Is he still in love with the ex Florida. You out I think you could call. Are too high you know. Does seeing this you guys have. Heard her come. On the air flight six minutes and we any package she's only giving. Her side of the story and we've all determined this guy's a jerk he's madly in love with somebody else who we don't know it. I did I'm thinking of you who have been married 26 years I mean my teenagers don't Peretz I've seen everybody get through it. Lipped actually been Dodd. He meant no I face you've got a call at any time you wanna call with any colloquial isms like that I don't know I love everything about it today you Melanie. You are now also an engine assembly nominally okay seed come. I hope she's OK Jess well guy what do you think. Read my net strand for about eight here you know you acquire an eyebrow at Maine writing. My right at times she stated. She would actually go by the fact that Arabs and partner you know. Then she got well the point where you normally you really can't make it because there's no there is it not been the quote not actual. We didn't friend or Iran kind we are. Trying to each other applied it camera he'd. So I actually. Shoot your kind of backdrop that the new relationship. So you're saying you're using Claire's assaults here in the more she hound him about I think it's inappropriate few to be friends with this woman. The more it's gonna drive him towards her. You know I pick don't factual. And there have been no actual indication that there's anything going wrong let them. Kind of need not heard it a little bit. You don't you run the risk to the dating sexual and this is somebody that you didn't intimate with you know and you write all the best she's we're just gonna go on drink. Bottomless the most is for Sunday Sunday and how how do you how would I. As your current partner feel comfortable with the fact you're getting tossed with somebody to do an. It's all backed into that old habit and you you don't see the. Actually but it didn't who you. You know you're gonna be what depression and how China and we didn't know that you're being in your first play speaks French. And they're not gonna go. I was my Belcher and you know we're essentially here. And he shouldn't let it well you're an act. Are. It John Boehner and many mad that they beat bush got so. I'm I didn't popular because my lunch told you know it's like that and you regretted that you want and and I regret undercurrent. Jim my daughter's godmother she went our bright made sure my best friend in the world. And my I don't apologize then and metadata to meet that she wishes he didn't teach me. That's not something that you want to have a relationship because there's a bit magnet in order to build Panama eat. Well. I'm panicked crowd urging you don't want and it does not anything actually all. We've lost. And I gonna have an emotional connection with each other one that went to sort. Those are good point Acie Law because yes we appreciate it and sorry for your loss as wealthy. Candy. Yeah I think you are disguised what you think. Well I think he could to bring attention to work irked that the poet are all I haven't been paying public domain. And continue to go in support of more than friendship. Well it was it was a full blown other woman. Real way. Yeah. So you you knew deep down you knew it. Yes I did it in America stuck being and he kept him laying there and do. You don't go anywhere from Ella baker who he's gotten through literally. Look the only. She called and I inserted and Murray poker. And said how serious is this. Yeah. So we've completed over per about a year. Good how does she know he was married. To trooper took. Please don't tell me that you two became friends show them yeah I know I know and work together now it's 3COM. So you're it's your firm believer in women's intuition then you cite you sell and you you told yourself but couldn't possibly be real but it was. Okay I I know I got there's a lot willow and I think some women have insecurity. And may mistake it for intuition gas and it's. Say all or Margaret Hamburg being little little regard going on in. Because we all would recoup much or pretty we were in for sure. We don't know what we're talking about well when we got into what should the security but I think a lot of the current. There you go with more there were believed to be. While thank you for the call. It's a little one but I know we saw little kids who were running the gamut between there is definitely something and it's inappropriate let sleeping dogs lie to. If you don't back gossip and you're gonna drive and and her arms right unclear I don't know if she's a friend but bottom line it's people would do with a guy six months out so you're not totally yeah. So that's beautiful escort I mean you Joseph was somebody six years and you weigh in on the bring this into shape addressing it and see if you're six months in Claire yeah that's telling you the best party yes dale there is more advice for Claire on the site currencies FaceBook page.