Slacker and Steve - OPP: Meaningless Arguments 2/21

Wednesday, February 21st


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Eight. So we got a little TDs and somebody whose son obviously tired of fighting with the man okay and we're gonna try to attack Catherine. Yeah. Yeah yeah I could. What what's the problem. Well I mean like my first serious relationship that I have. So I don't I don't know what the problem is it's just. Every little England becomes an argument. Blink. For you all for him for Bolton knew who starts them booed the fights. Well I had like just say he yell a lot starting at eight but I mean I get I got to own my own. Participation in the I don't know like. Think they do about pipe eighty personality it was just. We're you know it's like oil and get our that I mean at arraignment. The little things like animals. Larry okay the record say he. Picked up by eight about the need to clean my hair black. What can cool I didn't. He wants you clean it more your cleaning it improperly how do you pick a fight about that. I keep our eyes that they didn't need to be cleaned because. It's just gonna get dirty again what do you do it every day so why bother. Cash. And remember cleaning your version you clean your airbrushed scenes murmurs sister was she is is long here she is Paul is so user coma crossing here she's trying to and so did her any armour dean thanks formaldehyde her aspirin and. Ernie Allen I was doing a little more detailed cleaning the news like removing air you know I had a cute gal to have a really telling. Any. I don't understand what you're the parent that I do. My own personal. Hygiene and thinking and you are. Given night he would complain because I was chopping vegetables. Go and salad. In the bowl are the tribal punished. I can't hit it toss in the bottom then hit okay and goes and looks like I'm boyfriends that President Obama could argue so you're living together. I. Miss the bickering didn't happen did it happen before you moved in together or didn't happen as a result of moving wind bickering starts. Not. It won't tag you. It's Steve is just you're serious you actually never been. Loan is just weren't. Good cubes and the bulls were so weird. Day. So what are you asking then is are you asking if this is nor little or what are you. Basically I mean that's a red flag. That this isn't gonna work out of this just kind of par for the coerce. You know in the isolation separation I think you really concerned. Up. What OK before we jump straight to Steve's dumped him indeed mean I'm saying the what are you more after the argument do you guys do you results do you make up do you like sleep separately you played how Florida these things gal. Now it's not a blank it out because we've got a friend so silent types saying now we. We even revolve it but I feel like there's lips. You know it's not lanky. Now I just feel like both admire her in motion they're so kind of soared. Losing and then it just leads in the next day there's this professor X faster and the next argument is already bubbling to the service just never solved the last line actually Sylvain every single thing the way each is pieces just like irritating you're just you're. Being in lawn always a long term relationship. Once. The magic you know the butterfly is not all that kind of dies down you do you have to there is a phase where you go. Internet live but that's our own severity as though everything gets really gritty and you have to you have this learning curve how to learn to live with each other it sounds like he's like a control freak a little bit. What what what why is it better to him how you clean air brush that's stupid who. He's a control for what it matters when you put cucumbers on the bottom of the baltics and sometimes I could and then. Some things you need you not a doubt in there with is that these seriously. The I don't cook where it's like when you go to a restaurant barbecue comers on the bottom no there on the top of the salad nearly ten. I'll go aren't sure sign. I'm just how guys yeah. Here's the thing you admitted your doing it to him just as much as she's doing it to you so or bolster the view controls suitable type days. You put her what's your game we want it. I don't. No I did see things that can be done better I'd want to help them. We're done right. Now so we're all guilty in this I don't know what it's it's there or is it sounds really like a small problem I think a lot of people. It's a whole bunch of small problems yeah like she's cheated right for. All very few do and the bulls reviewer doing this little tiny thing that makes big things down the road here at. Just. Would be about almost straight out because he's the truth scratch and I've never actually. I'm you know wanted to move in together when it's on how so number I hope we never. Oh like it's about anybody have always kind of thing. You know a casual. Gator and spell it like not I don't know what it one of. If you really like animal. If you really like them we'll try to find some advice to see if these petty little meaningless arguments. Are nothing that we can sweep away somehow or if they're a sign rounds. Some things that could be bigger or. He's realizing now for sure you loser dom learn you you dealt Sasser are still lose the worry and that's the thing eventually will it looked yes. A whole bunch of little things can take down yup an empire on Katherine. You think they're done right. I just think they can't get past it's gonna take some time because you're you live with a lot of a lot of ladies. You have to get used to each other and if you see someone else doing something that's weird or you see do you do to help them improve on that. Why wouldn't shut your job cut an album improved greatly gut then the debris be tailings nagging or tell me what to do staffs. It's not ideal it's not know. If you did in the situation. Catherine we would love some advice or these little arguments truly meaningless. Or do they mean something bigger there we're not getting that. Yes. I've been married for forty years I have that. Yeah we go through this same case in Harlem at the beginning. We would fight and bicker and there will be problems. Like she didn't like certain things that I would do. And I didn't like. Certain things she would be like I had a mission could care less hurt you because. I didn't realize it was worse so he needed to be there and then Natalie then Mary sir lilac. She has her edit I have mine. We get technically this and if there's an issue she calls you out on. In addition eye Popper I'd. Kinda kinda have to overlook each other's little issues elements you do don't make it to gain 36 nations. I'm religiously is she not. No but I started did you become a valley I know rich was issued for call and tell. Hillary. And continue to call Matt I don't think so just one person saying. You got there is a level of acceptance like when you first you got to surrender some stuff you do don't get to it but you get older. If you tried to move him with somebody now June because. Done it right or even years and Jim my rod send thank you be like why are you in this room when you know I need to be in this from descends like I don't know that what are you such a DEU and why are you in this relationship to begin. Are you off Jack. Yeah I would do you think. I don't really know and it from the especially he was let somebody before there's definitely a lot. You've built. You like there's a vindication here going on here and you guys. I didn't each shot or beaten people like nobody hearing each other Aaron I would really recommend bowl and we're looking at our upstream. A line of communication a bench to former title and. I here's the thing. I think you're probably right but it just feels like if you're going to counseling but. To meet counseling is one of those things where it's like we've been married for twenty years. Our kids were trying to Syria that we can think it's it's okay it's a seed your mirrors because you've got so much invested in one another. If you're needing a counselor when you just move and it's like. It. It's I don't know it's such Almeida and does great new car and you just take in the shopping right away it'll be a promise it'll go it's it's like take my current shop this past month about the Rome I got the wrong card or. You know I didn't bury her years and meet a couple of times where we can we don't do well upbringing with each other and look into somebody and kept her on more then I think I mean and you know we just feeling recruiting and in other better an. Explorer cannot afford it I hooligans. Suggest counseling for this I think it's a terrible idea I think counters and learned yet you they can do to help you guide you absolutely. Jenny. Yes what do you think. I'm like it that I I would I would have been married you're quite big personality explain years and in the beginning of the really typical it would really be back and forth in your right it does at Eric's got a little duck well you can't keep coming at the bottom of the ball she'd make in the current. You know like. But he's a man Jenny that's stupid things yeah well I think you are I'm mobile home. And it got talent or not. I tell all I know. Just like cucumbers heavy it's gonna find its way to the bottom of books you'll start at the bottom of the ball you'll put it on the bottom. I don't win it not get a look at how are. So I was I. A minute golf and I. I'm right about that oh well the west side just tomatoes is out there like you tossed salad didn't grab it actually put a Molotov. They'll find their way to the bottom of the bottom. Select our effort to try to get them back to the topics as your guys is counselor. Will be 300 I'm just.