Slacker and Steve - OPP: I Want My Own Kids 4/19

Tuesday, April 19th

April is a stepmom for two kids she really cares about. She wants to have her own child so she can have the same biological love her husband has for his kids. He thinks it might cause problems to bring a baby into the family and April thinks that it would be something the entire family could bond over. What’s your advice?


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Question today is a PP is simple does. Something actually after. So bring forth from your own lonely insist that the first you'd be a month. Varity us if you employ yes there are fourteen you just continue that month there are feeling. Without anything coming out of here. Another region you have you guys slacker and CIE. I'm a child will step mom with an enormous desire to be a mother. My husband has two kids and I love them. But he doesn't understand the emptiness I feel inside knowing I'll never have that biological bond of unconditional love with his kids. We talked about trying to have a baby together bombing husband is skeptical. He thinks it would cause a bigger rift in my relationship with his kids. But I think we give me something to share with the kids as well as give me the biological bond of unconditional love I want so bad. Do you think a new addition to a blended family would cause more problems than it would solve. This is from April. When you is if she has another kid. Which kidded I mean I know this people are gonna be mad when I say this type. Which did you think you know what more does she cut her her cheats on his kids we know what she's gonna get her own. Now that's that's suddenly and that's only natural it would be natural but I would say yes I know people. Keep your kids away from my new sort of but I know people cool. No more than one person who comes from a divorce. In May have one or two kids and then when they got married two guests person. Not saying you have to be almost have to have a kid with bad ones don't because it really because it you react this kid's a ball not the only mates say it. What's it may get into Wednesday. Wait it it's what Clinton because its site so few. Does it sit at a local kids baggage but it's liked you right bureaucratic mix. So weren't great you and I are gonna move in together isn't all your living room furniture or can I put some in my living I know it's not seen stopped when your pillow peso. You know. At what point. You do you feel like you're part of it. And the people who I know I'll tell you it is not you know nobody's listening we noticed but you know exactly on talk about he's a guy he's super cool had. Kids from his previous marriage net a lovely woman they were doing great and she was a great mom to his kids yes but. She if she was it she's actually a better mom these kids kids from before. Now that she's had one of Iran she really did this oh okay so she thought it would go the options group. She's a better mom all the way around she has grown. I would say if there on boats. And boats going down. She's gonna save her own first but I mean that's the problem that's why this husband doesn't want. Earl you have kids Dusan suddenly his kids aren't approach thirtieth neglect it connect yeah. Suddenly just hate the newborn now all yet this ruling that dynamic they've got a good dynamic here just a pet stores are afforded. He's got a good guy everybody getting what they want the kids and the husband well that's what she signed and dole wife is not getting much you want you're saying that Intel lit her and her husband have their own net shots early Glenz example there are nuts complete they're not asks. Yeah it didn't date. But if she feels incomplete empty that's why. Because she needs her. But he's like we got like 800 kids are ready company I don't I don't know good and you can move that we have a number of children in this us scenario Steve 800 seems excessive. Arm. Federal I I don't know why I feel strongly about I I think adoptive moms. Can have. And eight in incredibly strong bond. With someone they've adopted I think down there and notice what more money won't but I don't. I'd I hate why are you making me say this because I don't thinks. I think your bond is incredibly strong but I don't think it's real it's true no wish you well he's EE eight it would be in. Possible. For it to be as strong. As someone who carried a child Oca because I believe I I think emigrate dad I think. And I would I would give any guys they know my life for my kids hmm but I ate there are times where I am supremely jealous of my wife. Because she has a bond with my kids that I can never up. She had Dan. Inside her. For nine months she recognized. Personality traits in them before I did because she already knew if she was playing this music or eating this kind of food different reactions in the womb. But she has a mom the mom never and that's that's that's what this April is missing which. Know what's so I'm more than happy to give up that bond with knowing the price that a woman has to Paige did just that bond for nine months he could have and would. Do you need a price on her body is out or just all pray god just have to go through that whole process. Yes she's earned it does that bond of but as of as a guy you get that. Yeah I see what you're saying yeah you don't want yeah that I understand you was the father is I don't have kids you do as a father you right you can never she'll always have that over you so that's what she's an additional one. That she's night. She probably always dreamed of being a mom and she's doing mom thinks she probably wakes up to make some peanut butter sandwich just want to throw it takes Mara playgrounds and plays them should probably take some back to school shopping. Does all those slow the white several noses. All the things mums and dads do. Blushed she's miss she feels like she's missed seeing. She feels like she's not a true real mom. Because they're a baby didn't. To them insulin how do you talk this guy her husband I don't I I don't I don't know she should have snow when you when you Mary new blended family that's one huge question you gotta find out first before you commit is. We get together we use to have our own kids are all these other kids going to be I would say this and that you're I mean you're nailing me right now 'cause I AM on April side and I think she should be allowed to advocate. Having said that if I ordered get a divorce today. And meet somebody new. I would not want another child. You would not I don't see you would have to tell her she probably wants to have a child with the use SS IP. Why not if I don't with her because nothing's wrong was her. I'm just you've had your kids you know my kids are nine time I don't wanna start another one now 41 and that sounds selfish but it's like. I don't. If I were divorced right now. I would I I would have to tell. The next person I dates. I thank you welcome till like. Hang out with my kids over here by you you you're not having your not how I'm not gonna have a beer with you selfish bad. Kinda nice after all this time you kind of like I think you've just said it was like I wanted to so I think she deserves it but if if I were dating April. You would have to teller who I would be like I'm not your guest just not gonna happen. Why I don't know how much you need this so you need to be was some someone. You know she's married so this her cause moment the teller that two. OK so wearied in a break them up or remember we're gonna get her baby wash the hope is there anybody who's gone through this thing does it truly help what can she say to your husband wasn't hurt the other is a similar dynamic. Couldn't you have just wrecks everybody's life that's where that's her husband's argument has she he thinks it's gonna put a wrench in everything in every album will be resentful of the new baby. If you blended seeming like April is what advice do you have for Steve and with. Yes. Yeah I already think. Well I mean I'm an. Not on the myriad side of the blunder I was born into 110 my dad or mom. And she already had my brother he decided at that I. So. Growing up you know it was my cabinet. Wrote a united he had already. You know hormones or get my brother my dad earlier panic at each other league. And frequently he would hold. You know the year not a real dad to know her looks. And and that kinda. You know I I knew he didn't truly mean it does it you know it still had a one of those things that. Cause trouble. So and zero. The united they won't stop growing up in that. You know from the children's side but you know and also attacked and bit. Now I had a brother growing up so that kind of a bad etc. that. I'm seeing in this if I'm your dad. And this little snot nose kid then I'm being his step dad to tells me you're not my real dad. If I don't have you if I don't have a quote unquote real kid in the house. That's my X appoint some two tells me you're a mayor that it's like you're right I'm not so I can do this. Walk out the door slammed door by Sarah so why oh are you the anchor they kept him and that has. And you. Or not necessary to my dad. Kind of added that growing up the cat that debt that. You know kind of walked out on down. Also he wasn't the only and I used it and eat. It all and while I could I could take some insane that's that BR I knew his that would you out so do you think they should do it or not do it season. Yeah it's kind of a hot shot and I have to see how the same dynamic that the moment. To kind of see it tickets and that you know extra child that. You know elder sibling kind of might grow present a little bit. Or they can be you know. It's what I greening here they're formally dynamic is perfect I mean this to weigh her visit our am yup she but not for her twelve and she needs to remove her self from the family he she felt OK go have a baby was some random strangers on the streets. Daniels. And I guys. How pretty our own what do you sense. Well and my own personal experience and I think it's one about the need to get her a baby. I have eight kids extend my own little and it stops and you can't and I how. After being married for only three years and adopted a baby because. We didn't kill and that eighteen brought home to college girl closer to home at Bache wanna miss that baby. Why don't you head and really don't annually each and you're a loser now or deserves an Arnold. I did an amazing scene and you know. I'm like well. One another media and on the album done. And it just wouldn't go away and we get it and I don't mean what I eat now I have two grand baby diet. It was amazing. I love like Graham might step parent I love my stepson and my husband loved Mike fixed children. So you had six children before you met him. Yet I do it in order to be with you he had it seek funds although he didn't. Master in your hand nobody can tell her ex. She hadn't gone ruin. And have you agreed to only getting one more. It happened for one more I'm sure you're so hot it's Daniel yeah that's a huge price to pay you have to be was one per cent down. Hearted appeal it and you do and I think that's not possible that's the easy. On the music go for how the navy. Had a baby. Using. I know. Still to be impossible for me to answer this because you've had six biological children. But do you think you could have felt truly like a mother had never hat is there anyway we can convince April that if she just raises his kids. She's just as much of mom has anybody O'Reilly. But he's already filling empty there are people that can do you not too are capable of sacks but he's feeling like a law passed in my eighth and that's not gonna go away. That's just not gonna go away. That's pretty selfish. And more I can who can now. You have to aid bureau. Sort yeah. You're right at many community seeking an airplane at emerald need and I don't know if you appropriate since I have been on the zone has yeah. And now it's yeah. It's close and his daughter I'm Tammy. I hate what do you think you're. Braced myself right now Howard's case. See when you shut and I grew up an eight home by parents divorced when I was very young people treat married. I admit that the length on my dad's diet and then I end up back to her my momma like that the credit is that children. And I got our right. And it and that the biting her and. Oh yeah your right to new salie. Lol yeah. You push me away and that's. So while I don't turn I ain't got that they are in and she kicked not Miller welcome back and I okay. And don't get me wrong I'm happy that my mom got what she had no need it are Urquhart belt and for her new family. I wasn't in the picture for her. You where you were the whole. You represent and she didn't wanna be within yells. Yeah I represented my god. And you. Saw Iowa and it really welcomed. In this sort of for a mean eight and do that she's already raising these other kids has suddenly you. Out. Yesterday beating about it may be that got what. Maybe he let it come apart at their right and check out our. That's a good point to no one's thought of this and you live it's. No one you never know he may become self and there is new Camry. No I. Well yeah just socks to do about his own kid now that's now there's you return our country and we spill on. And see that now. I definitely I can keep YA where everyone a coming market debt at Perry hat she. They get be healthy routinely do so the emerald. She'll be seven empty space in her soul for the rest relied so they don't go I want tea menopause. All. I don't gimmick so you're you're likely creel miss family that use mileage on it it was a Chinese tiny new samurai media she started returning a family you know about Graham leasing you know. Yeah I. And I sang it that million Leila let that. Thank you for the caught Jimmie that's it I mean it's sad that I don't you just happens that way always Megan's. Guy who do you think. I don't rule the world spirit so he ultimately hillbilly. I England ball I. On the current in its relationship. We got together and look I don't. And he's eleven now. I don't impede it isn't. Lay your work every need it in Canada breaks into the grain on the back our agrarian. It is cool to be an actor Larry you articulate what I. Think is great kid like me they're actually. They don't you know like I look at it here. All he had making all the including holes or England and it's great. Really great and ordinary or a little older. But you love your son more than you love his son Theo. We're clean and then like you can't really bear that there are many important uncle kitchen bowl. And being a late. Have all their borrowings under the oak. Aren't we might like Eric let me ask you definitely I would be real. When women we knew his killer just don't think about it is Steve and I don't go. The feeling urges six when you don't know biological. Functioning. Managed to stay in my dollars and 00 yeah it's nice. Yeah she. I didn't judge they always maternal and they know what can be raised I don't want her help us accelerate our solar and oh yeah. It's really great breaking ball real. You brought here again it any different than all the experience than any event he really didn't really want more. Great thrill whatever it which if we talked to your stepped kids' habits they don't think it's so great as much as you would think it's great you might have blinders are on. You know everybody has the right. Yes so everybody is abandoning him everybody signed their families and he's the Treo models so I'm eleven and no one loves us. I am I because they're opening it looked a lot. And I'm buying a new car I think wow I do we didn't have my old car again. Sorry yeah. They speed manual on how well I don't know when I flip flop over here or not he may call if they had some does that bitterness took over when you send the me in my early easy access to some aspirin and a might know these Zune yeah I picked the right you. George staying with our rights so that April is still hanging out there in the when she wants a baby of her own. If you have any more advice for her give it to our I'm kinda FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve civilians.