Slacker and Steve - OPP: Inheritance to Step-Kids 5/2

Tuesday, May 2nd

When you get step-kids you’re supposed to treat them as your own…unless you’re today’s OPP. She loves them but they will never get one big thing from her. Hear what it is and tell her if you agree.


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And I was. It was about blending families steps kids how you treat your step kids first it's how you treat your. Quote and quote. Real kids. So I soccer and Steve. I my husband institutional from a previous marriage we have one together. I've been a part of my stepson lives since they were young they are awful but they do just enough to give by whether it's school or work. Our daughter has my work ethic and worked hard to get into a good college and get good grades I came from nothing and busted my butt to get where I am today. I've worked my way up the lateral over the course of my career to become a very successful and I made a lot of money. My husband and I were discussing our wills. And I wanna take my step sons out of that backpack I don't wanna leave much harder money to these kids who barely put effort in to any thing. I put everything in in my work and that's why I'm successful today. Of course he wants to make sure all the children taken care of approving ever happens to us. No wouldn't want to see their children struggle they could help it and he says it would cause a lot of conflict between the kids of the boys are left are of the world. I just don't think they deserve to have it handed to them on a silver platter for doing nothing. If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear what they have to say I'm sure other people abandon my shoes. Thank you this is from Cynthia some. My first question is. I never had to deal with monthly nobody in my families have never left any sums of money to anybody you know boom arm. This is gonna sound heartless the widest why can't he leave money to those two kids puts their money right. We think so she said ceremony would there I mean. It sounds to me like she's got a great career and save a ton of money we don't know what his financial situation is so she wants to leave. Her hot. Her money good luck to their daughter together and if he wants to take care of his two kids from a previous marriage he and his anti what I can do that. I just don't know if you'll raise those kids as your sons and then you die and they get nothing that's. I I kind of singing I take steps kids out of it basically she's saying that the two boys are dead Dietz and her daughters hardworking. I can take steps kids out because if it is a matter really she's not just one only the monarch. Yeah out because they're dead beat up because there status but when you throw away and step kids now looks like she's a coral well lower over that right crew out actually and end. Your eyes until we're seeing that I wasn't thinking of Delhi but that's true if the daughter was Adobe should be seeing something about the steps stepdaughter being in depth. It's like saying yeah okay. It's like saying oh my god that woman over there sucks at her job and it's like oh your sexist and no ten young woman out there yeah I heard her say don't like so I'm. Pointing that out of sight so she's seeing these two people sock and they don't deserve any of our money. It's not just seems like what Bill Gates and Warren Buffett's are doing where they're all saying. Both those people are saying regularly remind my kids they got to make it on their own via she wants to not leading money because they're not. Gonna make it on their own right and I get this step kids becomes an. They're not my OK they're not hers yet she's raised them as our own. But now when it comes to finances suddenly those boys are dead beats my daughter's a hard worker somewhere reward my daughter and not those two dishes it. I don't know. How is this question is even valid but. Ship the right to do not doesn't she is timing is her money well it's their money but yes she yes she has every ordered divorce he could take half of her money given to the kids yes so then yeah. I don't know what to do with this line it's kind of like you deciding. You know. I didn't know he just didn't put these did put forth the ever really your sister and as you saw it yeah as someone who put everything give everything to me but do people do that there will Jack always. I even SATA spikes yes now. I always dream man was based on that that principle where I get the used car in the rose zero this is there any other any got to move millions of dollars. I write. It does does this act of their step kids may take so much uglier that she's can do without looking like yeah that lay your play Cinderella godmother netstat for appearances sake she makes her look a little bit more BH maybe. But it's her money she can given to emotional let me ask you this. Does it make it better if she has no way boss to tell them now. It like total picture I see it just instead of damn fine now that she's denying them during probate or whatever if she pulls him aside says. Funny story father and I are working on wells and down. I don't wanna give you anything because you don't deserve it if she's I feel like if she. If she really wants. Tim making this point Cheney's tell more she's alive she's. Have the hooks are whatsoever if you don't sit him down and I'll know what guys I have amassed a lot of money and huge for a long cat investment type this I am that. And you guys can have a piece of that you're not going to because you're not worth here's why yes why did you give him an opportunity village. Did gear and certain other gonna do it just for the money blue care and are right either still you're still getting those kids to do when you would think they should be doing. I don't know it's a question tell them now or wait until your dead and in the attorneys reading about how to do it it's I feel like well if you told me. Just to get his money. And I can't relate to any it is when he people who've been a part of wells like none of this. I've never been you know will reading I've never I've never done. It's just it's a comparable. Is it you kinda is the because they're telling you this your parents are gone and this is what it's all on one now perhaps it's all blood money and it's not December usually equal there's always someone that gets kind of think your morning you sisters and you were my teachers more responsible in a better kid our one up but they didn't pay. They did a split evenly between now. Three but they kind of let her guide certain aspects of a can she's Boris is at. No I go I look right so we're getting yourself to Africa exactly like I got a tough act I sewed up my. All of sort Guinea and all the Wilson if you've been a part of like will stuff or. Or your had a passing it this this I'm fascinated by Elvis again because I've never been a part of any unit. I believe we can all agree she has a right to do whatever but that's gonna drive a wedge between her husband and you're right in the kids between them I. You have broken your family yet if one kid. It's a million dollars and these two kids only divide up when dad had me like 50000 each or whatever. That's that's. Ugly dude and I know how this is gonna play out they're not gonna blame Cynthia for a they're gonna blame that daughter shouldn't like she's IIV drug out clay for sure it's a sign of state quit starkly. All right so Cynthia thinks she's worked hard and her daughter deserves. All the inheritance. Her to step sons deserve nothing deadbeats and it's causing a rift in the family what would you do if you were in her shoes Leann. I hate what do you think. Now my husband and I. Actually had the exact same my argument awhile ago I came from. A Shanley about how to work extremely hard for every day he came from Elliott at how. A little bit more my feet. And as a result we determined that we would tell our kids and we would have continued and speed dinner will. So the kids for example would have to be actual time and pull aid to gain access to any of the money that way they can and just be sitting on the rat during her. So I can skew to any grunt job in just these crappy then you try to find nowhere around now that's what I don't know I would be more ingenious finding ways around your guys is legal ease as opposed to do your parents wanna do yeah now it's just easier it is with that but trust me. And it's so why your time. And with my parents want immunity don't run but you know sort of Wal-Mart is agree or give my money I glad this is CAI. So. Still lose. But the thing is they admitted they would have steered it in there essentially winning get access to all the money you want to be like eight. They can continue working in that jobs that you didn't they make a great job. Stand as soon as doing that to gain access the month. Whatever continue how much money we talk him that's my big question is that a lot. Don't miss work just the duties of I think a lot she fits the. It. Easy. He only monster attire when he got ten million in the bank now. Keep adding it hides I hit a very high. So yeah okay that's nice you guys who else is now do you think your kids will. Will. Get a and actually be better people for it. I think so could we are so talked about making sure they have jobs than high school thing like that that they're not just into the paid their way so the saint. Which is doing things like her and I knew that yeah I mean as I just wanted to point out as you guys you better change your whole life. Just figure like chocolate oh I remember when they did one thing his aides know what is it. We are a lot for you yes. I. Didn't mention in so far zero will saw zero. Oh yeah he's some some rose bushes and I tomorrow yeah I would be that we knew how much you think you can make scrape off for Suzanne but again. You know. Now he's looking to go into. Essentially trapped still lost haven't sneak your name and. I don't give them in there yet trust me solo. Yes try to. I live in a trust fund did you think that I've never been a trust underneath IKEA bit number guests are usually you know I would say we're getting fired for soliciting from. And I thought they did Carly endlessly. Really I thought about dabble we got my. And we are weeks off on the we do get paid to be here martz I used to write the check do what I knew if you re not Christie that since. No I what do you think. They're on her kids that hey you like. I know she thinks that they're deadbeats and everything but just because they're struggling or considered that beat out there remain going to be that way at their entire lives it leaves. Let's see or the girl all it sure while all. Was it get me but the point there really get what you feel like now Latin I this specific black can't have it. ID yeah I should sound like she would and I'm saying this I back her play because for the longest time I would punish my children the same light. There in a sigh eight but he started habitable zone time now on the bulls lose their ipads or what ever it is and you have to get to a point where you go. I need a broad border of Goodyear. And punish the bad behavior regardless of whether they're step kids. Biological kids so I I don't have a problem with her going. This one is good this one gets some reward these ones aren't not punishing them not. We may die they're not take money out of Derrick counts they're not being punished they're just not getting real border security staff. Today hey do we. We do there's a good yes it's different challenge Arlen always my daughter gets a million dollars and you guys have to pay for my funeral that's not how it works she's not taking. Anything you brought him she's just are rewarding it absolutely secure reward. Bad kids you know it's bad behavior EMS's. Yeah you're right I'm they're not bad people well not your better Ed is there. Hey I don't know I am I don't know I'm not yeah it was you Craig Manson like how much kids must take me yeah it's it's up to the so you when you say no matter what she's got to take your the other two no matter even if they are. Like pieces of whatever weight she has to give them something. I don't think spent the paperwork iron and it it like that daughter who would be irresponsible line it would boys are dead. You don't want it all out it usually does 800. C com. Sorry Heidi these. So basically all need this entire subject our center or similar situation looks so I don't mind. Our standard washing machine can do you honestly what this well. Issue he has to leave them some back regardless of the lawyer they'll scholarship athlete or something even adjust at all. Otherwise they have a right you can trust the world and I don't drag it out or everything like that her daughter might and what a lot less what you want. Oh wow so legally if they don't do remain very you know I just seems to be some sort of mistakes here all. Leave much taller that's citations from sly. As early as well you know I guess just what do comes out do you really can also they don't ever saying and it comes was put her husband and everything so literally come down do it. They're saying together she needs believe them something whether it be a dollar or even less. Because otherwise legally they can come back and ruin it for everyone I'll walk. Oh legally ready comeback even after you know dirty Paris got the way they go back confessed everything. Just leave Salt Lake ordeal or court and a lot more money spent at least. Bob were you when they got stiffed in the world. OK let's say they contested and you had to fight. Correct that's exactly what the lawyer was telling me and I ended up having to go to court oh let's. A. Part of that but you know what I ended up in how they only ended up getting a very small amount what you should know better than everything has settled outside of the sort that the bill would. You know lawyer fees and also play that I settled outside look. A much easier Bob talks have been. A good news for you ma'am thank you for the call by now I'd like I don't know what makes you feel dirty just talk about losing Goshen and keep asking all. Ocean now fruit Coco which pretty well which quickly so the rules. Tuscaloosa I wanted to ask him he would ruin your relationship I think my middle name is new zone if they don't I'm not your barometer the first. Dilution that's a ho hum there's Seattle. Yeah yeah. Hey what would you do. Well I think you guys are right when you said that at my needs Barack had the nerve to tell the boys explorer absolutely guys and it kind of if they die these kids. Are gonna find out that their parents. Thought they were looters. Collection without you need to tell him now these interns and a half synergies tarnished my not a good candidate in you know only money for your mood there. I'd say. 99 my Mike is solvable problem. OK I know it's tonight it's. It's I think it's IE it's it's chicken ass to all to make a lawyer tell Matthew die I see you really feel that way. Tell him now snow can change their behavior in order not sheen's behavior and I think well. NBC came from your mouth that's true or not from you're like here it's so passive aggressive did you do something after you die. I don't attorney analyst yes why don't you could call Michelle. Tim. Yeah I Heidi but you thanks. All right thank you would leave all the money that trust in matched every kid dollar per barrel for what they make. And that's a great idea Tim my parents wanted to do that to be my sister so the more money you make the more you gadgets matched yeah I can't that's genius. Well it's Sox who you have to like you don't put forth effort but no you don't like kind of sucks is then the rich get richer and the pork. Because it's such well it's. The opposite of the prodigal sons say all right it's time now there is that I I am making 50000 I make now suddenly I'm making hundreds of yes you're right if I don't have the ability or the intelligent server the looks to make fifty or I'll penalized but there is something for me. Sorry Tim that's really Smart and you've seen a willing teleport. No artist started really good idea that's almost you radar uses simple simply brilliant and then you have to save. Hey Euro lose search ads say they hear it out on their own its site how come I'm only getting twenty dollars a week from a centers that's a unique. Right EI CUS might be motivation all my warm. That's on the on the role in the battle zone and I loved that I am still passive aggressive I would love it's. Even just a lot of it could be the perfect soccer he's solution that can fly more ideas like data you wanna help us out hit up the slack currency FaceBook page.