Slacker and Steve - OPP: I Want Him to Choose Me 6/1

Thursday, June 1st

Relationships are all about compromise. Our OPP feels like she’s been compromising with her boyfriend for a long time…and she’s not sure she can do it anymore. Hear her OPP and tell her what you would do.


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Steve are there. So we're done about compromise today you know or nice there's some limits to how much you should compromise in a relationship you don't work and how badly some we don't know relationship through war and compromise is more Lawrence. Okay I'll. MacKenzie. Yeah I yeah I what do you tell us what went on and we can help you probably not an accident. So I'm. My boyfriend really close with a brother Adam and his brother has really add anxiety and hundred they had a very Q you're gonna get what you learned from my boyfriend. For example or my boyfriend living back home in for the living in a meeting which was the plan because there are other apps and back home. Mac come with an aunt and like I understand being there for your brother you're up there to tell people copied into their family. But it is starting to kind of impact or relationship. You know. I need. And that's when manipulate yes a separate himself and his brother just as you'd think that the situation urge you to choose between us and. I think how do you think his brother. This is a tough question because you don't wanna be in trouble do you think his brother intentionally. Forces the choice or is it just his anxiety. Well our state tour. Like when his brother having like anxiety attack indeed there are other I can't bat a hundred LB like. Kenny can you know can can they go home I didn't really want to go and I feel just yeah I mean Blake while. Like I get my key unit led to get what you want. Blake we weren't planning a wedding and the other and then all the time you're delayed like well I'll be attributable Beckham technique you know. Hope Jessie who posts you feel like she's using the brother as ways and not have to be with you all the time or get away from doing things with you work. So it's human I feel well I kinda feel like. I feel like at some point you have to separate himself from his brother and put our relationship didn't. You know you have your term lose announces some other dude. If some different understand it is failing you know if you were I. Obviously you've had conversations about this right it have you how how big of how big of an ultimatum have you laid down. My boyfriend what kind of person and make everybody happy around him religious structure and I. You avoid the topic and he'd like you know what my Brothers bike and then we don't really get anywhere so I'm but I haven't really given an ultimatum. If you were to give an ultimatum because we don't know him I mean he sounds like to please or. What happens when you look these are an ultimatum because it's like they can please it is wrong person right they can please the person giving ultimatum but once you've given an ultimatum they can't please anybody know. So that's forced them. Out of their comfort zone of pleasure do you think she would choose you if you force the issue. I don't know or I. Is third news. And ZTI know how long it. At the case are you guys are still some many of their how long ago was that supposed to happen. I don't even know it'll turn a little over a year and a half I think we can ultimately that's that's your debate I'm terminated early early pick it back to their care and they're going to be you know a month or so. And now she's moving back to and so his brother can feel oldest brother is an adult son wanted to ask aspect easy and adults. Yeah and Lehman Brothers that they made territorial and ironically to announce. Okay. I heard all right moved. As annie's brother it still has his parents for support as well right he he you're your boyfriend doesn't have to be the one. Now and the only thing in their parents live kind of in the middle of nowhere. So that is why you want your brother there's really not lonely they live and on apartment. Currency you're retired or dating to your producer at the same time and constantly losing now but to go to Purdue but if you tell somebody. When you choose me over your brother that's a tough thing to say it's even tougher to say when you say. I need you choose he kneeled over your brother. Who has anxiety issues who has some sort of mental issue there and clearly feels like they need a mean. The ultimatum bad enough to win this other person has. Special needs I don't know if they qualify all the way as special needs. Are these she'd be in a beach. But by you asking. Got there a year and a half investment. You must take the relationship to the next level but what else he backs out what the excuse that he's always gives you the brother first of all maybe you should has seen that come and second of all. I'll wipe out what is McKenzie of left to do this just trail along in the wake of his Brothers and anxiety. Sort of the words push all Leonard dude do you on the same go for it affects how much do you really love this guy anymore I mean you're it's you sound tired to me she's Steve yeah. Worst case scenario and you're like already there's a couple of mistakes and I don't kick the can do when the last time you got some you knew from this relationship. Oh and I took the you can give somebody it's Jenny or Jennifer you're most people have to come out. Not a candidate who I love them a lot and that client meaningful. Usual abuse much back. It's just trying to you love your bring his brother born again or acorn are no longer sure but who's good who's okay there's your solution to every problem. Who is who's your relations with the network so I. Oh I mean but so far McCain's he's boyfriend ten have balls until much Tanzi. It's just because the Brothers not compromising. And in he's and in those two dudes are gonna compromise they haven't so far McKenzie is is going to be the one expected to compromise because she's a she's a wing can she say enough is enough and I think it changes things that the brother has anxiety but I don't think it changes in enough. That she has to be strong along. OK so strong longer. Longer just dale that she's been strung along McKinsey cheesy I series you're you're she's allowing her because she's wearing her she's not. He's a pleaser and he uses his Brothers. I know inside she's using now almost I genuinely. Trying to help his brother I don't think she's you. Who's looking and yes he's actually doing it because he loves his brother not Mike. Only got to usually you would use the brother as a means of not committing she's not doing now that that's exactly she's not doing that yuppies I truly. Just cares for his brother he's committed to his brother more than MacKenzie MacKenzie is a longer getting what she needs others relationship although she still loves both of them apparently not ideologically at the same time I really insane people actually trying to leave in relationships to help you MacKenzie to Steve has already. Like ready to come over and lifted his legs and do you somewhere else is so. I don't know you can demand he move in would you read a way to maybe you can't if you want him and you waited for an. And you expected there when the lease was over he'd be yours and he wasn't an easy show has gone with the dude she's she's. It's. Just takes a more medals broke out of my mind what do you eat Kosher cities. Well I can see. We're gonna try to help our caddies I try to help. And Steve is going to try to find your new man MacKenzie you deserve better argue you may deserve better yeah you some traps you don't know. As you haven't told him. Specifically I need more from new and maybe that's what you need to say because you're supposed Suez which number their brother you should hook up with a brother gore brother not always go around old. Oh yeah I'm here to help. Okay we can you get word it's good cop bad cop and it's not even by design it's just reality organized room so we're Gannett we're gonna do you smell hang on right there. Steve's dude I'm not kidding. I use invested a year and a half he promised her had to back out but in the brother somebody he's known for twenty years got you looks at him with those puppy dog eyes and goes. The anxiety is killing me I need you. And how do you sing noting your brother OK it's hard butts at some point the kinks if the reason of her boyfriend's able to do this is the kids like. Okay go ahead. It at some point when she says I'm not okay with tennis that's when the choices and I'm not so enough so. If you had to say that to somebody and say. Choose me over your mother choose meet you or your six dollar you're gonna compromise and help balance this then you got it yes and it's over yet and then Steve wins the day spoon and nobody wants that she's. Yeah what ever ridden again this situation we can really use your help. Amy. Guy he's. And every guy Cheri Lewis goes like this you lie I get did not but he doesn't what you retirees obviously China aren't sure why this is an excuse he goes to move and then you know there's an excuse units continued doesn't the times report and I got to go to daycare Stanley Cup that boulevard strain. So you are really the bad guy what he wanted to move in with there it would out. You're right Jamie how. Every time it's trying to Nelson relationships he's played this they do run. A liar as the rest you guys even Norman Lisa quarter estrogen but you have to think it turned me on it and maybe realizes his brother is a manipulator is like she's in the realm of their voice and now there's Ares I hasten sim MacKenzie home its site. Huge huge sec down up he's brothers' a little bit above. And. That's an easy question no I got Brothers the answers now Ottawa Senator Obama not senator all it's as simple as that you. But he's got to go into this brain man style anxiety attacks and I'd rather send MacKenzie homes and keep my brother saves. I don't know I mean I know you guys are both cynical dude senior night. It's not hot water burn baby situation like you just. Yeah Edgar rice dry ice maybe waiting jumping into Ali's analogy we knew that I write about set up with the yeah so you just think he's a big fat liar and she should move on. Dude if they've been moving at a deal breaker for. Once again I think each of the butter you wouldn't you don't work to China maintained but he obviously doesn't wanna move in on who is forward is what you don't golf then she's prime Mubarak. Straight thank you for the brutal honesty thanks Casey I don't how her own Debbie. Guy what do you think's. Then. I'd they need. A blood gore out of it. Understand that that guy. And are you being his daughter sort of support that important major market it. We had to get. I don't know I. Mean. And it orderly way. It. At that go well here and the curse all. That are you are. You speaking from experience as you sound like you are. Absolutely I. My Jerry Bonnie I'm quite nine I didn't. She did that aren't being by Egypt border all the big. It got. So you take that role on that day MacKenzie boyfriend tax. I laid dude I wouldn't. It. I did with my partner record year and he now you know I would Ali even want to get out can't get over whenever you did shirt. See he. We all the cynical people listening lights like the guy who just called like Steve are saying. You're using your sister is an excuse to zeal wanna commit that's how would really is happening here is it. Not even an elite. Eight. More I didn't. Realize that need to get an incredible. Global could be. Could be a bit old. Eric abort button. You know I Eric Eric OGQ. And it might not him out he can eat. Or meet you run her national how well. Then it's not always indigenous Hong Kong. Exactly. The blue eyed. In the blotted got a moderate. In the girl yeah not an option to get it from. We make that worked for. So did you don't like MacKenzie because. She wants to force to join us in there and yeah I can tell you're on number you don't want to. You need to be. Could it be what are they look. I appreciate what you eat it he. Can you. You know like not be that you know it. But at green street everybody who will be. What serve it thank you for the comedy I cut after she was living exact same situation in computer entire theory. And Norah can't think of his. No actually if she was one person amongst like a huge amount over in this so I don't I don't think she's been living in this that you look Shana. Are you guys reason. I'm a more questions answered by my statement didn't breed of possible to save everyone time anywhere and gates are on much. English. She really wants to know where everyone is it where they're at in her head and she can operate something that's really beneficial could someone within ninety. Which this service start but how do you approach is approach to that. One friend first. Conviction even not a minority there's something jinx eagle and I'm. Yup refusal or one group that situation with a yup there it is here comes my green boom could have a my god but. Yeah it could be I mean if she is resistant to make. If he doesn't want a six a problem without him being in the sixteen dean Steve is right a 100% he's using this as his smoke. Could be a level of immaturity. Yeah I know how tons into life is any good having a guy attacks were carried dealing with an air you weren't so there's still more questions. But just an attempt to convert paper and how does the conversation between her boyfriend album reveal a lot. Someone that truly has a level having hate each. Don't want any help that's given. You do write any unanswered questions. Thank you for the car the bottom line for me is laid to if if if this brother is it 2122. And he's not. Didn't help and didn't count now. In Kenya and he's going to be submitting his parents when he's fifty then does that mean so is attendees boyfriend if that's the case if they're moving towards a solution. Then. That's the path that is gonna go go to her out and you're right in the brother and again it's you the Brothers always been their for the other brother McKinsey kind of have to know that when they were dating starting dating. Lunar I don't know can't keep him. It can mean you've said it could boasted a quarter until. Now this is your new family and it's a run at you gotta turn him Lou examines the person you're having relations with. So I should trump something here in Mississippi the. Either. You are using. All I mean why can't there a way they email me not be there for you why would you mean in Akron and it's either channel but he wouldn't be a trio. Only she asked that while so what are you so what should she do. She should stay there should she bounce. I mean it is. He wants to sit there and try to pop Warner about this and try to figure out a solution then you know always try to create heat and I pray I pray. I feel like that once you re there you really there's no point did he bring Torre. You know McKenzie is may have never fights for her she always gets kicked to the curb for the for you know I'm gonna save this and thank you call she doesn't make him quite fair the that's what this whole thing it's like she's always been given and it's time vertigo like that fight for me and he doesn't and you guys grants you every time she loses she's it's like OK and yes she's she's like but she's just she's like a bulldozer fodder she just lets everybody watching a doormat. You but she wants and not beat the doorman she's got to make it known she's got really still are it's gonna suck and I you know what I think. I think for coming on here. We don't really my age is her way of making you know. Nice she wants everyone and now passive aggressive way but it's out there now that's what she needed is layouts Harrison manner. Yeah I he's. Brought so I'm kind of gone through a similar situation and calmed. My boyfriend really want to open the limited mom. Can't comprehend the religion and how treat and and I kind of I don't and they generally when Blake. He's got a kind of a trial. And so I think we need to get speed you and me now it's your mom and so he agreed to you I would immediately lets you are now. How it's been about three months and now the mom had moved into our guests are. So my music I know I don't know. I think each key if I'm a candidate needs to decide if she can live with the brother not because it's probably always gonna be and that's. He absolutely. If if if it's this big an issue this early on in early this is his best foot forward. Yeah yeah and he's already like this chasm more priority. It only gets worse while I was your relationships event as it changes as strong. I'm. Sean I want to non and we can and kind of just accept it and an eloquent so I have. I don't sound. You know wow they give it all sneaky but I don't know the rear of wiggle room. Oh yeah. On as do I am this is really harsh but if you if you wanna help out. The kinsey or the brother and you've got anxiety tinsel take all that over on the cycle and Steve FaceBook page.