Slacker and Steve - OPP: Hunger Games Nanny 7/11

Tuesday, July 11th

Kristen just started a new nanny job and she strongly disagrees with the way the parents handle disagreements between the kids. They let them physically fight it out because they say the kids have to learn how to settle fights on their own and how to stand up for themselves. She thinks it's a toxic situation for the kids and doesn't know what to do. Should Kristen keep her mouth shut or tell the parents they are incorrect?


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Steve are there. So today I guess we're talking about wind exactly should an anything just be the protector of your kids and when should she follow but. Your. You're directives on what to do which shouldn't be any protecting kids from the parents apparently. Went on I guess that's the question and down. Know this is guys are both Christians. Am I why don't you tell us what's going on and maybe we can help you out there. I can't say I haven't seen any job and the three boys had their scores 709 years old and yeah. Well I'm in Washington for a couple weeks now and try all the current aim. You know just like yelling and elsewhere around. Are they recommending them for it. And it seems like world and also I talk to the parents about it and they're just like oh we want them to get out on how they do their problems. Do you know the kids and everything won't look like beat the crap out of each other there yeah. More like WWE Bursa arranging it and not trying to kill each other in a combat. So take the parents want them to be scissors cool and and like punch hit in getting out. And you know like not like punching raked. More distress when around the list. When you shouting at each other arguing only. Brother's normal BO Steve well that's what she's distraught about the punching and kicking in some of their just. You Brothers and write it yeah. Progress what I promised last but I just don't know. How do you mean a great kid who orbited so it's it's how how they don't like to agreement instead of where. Communicating and stuff like bandits or buying. Thing. Five C leaders say so you you're you're you're one of those you and I I don't know how to you want him to just talk it out and in you loving parents are. Yes love love and logic that type Luka and you'd think parents are. Our cross all right. I would mean a little bit I mean they don't like the left. You know. We need to learn peppering each other all electric than all this stuff like that an incident like well they can't at that age and they need an eighteen get out and then they'll have a stronger Robert armed later. A little. They get cleared. I never heard that. I don't I just really you don't learn about Iowa boys and girls so we can grow up with all Brothers to. I just we we would fight it out but not in front my parents would stop it. Oh connects you know we would find a way down into the basement and take care of it but he's fearless but there is always there encouraging gathered together a rumor right now if you guys club Hunger Games is yeah does. Now a lot of time and look why don't you never see. I thought okay. What what are you gonna do about it do you you wanted to you wanted to tell the parents they're making mistakes is that that almost never goes well great. Mama can't normally my job you know a movie that kids with little room accord that great. And I wrote the parents are still this year haven't I don't know how to end it. So if you sit down with a clearance and go you know what. How do you guys handle this because this is the way I would and I don't think it's the same we're on the same page here we need to know how do you guys. I want you to the front door and saying have a nice life if you do that if it makes. That's what it's like she's not correcting them or or I would take I was just like here's how I'm handling it at and it's not working how do you guys might not doing your way I need to know your way and how they Marty told her they said modem Russell and out. Few question and again I feel like you're questioning my. My parenting. I don't know like you're you're already likes. Backpedaling but and I am I it's because I'm in a defensive posture rivalry. If they weren't so Kristin let him wrestle and I'll let him let him do they're saying we feel like duke Nasser I think if she sits in Venice and times thanks. Wheat we've covered this all you're correct in his late Scioscia severe christened Sosa be in the room during WWE with a job then during that even if it makes you uncomfortable Chris and that's when you got to decide is how how comfortable are you with Jesse Jesse you handle working at a place areas where they eat. Allow their kids to do opposite of what you think they should be doing yeah. I I really need I don't really it's their decision and I didn't wanna know I. We're a lion like the certain herd them Michael ware marine with the parents get in there and all Eli. See you know what do you think it's one of mum. Starts to choke one of them out you're supposed to stop and amino widow reason common sense rules here we're Wear you out with that. Do you know I yeah I totally shocked and I wouldn't want abundant. I just don't wanna get in trouble sort of like being aggressive would demo when they're being overly aggressive in my team needs you. Assuming they do some public you know they're doing the some public everywhere so. Yeah Julia we referee heard. Eluding you. While a bare its appearance condone it then it's. It it's condone his mom and dad say that's okay then grassland or whatever you call it. Is. Is why don't and just so I when wanna be that person in public with these kids Christa were you need to do you always look for a new job all you have a job so far. Yeah I would post starts right you wrote in the theater around for other ropes to grab onto. That's not about Tom's. Christa Mora were any decent advice from parents and other nannies were these kids just being Brothers says there's no brother he's it's a lot of that but. Like I said my parents we were Brothers. But they still stopped us from deep in your home that cold wherever you out we'd sneak often do a good this sounds like these parents like you when you see that search escalate let it happen. So there's job's easy just sit back is being in the room among them punch each other how does she doesn't feel like a person who knows how to see that I guess she's quit I had done zealous he's quitting. I'm if you wanna help Chris now maybe you're in any may be your parent or we shall we don't stellar mind your own business Kristen could really use your health Melissa. Yeah I nine would you thanks. I right now monologue man met the youngest. You're older Brothers. He didn't read out by what I explained the situation. They hit the nanny should not allow the WWE. And she'll out man gonna turn into their side when they get over and it doesn't guarantee you know why this person yeah sorry for. A lot of talent and other guys who must listen they do. Now well that. Melissa. You're saying I'm Manny. Needs to set the directive for how these children are being raised you honestly believe that's how it works. I'm not even exactly don't apparently not letting happy but I I don't think I think you don't know you don't mind you a bit. Even though she's holed below and happen path. I. I didn't I mean I didn't kind of university and let my how. I don't think she's right up there aren't they are laying out there. Really regardless of how you aren't we looked back at school all. You know later in relationship you know went out. Yeah you're right that's but the rules in this. Area of this household is the opposite and so she's on a more of that and she's got to remove herself. Yeah. You know yeah I don't always thought. I guess I'm just AST and he's not calmed her Molina going camp apparently originated and you get a joke LT unfortunately you Elliott. What does she said now there is no advocate adult advocate for the three lol hell unions that are constantly and you think your husband would have wanted somebody to stop to it. So I think they didn't. When I. I'm the youngest I'm truly sad that he got picked on art they eat you know a better man turns out but sometimes I got on. There's no life as though Penn is sort of I mean I've I've I was younger so I didn't just do it makes mighty mighty second oldest brother only guy but chickens from one guy. The third oldest guy but teachings from two guys I know about chickens from three small four if you include my dad but I mean insights. I eat the runs and I don't know I'll take it but I I don't know that I would change I think it's a major who you are today it made me kind of funny. Oh but you're right that was your failure escape yes some yes opening McEnroe yes and sometimes if I can make them laugh they wouldn't beat me. Yeah I don't need it like he wasn't even like we would wow a tussle. Not only so much written out but I don't know that area. I'm much Chris. You write on the other way. Athletes are getting bullied thank you for the call Melissa. I don't miss a bully you listen to orders but I it's funny that she's like the nanny has decided sides I'm just telling you if your mind any and you. If you have some suggestions I'll listen the first time and if I see no that's it dude Sony on tax it says parents can be free to vote unsolicited advice it would be very careful I'm slowly giving unsolicited advice I. I listen to unsolicited one time then as soon as you start to say. Why don't you know I I want to reiterate my point about this site. I wonder reiterates that you work for costs you'll wind we are nice here or implementing. How horror parenting philosophy. They're not your kids when we are gone. There's still markets under our rules are rules are regular guest in your our political and your you know your our employee this whole. We do a job in mcdonalds I think should try your Fries like desk you try your Fries the way they say to try your practice it in showed up a serving as I I don't know more visual wet I. I don't care. Is the way you admit Fries for a hundred years shot up in front of price of I'm growing like crazy though I'd spend. Yeah I what do you think. Are sort of broad three years old and me were both are mid twenties now. We used to fight all the time news kids that same exact wrestling thing that you describing. And I'm really seeing that helps build. Brotherhood it brought us together especially now we're both are mid twenties realistic more than fifteen hours away from each other. And our column every few weeks so I think that you should. Go for the parents are saying I allowed it to happen but stepped in when you start seeing this beings want. Okay. He never escalated to that with you in your product as we just talked to somebody whose whose husband had been through and it. It does eventually he in my case it it. Which assists a couple times and we only self police that we are like oh god that's when you see you giving your brother a black guy you're like oops now I'm intro to our yak. It. So they're just PM Brothers displaying typical brother behavior let them be Brothers and will come back to be a positive when they get older that so far hope that I put. Okay I feel like the main place that wouldn't be okay daytime here in public now why do you go to movies Peter's stuff like that that's not okay because it's more than just. Brothers said that forty year. Target seen in your being embedded renewing. Me so well and now we're just once he gets involved in any way shape or form that saw it's out that even the cob and I sort of murder tablet I mean this this Kristin says that they do it to theaters know who then she should intervene in though you even. Outside of the parents don't know parent Zune Miranda. Yeah I what do you think. So anything earlier than I have and it is pretty glad they were like two little girls into boy that he believed the crowd they're little sister downstairs and you. Still waited and then and how we'll let Harry get a much pain old and I've got to go the parent you're Lincoln you know what we're actually going through divorce related letting them handle it the way they like boom boom boom in credit Carlyle. And made it how weary and it's not helping need our help them and we'll I'm learning so I ended up quitting. Why. So Kristin we suggested that and and basically what she's saying is if if she quit and when you quit. And the kids have nobody on their side. But I think I'm beyond the kids aren't warnings to stop like of their parents are letting them get away with it. This is like it's actually at my age they want to be doing what they wanna do you feel like you're no in the first place. Miranda though. You know your job zoom get ten times harder every day in and of course I deeper and other nine in which the right thing. It did and kids are starting to get physical need at that Winona lake. This simple not okay. No that's no that's one thing more ice said it's like you if you don't step in now like right now the parents aren't just like. Has said Lee. Like to turning a blind eye and letting it happen it sounds to me like to actually encouraging is Yahoo! YouTube got had a disagreement. Downing and working out. If if that's the way I teach all conflict resolution when they get into school and somebody says your fat. They're gonna pull big thing that's. Their only means of conflict resolution is that when the nanny says I need you to eat an apple. They're gonna try to take on the remaining half Nelson but no one's gonna mess that is almost I mean I didn't ask this the first. Hale resumed. Yes definitely be they king do you DR took my soda tea and it until gays and more bad in my the are going to be a big audio. And everything in particular that here are we hurting each other and and about a comeback at the nanny for not paying attention and Luke warm room and try and get a so I think gonna get much where I would quit because they're I I kinda chilly weight back right after Eric and they clearly I'd I would think that definitely car like that these parents are willing to economy happily in the child rearing and. While paper due earlier calmer and a I think that's probably the best vote is. Chris and drew remove herself from his studio worse for you Kristen get out of that situation if you can hang you him then you've got it because your not gonna change parent as a sweet to your thinking of the three boys and you gotta feed yourself eventually you really do any more advice you might have or the number for the local child protective service Obama to please itself on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.