Slacker and Steve - OPP: His Parents Want to Move In 4/11

Monday, April 11th

The in-laws of our ‪‎OPP‬ don't have a plan or savings for they've asked to move in! She's worried they'll end up living with them the rest of their lives. How do you tell your husband and his parents that they can't move into your house?


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And com just this family or to know you do sometimes you why because you do this just uncannily zoo I know you can't handle it. I think you might did you check okay let's get a an important get a new year you know use dice like Christie I see. Both his parents are in their mid sixties and getting ready to retire but they haven't saved any money remaining sort of plan for retirement at all. Because of this the asks me my husband if they can move in with us. Their plan is to sell their house and invest some of the money to try to make it quick buck while my husband isn't thrilled with the idea he feels like he can't saying no. I think that if we let them move in they will be here for the rest of their lives I loved them I don't wanna see him suffer. But I really can't let them live here for the best years of our lives. Profitable almost never have any alone time and we'll have to share our house every minute of every day. I would email the run down the hall to the bathroom in the morning without having to get completely dressed first. How do we tell my husband and his parents that they cannot move in with us wonder why do this is from T. Bombs. I think you kinda do you have to say yes to family answer but at what I was gonna ask you is I am vaguely remember and I don't know if it's happening at. Your nephew can live with you a little loud oh yeah you still plan on coming out here than there were some as fifth came up Minnelli was a Minnelli is so I'm. How long losing in a litter you said bright two months or so and why you won the same now. Yeah absolutely but why aren't you saying no actually I kind of did that the attacks that was the head of the snacks and rerouted. Could help TV so we are coming or is he not coming. You although no now well under conditions now they're going to be met now suddenly I'm back what are your considerations. Just simple stuff. That no one else wouldn't would be you needed impossible for a I have not he's. Almost your only living relative minor so that I dad's knees I have I have to automatically given to every reason why no why not every request blood just because this Staley wanna wait just ask all the time. And this is one high. I don't bug sailing with my crap where we always bugging me with a pair. That's not how families and work yet that's not only stopped. I try your family crowd coming and he probably is. He's not almighty god no he I'll sign a bull market now but still why don't I hope. So then we you can't even be trusted on today's OPT know because your body. Yes question yes I don't have any parents left let's say airman married him and I have in laws now yes I know that I'm never gonna have my parents burden our relationship Iconia a burden so she's not allowed to have her parents and if she knew him we know that my parents or are you so you're saying the exact dates tragedy struck you. Then she has to protect her parents are dead too if they ever need any mango which she can we we we wanna have to we don't offer help sell because I know my parents are going to be needing help that means we don't offer her parents help. Even even knows yeah. Well yes if I could burden our relationship with my sale. You're NBA business I'm saying a word it's going to be a birdie it's not a burden to helping Australia always a burden. Excuse me don't rejoice apparently anybody who would I they can anybody help me teach Steve and teased. So is that how it works if I screw up my life all I have to do is called a tram remember you got to take me and make sure I you have a way through life's now is that what failings Allen is. You pay my way through life snub who's going to. Hold it Lee you've got to be able I mean who. Who should you ask before Sam money. Anybody but everybody bush simply cigarette yourself. Stop turning the people that don't wanna be burdened with your crap out. What a barrel listening they all wanna say when I don't wanna say what I'm about to sit and watch. Hershey what could he might John. See why I'd sneak it's your cleanly. It's you've got to sit at a certain point you have to do I automatically. It's a similar request something from me I'm. It's unreasonable no exactly that's why says no. Staying at your house where you have more I got audio extra. So if that's not unreasonable and having the parents come for a couple months. You do sit down and saying look okay go there is a ground rule there's a three month window or some nifty if they say time and you can't. You can't. Let's say after the end of the time limit they still can't do I don't NASA as you say you can't eat you now you can say debt now you can't I mean you got it's not like it's not like a legal die to know where you can serve an eviction notice your family but like. If you want on their. If you think it's OK to have them there for six months you'll agree. This story. Because you know you're gonna give them. Three another oh you global OK you've got to you've got to you've got a little ailing and it goes it's got to be ID cards the odd since you've seen it you can easily go OK you guys can say sixty's if you tell on six are going to be their year. Also unclear early but just know you'll have to come up this new massive OK if I C three that means it's in six means I now. And you need to let your nephew come stay with you refer. Why isn't this so this what you got an extra bedroom why it is they want you don't have an answer to your city procreate. Actual yeah ER. Excuse us but but I'm now you OK so everything she said it is a BP is gonna happen. Some to prevent it from this happening. It is still siesta you're still have a long time do you break you could Blair and her old they're the only aware of room you'll have a long time. Go British brewer with the hotel ballroom now time now. Oh check out some value. Room just for fun somebody's doing your car would you place that's the okay to. I think. Arab I mean so she wants to now how to we helpers say no to these people. That's what she ultimately that is really your question is how do I tell my husband and parents that they can't read so would you sum up. These are great is it an ice cream I would what I would say something like this arm. While. We were growing up you fed us love us unconditionally close dust bathed us. What you didn't instill in this is a sense of Sam lane so screw you sorry if you're an answer for you put back down she is sixth do him John that there. Always yeah. Your nephew disease and that's not going to let but how do you tell your Stanley know if they wanna move that you and her husband she but he told her husband you DE UUU. Guess what. Parents are movement NT you might as well moon about your your marriage is over as you are the least supportive person I've ever heard of no she's just need date if they need a place is granted. It's scary because they didn't save for examiner or anything so why isn't her fault it was just tease you still got to help out for as long as you can stand is that with Philly does he's clean up other family members messes yes big bad Blake's decision asses and come running back tonight. Yes. So I know you exist in what they do best is. Boat it's not belong to its family you know which is why I am a strange smallest yeah it is a lucky to have been caused a rift between each other you a good deal. Everything blows open site owner and more Dicey move in with. All all all she law Lauren walked out only six years ago does it on the spot if you can help see out a note to say no shortage teacher. Maybe you had ceiling little bit and you can tell her what that's like sue if you have any advice for T who doesn't want her in laws moving and we do use it right now Cindy. Yeah I. Hacker yes I had a key European market would you rate outline. Because. Yours all. Poorer light to cash in you know I kind of had to clean up group bringing you to edit I blocked my care air lot but bother you but do you really think that your parent. What are cute he's shot near daily in the way that you are etched. It do you really think that come see you gotta be what 4045. Maybe you really think 1030 years or not get any. Any member earned at least three people in your Stanley I'm more hyper beat you don't get in the car accident break your back you hanging feminine air to wipe your bottom you need to get bolt here later Cooper. I spend my life to making sure that I prepared for all these things why don't have to burden friends in sales leaks like they shouldn't be burning name is may where there. And you don't see you'd think that your mother would agree with you up and having seen occurring. Curry great job times per day that your family that bird and you agree with you weren't parakeet species aren't what are you talking about. I'm sure it was a burden to her mom really you being you are hurting during her pretty. I was an economic Julian you know you can see actually didn't know that you're taken a couple of dollar firmer Kurt scare Americans why. Yeah magic Jim and Steve shows one of my favorite shows I'm as the news has testified our own. You don't seem cute you little like your little bubble. Look not understate that how you want that perfect to beat but if you look how I did net you're going to realize that at times. You're gonna need your daily or you might need a significant other. Cute either for you maybe ether and Roche. Only nine years later today doesn't plan on breaking his legs at. It's current rule that. You need him about the horror dipped a signal to show what do remarks illegally and your tax. It's our love which some king. Horsepower orange eight UREE concurrent Kirk. My money's on saying wait TI yeah. That's not a threat is clearly are cool and tell they need to get needy and Saddam and now go to your room here. You don't want to go out in fact I actually I'm happy letting Blackberry now and it's great it's a huge help it degree so began when I'm home inner aren't in the laundry done and I. Appreciate it. In am very rarely doesn't mean Eva person not let that. You down there and by the time at my other. Well that might NAFTA is gonna come live with you hear me no continue to at all would call and he and his nephew me a lot of maturity are at stake you call thinks beyond you know find a way. No there's no findings also I know his knees to stay away from I'm. I'm going to tell him this is true that I am not. I'm gonna give him out here in Morgan up six years there's still score. There's no fixing you I know you that's what you were gonna say that it's because you don't mean you look at this out right exactly yeah Leslie do you then that's what I Mickey that the. Yeah he you. What is. So you have to say that's. Yeah. Bruno do you I don't know where you don't always. You may know I got half season more than enough. Hey it should lean and has patent Kara are. Totally had departed dead and we're still taking care of them. They say they supported that are Mickey but deep down they resented all you people show. Putting in this situation they're putting was it parents public domain and plan ahead for all this why are they just. He has a chronic L match and even they didn't pray and they were not great trading action all people. Can he not to pat luckily we are married act. You know people are here hadn't batter financial backgrounds and Jack's. And overall where marker period at TE now we'd been doing at certain I was content. But Nikki so then let's say the his parents her husband's parents are eighty to move you is this you never gonna have your own life is is all you do is. Easy Eric even now his parents are. Pat and I taking care of them aren't added packet in at eight it you don't do duets with him and. So you know big east. Man who. Who you can and so was he like they have my spleen in 2000 that I need it hit me I would get if he. No you what is here and you. Her. I always turn. And I would you then just. Parents split with me and our three kids. That we're actually. It's. They also did not have any money they've delayed or retirement. And there are older they're in their mid seventy is. Yeah but it it's one of those being glare. I couldn't necessarily. Held and who. Are you like you're gonna have figured out what I want to lose her medical rebuild their whatnot Jew I have. Alberta and but on the same. Side that I had an absolutely. Hate it yeah eat the argument and is it wrapped. Good. I'm kinda torn on the fly and I'm hoping to air. I'd been there I in the air. We have reported on how they literally live in my basement and. If you could go after time you do it again would you let him move and yeah. No. Sweetie. My kids they're now have mean you know well mom dad. I've been means so we're gonna go down to grandma. You know comment like clay we parents are you gonna putting her QX one of those being there and it. It's rough edged. I honestly like that I mean they also don't have money for retirement but the same time there. I would ask what I think Jerry without it she is if they have a house stressed sale it is different in my situation my parents didn't have. Until until they're out here they go we're living with my sister say baby. Oh. I would act you know I can't find out if the house at all. Are they planning on me like trying to downsize they sell it is I like Honda are bumping me. It sounds like they want to take the money did. Make some money with it which doesn't always work right and me downsize see Ali let's say this your husband would've told you know not on your parents move and and what would you assess what would you have thought. I am a lot of stress it let her know what I honestly recall Frey you know. But we had three market good though she does maybe that Barak. I'm recalled or pulled her Abu Ali. I love it there aren't out at all. Let's. Go come. Etc. it wasn't no and then once we started thinking about it it was a look like a favorite event but in this day and. And you can only ever a danger Carly you're never. Absurd it's still you can't have that insight on the street you can't. There it's also figured out terribly. Yes yeah I know I'm what do you think. Okay very quick points per stop and no I didn't know accept responsibility for the coach you want the tell a no go ahead and say no however when you leave apparently leaving sleep and it's yours Albert burst burst it or about. Yeah. The AFL all of that that they sit at a planet they don't have a branch. It's no benefit to get Eric in that it will boycott the problem very Cheney's do if he does say I want message you want the support it which. And finds she has to deal would say okay this will be the consequences if it goes that my concern happened. It go to has. At this this and the consequences. And that you have to accept responsibility being the husband on the consequences of that for their no arguing it remember I told you would be the comp equipped Buick had to go caught the quicker we have grown up too young Sicily and simple it's accepting your responsibility goes deeper than that you have to make sure everybody has parents don't have a ranch. And it also not a benefit either. So you're saying it's okay to tell Sam lean no need per day and age do this you know that's what I heard no best out of court with the so to say yes to set a limit is what she said you actually was and action. Actually. I put you think. I think so my husband and I have talked about this for ten years. And my mother and I will not be looking into a text. I'm not ace because you know why why do you why why can't TOU. Some really bad financial decisions and hasn't earned the poor pass. And we had few young kid and I'm not going to give up their college PGA because she can't say it's fair retirement. Amen why is that why do you have to pay a price for their stupid decisions he's. You look at me real treat me like get her money on it as we go along. At a rate that we can control I'm not gonna let her move into my house and they clearly. Did your parents have to pay a price for your stupid decisions when you were younger Tuesday shows it yeah. If it's below the response and now we need your parents were still here so for your nephews what are your nephew who's a result of your parents choosing to have one really lady it's all still part of the same thing you've still got to take the burden on the I hope walked if no matter what anybody says you can't you believe in your head the DN argument is. I'm a good family members to fifth and your phone text that is I if you wanna help T out or Steve. Now it goes to FaceBook FaceBook doc slash slacker and Steve sands.