Slacker and Steve - OPP: Hit Neighbor’s Dog 5/3

Wednesday, May 3rd

Our OPP has had issues with her neighbor but something she did could ruin their lives and make them hate her forever! She wants to know if she should be a good person and tell them or take it to the grave. Hear her OPP and tell her what you think.


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And so old. Dealing with neighbors is always simple find him. Dealing with neighbors when you've done something wrong here design. Works out this is not this could be ugly it's got a good shot at being ugly but we we we do it. Well done well can we can make you disappear kind of maybe candy. Yeah I need you are disguise it why you tell us what's going on maybe we can get you out of it. I've learned from political parable about the okay. Just do not suggest that. I have neighbors and we've never ever cardinal law who cute they're carrying and again thank you can borrow. Really ridiculous stuff all the time. Arm. Brought about a week and how can go. Absolutely. That ruling and they're dog with a great artist and I know you know. I just just to confirm. EE UEU 100%. Accidentally did us. Yeah when you intro there how to reflect. A couple blocks away from their house but they don't look at just been learning you're. Okay. I won't use it today. I'd attribute. Candidate candidate can really think they're not located like I would put into bigger dog dare to kill your going to stroke often went to work. So our should there be. And say. Now way I love and they sound is the dead dog did not sound dead dog where where we out with the dogs. Oh. Don't think they're dog that saying and to improve. And surging fuel much work because I think their kids putting up you know I think foreign during the neighbor heard it. June I'm out of this guy's life you nineteen. OK so Nolan sounded didn't so you know for a fact of the dog diet. A I knew I'd get like dole really I do curable when he broke the track but the dog didn't make a big. Part of it. OK. So he's crawled somewhere and no one has found this start. And no. So you wanna I wanna give him a heads up to at least that what no. If you tell new accede. You implicate yourself so yeah you how you think there's pages and the more time it goes like OK we bulls wanna say like porn things I don't think there's a writer answered this on because. If you tell him now it's been a week or whenever. My age it's like you knew this whole week you look you watch us. On the weekends donors that's why yours out. But it's intended or is she doing a good thing by letting these kids have hope. Or she doing a bad thing Melamine used to tempo and that's the thing right there are apply us. If they find out there you're the one those kids they're gonna there's the woman that killed our saws accident or no right. So it's either white bridal just don't see any thing. No harm no foul that's not. If you like to see that's sensed it and sentenced. You honestly don't actually assess everything you make sure there's no harm because there's definitely harm in this morning but not too. Hurt yes. There's well O for the lobos. Team we. How do we fix. So you you're you're asking us what. Lol I'm genuinely feel whole scared to tell them because. I think speech I think on the open up about how bird like of about temper a duplicate a little. What it may just rope he'll mark Howell the you know I don't know what they're gonna do. Oh I never thought of there's some repercussions and I never thought of so this is serious. Well really aspect you. Know rights bombs. Can speak do you do you have continue to take this to the grace. Do you think you can keep this this time I do all righty was an accident. You're the victim but will continue do you think you can keep this yourself. Obviously not here on the radio right now. But OK so we need to get assuage your gilts could not get you busted. OK so she's paying. Just explain anybody brand new to the shelves oh PP is when we presented thing that's happening to somebody that other people who've been in. Similar if not the exact same situation where he tolerated gives you advice to be like hey the last time. I killed the neighbor's dog when the neighbors hate me here's how I approached it knows what my deal little. We don't have a lot of people don't too early to replace Aristide stepped outside we got to ask you but but. Easiest if you screwed something up like affecting you but stamped break up space below them and they end stamp got put there own because of those yeah up. Youth youth had a secret. That costs. A life yeah hell hole it there's other people who have this scene secret same thing like candy does is it better hold onto it. This is our beat I don't mean to make another terrible analogy but sometimes if you've cheated on your significant other. You telling them doesn't help them do is help you that's why you're supposed to keep your mouth shut as you should be one pun exactly. So if she goes to tell them. To get enough for chess. Does that actually helped this family and as part of your house a dinner Carson last. I mean. It's possible because they are. Not his call him up and go hey this is zero candy the neighbor amen I was driving I thought I might have seen like a body would Don over who no can't do that okay sent anonymous letter some then Sunoco a okay well I don't know how many people are going to be able to help you candy but. We're gonna try to get here. So if the more times you see them going out to doubt her look is agreements hammered a son Lane's yeah. Drive east yeah they do it's not. That's that's hard you're not evils but you. You're twelve you're moving to his talent where evil resides I think the pain on candy. I don't balanced off. She said it says nothing that nothing's no element right now and I want enough but she's guilty if she wants to get rid of that guilt and what point does seem we deserve to know with her dog is gone. Right. Was nobody found this dog here. All I did eventually like there dismiss doctors who like there's some kinky go surely they've called animal control in their neighborhood so if there was a dead dog that's who picks it up so the dog must have crawled some wearing four. The dog is somewhere where no one sounded. But she knows where she hit eight so she can go to that should she go to that area and look for the dog wow. I don't know what the right answer is here but you know like you guys are all the little detectives and little. Moral compasses a Maher show what should candy do you should she take you to the grave like Steve likes to deal. Tell the family or something else I Haley. At night what are you thanked. I am my knee rim he a couple of your pick out that at all and Allen that Eric ever heard ought to act I thought. Cannot come to church when I well I add or Britney that all. Seen a bloody. I about it and it and eat out why it. Yeah I and it and it got a bright patchy alt key. I wouldn't have been out of it because it has what it didn't. I would no matter if we get along and see and tell me about it and why not gonna help you. At that today. Pop up on why it's even and do. Yeah how I thought about it and then I thought about light on animal control oddly shaped like Al. I don't want my what they eat and I would not. Have. Ma and I wouldn't they late in our economic you know can't get it out a lot of eight. I suddenly it hit and and at what it is. I've not had a lot of action occur we are at it or not by the export it to do its inclusion. Yeah affair you know what happens I bet you are the Lee and I would be out really bad that I god. I'd. Well. But they kind of have closure is only one or two things could have happened really won because let's be honest in a week and a half if it does Sharpton shelter. Where else is it because some because of some thought they would bring it to ask you every neighbor has a FaceBook page your like. Or they would get so if you find a dog take shelter you call around people so there closure is out after all this time it's probably deceased pretty likely to dog is no longer. I mean you go you wanna tell you kids out they need that's that's so we'll get closure. Clean it and easy she could feel like an hour. I'd like well what have we made that about the app the way you're like I thought on the side of the road I'm not sure app and light. But there are going to be mad you sought you didn't pull overplayed you saw our dog on the side of the road. It's different. These people already don't like her it's one of those things I did it secure bringing you didn't get along and she's like we don't get along and I can tell in my pit bull ripped her dog's face offs. So I'm I a lot of people I mean like my audit on why and iPad and people they had figured out a burning up I and the number of god. And so I mean you know there's the possibility that there are a lot of. Iron out there and recruiters wondering definitely. They even call Hayley and it gives us a little perspective somebody who's been in a similar situation I just. I don't normally do they did life saying it might rise so this is a weird because he knew nothing good comes from its U I. Amber. Yeah hi we're U. I'm looking down pal but we're a little bit and are leaning toward howling maybe I don't know I think she. She mentioned that I had a temporary no I don't believe anyone wanting to dock let's just be period right elbow ideally it did not know and if it did make her feel really. Uncomfortable to counter what they can I did you get out if you didn't tell anybody nobody saw no no the fact that they ban the acute between now and I'm like they're the best but neither is it helps. Ted Turner maybe a little tired you know even more scary it's a great you know so I panic you don't tell my. Secret like that being a like I thought your dog at this intersection and you know where she wearing a head and maybe you are looking for ordinary you know like maybe that's a little more of like a electorate highlight. Our. Hope and why do I Coleman don't be like where you. Oh cool. There. I guess and learn what amount you can be either adopt previously. And that is very at Yankee. Climber my problem with is that. Too much time has done. Yeah there is that issue I started he started out oh my god win. Well we can happen you know ten days or so this is the first time you're telling me yeah this is great effort to defer to say it's because I don't like you people out. Had a long and dark pull my god that's the fact you said getting hotter I might as well I was just get that wasn't. That's not though I am until OK Thomas. A guy who would you do. Had a dog lover I'd say take it to the greatest because even though they may only view that there was accent and hold it against the red. I do live. He really well they will. Especially since they already don't like her and their hurt now there in teen in the needs someone to blame you yeah now the claimant is somebody you. You got to blame the fairly below the dog well it was a dog two blocks from my house braves yeah running around it puts you thought there was no blue chip in her dogs didn't sound any Dinesh tags on it. Then yeah that's that's on the video nobody but still stays cold shelters. They would've said well we found an on tagged gold retreats ever. What is this dog. The dark delight climb into a drainage ditch or somewhere or. Barrels a live somewhere rural in my age I know he's got to the two winners are dogs when I was like thomas' suggestion just Riddell live you can T think stage you for the suggestion Thomas. Tallies. Yeah I guess when you think. There iron and cannot believe that could be then it crashed into. Not IA absolutely patient it's a topic family karma is gonna come back in get that check I find it completely morally objectionable. What did you do wrong telling all well OK tell I think that's true but we were just say in this. Isn't unseemly I mean it's really didn't have the dog locked up. Yeah I knew that. That's the fact they're the fact that they were negligent and the doppler about to begin glad yeah that's an issue about it. These people think that their daughter might still be alive and probably no could be because you're too much power with stop and make sure the thought was okay. You know which isn't saying you never got an accident panics. She had ceramic art wouldn't leave a wild animal in the forty you mentally you did it feel like you know II I would that I have with me and I panicked like fat. I would go to the family out there and say hey guys and I also saw blue streak that looks like occurred at their New York it's. You might want to go. Something like. Ayman Al your off the hook you did you think you'd you put forth and tell let me ask you this because I've been saying in this for awhile. Easy too late for her to do that now is now that it's been a week in half for two weeks where you shoot you can't say I saw a dog that looked like your dog. To own you know. Now you've got. All suggestions we horror. Needed time machine can only suggestion that still works is shot up. That's the only one that's still works right and you know thing. Do you live with the deal you. This and it sucks and now tallies wishing karma runner. I think you're you're right he could think to act of driving away it was it was talent they don't like art yeah. I understand. It's if you go it's what you hit a dog you panic. You get a dog do you recognize. Penny even more muted W recognize is the neighbors who already hate chelios your level is it's just off the charts. On the value we appreciated so bleak. Yeah I resent. I think it can be of the terrible human being. I want to see it. She hit the dog he had an opportunity to do the right things you don't know how long Maddux suffered it'd. Still suffer anxious to have the opportunity to possibly save that dog and now the con radio and he's worried about our house getting. And your company. You the repercussions from these evil family that if she tells strike zone you're gonna you're trying to get ahold Jamie's toss for a latte. If Harold hurt them you have the opportunity to be the right thing many times when she hasn't touched so. Oh stepped up and whenever you get you do nerves because frankly you stop. What about the families sought to be let the dog get out it's not shipped its nod tag on your mother. Then let you know wanna hit it and see how opera scene is still. Every on the right now yup you won and when nobody ever ran over motels. Because you arena Ringo yeah. As soon. So you want it cover your dog wouldn't you want someone to stop and try to help their I would. Yeah and then what it's eight and you went to work in didn't have a problem with that now she's worried about filling her precious car yeah spurred the. Oh man I mean I've been trying to defend nerve tissue called in minutes there this one was she did some bad things. It's it's just an just all all the round. Nobody's nobody's happy righty she's. But it's getting worse there are kids involved in this kind of obviously grieving and suffering a lot of their dog and you just sitting back. Being a terrible person can confidently. So. We when you put all that way. Tie it does we gotta go take showers ideally only battle were ever is right you but the only right answer now. In these two ladies tells us loses out is just there's no return and now she says to keep to herself that's sort of no return was maybe two days after she has NASA might now after a week goes by. You can't say. Everything went out. What do you think its age I don't criticize donor. If you think US audience it's on now hurting your Tony did it and their neighbors are selling isn't good putter out to go tell those failing their right to air is the only way if you wanna tell. US delight. Whole library that has a typewriter and type an anonymous letter and shouted their mailbox. You kids physically say anything like that idea that's if you have. If you have to tell it's got to be eleven anonymous they can't Trace it back to cut Out Magazine letters and do you like wow. Our railways and I was a bit and cut but I don't. If you're not willing to do that. To shut up. That's the answer a new you can yell about it or whatever it will take more comments on our FaceBook page but that has got to be the end and it. So I currencies FaceBook pages where the discussion goes now.