Slacker and Steve - OPP: Helped Depressed Guy 8/30

Wednesday, August 30th


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And so. Fear today's OPP is just going to reaffirm your faith that you should never helped anyone just ever just comes back to bite you with the bug that's I think kind of what's going on when Cheney here Jamie. Yeah yeah I went to tell us what's happening maybe we can help. Oh OK as well Arab I had. I'm there I was I don't consider a public person and I have an entrepreneur your friend the rules. We knew this guy who all have a break out break out and act. You your capacity and really get satin. They recapped meaningful he loves this guy is you really need Arab. The continent earning him and political outlived their. Eat good looking leader really immediately immediate goal I would turn. Kind of looked at confident they could feel a little bit better about a twelve could look really bad break out you know I've been through. A really bad break up frequently in pole I was like you know. I'll I'll I understand what he's going to Europe and even Pete Carroll. Even though it's kind of like a blind date gang unit kind of wake up saying I'm doing little normal series Harry and I I I am thinking. When you leave it maybe you'll like each other learn how to any major Karl. They don't Anna David at a dinner and. And we never really recovered from here. We we we don't got. Nothing too crazy. Complaining that relations with them or. Jesse you can thank you go the extra mile for Jerry yeah but that's what. Yeah I mean I. I am a good time I used I don't the issue to the guy or meat but. You know a figure. Why not Netanyahu you and we really want yeah and our men it's really really broken hearted. So I Sherman good time. Said. In our actor that I limping at chemical one parent staying. And. That I literally a test this slick he's literally mean. I have a stalker on its own wall. Yeah I mean he'd like texting teens like literally a cabinet today. He he'd already can actually our wedding. It's almost the end of the workday ray and he he is actually needs. Almost thirty times. Woman's. Mix. Everything slacker and his wife tech's thirty turn on now I text my girlfriend how many 100 illustrator certainly I. Yeah. A girl I'm like it we would like media weakened girl we went out and it's literally bed like every day locals there. So extending pictures arena satellite still doing married or you aren't. The old days ago saying like. I think we speak grand mom. I'm Carolina because he's wearing me out with all the tax cut to do. And he isn't getting hit you you just. So tell us what's stopping you from being brutal with him in and no longer than just don't do you got to leave me alone are you afraid that he's just. Too depressed to handle matter what's what's stopping you from getting in your average great friend her. Yeah I mean I guess it's part and it is with the whole region and agreed to Garland who are split screens toward her is like structuring and I don't finally. I don't know he seems a little unstable so I don't wanna late making the worst Strahan. But I don't know I am feeling like at this point do something. You've staged five calling error you do know that's our armed. Well I mean I don't it. I don't want to beat this guy but it's kind of your flaws it is useless to them. There is that I mean that's where it all kind of started from. Dennis fortunately his competence is now is. Cocky directly tied to yeah. Johnson he's like they're drowning guy that sees a floating courage or flow some plume buy it just that's his hole just clicked that's just all. Yeah I was you'll yeah and if you are you sixteen and that is most brocade Dell now if you break him he's gonna be. Double broken yeah. Not your responsibility. To save this man you don't care for ego is well you know follow through the ruse though you're in the ruse now he didn't go the way you one minutes ago. I eased. I think you might have to Miriam and I'm not how can no let me answer that we're where we get some people I I don't know. How do you how do you tell somebody to buzz off without breaking. Late yeah it's there already. Kind of unstable. I don't I don't have an answer for you Jamie back on its own you know. Stephen I just do the slow dosed on people but that's not a war a motto of this stage five clear as he's he's here or he's into artwork in. Ghost won't worry Tom you're gonna have to go. Nicely ballistic whatever that means to you to be careful too because you say that this is your friend of her friends so if you go off guy then your friends and what do you do and there are repercussions to this yes to be sure. All measured by Jamie was sitting right there we're gonna try to decent advice on but I would just start listening gallons just kiss his way to not. Unless that she's. She's not Ho's she's a woman and she has a right to choose who she wants to be absolutely. Bucks. I sleep and what does dude that is weakest point kind of plays his emotions a little does she created a monster to be sure aha so. It's a sponsor this year that's the bad that she made it known as she does she doesn't have to sleep and the monster is she past Dixie how do you get out of the bed that you made. Without breaking. The human it's in the bed and with dumping on us too because he can't be honest are you really well I think maybe she's doing right now by telling her story on the air but if you've got a nice Virginia on how to get rid of what we call the stage five cleaner than we could sure her music chain. And I. Able you know I think she just a little bit ourself. I'm big guys certainly had it lowest point I know she's pregnant being honest with them but. She probably just talent you've got a lot to offer obviously that's why I hooked up with if so you know be countered Chapman Mubarak. Also go to them up one more time in the lead down. At the. Let them build them up one last time is letting him down my take you're awesome display you're just not awesome Sunday yeah. But not quite there it's not you it's me it's more like get paid if you wouldn't do still blocked off. I like I don't know I don't know isolate get out this guy is not going to be well with. I don't even know this guy but I can just tell if she's. Is she tried there like I wanna be friends and it didn't work and her next option was slacker in Steve's. He's more of a cleaner than I think any misunderstood. Booths they get the device a senior you seem very out bright it's not you would tell us we just have to take you know Nicholson Amy. Yeah I. Do these things. I think she UT does not have any contact with them at all other. That you can't work out but if you look at her attention. To block his number immediately. That's only way people lays out will understand hopefully. Are you editor at all Amy perhaps in relations and I'm. It. I see that if she took it too far seconds or not I'm doing this guy has Saleh is you have our way as we get someone who's to. You have announced that bitter in the bud. And you literally. So you just. The wings he liquid you ghost on somebody that is so harsh leaving them even for they're out in the ether you know guilty you feel bad about that even a little bit. No I think he's playing at that and beat carton. You you've got to turn that personality disorder if it other I heard that but yeah. You gather some going on an error. Yeah he's kind of a weak Euro thank you for the call. Look we keeps you going with a nice or we can take Daniel. That's that's. What you wanted to do mind it's really quite know what Daniel suggested might be getting your suggestions or 90%. Of audio PP's we've ever dawn in Austrian the show is the same and I fear. That's what we're gonna do it again. It might be the right answer a Daniel. Yeah I what do you what do you think I should do with this. Once again being served in the three way. Since I birdies here is how this works and is a three with a twit without tags associated them and not relent. Thank you build up a competent even more because he just had to. Read Speedo is new would why are up and the chief slowly back out only it and what the other one. Oh and I'm still trying to. While all this Sesame Street sell its ball. Well it's a general law and then you get out of military like listen humvees curveball. Yeah and you got to underwrite Rendell because you've got to be just as. Mascot as he has no debt burden that the other will flock to gather. That's not about here's the thing Daniel I feel like you've got the most access to the type of people who would do this so I think send us some numbers a tanker fifth and regularly. They say yeah welcome as always un useful and I well if you wanna teach Jamie had a ghost on this dude we take more of your nice over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.