Slacker and Steve - OPP: I'm the Other Woman 5/31

Wednesday, May 31st

Jenna is the other woman. She doesn’t think that you should be mad at her for your husband’s infidelity. She thinks that if you would have spent more time and energy on your relationship rather than getting your nails done and attending yoga classes, then maybe he wouldn’t have strayed. Do you think Jenna is right to think this way? Or is she out of line?

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Staying. There. Yeah so this is normally where we're be asking some sort of problems yeah. I don't know that we're gonna solve the single problem today right but we're gonna we're gonna enlighten. People that's are known to get some feed back com. General. And I. This is really not what we normally do here but you're your message to us intrigued guests so. Why don't you putting your own words what you wrote that we don't wanna read it would rather hear from your mouth yeah I'm. We'll bring to there showed today. Yeah I had so I rule in telling you had to and it's not really an early I. For help print saying I am morally. I just need to get derailed late as things and it until dawn and so. Even he I and net. Leg. Basically. I didn't sleeping with a married man. Son and a cup. All of my friend who is you know. And mailing out for me from time and time. And I don't normally see anything back but I'm just kind of sat up with a pull it. Society view on what's right or wrong and looks like I did one kind of explain why I'm okay each way it. Hole my memory or why they're this cheap. Oh okay so. Let's let's get a little background or are you single other than they are you seemingly anybody other than this guy. I'm under a single army psychiatrist but other deals I want to play not. His first Mary guys you're. Didn't. I mean I know yeah. Oca you know you you know. Did you sleep with him knowing he was marijuana she was a little background on how it all started. So I mean I didn't. Like he told me and also I follow. What man on a drain on his finger so. Two legged while he was trying to hide anything. And play like this thing is that we know that. Average Eli is playing get solid I was able seeking out anyone and I'm really tired of the whole online thing because there is space it's just too. It's just like people to put these pictures anything you're gonna look like in the top person I don't know. Then like you talk about anyway it'll break. My queen did it. I night human drill I pace. Like we like each other immediately with chemistry it turned cash until I got going for coffee. And track. You can't plank panicky you connect Abraham makers from need. And. Obviously believe late he. Even missing something and I relationship by his finding and. Right. You feel guilt. Not ruled what I mean like at first I little little. Entertainment but then it's. I just relay to. People nowadays are doing their own seeing it. It's not I'm not the line net breaking my own commitment. A dot. Dot I. Against my door and the kid got handed and that's Chandra relationship deal video led I'm a free bird I'm not committed to anyone now will. Make it. You I don't think he is so it's it's sites it site. It's finding money's sitting in an Abaya banks' bad directly outside an ATM machine in the bank you know who belongs to don't act like you don't know if you. Really doesn't belong to you. You can justify it anyway you want it's a water or maybe it was the bank's money maybe you were you in the old days she's married. Would you want somebody to be you. To you would you want somebody to take your man. No but that's also why don't have a man. Blake. Hope it crashes. They like and I know he's sleeping with her and we of course like if I know I'd be lying if I can't I hate and digital wide and awake from my own I eat I. The top lip like the issue is choice should he want to be able to turn it and he can. Lately he's not he obviously. Once I also believe in each and I didn't feel like if whoever our. It's just a little bit more time and pick on her relationship with an and then like more attention in. And in. Lake large and doing laundry like taking care of the kids for played eight and like cooking children's stuff like began to focus a bit more I attention on. I think chin. And nick. Now he wouldn't be wandering off. She's so it's her fault mr. she's doing her job as a spouse. Well yeah I mean it you think you gotta keep things and you're staying and like for me apple I I have a. In their relationship for years it's like I guess hall have all I get tally the passion and and like the mystery that he could feel like I. I facts. How old. Only available in yeah what's gonna happen if you get cotton woody unit will what are you prepared to do. Well I mean obviously I hit it's bad I can't if you want to keep thinking yeah how did that. You're gonna keep going no no matter what makes your you're gonna stay and tell. You're just in a second. I mean like. What you I'm I'm I'm gonna keep going with him and how he tells me not to have. So basically do your content. With getting yours in the if he decides to go back to the wife that's following a judicial get hurt but if you're you're open to him coming coming going it's. As always you get short alt plus and none of the minus two and zero with chances and that's apparently is that the wine and dine and unaudited now you just. You think about it you spend so much time. Not with this person that your relationship which seems just become so. Look boring BK is that it's like everyday. All that time. And like all the problems getting VOA is I would rather just lake. If you allow her Blake logical Glenn. Once a week just oh. Get all the good stuff and you hand him back to his wife for all that dirty greedy yes. Yeah shot. He's obviously not if Hillary gets stopped. Okay so then why are you here is this is just bragging what what's your purpose here today. No I'm different I I don't feel like you know in the crowd out other. Add all that like negatives. Wrapped an intention and my. There's not stumble it. This is why not it's their wives would pay attention to their husbands they would become and run and you do whatever they're getting from. I felt maybe permeates. This site don't hate so much on the other one and just try to. Figure out what's wrong what's your own relationship had. And try to stick side instead of just blatantly leaned. Boca are right why I think I do you feel like you've gotten enough time to say we need to say and then now we can let people on the tee off we'll tell you yeah. Order agree with you wholeheartedly is out of another possibility and I doubt we'll. I don't care I agree or disagree on. Now I get off my child because my opinion hasn't changing. I spoke a co pay Jenna. I don't think there's much more we can add to that brave she's around she's laid it out there are she's the other woman she's getting what she wants her her man is getting what he wants. And it's your fault if you're a woman who's being cheated on according to Jenna. It's your phone she exists so any words you'd like to say we will take them next Trish. He's a nice. I am a mother land because women like her. About meet women might mean well I got my husband Guy Ritchie are little and not. I how limited entrenched or something like diet should help edgy I don't I should eat. Told her another and we just trying to rub her hand and usually a trio. And to have you back on that yet so we don't rent and install strict as. Like people can turn to comedian talk. Got a being I don't speak and her. When. She ruined Ebola and be quite current ruined people bright light you'll she'd. General. Terry Trish Jenna Jenna. Doesn't mean she does Blake Blake yet sure if your man cheats it's not her fault it's hints. And not trying to stop our NB a and I. A jerk I met each other current waves. In an hour. She know about other one. So I don't know and ensure cannot treat our relationships are direction. Which. Are. She likes her and help us. I'm just saying he didn't sound to me like she cares to she's never gonna be in your position was she. And because issued a record and she doesn't know nutrition she showed how a parent or oceans. A. Jewish and I agree I'm anxious I don't know and I don't. All of you is you're asking a hammer. To not at all it's still it's the person wielding the hammer who's doing the damage it's not to hammer salt she's been hammer. Her husband is the one doing the destroying of the marriage she. Sure. I don't like for her to tell you don't like you don't do it took her so what shocking attention to try. I don't think she does she said she could she'd want him back. I listen trashing your passion is linked to we feel the same way as you do but I'm also. Doubles attitude going and I'd say it's it would so she's I've always found it fascinating when a woman finds army and she she goes and takes the other woman's diet now and that is making. Indeed yes kiss her husband's by the other woman I am now with him or you or anybody he got Syria is so. Jewish state to issue an intricate facts or you shouldn't have to respect somebody out of sight just got. Nice to take you to college jazz trio we appreciate the fired air let's get a little. DD fired appeared always skies there. These. I like I your disguise what do you think. You know I don't remember her name or what on the all look at him Jones. Great Ari can only agree with her where it goes well where is what are prepared what Amir Baram. And I would also a relationship. Are growing up my father who beat if you don't you're here man what he'd leave that hole you can vote tomorrow is quite. And it's. So that means your dad was cheating in justifying into his daughter. Ipodder virtue but are we are very good reason you're open you've got it. Upper arm in my circumstance I would forget what are you at all in our community contributor Michael remedied if you like what they are indeed important. And I did have. And I have dark circle into where people are okay hoopla. Bob what it I don't publication of wood IE the Mecca of early she had been reported lead from here all. I have bit. Between what the members are even lower key I publication that I'll give life. And if you are you with well you know you are giving you know. Entering when she didn't do as he came deal. Well we're pretty intimate relation you know I do here so that our relationship already. Until we are carrying out there have been happier if he kind of gave me you are that big for my relationship I give them what you the Internet you still doing. No we got a little bit to present their support stopped there. It's funny you say that's what's familiar daggers are experts say that when men sheet has nothing to do with relations it has they're not getting all the other stuff really yes special when it comes to men. Really yup it's not about us it's not usually by our relations about the other stuff from the relationship they're not getting as a man that they need they're not getting that. Mare there are Hulu really commit to meet the feel like a main yard. Just like you so you don't feel like a woman. Wow I never heard that before in my life you did you do comedy we appreciate it I'm glad you're not sleeping around any Mark Taylor and yes what you think. Walt I. So I I can see where she's coming from where it's not her fault that people should stop blaming her because. And sperm cell. But I don't understand how a human being can have such disregard. Bird another human being Blige. CNN disregard. The white. And if she didn't state whether they have children or not. She said maybe you aren't spending so much time what. That had been broken more of that but then that's what you're not you're you disregard for the children but as well it's. So you that's that's the way you look at it is it she's. She's supposed to police are the links if if we have to think about everybody else and I asked him thing. I can't even think of good examples that I noticed whenever prime minister maybe there's a possibility that the emissions might harm somebody two continents away you're ever forget a plastic bottle because like Catholic she can't think she's like she's getting good sacks. And delay. Won't. There have been no material there's shall deal with I want it happens right now she's loving it she's getting what she needs that husband she's with is getting what he needs. And he keeps coming back. And ten. Chance the other thing I don't agree with his. She's saying that it's the life and let the French and here the laundry and more attention to him that he wouldn't. Right into her but she fed that they found each and every day liking what they're running for anything. You well but I mean if I run into women all the time and it's I wanted to sleep with him I would try. But if I'm happier home than I'm not going to try. You know I mean. Then. It'll happen what happened when her if that doesn't work out how did she explained her her future husband and her future. Curious relationship. She covered up all of this true. Yeah I thought the live with good. I don't think she cares rightness and I live in all calls she's living the short gamers view what she's not getting emotional about this she's not keeping a physical they give the content and she's she's plane like you guys yes. Glenn. He's really. Think that she EW. ID it. Every married woman out here and then married and cheated on does not already saying. That all what could I have done to fix that what could I have done to trying to keep him from running away from me like. It's mind although it's my fault so if she wants them lay the blame on the war on the wise for not doing our job as she called. By. But she also need to think of it that she wants us this sympathize with her she need to sympathize about well until she gets you on worst well. Then I don't really think that she has much as they and that you know I don't empathize with her and she should regret what she's doing. Do you think she cares so I mean does her thing is like she's blaming you girls you women. I don't yet know I think she does care otherwise she wouldn't be calling you guys trying to get people to empathize with certain days okay that you're doing all. But in a manner of speaking her remaining missing runner as he saved his wife had swept a business I mean it's the tour if you want to get we. She seems real timid or mean cheating because she's nailing somebody else the woman he's the troll too but it's he's still she I don't disappearance. Like do you think Glenn I don't she thinks like she takes whatever Mary guy can get out that's what she did. Probably shrink it maybe she is getting the best and Ambac in me and you gonna either leave her or break her arch because he won't leave earth. Well she's on the balloon lewd and anyway you know let's stay on a positive note that. He doesn't believe his wife for her and guess what she does that mom and it's taking care of kids is all of it. It could happen in yes that's all right well thank you for the call I'm. It's interesting to think that I am just fired up about how fired up they are it's. She's saying. She was weird his wives look to crucify their husbands but they're not really going after the husbands in this situation they're gonna have to tell her role. Melinda. Yeah I mean I really thinks. Well I am the other woman who else will hear her on the radio just now it's so labor is how you. Sort of yeah. Really. Really I mean and MI going. Let that play. I've been seeing a lot of my Hadley clear day. I mean live the man and I have no record high quality and it's not a regionally that we are having getting return there. And his married and not happy and when we have to demonstrate how Mara late how that for me that they don't know how exactly are you have a hundred dollars like. He offering its near a heat thing you want me I have feelings Strahan and I'm asking all late how is that in my spot all they're trying. It's not what I can think of his his phone and it Don I'm not a big. You know to cool your instrument of his marriages demise this he's the one. Crushing it. Born let me actually if you look outside of the Mary does not hurt all that I hit ball at the narrative not happy. And go like she that he apparently ending in the nation and happy and I tightening in him happy. And why should leave they know they're. Many Mary guys are you hooking up with ray now. Oh just so I don't Oca authority are starting a business sir so all new cars. It. Hopefully no one no link. Which are not expecting. You're expecting waiting for him to ditch his life and his wife and kids for you right you view and you know what I restaurant yeah. I understand that and he. You know he's very open and honest I'm at that Julie Ann and so I think that honesty has been either around you know on both our part and we don't want bad but. I mean if he loves her that I would be very happy about that. I don't know they you woods I think one of the greatest car. Today is day it's day that danger factor. Are you probably and then all of a sudden it's he's like I'm your full time. Did you might dealings wow got I was really gonna find another guy it is happy. Well now I feel like you know like you very much. Yeah exactly yeah once you get to see him 2.4. Million hours out of a day three or four and always good stuff they even call Melinda I. It's it's fascinating to me how all these people go through this she's she's. She's another example she's willing to accept such a little amount from a man whereas most women want it all I know you get an all. You don't want it while it's. Obviously Jenna has touched a nerve and if you still wanna say all the bad words to her you now can over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.