Slacker and Steve - OPP: Her Grief vs His Needs 5/15

Monday, May 15th

Dealing with the death of a family member can take a toll on a family…but for how long? Our OPP says his wife has been grieving long enough and it’s time to get back to life. Hear his OPP and tell him if you agree!


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And this is not Freddie doesn't really ugly because everybody's gotten need stuff. And everybody's guys limits in his feelings should be validated race okay. Our guys yeah IE and need your help dealing with my wife. Her dad unfortunately passed away four months ago and it was devastating for all of us she's been a massive hasn't been herself since them. I've stepped up and helped out with our daughter Morant tried to help around the house as much as akin. We haven't had relations since he died. I tried a couple of times and she says she's just not in the mood. Can you guys imagine not having relations in four months question mark question mark question mark or tomorrow and S three is still a lot OK I understand she's been grieving but I still have my needs to. I tried planting a romantic night giving her massage but even that didn't work. I feel like I've been patient and understanding but I'm climbing the walls over here how much longer to Y have to wait. What can I say or do to get her back to be my wife again. Thanks guys this is from jump. I'm really pleased with the way you read. On the subway hero. I I solid there between the love. I may feel like he's a Dead Man Walking now I feel led to delays siege. 100. Four months. Fields. Foreman is a long time and a it's not a long time to grieve your father that well we'll probably as long it's it's a long time. To. Not have relations so you know I keep doing is stealing I hit my parents thankfully most are both alive them. Do you see steeply to win win you've lost your parents when did you start to steal when did you start to be OK when it's below. Is probably tougher with my room. I was well why it was like two years separation Serena when I was coming out of Juan. Shula about AM radio was an excellent so it was a it was a while it was a long time yeah but as a boy a yeah. You could you still have relations you have probably did you have the desire is always there. Even even with the sadness she's I think what's weird about me and that's to me when I'm sick or when I'm sad. That you just feel real want to. Oh I'm all on what you don't want to leave you alone actually when I quit when I'm sick I'm really sympathy it's O while it's weird because I think it's the one time. When I'm sick I can't do any of the other things I can't work I can't you know I mean. So then my brain just goes. Why don't we do this that Boca is that weird you know actually so I wonder if I normal in that all or some thinking. Linked. If I were to lose my parents are we go something's. Not much and when we had a promoter down I was really sad. But I still want an Everly. You yeah and that that's that's that's the difference between the sexes does that instinct for us is always there we have to make a conscious decision not to act on it. But fast as it's always going to be there whether how many with a ten people died or won it since this is an awful it was our fault each. The way he rightly physics were different you and I are totally different and you feel the same way right so it's not something. And grief is an ever DG XO for whom. We walked out of ten questions towards aren't we I mean we want to try to help Joseph is there anybody. Who thinks GO. I feel lights. It is not your fault because the way you read it because I believe that's really how she would probably say it. During but he thinks he has a bright said yes he does can I say demands relations or thinks he Brito. What's it seems like he has that she's taken runs batted it and it she's. We even MR slates it's not you're not no no planes allowed on the tarmac. Act it's over I think if there's one person hasn't gotten on come on with living again. Feel a spouse or partner instincts that other person there and holding pattern to do they have to you could push the issue like Joseph was trying to do that every subtly but. She's kind of subtle at all it out there who stared at work where he's coming from I I Norman. What about me. He's tried to step up and everywhere and he just needs her to have. You know there are women who have to fake it till they feel a million dollar duty full it's obligation. Yeah and you say those words it Bruins it form Ono no I just I don't. I each. I pay him a very. Big fan and be willing participant in that link I can't imagine anybody who do you like it's cool if you're not into it. Thank you yeah at least she's been honest with Imus and I just on the moon I can't yet. But it is his job I know he has needs what his needs automatically get kicked to the curb for her needs. It's easy there's not just with a death in the family it's usually. We acquiesced was that happy mom and failed I don't know or whatever it is this I need. Of for all his our relations Susan need. I find me that's torture but is it any. Yeah I ask you why because he doesn't get something worse gonna happen. What we Ciara. Well I always say her name is really neat so that I was getting it if need if it's a physical. Need if we can save that men. At a certain age. Have helped it enough hormones or something to be physically need it or else they'll get prostate cancer looks something yet late. Didn't. I would say he has a right to to insist one more time and then say. As with other things in life if you don't have time to clean house. I will hire a house cleaner. If you don't have time to cook meals I will order takeout. And if you don't have time for this bill solve the problem so I will solve it yeah yeah. But the problem is. I don't think anybody on the planet can say. It's in need. So then. All it is is a desire. To keep. The lineage going and we kinda need to do the aperture that's right Steve what he should I can stop living your Stanley name and the so don't even if I just say end. I don't know what how much she can insist it's it's a carnal desire to be sure in carnal desire in a man. Can be completely misunderstood as a neat. Because there are times Rahm like I'm going to die if I don't have asked him. And I'm not going to die but bad things can result from that in AT and send somebody out into the world with a loaded pistol what are you so to speak. I don't know Howard helped Joseph bottom line is this. She's got to grieve for four months I only anybody's gonna say. That's enough. But what pulling this she yes to get busy lives then. Or is she allowed to not do any of her mirrored old. Things and then he has his follow along for how long exactly before he gets to take two yeah I'm sure. To put it euphemistically. He's taken matters into his own hands in the last four months shaken a hand to the devil. Now he's at a point where it's night. Well. Yeah I needed to you and your likes the next level us guests with a woman who clearly. Is not a broken here right now so. This is the most awkward OPP in a long time what can he deal she's grieving she lost her father it's been formal months he's. And let's PH tried. Miranda massage she's trying to nice she's China wind that he's tried everything. And nothing's worked and so so she shuts down he has to shut everything down. Why does one always have to because it just other more or should he asked her for permission there we go. To hire an outside no reproductive yes we're we're thinking logically but it's still a terrible idea. Now if anybody's been in the grieving no relations area we need your advice and if you just wanna scream and M will take its it'll. Non amber. Diet I woody thanks. My sister possibly in seeing you and me so. Yeah I think there's also a glad. I didn't have relations and my husband and I am pretty sure this same guy. Or right after. Is huge heels. I didn't I'm not sure I mean how neat scouting that close knit. I cannot imagine going to for months. I feel like he. He deserved what he did not and through all this and it's tough. And and I think you. Would be appreciated I'm sure news and I think mine was kind of particular my husband has mentioned it was in the hospital for ten days before. You were able to just. Hard meant that I mean. I don't really weird did your sister creep into your thoughts while you were kids when I'm in the grieving process it's hard for me. Even focus on linked in and Mo just a terrible exit example because he's not just to dobbs tonight I was so torn up. They each she pops in your head at times they're like that's. Weird inmates if you're seeing. Did jail when we were doing it but I Dora does a guy your time looking MEI. No I did it. It's solid Judy do that intimacy. You just went through a death and you need to feel alive and what more better way to feel alive and doing that tend to do so you know I pick it wow yeah thank you for this hour disrespecting your sister are forgetting your son or did you all. There's a living we gotta do what we got you but if she doesn't want to movies she's going to be. We don't know we don't talk about what kids say she has to do and we Tina. I know I do. Sabo we can't just apart it's part of the marital sitting deal we but if she doesn't want to you and we maker doing. That's a difference for lunch hour now where you're mostly that's not right yes you can't force anyone to have for. So I think I don't want to you but if she's not gonna get what he needs he's gonna go somewhere else. I just I hate to get hung up on the need work but that's the word that's it's like I feel like women and manner we might need dude just. Right he grabbed a baseball glove and mr. fix it but I had him the idea again. Beth and meg is the fifth. Yeah I. We're using out. Well my name and the situation army at each terminally ill in its preeminence. And thank you can't let my husband says to me you know I want to let you know I really want to kill. I had. I don't wanna initiate any pitcher can be sent to and it's sometimes banks whenever you are nice it would be ready to get out. And not perfect he's been decent human being and. People who -- not do initiated because you're gonna have your dad on the brain you he needs to try. Have you initiated Megan. It not because it's where at the cracks and let him tell it like 888 saints. Aren't. They've set it would be really weird timing to do that well what and DEP. Touch nine ER. It be nice to meet. But there are times when I'd Atlanta but it had surgery or something you can't have little patience for awhile and the other one would never Beecher contest number I think it going outside the marriage. You know take care bit in which your own you know take matters into your hands you don't. Try all the people think about abstinence so clearly it's gonna need it. But I mean Q I just am not trying to push you never relations with your husband and I know way down through his awful but I. Don't do you know that euphoria that rushes over you when you've had good relations. Yeah of course. Angry and not an app to eject at. Also could you use that right now as a little release from. All the stuff you're going through couldn't couldn't you. Late compartmentalized. From many. Ordered ten or fifteen or whatever and keep it just did it just you can't have them doing that canyon. Not to let you edit it and you know the timing it's really imminent that would that would should they now expect an increase premiere tonight. And out into art we need to get even at this woman he might be a little weird about it but it eat at a ten a week or something. You disrespect me and Eric bishop who migrate my issue did he needs to her just like when he lost his mother. I I it let me you know let me know he was ready. OK you've been this could be a here can be if you go longer here. A year by any guesses at it now. Somewhere around eight weeks to come aren't. Any event he would never be just stepping outside marriage and maybe that's our position destructive to our family. Mike that's that which is cross don't want all day you for the call candy. Are you guys you are just guy hey what do you think. OK I have a lot that they had brought to break out of there. Where are your camera are not really anything but there were other option very young children and I and I have a job that. I am currently around children and our higher equipment has a very much but I'm thankful they aborted deal. She and it's hard it is super duper hard I can only imagine what you are going through right now. Speaking to crush didn't do all of the things that are diluted urine back. You're not contribute just can't even proper around and guys if it would hurt big ball. You can just do it and women and there's so much more or open. Unfortunately I have to pay him like. You need to share with her are you you'll do which you have to get for trying to immediately apparent that she's. You can feed somebody and I diplomatic Carolina ballot bowl played a role in the bigger harper heard it. Although what our relation but I'm but it does wicketkeeper we just. Help from the first thing I mean it's I know what operating a third person but. I think burn it we're keeping me. It up or. But here we. I an an and I am I do what I did with a call Herman to go again they each. You you heard the end run ragged day your job and your being run ragged as a mom. It and I know it's hard you can get started. Having relations because you're not in the right head space completely in sync back to win your having relations. It's great and it changes. It's physiologically. Changes you. Your body releases chemicals during relations and then doesn't release really any other times. I don't see you should try it. So it just seals yeah. Yeah I got tickets will be there but sometimes you can even dispute I read you like about Mathieu the white yeah. You can take it because you're right what do you do what you're getting better but your question so what I I think it. But she could probably are not enough room for an even Cuba is just. Marshall gets to appoint a floor much like I couldn't even the match. Waiting now along and I'm trying to get back into action digital connection and homer and I don't know I read article and your social work. People go to a clerk at the may be about where. The couple adult or rebuilt our relationship and repeated that people are. And he's made his overtures to her. And she kind of shut them down so heat he Torre put out there he should not keep throwing it out there right that's he is flooded back off for me. As as overly sensitive person you like you rejected my four terms are open now she's gonna have to initiate she's Oprah has her dad she's not I don't know initiation world don't blink our eyes and it's going to be two years haven't had relations and there's no coming back from grade. Just then you even know each other anymore. Intimately. Well that's not clear what many might think and change. Don't back off to the point where. You're not. Communicating about it and they leader and you eat it up big theatrical rational thought how. Well hopefully hopefully they're all listening and we're we're giving them some sound advice we appreciate the honesty candy bomb. Hannah. I'm sure we're good which hasn't been for months for us in this room and I don't think so we're okay what would advice do you have. Well I can't how are you from cannot drink index didn't cure addiction he knew it out. And they're preclinical studies showing that he hasn't been picked it properties as relation. Current offense he's kind of getting married and you magazine has. She's getting like she's feeding her car home or are killing our grief and he's did nothing makes a. Adam and I do that her vote for the candidate to testify but no matter much. You don't need to back and it never went completely open and he did it he can't leaning etiquette that Bibi doesn't mean that they can get got together and Coker really. There's there's like he added his. Tracked it down get overhead and we aren't making it though Ali you're out of pocket and never it is up to turn lights. I never heard increased can be addictive but it's funny I know people who were always sad who just weren't waiting for the next tragedy and it's like. There it is in the just a minute. As our other athlete yeah actions on it's it's neat sharing guess I can't give you all the science but they you know. If you let it go there and we have that in your life that he needs to kind of do an event that look at a chemical directly. She was she doesn't want to you there's nothing you can do you you just Laura. I don't wanna say the answers as to step outside the marriage but if she doesn't wanna seek counseling if she doesn't wanna try it if she hasn't won any paying them. Her dad's death could be the end of her marriage is just known. Aren't you. Connector in all their complaint an immediate third party can help because they're unbiased. Taken help her do their practice but they keep saying no that he's in America have been crucial congregation prepare. Wow thank you for the call Hannah. Ho hum you this is not being easy but I wanna say I'm really proud of everybody because I was afraid when we read this one. The red crucified the new record be good productive yeah yeah I'm sure on FaceBook which is where we're gonna turn it comes home for you it's like to want tool she lost her dad take right right. But yes I lost my wife exactly like I am I don't alone perform on yeah. And Kansas tired lets you write me could we dispense the whole time was crucified this guy we're actually trying to be productive if you wanted to you know continue the positive attitude do it over on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.