Slacker and Steve - OPP: In Love But Not Attracted 3/19

Monday, March 19th


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Eight. I know that you believe they've pretty much every female on the planet eventually just settles. Yeah let's ask somebody you know but I'm I think that's kind of the crux of today's phone other people's problems has done. Settling sort of okay eye candy. We are the guy clearly not your name and you are voice disguised what did you tell us what's going on. He buries your arm. I've been glioma are tired for about six months now and he's wonderful we feel you are everything we are between. Giant. We we are admit you are or use our own. And Andrew are on the hope not I go about it that we. I eat. Really low really clean. And I do know that didn't help the team priority clinical nutrition or should I didn't argue. Play every illegal are the keys for pride shall order late five pancakes are good Mike. Are they modern people Europe couldn't begin and you know I'm happy meal you all earlier hug and he. I do kind of hanging out noted that bad. I don't know what do. You love someone borrow it not intrinsically chart it out. No. I had. Now I think. Two women are more forgiving when it comes as I was musical stuff but there is a limit there's a point there did a woman is the only thing men have to. If if I'm attracted as I don't want women can overlook a lot in men. But it sounds like I mean I don't want. What will take advice from people you know if you're asking him to dorks on the radio. It's it's doable I feel like it's probably should I say no it's yank his physical reality of a relationship is huge and if you're not attracted your partner what do you do and he's just a roommate. Does it he's a good life partner but not a good did she loves her yeah that's the word may be linked that you the how. How are relations are you are you good with your relations with only lights off here on top and all good guys staffed with that yeah. Our new knowing how are well if they earned. It's a blood obligatory for you was like probably get extra I have to do you out of order where we are. I mean yeah okay so Max. Especially when I don't I'm not a match and documented as from the same when you reach a certain age. Relations isn't the big part of that what is a big it is traveling together and I know you make in this case is let me think about it met my parents are in their eighties and I I eat I ask you need to assume they're not. Doing it anymore yeah so I mean it's. You know again and you you you still in the prime of your lights you probably don't wanna give up relations as soon yeah as in other words this guy is perfect in every single solitary way except for one but this one is not you can overlook being attracting this. There really is yeah how to get to get them in the first place. Well we were. We met and you'll look our our and he that he wouldn't you know look you know where you're didn't. So you aren't all in. Yeah yeah misrepresented what she's really abouts. You're with are currently trying to lose weight but that we are beating he probably look like our growth are now. That yeah you're you are home. Mean that's one thing to tell but I mean do you think if he lost week you'd suddenly be attracted to him. Yeah I mean I think it's because I'm old war. Healthy I eat I eat well all he does play such a big part of my life was. I think about if not you can predict how are you credit it's the way he picked her can pop open a new blood you can look at it. Our enemy interrupt you candy but this is why sit and his people that live and breathe fitness 24/7. This is why we always hook up. Was someone that someone stats because fitness you've got to live in the reason just like candy out of your partner isn't. Yeah but I mean singles couples were she's a fitness model and he's like a big holes here and it's it's the community having you know it's feeling we can't know that there's hope for real though will arms. Both talked to other women who were maybe just not attracted to their how how do you feel about being with him sleeping with the other people. Is that our own not your thing I don't know. Yeah I mean means yes you need the says Kelli hang tanking any arm there's there's I don't. You have built a relationship on that I don't think it doesn't feel I mean she's calling NASA feels like there's no hope. But I think there's women better in her position but their stock in that position. You probably started out being attracted to men and let themselves go so much kids involved now and all the salute and there's just no way to pull out easier if you wanna try to help candy out of this he's a great guy yes in every way and yes he's overweight nothing more I guess that's okay with but I. Yeah it's not doing her any what do you do when you're just not attracted to your man and don't. Apollo what do you think you should do. Sorry I you can see sit. Definitely east Egypt and there are. Other guys out there with less square Gloria I'll leave the quake that she can live glimpse. Ninths. You know she can overlook this won't. If you are. Laugh heartily and I think it's time to move on before it's too late. Where you put relations on your scale when you're looking for a guy. You know it is it. Getting ready to practice to be glad they're they're actually and it who really important. The police. Maps and can really important. You know after. Among them no good relations do you start fighting he had a creaky. And Napa that each other and you might overlook and not so. You know just you know sleep together but it's important. It is cyclists the hole is what the relationship was based on Steve's release should you just you always bring him back to Elijah you assuming that everyone it's a big priority big but it's not that the I'd say the word that I don't see it emphatically about story this Rihanna I. No I never look at any domino can you tell us Stephen I have relations. Coalitions to admit he's scared yeah. Afterwards where we just took her down each other consulate David Carr I just sort of month I'm afraid the answer is going to be the we've got somebody here. Another candy so she's changed her name obviously and also asked her voice is Kaiser who believe is gonna tell us he can more candy. Our eyes. Situations. Are currently English literature home and completely different buyer. My diaper did we learn about each year. Air curtain oh would not typically are good but look this personality part of me that I didn't give it could go. Here are narrow we heard coming up on our four year anniversary wording each nobody believed Marty are currently are large you're. Your money get uglier all work harder truly we better get your country. Did you had to learn to love him you were never attracted. You had to kind of make that work for yourself you to close your rise to delight soft touch. 'cause it's I don't want to. That you all know it would immediately that it would lick. Why three American women are different and I quote your article you people are often every board are women. Well you are now it may all the different immediately African football we'd like Hitler. There are doing what have you altered the more he worked to clean your partner in the early Asian partner and he started fighting 100 Butler on every level. I legal order. We can't be. You're gonna she loves most is I see you know. Okay are important. In order to make it will be it's already here is why I. OK I means would you joy Gemini would you recommend other women of guys are shot to do would normally. Yeah. And you know we'd be okay good Koppel would be new Greek leader group he took a drink properly whipped no harm no foul. I ended up being much more confusion fortunate immediately Kirkland. And these are important and not be so shallow well yeah 00 you're in a row. Q are you typically are you thinking you're Walter do we need to change anything biblically it's hard to puritan oh. Because of the per million because of however me being here who aren't what Democratic Party who are harder Google are trapped in fighting every. Sterling and euros when he vegetables awesome yeah I've just. Did the best analogy I used wanting your nose in relation between the guy just took the I I I don't wanna say that that's the best but she's done. Hey you should lead is really easy to do but this woman he's obviously attracted to him as a main justice and mercy are. And nick and she she's sites after four years of if you just. For lack of better words I'm just gonna steal yours plug knows he's a broccoli for a little or maybe you might eventually decided that. After four years with broccoli doesn't sound.