Slacker and Steve - OPP: Her Parents Said No 7/26

Wednesday, July 26th

Peter is planning to propose to his girlfriend. His girlfriend’s dad isn’t really in the picture. So Peter trying to stay traditional, asks her mom. Mom says no. She isn’t sure that she wants them getting married in the first place or if they’re even ready for marriage. Peter was just trying to be nice and is completely shocked with the mom’s answer. Should Peter go through with the proposal? Or should he try to win mom over?


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Steve are there. Her daughter about the traditions that surround the wedding and whether they mean what they're supposed to meaner than just stupid antiquated bright region kind of traditions and they're they're suggestions that you don't have to actually tell you looked as a break then who break the circle yeah. This is a dumb tradition well let's talk to Peter and see how he feels about traditions and Peter. Yeah yeah I tell us what happened dude would you do. Oh well I had nothing yet except. I'm about ready to pop the question in my AA. My girlfriend Jessica who are now about two years. And now I'm. You know I. I'm not much of a traditionalist. And you period sheet to be to be quite honest Saddam but I figured that you know I would do. I do you did the gentlemanly saying and I would ask your I would ask her mother's permission. To take her daughter's hand in narration com. Her father's not really in the picture so it kind of wonder mom and that we get a half ago I saved you know my diet I made arrangements to meet and Vermont are grouse are nice lunch and and and out serve second marrying her daughter she's flat out told me now. Oh yeah there's like. Not I don't I'm not I don't feel great about it I don't she just said no to the. There wasn't there wasn't any like I don't like feel great about a kind of thing it was just six straight up I don't think you're right from my daughter who. I don't I don't I can't give you my blessing so and now. Home the unifil mission meal with the go. A film what did you say bad did you did you try to convince sir did you just get. Oh yeah. I answer like what do you know why why she did her think that were right together and you know I could we've been together for years past and you never I've never gotten a sense from you before and she's so I know I was never my place to see any anger and you're asking I feel like I have yeah yeah. And respect I mean. Delayed until I. I wouldn't happen in the first place like it first of all it's not. It's not her choice whether or daughters says yes to me or not etched Jesse situation room man and I you know I give the benefit of the doubt is like trying to beat the gentleman about it and she completely Rebecca McDade and you know I mean normally and I kind of understand what she's talking about I am I'm a freelance or talk to her work to break comes and goes and it's not the most stable gig in the world Blake. And I can't act I couldn't pull from her seem like legitimate reason why should think it shouldn't be with her daughter. Good it's. Did you teach your fiance has known this whole time that's how mom feels it's a great question. I mean. I don't know but I mean I I don't think so because. You haven't we had a great relationship and finger finger going well and they have been going well and I haven't gotten any indication of that and but it. And that's true she's a hell of an actor. It is your your mama's girl there she do those two tight. A fast easy stuff. I mean your clothes that would she's not a mama's girl they're close but it but she's not a lake. Dependent on her mother they don't you know they're not seen each other week we're talking every day I mean you know they're. Oca and Peter what are you go what are you asking not so are used are you asking. What do what do. What do I do you know like I DUI. I mean the only thing I can think of is to try and sit her down again and they have like them are no more. Koppel conversation about you know I just say like look. I wasn't gonna ask anybody area aren't gonna just go straight to your daughter whose decision is to begin with whether or not you want to spend her life to me. But I just wanna do include you in the conversation to that's why do you need client side it may. And what am I supposed to do elect you know. I feel like I have like a little bit more time to kind of Parse out eat which he might be feeling and how I'm feeling in the end like. Try to talk to her again like I but I don't know if she might. She could very well big stadium like no you. Just roller often go forward asked are you love Jessica goal just do it may be mum was testing you or maybe mom is that's what she once you do ignore what my advice to you Peter and good you lovely daughter goes you're. Consultation curve that's it that's noble here visit I think that it's sort someone I don't I I think she she told Peter what she actually thinks of them and then to Peter learn from slacker you're disturbed your yes your mirroring your fiance but a whole new sales Leno host of people don't really I'm Mary in this situation. She's she's now if she's just not like you now. I don't I don't know man I am. I'm worried for you. You try to do the gentlemanly upstanding thing and blew a computer phase. Many parties want to displace dated Jessica look. Here's what here's what went down cheers the Rangers are planning to do both your mom totally. GM and I know what what you think you mean that stupid game like that you know that just ruins the. You are robbing your yes your robbing her for a moment then. Pearl now you're screwed things about me shouldn't ever asked and then you could just do this if you think she ask for forgiveness later yet. Did ask it's it's the elephant in the room you can't you can't just plows forward. We doubt it'll cost you top forward and ask Jessica you have to teller you do kind of way. I'm doing this against your mother used to have to do that much you know or or you have to do what you said and try to win Marmol over on the side without your fiance and why like arms I'm almost leaning toward Steve is right. Do you need to sit down and write it cut sheet of like pros and cons in my age. Is this woman Gannett. BE I hater of Peter forever and so is it worse is Jessica so much still love of your life that you're willing to put up with this. Evil woman who hates all the time. But I love Jessica and and that she loves me and I act Buick Ichi. You know she was on my side of which he would be issues said yes. You know I would have been you know eventually we would hopefully be able to win her mom over an amino it and understand what a problem as like I. Yeah if you define. Yeah we are not a personal if you're gonna try to mess. And Obama she's gonna have to come clean with you what her problem is with UC which has to fix it if not. Yeah it's doing is she's a paper this morning due to cheaper happy to she's paid for those do you expect her to thank you Shimon Paris she's not your real. Yeah I know that I mean no. I don't expecting her to pay to be getting whipped beat him I not who were working not to have a people one at a big thing anyway into. Okay yeah sounds. Hang on Peter we're gonna try to do you guys Peter good. Now maybe not taken my money may mom's got it figured out yeah. Hey I did there Larry you're never did those traditional I did once. OK but you had an inkling going into it today the answer was going to be just the way he said spirit I wanted to have you ever and you're asked a girl I've that you didn't think was gonna say yes. You know parents that's what I'm saying Jeff is even worse ask can attest I wouldn't ass appearance for sure if I'm afraid to ask you grow up how do you think I feel walking up to some guy the thumbnail and his daughter right did they say if you know we're gonna see no use bypass it has oil and I don't just a traditional exactly. I did ask I got a I got the green but I don't know what got the non Griese at the red light he got the red lights so what should Peter do now should he try to win the mom over should he tell he is. Girlfriend the truths should what do ruined her moment for the proposed the what's Peter's next move now he's been denied permission from the proposal. On. EID I breezed. On so scared for him it's. Because it will be it'll be horrific and has played shortstop. If our Graham Arab mom is coming in are being. And our cause problems are their marriage Jerry white guy without her eighteen years that I. You did you ask him they said no. Well. Yes but I was engaged. Asher father and he's specific reasons why. And I gave him my readers you know like I mean I was young I was 22 and I told my. Direction are the job and our you know our winter everything and he trying to interact kind of trying to look what street. But there at ten million AirTran added to our salt anyway shall. And when I got married there was there was no father and a light side didn't bother asking mom. Catchy hated me throughout my whole entire marriage Intel. We got divorced parachute like when my doubts. While this is so weird but it's it's no sign. Trying to make a life with somebody win people on their team don't like to get the people that loves your fiance the most. It's and it's there and if you can't win them over then you got to. If you can't beat dumb then leaves and still out I don't. Good I would do it anyway and then and then bring it up to its yep well this. Going to be fiancee bring about. After she says that's like a couple days later like earlier on holiday what we're really nobody. But it shows yes I'd totally. Got talent edge CS under this creature but did the mother really show any any immediate there. In Hillary's and or not really he needs that he does thank god I'm glad things worked out in your life's not alleys. Yeah I know I. Yet and my dad mom but noted marrying someone I would absolutely packed thought Matt. Me. All. Oh OK even though you look. This guy you diligent for a couple years your mom sees something in your life it's like you trust her more than your own judgment is you've got burned in the past. I have got burned didn't act in generally in my parents say it like something that that deal. And I don't Lipton it's always a bad deal. Charlie. Black hole where I love it and you change your habits and your pattern. I. I gotta say this without. Being. Might my parents don't know me as well as they think they know. Why us we'll come on did you think your parents well know you and food I was open and oh and oh yeah Marie's first you don't use the words open and honest way. Our leaders for your willingness. For yourselves but wow that's that's really disrespectful that's good for you well you learn your lesson lean sisal yeah. Thank you for the call Eileen. I I don't know a lot of women who do that either I was super shocked me Romeo and Juliet is based on mom and dad don't way to do this for your doing it anyway exactly. Shana. Yeah yeah I would ease thanks. All right I'm per cheater. I think that honestly in my. Her mom is scared because limit job because that's exactly what he's added he knows way more than we let. He can show her. Can my box within a very sad very similar situation permanent and fast forward pioneers they had their own house bill they went on an. England vacation. You don't know what their future holds and I think aren't actually she just wants to make sure he would need to be able to support her financially. So you think it's all about the money to disease a freelance photographer. Yeah IQL only because the situation is identical but different scenario different saying it was about a job. You can't do what you can do this from a guy you can't do this for my daughter you're not there anchors and edited it out but it. Have lowered its so maybe now they have two kids can emit an amazing night. So you CCC just soaring still sore but so do I do know wig. We've seen understanding that. There does need to have another conversation with the moms without her ears can be addressed appropriately I think you with a knee jerk reaction. I don't honestly thinking about it from her doctor's perspective I think she thought about it from her respect. Sony has made me realize something is apparent. If I'm gearing up on my kids I wanna make sure that they're not gonna come back on me are gonna pay for this event that I want him gone you know right material for somebody that. Tell you that tried but the mom is always come on eight and you know we have. Crazy things about mama bear it because of their love it appears so. It's her just morning to protect her daughter to make sure she doesn't get into a bad situation room who doesn't know. The conversation they have how Smart they are repair money. Or you don't know all that do can guarantee she doesn't mom doesn't in her respond with a knee jerk reaction. Does seem momma did. While her great perspective ladies and on Michelle. Yeah I what do you think. Okay I've been married to the same man for twenty years. He proposed. To me after he are asked by parents. Can't be Carney told him and not know breaking up we're now. Geez they were like adamant not a chance no way. They want brutal. I didn't I don't know if you count a lot about a month later. On my mom goes just don't gonna marry him. I'm gonna marry him I just got out of the military at the time I wouldn't I still don't have a bit of a heat my heart and who even when your two later. I'm one of the lucky want to. See the fact that people are interfering. In his. Relationship that Ayers it's not on the iMac which entered into an under the worst too good mom and celebratory email. She is he said the dad is just not a round so I don't. I think she would've said if their dad was deceased citation is a divorce or deadbeat dad kind of situation. Than in other words she the better old hag okay dot com. I. Well because she if she gonna be I don't want it because she doesn't make money pretty liberal I won't inappropriate she should teach. On that taking care Turks Shinawatra. Sure. Actually our older you know. So what did you tell your mom know when you found out she said don't aren't you told her what. That's what this is just gonna have to deal or ask your cholesterol said. And and save my mom's right do you have takes a mom pick or lose the mom get married or take the mommy you're the REF. I'm an idea if you don't lose your mom because you want your love and you want to be the proper you're on the one anyway. Because your mom oh I'm nobody should decide to do what I want to land if you know deter future that's Vermont teacher. Good for you Michelle. I mean it sounds like you know what you want and you're willing to tell the world to. Yeah yeah I should go somewhere else to really thank you for the call Michelle. I'll I Jones. Are you guy who you think. You know a lot of Peter needs this stay the course and I don't we all issues are no Jack we will he's Doris derby can the same thing happened and who you ask parents said no. I asked where all of warranty that we could well blow. Because I still believe it'll be eight solaris. You like the fact that I would act like. Because he's nondenominational. O'Connor. And guy he would not even my cholesterol it did not show up to our wedding you're not locked my life guarding I'll. I'll pitching oh look there's actually near street beautiful cared. It is the best decision I ever made I do not regret it for 12. My relationship with a man or nonexistent we don't like each other although we just sort of code desk and luckily you know we don't have to wait and exchange gain by. If you look at this girl is issued or Q what's the good the rest of their life. You feel the same went in to Buick relative. John your girl had your back now she's she stayed with you. And loves her dad walked out of relax. Welcome and good life but not that similar it could be like you know if they love each other things Larry you know the marriage really shouldn't matter. If he loves this girl. Do it do it don't look back and do it and you know years from now we got a beautiful family a loving wife by your credit. OK then my last question for you John is even after all the years you stayed together you have kids this man still doesn't. I didn't go right. My that I guess I didn't see right Haiti still never stepped up to bid amid let me tell us mainly things you can do is apologize joke and he still hasn't done that. Oh yeah. There it is repair or expansion but you know what tiger never told air strikes where you know my wife at. Although we need civil relationship but Amanda not terribly close they'd only talk but I thought he played. You know that you visited whenever we go down to a Louisiana that your family by. You know he I it's just great great debris and shaken and that's pretty much dead by. You are two other an apology but I don't think it on one and are you here later I haven't heard he did go like. You're not gonna get an you have got to six soon never see added to the group wow John thank you for this for the inspiration I'm sure tears listening in this probably. Practicing getting down on one knee at this point rate as he showed big seat I know you're not a commitment guy even after some people forced their way through it would you still knowing day. You're going to be pushing a boulder up the hill your entire your marriage or it is it's love isn't worth the boulder okay now. Oh that's you talk Jane no system didn't do just still not. I wouldn't you want your I would use it as a way to get out of all sat score pesticides they're always looking for parents wouldn't it be. I kept fighting anymore advice from Peter with a coherent on the slacker and Steve FaceBook and its.