Slacker and Steve - OPP: Lonely Stay-at-Home-Mom 4/24

Monday, April 24th

Our OPP made a decision she thought was best for her kids, but now she is regretting it because it makes her miserable. Hear what the decision was and give her your advice.


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And this weird but I think a lot of women tons who has blues gone through this kind of adjustment can actually help this woman. If you took a guess it's not as great as I thought cool and there's you said earlier I think there's a lot of women who kill the beam her position. Until you get to the grass is always greener kind of thing now guys back after. Having my second baby I made the decision to leave my job to stay home with the kids. I have one that's in school one that stays home all day. While I think it's been good for them it's been miserable for me. I'm so lonely. The only time we see the results is at the grocery store in line to pick up my son's school. I don't have any friends to spend time with my husband is so tired after work he's usually a better around the time the kids laid down. I don't have time to get a part time job particular class to make friends to a seems like there's no hope. I wanna do what's best for my kids but being this only really sucks. To other stay at home moms feel this way too. Does anyone else regret making the decision to stay at home. This is just the way it is for us this is from Ellison. I I think some women take to it. You know if you're if you're into Netflix. Your life just be time you don't. Oh is that the measures taken in the I nab you can catch up you can watch two seasons the Americans a week or. You remain Boca but. If you're a social person you strain your whole life. Being social person kids can completely cut you off from the mom and you're just. Bore his name the right word she says that she's lonely. It's it's owned businesses something that could she can reaches out to other likes to you know among friends and go appears at home mom we'll be covering. The landscape what's what relation to where walk my age that's so weird do I think she's doing that's your ass because I think she must not have any friends like that. I souvenir because I know there's probably in every community like a stay at home mom mommy group where they get together and scrap Booker I know that seems very to make. They do something together every day I if if I were her I don't come and join. It just seems like each. You're mean when you look when you've got this issue. The last thing I wanna do is be around a bunch of other people who have might see you issue you I know it's on like a lot of people find that therapeutic I signed it while awaiting them play cheered news. Only got out and so lonely mile no and other lonely people literally whiners we don't teach third the only thing you have in common is how much you hate your life CS true and how much your job or is casinos in Columbia so I don't know how to help her. I think it's. Should she says she's she's too busy to get a part time job because she has the one kid he's not in school yet. I didn't I don't need to start. Her drink in early I don't know what I mean what else can you do all day. You have nobody in your life but there's little kid to keep it. Sleeps a lot and it went in even if they don't do not engaging them so then you go to the grocery store and protect creepy person just. Do you ever met just because there are. There are stay at home moms like I meets in the grocery store then. Double sometimes you strike up this conversation most sodium board and no adult conversation. Half didn't. You know I thought it was all pixie dust soon that's the thing I mean don't you you know colors and women who are like oh my god thank you quit my job and stay home and you know heart beat everyone wants a run is still home mom it's funny you talk to see at home moms they wanna go run away from bad to someone else it's a grass is -- yes. I don't know how to fix I think we need is a whole bunch a stay at home moms is Derek curves is there are clearly. Where you. So this is probably the symbol moms to be a problem. What's best for your kids right she was at one wants that's for my kids by. I think there are people who say. I mean I've always said this. You can't pay somebody love you kids so if there's some if you can be at home to actually love and nurture your kids it can be a good thing. But if you're depressed and lonely and you're in a nurturer you're not a great nurture Kazaa and it is not good we you you can't beat. This is my opinion I don't you be great parents and tell your. And Carter right with your belts so. So you'd stay at home mom made her for. It was like she was a precedent I don't think self so this caused her to be depressed she didn't there's no and that's what we'll turn so what's so wound. You take those. Was suppose that would suggest an exact it's the I guess the to your vision is eleven a suburb that it's in your water you have heard about the but I I don't. This is this is a difficult one for two dudes to cancer and so you can just go run back to the old life are at a regular job now because and husband now if you do like the whole dynamic is upside down here. I'll tell you this every once in while we take a week off of the show. Like spring break for example there in years where we might see in the doesn't travel light so. I would be at home. Where ever you all cash takeover freeway that's or full time I would take it well or like now when she's at work oh so instead of a nanny or anybody doing it I'm doing it. I am being totally serious I love my children more than anything in the world I would take a bullet for them. But at the end of day three. Of spending every waking moment with them where every conversation is just. At that level dead shoot computer built my craft death death death come watch me do this debt debt debt aren't Joker will. Into day three you're like trying to. Where's ads and a day. Should give me grow up to talks it room so I get where she's Jack I just don't know the answer because I've only had to do it. For a weekend time but it's a prison sentence and then I'm done right you to come back here interact with you guys I'm a grown up again. So if you didn't allison's position she cheats when Mattel is it feels this bad or she uses the word miserable. As a stand Omar for Hirsch says it's great for the kids or kid yes let's for her it's miserable. So what would you do what have you done a few if you're staying home on the mat make this work Allison which could surely use your help I'm Kristin. I I had. I'm actually opposite that you eat I don't all working they're accused mob you can tell when you. Cheer about in her mom by and he got beat you and I was like quality that makes it cool interactive experience there are because they're. Not a word I you're gay checker right Eric and his daddy Eddie Arnold marked the first time zones. I need it. I you know I has answered that they thought I had about an eight and eat. Neat Alan can. And it's like wait. One minute I bolts of how I got to keep it really it earn it like mommy unique like. I trends are involved in the mocked you get beat gathering that somebody watch your kids are an hour or so hours. Gary tot mom back have a backstage. You're doing your job its legs. Hey I need to do is my job go talk about my jobs Mora makes. They kind of like it either mom out that might eat out all the nations need to get together once I don't eat. You can have your mom Bahrain and I have here so it's tiny. And get away ain't that great. I was dreaming you're gonna wanna be out work when you're home you're gonna wanna be when you're out clerics Jeanne Yang the fact. She cancer are at that she should not be a couple. As they harmonic mean. Chris and I know you say you NB herbs and are you miserable working. She not. I'm tired or about it and that's horrible things and on I'm RH. But I'm doesn't like I don't wanna be home and I just one Q I can't strolled into only eat there aren't and I didn't think black kid eat. Article are you ready CID act or if I don't wanna eat there all the time and that won't change turn to. Back strikes ritual it's also have to be out at a house. Many infinite time the outside with others and yet scorn your other plane needs. Doesn't mean. I turned and I would say I am miserable being away command. It'll work. And conditions beaters outside Egypt what she's doing it while it works are hurt and you're bachelor. Suzanne exams and yeah come prison she was his way to bring the point and I don't think he's also lauded the studio with the kiddie. Yeah are. You such. Well I completely understand machine going here I had a really cool try and the chairman acquire without without. I met you people every day at a training and then I had my friend and legal expert need to stay home and worked our country. And Washington and then you know. I how much I completely get I am. Well boy heard all the Karim I mean each. I need almost two and we just had another 14 weeks ago I look at life and style you know it's been really Russian arms. I looked into mom's groups here a local mom's group and that's been really great cherish the other monster land I'm not the only one that wants to show my child every Alan let. Are you know and and we can only control can't touch crap spiritual change. Airline sorry I assume you all sit around and talk about you kids in the. Sometimes that we really adult conversation mean making it one more elite peeking out from Thailand elite can't tell yourself that won't they tension you know she's really adorable and she she aunt and she went guilt finally is not a while her going back to work action I mean salute to be happy and she's staying home with her kids and completely mr. ball kids certain entrenched at. Thanks for buddy do you think maybe having an affair would help. Our jurors all. It's OK it is now I think Merrill probably a man comes over here is that she's dressed especially tensions view there is. We think that's why a lot of still moms don't exactly it started early Zulu in the air action. And I know. I don't she do I I guess that's not something I can per well we really don't totally get fat. I guess it happened sir a near lottery won't I cheers sheer boredom and a lack of adult interaction my best to do it that direction. Accenture single to right now she's just try I come up with a solution to educating the next Messina monsoon type and the grocery store and I should pay more attention to expect maybe she's a asked him for her yes you know. And. Yeah I. I have four kids and their sixteen years between me and that's all there might actually compare this to different type. That. Literally like two different family. I am I would absolutely miserable in the beginning absolutely terrible and when I found while. What. On parenting and prequel groups you know like group think like that's not really into help a lot it wasn't so much the commiserate in saying it was just another human to talk to you and they are just as eager to have some friends and you know conversation still. But when my boys were younger I actually started at home based business at hand there's so many out there. And you know what one child at home you really can't manage. That time to do it and it just gives you somebody else to talk to you and you. Rain or some not some big and clay. You were cheating Stephanie out in your husband at all. I did it because I didn't do it and I thought about it you know each of them coal because they got lost in the stay. And you know he was thanking him and. Got to go in adult conversation that I would come home and ID and storied and I like I eat you could tell. Yeah I think you get did you all this I'm the one sacrificing everything even though you chose that that. Exactly. You were hurt remember as. As it's temporary you know or what are they home port now these bite ears and how it is the temporary situation I wouldn't change anything. I think my kids from our well grounded because they could have mom at home. I do I do it makes a difference. They. They nurtured for a lot longer they can get thrown to the wolves. That is deep here all right there's the flip side it is if you don't know a cap and interact at all and they become those coddled little yes until late kids do you have more Lackey never take you. For the cartoon and thank you for your honesty I mean she's she admitted that she's actually thinking about it so Stephanie. Tonight. Oh big market. While the way of getting her due your C and Steve nailed this from the very beginning. Women out there who want to punch you in the face for saying that there like you don't get it I just do all the mom stuff and bring on the eighteenth I still to be able to only do one thing. Ask you mom. I worked. I decided to stop being stay home mom and go back to work it's my kids' grades suffered their attitude to work horrible. And I had to go back in there yeah. Lou I'm so sorry so we. They were slide when you receive in home mom when you look back to work there everything gradually burn it okay IC so you had to give up what you want so I had to go back to Bubba can about them. Right. OK at home mom sucks it really does but I don't ball up. It is just the best for the kids usually. It's bad but by all so once again this like soccer mention when he gets a woman having to put all of her needs wants and desires kicked out to the curb what's best for everybody else. Right saying I'd be resentful to our youth. No not really. I was but now they're older they get they're able says due after school crowd on hand so we're eventually works. Hopefully. Some. Time after after the can get out of school I'm doing choir practice basketball practice. National girls and you know he. Yeah see exactly right that thinks oh. I'm telling you the actual jobs. If unless I want to get to settle or not I'm fascinated by this I think he's the call of. How many women. Seems this coup de gras is didn't stay home I can work out whenever I'm on now I can watch my stories and the kidnapping and be caught up on everything. And then once you get here like. This is loaded the Sox we actually had a woman who did do the affairs and is she doesn't wanna come on here but she's like. It's it's. Not encouraging Allison but lakes some women there's at least one on the phone right now who said. It's. It's filled the void I needed contacts if your husband's coming home and not being sensitive I'm tired too but he didn't straight into bed. An independent somebody else Wahl that's that's what she did and she said it wasn't gonna answer a shame. I what are you thankful. Limits on the show quit the day your long but the years are trashed. Oh to receive home parents. Actually don't miss when they are now want you to Alderman Moore should allow its that is actually Turkoglu with how they go have ago they liked what happens is. You're always in his hurry for your kids to want to become independent no sudden they don't hold your hand you don't need to carry the whole thing you know I all I am sick of it every day is like oh my god is taking forever and then you see you close dries you kids pointers you can buy when you drop them off at school you like to do that bad you can't get him back so boom Allison. So hyper focused on days right now. But it sets should just enjoy it because when she did when she turns around his links her eyes. She's she would regret not being added I shared a very wise safety chain while armed. You know we turn this over to our FaceBook page but it. If you wanted this easy enough to you after the won a kind of do a stay at home mom group. Colonel could you wanna be in Tennessee home or would you would you meet with moms and yeah OK so Steve is out and I'll join you you have time. Steve you and your your exclusive dating group is stay in Omaha suffer I thought. I'm offering you we just encourage moms have a series you can be our resident Jacquelyn yeah. Gary will come now are very intricate and maybe starting Zdeno mommy group. Hit a sub on the sci currency face okay.