Slacker and Steve - OPP: Make Boyfriend Move 4/21

Friday, April 21st

Moving in together is a big step in a relationship. Our OPP let he boyfriend move in with her and now she’s thinking it could have been a big mistake. Hear her OPP and give her your advice.


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And yes so on the careful letting your significant other. Moving in the apparently it doesn't always go the windy no apparent holes in an era in his on the phone not voice disguised. Darren. Yeah I got a total what's going on maybe we can help but probably not schools. IRA here's the deal and so my boy can I have been dating her about five months and she recently got it and next huge tightly and remain and I am basically. English weren't dead but between now and try to play you know why he can step microbes are a little bit and told the air clearance rate these. Which it's. About three weeks go on for our air and keeps. Tell you there and that plagues come to a movie only thinking over my apartment. Yeah I it. End year looking back I eight and so confused about is it's not like I don't my plan. And I'll buy it I mean he haven't been dating to battle on an up or. And actually knew then what means can I don't really. Know how to be like hey Levy by. You need a test that Saddam is actually working for me just adds thank you soften the blow below zero and then get out there could. The genre hey. The heat problem I do because I think I mean do you do you think there's a chance. They seize the one I know it's really difficult question to answer after five months but they kissed. Let me be very you'll kind of be you know we need do you get along great now everything diet. I have never been one that has won in new delicate guy before Marriott. And debt is just completely kicking our relationship you. A new level you know like I think I and senior partner and eating meat I mean NN just a war we see. Early for that. Does this here's the problem that I was getting at if you really think you want a relationship with him. Once in my in my experience. Once you've done some things late moves in the have relations Jane Mary and whatever whatever the step you taking your relationship if you try to take jabs back to you there's no going back one step it's just over and when you when you say. You've got to leave he's going to be like. You let my dilemma in fact we haven't even had the conversation and my knee and got their different completely I could cancel. And. My girlfriend by offering that's right. Or how she. Could but he's they're now yeah I mean he's a guy and he doesn't think like dad like I remember when. Like my EX moved in with me. Like she was just kind of stay in their lives he was cool and whatever couple more things behind you do I was finally bit and then she was mad at me. Because I never gave her key I never made this poses a formal pronouncement yet. Yes because I'm a guy once it's like to follow word we're Cigna gather you sleep here no one actually is who. Like I mean unions you realize espousing get a box entire ribbon around a key and do the whole center is that par so guys are stupid and act. I am afraid in aaron's man's mind. He just lives. It's nice he didn't need. I don't need that normal conversation and it's nice Ramirez you set I can live here he just stopped listening asked her. Here and didn't hear the wrestler where you said until things blow over or whatever else the ground was university. On January. It can't side you don't know. Don't know what could be an open. I don't do also is already set like Steve just sends you didn't say ground rules like moving here for a couple weeks until it smoothed over with your room air moving in from months. Until he gets better until you find your place. If you didn't say that stuff up front and he's getting super comfortable. This is gonna get it's gonna get awkward it's an except for him now as mine for sure yeah. In another. And it's a and. Dad that's that's that's not definite. And I also noticed in relationships everything is rosy and pixie dust and unicorn and tell you move in. Now rings real Lehrer things greedy Nigeria each other with LT of those magic on the all that stuff it's just reality T Aggies yeah it takes away the Indiana will go to the restroom people that have yes people stupid but I. I'm not ready spirit that yeah this these real comparable and I just I don't know if you want to. I you don't want to be don't you wanna go back so will you wanna I wanna go back while we were eight and not ready to live what can't I wanna be. Okay it's gonna be sort of get advice on how to do that attends real colossal what happens what happens then. In in like another six months do you think you'd like to try to dinner when you ever gonna wanna live with this guy deserves. Genuinely. Not indigenous flavor and they hear in the same room. And you like I said does for a how bad one or two things that I don't want that you've been met somebody and we're married just beat them like you and I think it does real and not Smart yeah. Shine off everything you know I would I highly recommend someone like you who's had such a rough time at this. You should move there was somebody make sure you can handle him before you go in there you know because you don't wanna like. Walked on the island then fall back in another situation like this we gotta get this guy out your house. That's a that's step one we gotta get this guy on your house we got to do you. More open to the idea that you'll pat you could mean only video five months she shouldn't have to be forced to keep him in your house you've got to be able to get him out. We just gotta get a now without getting them gone which means we do is we're on the line. We're just really I. Yeah one of the time. I feel like allies probably answer is we want it we have to preserve feelings in this money Yemeni town in that bedroom steak she's already started out okay restored not hours. The storm I was here I thought this. Wars are started this is our little war room here at this area I this sucks yeah I mean here's sweetheart Aron and you're good girlfriend but actually trapped you are now currently. Yeah. No. You know well listen your legs if you give. Are there any kind of. Yeah I don't know because you you said if this is the next progression in relationship is moving in together in his dad they just took that step amid her had been in the new milk hotel and out yeah they're paid for your roommate situation so what do how do we get him out of the house about didn't amount to relax. As in a lot of cases it's like a ormat. Oh yeah I'm a good muscle the oh my us later did you guys you've got hurt on C opt out and it could just be over. So you. If you look somebody move into fast and yet delights batted down but you know he bray can go in reverse or any any relationship thing you've had a bad relationship back does that ever does it might in my experience it never as easy as you go backwards now and people get upset about such as you can think of a way to make doubt work we'd love to talk tea Jordan. Yes. What are you that I write. I had a very similar situation and I actually get MIA Experian or through my boyfriend yesterday don't enable the where. But it right around last man out but he I didn't know living out what he did in an area. And I came home one night and on and I heard he was hammered a kick me out I know it. Try to take Matt. But it's the fact that it was back sat and we are still able to over exterior and it I think it channel art. He was getting called cedar what happens. Don't you feeling seems drunk. Easy title here that well over guy Aybar drought he would you per guys try freaking out little belittle my god are actually really new in this but he beat you booed and he was like I don't wanna do this anymore. We have already talked about. Living back in this kind of upcoming July we have Eric here every three. We've been a lot more curious about talking about it for that or actually I think it's a I am. If you. You know I'd let you know got cold feet apart already we've always said he wants you out DC didn't qualify it with I still wanna date you or did you did it feel like to break up that night. I'm kind of break up what he can do yeah CEO locked up my car when he in my you know how bad how my bat Eric. And I can come home for maybe ten totally elated I and that. He kicking out and said don't ever come back and the next day he was technically mean calling me and that he couldn't even remember what happened. Com is do you think he bogey had someone in the house say you want you to see year. Fox T storms are I was just looking in you're reading you know three and has some Jordan that's not your hat. Not about that are not gonna got to go oh my lord your guided me I had. You can almost see Harry died and cool okay story about good disease needs to know go. No I we're all CG did you gotta say oh yeah it is and I I still don't again I filled out note Richard. But it's it's been it's been good since then. Yet that I think our blog. I guess one of the lowest points in our relations at clearly you can and and everybody is plane had quite been Ben that right now word we're doing great Oregon strongly learned how to communicate better in which. Who part of site batter I guess you could say. You have no good for you guys Jordan reed is a learning experience and that's who he believes he is he at least you were able to get through it just saying thank you for the call we are I. I just went to what scares me is snipes on only her perseverance on hard attempting going and beach but is yes. If she had done its then. You know and guess what I'm afraid of it anyway so that's what referee it's not gonna persons entering go like. I only keep trying he's human like. We don't live here. Peace is by. McCain yeah. Yeah I had guys. He thinks I'm I see and just be honest I had a similar situation in my parents separate and might that that acts committed to me and my blood and then block the money was nice to just one bad and I got incompetent and didn't. Take me awhile but I would honestly okay and then it was awkward if you let your act now as. I want this to match like it was a late here I'd. Then your husband was on board really didn't like to think that they did in their until your daddy's got to leave it. I think he would like I don't care but are you or me I would like I can't do this you know I just. Want guys standing. Then I went nice bat. I don't know what was she looks about it to be on and it was doing doing ground you when your own house is. Gonna. Burying would be like I rent it tomorrow burn he would try to wanna lay Cain outlets. I don't know yeah. They never really still free and uninhibited your parents who did appearance in the house is. Oh look I like six per cent the united and I finally was astonished spend. I think that's what he had he not he relieved loved her and she commented and they can make it work. While it's hard though would you had to do your your dad's relationship is OK even really kicked him out. I'm actually our my and we look like you're gonna do not care about you I he got up and he didn't know how long did it seeks from you know. Still turn opportunities aren't and that moving images grabbed her. Is what I'm saying your dad passed still love you here and it took him allowed you know Brady this guy of five months when she says you gotta get out. He could see gone gone yes I see that happening it's not a great day you've been called though. Melissa is. No way we think. Solve my card and is that she actually know why he's not living at. Both president you know he said that he got enough height but is there and they Al that it happened that she doesn't know about it in LA you know. EG and a lot should he got a kick out of it how all of and there's just you know she only other Serbs irons and keep it tempered by the steel legs they're should be a lot ever lose her. Base my side. Is way too fast right to move in the other right. Yeah end you know it's just insisting to me. That. Humid stayed at our iron in and they are not tiger Lee then also all of the fight about. Yeah I mean there's a lot of unanswered questions. He's regional cover he's users can sort. And that's what I am wondering you know it is. She paint prairie saying you know grocery is of course to react Eads. Personally she's not on the phone anymore so we can get those answers but that's your question I wonder if tells roommate and he had a falling out because he just wouldn't. He's tile cleaner you know she feels like these days. You're. It is. Not ideal manual for the call Melissa. Jordan's. Thank but he thinks. But I think maybe she needs to start the conversation not with like hey how the garlic the roommate Heidi pact to him slash her. You know what's the status I think maybe instead of saying you know you gotta get out of my house. Oh yeah hint nudge nudge assets that. Progress joy and I am I being here. The church. Picnic. That's for about it. She you know I don't wanna be mean can she clearly a means she's famous show she called in and everything that site. Is not not only is she not ready to move him with somebody she's not ready to be in a relationship with. Grown up communication and it's like she hasn't she's like how are like get him out of the house is linked. When will you said Jordan how do you what do these settlements are. Yeah what have you had any conversation. So you you would start with the subtle. I'm just saying that the the and not to not to be mean to men but men don't do great with subtle know you gotta hit this over the head you kinda do you so. I don't know if you'll catch up on as a water roads are assumes it's this situation noise in this subtle skew what she should call will remain. On. Oh my god no I didn't act or is he like I don't between. If you an intermediary note to getter get arbitrator yes to get a well. So what if she if she's if he's oblivious what is she do you think it's like there's this subtle isn't working and Jordan. What's the next step do you do you literally say. Looked. I need not ready for this or what how how do you word it I it's like it's. I suck at telling the truth when it comes to relationship things anyone anybody's feelings you know out. In its illegal. You fall back on that cliche has. It's not you it's mean it's like looks it's a huge I'm sure I'd I'd love living or you I don't really anybody's radar and you again we can't take you yesterday it's this so what would you do Jordan's. I don't think there are against Blake a couple of time or subtle hint we're working at how way to. Despite you know we've only been together for a little bit I don't really know her ready for an aunt is it okay if we did get that sort I don't. My niece. Million and that's all she can do in minutes until we may be call palm this errands boyfriend and you can pretend to be area that was the only stop Palestinian pass which really I remove an all right I'm sorry to pack you myself. Also I'm like yeah don't look it that's fine but just I think you've heard all draws in Jordan I honest to god don't think do we get anywhere I'd be big I don't know what it is she's got to communicate a little but that's but she's risking everything I knew that it. Hey it's good sickness what she mystic. She's risking a luncheon on going relations or she can men if these days she had it. You know as I've grown older I start to look at relationships sort of the way you view of like well what's my investments as you can read our I. I hear Zain and she SO like risking the relationship isn't an aside years of messiness of five more months since military if he goes polluters do it's like. Okay every year and as such is so you can is get out now these sound leasing in my practice. More advice for airing you can get it over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.