Slacker and Steve - OPP: Let Son Date Older 3/9

Wednesday, March 9th

Trisha's son is 14 and was asked out by a 16-year-old girl. Trisha thinks that might too much of an age difference and could lead to trouble for her son. She also thinks he might be a little young to date. What do you think? What is a good age for boys to start dating?


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Staying on day. I find it to be just another glaring example of the double standard that exists in our society good boy did you PP is not a now what age it's appropriate for a girl today right it's quite the opposite. And she's on the phone to ask a question or suffer guess Tricia. Yeah now he's what's going on us. Canada limited this has gone. And well my time is about fourteen and sixteen and eighteen weeks. And you don't even at that age where you know we talk and I are all very ignorant on the Internet outlet as he started talking to this girl. And on the Alex opinion then and still live on now she. Eckstein. She's selling on all the so she's a she's here you're saying she's a full tuition years older than your son. Yeah but in my I don't freak me out because you know she got her driver by then you know and and it out point and might play. Think Younes. You know I asked you know experience at thirteen year. In other really big age gap there's so much going on in between the air just you know I'm definitely and then gets. Psychologically I don't I'll add it totally freaked me out. I adore my sign he tells me everything. I want any super supportive and you know course he's going to my husband and my husband's like you know. I fighting here and it's. If you can think yeah. Mom is proven high school and they're just a couple of breeds apart is that what it is men okay. But they're too they're pure breed apart you know they met in school they were in a study group together and you know within an effort spoke you know he kind of came to your mom I really like the golf. And you know I have no problem with hand you know starting to like golden gate everything that's fine but at age gap age guest freaking me out I mean I don't need a skin on but I'm not really feeling like eight. You know. And sixteen tissue league eating beat out fourteen year old. And you fourteen year old son I mean he's new really dating scene this is like he's just so she's gonna recommend well open. Professor Butler ansari and using implant eight get it because I I don't I don't see your first sons as much. Having a daughter I I know this is a concern if it's a senior was sitting on my freshman daughter. I'd murder him a murderous hole Stanley I'd like he would be back I want a sophomore. It was she yeah yeah just he's a two year it's still gonna. I understand where Trish has come from as that protective mom. We're I think just. I don't wanna call you a hypocrite because they don't know you but I. I'm guessing if you have a child who's fourteen going on fifteen you probably got a couple friends coup or of the age dead there are divorced. And they're probably cougar ended up and going out there are playing with some younger I am a total they're calling six here and no I don't sing and you've probably high five your friends like at a girl go get yourself but what mommy needs and now it's your child involved. You know. I mean come on lacquer like you have a thought like how would you feel I mean you know like Italian high fives you're on TV for you my house to let. Ali a little I would think I guess it's a full on double standard it is I admit it but I'd I don't. That Steve you had this look the whole time she was talking night what is the problem. Yeah I was in understanding and I get now live with the girls mature faster or forgot about that stuff at that agents started I don't tons of sophomores that did seniors I don't tons of sop or girls that went to the problem with senior guys that or when guys are calling it now yeah. Aaron. No different at all she's more advanced you shouldn't Mangini shouldn't senior should got commentary Booth sophomore year he got so many things to worry about. Just getting to sophomore year he can he's capital awkward eight years. On the. Is he really worried are usually well it's her yet you're just the worry wanted to JT I was dating a fourteen year old William OK with it. Yeah I'd be a lot of tomorrow I'm going to take like it could grow together they're going to thinking things they're dealing with fifteen cats and sending key piece. Doesn't like to have a study group but it like a mix of different ages which is fine. By now. You know when you start integrating like older can't equate you know her friend or older actually gonna bring around her like older guy friends there. Not sustainable economic ties and return him to get the idea that act like. The norm you know what I'm. Arguing your hasn't seen rich those are good points union has been the exact same age. What are the old ball well and sold one scene there was a time where she was figure out in one kind of testing you're the united figured. The dirt in Tricia admitted nobody's going to be enough for your kid makes. I mean I am I here we are saying and you're right I think so but she is older friends that kind of that there is a circle of influence this can happen in any way in high school. I was friends. It on any given year with people older than me younger than. It it just right and Tricia you need look there are upsides to this though he got to keep in mind one you're not gonna to drive them around ever worked as she can second place he he's got a that's not a great selling point walker that is so it's his social status. In the eyes of his friends and his grade him dating and all do all my gosh he units Christie don't yes. Dot high school. I look at them on their paddle and looked to the parent. In this school like all your son is beating you know an older car like what kind of mother do I look like a legs that. That app and need I get like it will be slightly up I think it's my time like I guess I don't feel comfortable upset. CL is this normal. And my god people are girls now yeah speeding. Allegheny yes I just want their mom cougars know I'll try it longs. But I'm not a cougar and any candidate a world where you know what I'm very supportive of my of my son like whatever he can continue I'm glad he opened up to me I don't wanna make enough true read of an older one man now he says. The same time I don't wanna step back pressed against. Nice I don't know how healthy that is where hand it to grow and manly I'd like he's gonna be young I don't know maybe sit thirty years. It gets rant by being age gap I think you just it's. Only two years about getting it at that age she's maturity wise ass she's she's leads frogs worldly world absolutely that's. Tricia I want tradition I unless I'd like you for being a concerned mom and and I just yet you make some great point is there any chance again we'll listen to this and actually have an open mind and listen to it because I know there's other moms who walked in your shoes before you know. So I think he's he's got to listen and and take everything with a grain of salt and maybe. Maybe the problem is this older girl but maybe. Just may be the problem is you and you might have to get over that Seattle. You have to hear that. You know for the sake of my son that's why I call because I figured let me just try to have an open mind let me see other people going through best well I'm I'm open minded I mean I'm willing to see how but I kind of don't want my heart is clients. Dudamel I'm using those. Our future rising to go see if they bring in our. All right Patricia pay all or is some nice. Almost no she made some great points she doesn't seem like it publicly since there auditorium. Plus just afternoon it is is things from I mean now I got it. Big big big difference in maturity is a big deal the difference in might have a nose. There's the seventeen year old high school boys Tino this fourteen year old she's gonna grow up super fast at this last longer than a month blocks is it's is it the Monte using calculates if she tries to separate room. It's only you know driving closer together to think about a fourteen year old kids to hang on what the older guys the older crowd your own zone. Yes it's it's a good. Our son yes it's from from where I'm standing having Dana 1415 year old boy a one time. It's all upside for him yes error. Does downside for my well she's the thing I can anybody help Trisha. Get over it feel better about it or stopped her fourteen year old son from beating a sixteen going on seventeen year old girl I. I Sarah. I got you. I actually shield are either side. Not quite as older charters but I. Imagine the heartache ballot come along without as a mom much it's not in a lack sure airline had a feeling that there are probably got her car broke up by an older guys so. Bush the her shine it's probably left for us. There are actually be because he is inexperienced in the air. You know younger and met but it's not at all capture Berry lot is light years ahead of him maturity was. I'm not terrorists astle so let's just little fling play itself out it'll Peter on its own. Is. The more she tries to pull them apart the more determined he's going to be like Belmont you're tired right mouse instead legs but they met flats where it and you know the fact that he is telling his mom about bank. Just kind of let go all. It up and at the other mom shall. Look at her funny who cares she's drinking a guy can't filmmaker at the agency opened with a smile or 1415 year old boy is out and are there other out like we like that already. Shell as she entered good involved scary. Just kind of let it play out and help come actor really. Yeah you know what impact have. Have you said you're all you you haven't got a son as well as you've been in this position better you do is already inches of. Yet my friend younger renewed my time younger you're ready you're prepared to let you know it's. A little. No I'm I'm a mom I'm not prepared to help it I pitch is that what happened let them. The at the old earthquake hit kids charity now or later you know. Mom is always but he's my first child so I I totally. Sympathize with her and it I know my eternal come eventually it. Seizure she's got a good kid if he's opening up to her. I don't know resume only emancipated. Next month yeah. This concludes. Data across there I mean it's good advice it's easy to say when you're not in the thick of it megs. Take it she'll tell much that happened but. No hard. Yeah all right I equating Norris. Man tell validity did take a chill pill out I asked sport cage. He didn't learn and stated that you are if you want to find out just like you look back everybody else. How to do what page relations in America are simply. You know I'd just pull that poll pitch to get a cure to etiquette. Isn't some just some little have brought about church heard. Overall what looked up 41 target let the Cuban jordans or an optional format conforms Karl foreign. Yeah yeah yeah exploiting you don't think any of our answer ballot and are dead nights she's going to be exposed not only to her maturity but the maturity is some of the boys that are a couple years older. I had been up to make it good all where else for the kid he's storm alert again art we're what I should but are they older girl he might struck out editor great try. You might get lucky little quicker and are trying to Augustus comes just two all I can have more but. Lebanon and Jordan himself is not a stairs aren't just like everybody else that's tomorrow. Or what I heard you always see him take his be carted. I don't. Well you. Are now. I don't know. Yeah that's how do it certainly it. Are good at it. No hole know that Steve Mona oh that's there's trash is still listening dudes show driver car off a cliff a church judges. Yeah I don't know will be no you are passionate. They you know hired. Martin I know. Mean he's should get could be what she's yeah she's after. That no I don't see young. Mature women don't go like I don't go pick one off them. Kinda thing I think every woman wants to take one at least one guys V card and it's usually that older woman usually she's like more or heard from another relationship yeah. I see this happening. Trichet please pull over where you are. I'll call a suicide prevention on line here every car and tied it. It's just she's barely able to let go of them enough to go. Number of general news that she is losing the flower and then move it's like to see. They should we're trying to calm her down and you're good you're like lighter fluid I get points at the clarion in mankind's. Okay. Com Shirley. Ice. Yeah the community. I want to commend you for being great mom. On yup great vacation switcher or. But you rating at great and commit to contact her tell her about the relationship because my young men don't even talk about relationships. We and secondly I'm a mother of three daughters. I have a 2620 during the senate GO my two older daughters are dating younger men. And sell my. Only one married a second and took her with Eric young men. Aunt and not the command that because it really is an age difference against. I think our immaturity and how the young and it should be raised by their parents. Another what the perception the young lady had to banking and watched. What I killing some really good about this that that. My daughter's got upset Don. Opera that is how do you manage. Not necessarily age she's probably very immature jerk her. Via a fourteen year old Ali so. I think that's what it what you really you. You know. And as a parent issue raising a young man who is. Obviously you know is sure. Once you unless you were doing then if she's concerned that it but she wants to shut it down should she shut down or should she let him do it. Whitney I'm the reason being encouraged my daughter's. A benefit from it. They've. You know currently married or still dating based young man ugly much younger than I am because it went down. And the high school my my young I dated her my card. I. Don't know anybody else the only. I. Didn't want to play not get I mean nobody else. Haven't experienced mild Tamil girls I think at a lot about the parity. On Eric actually I wish you much else I mean being hateful which she in I'm in Edinburgh. First let me give her my girl I would be very cautious of my fourteen with dating at sixteen year old I'm actually shut it down in an. You know what's on his mind big. Sixteen year old girl into a different culturally I. She's she's just sent our mine but I don't think she's got she's got an agenda it's not. And I what do you think. On our I actually in the possession of the girl wanted her son what are the right well. I think once we hire was stopped more when I was Aaron when a freshman when I was at. Q nearly 38 inch an island younger started early in eastern Italy so there wasn't actually here eight different. Alleviated church years you're an adult or other French as late I wasn't allowed to date what are younger she's there wasn't. Blowing Steve's these current agenda out of you want to take you to believe that was your intention. With what's out yup. There are well everywhere else. She really different here earlier. So you sued using monster back costs mean bottom line we need to tell Patricia something and it should she let it happen. You know seats now in LA at thirty here. I got paid big money in the Tora. That sentence it's probably one of my favorite things is present on a computer forensics and you hailing the fifth is not you Craig's list transaction intense. Yes it's no that is awesome I Shana. Yeah. I would you do eggs are I think we should dot arrow I think everybody. Eighteen dirge and it seventeen at issue is not anything like you worried at writing at all OK you didn't take it to the next level. Tell actor high school and then she talked to me about it. Give her break she met her my daughter didn't even get her life and tells you they indication didn't want geo. Blocking better. You speak your stereotypes almost every show on I've ever known he's kind of a slut okay. This library. Not to stereotype America all happen. So sold just that the ID she's she's need Georgian for real problem I don't. Until we are now listed to BC did the seventeen could be 27. She doesn't wanna see her little boy grow up that's what it is early and they're it's scary part of all. It's clear she's really good mom there it inevitable so. It is inevitable Celeste four I think she's a good mom she's gonna be a bad mom slipped up and not. Is it we need to ask. You meet her and why he worst airport we're at their initiatives don't address it did late in the purest chance. Yes I think he's shown us how. We don't yet trendy. Different eyes are there good. Sometimes the words as they come out of my mouth I regret them and it's too late half. Some why did you pediatrician anymore nice press your kid has been in a may December romance and nice tool he's. We would love your advice on loan and lower risk FaceBook dot com slash selector and Steve fans.