Slacker and Steve - OPP: Mommy Did Everything 4/4

Monday, April 4th

Today's ‪OPP‬ comes from Audrey who is having trouble with her boyfriend. Apparently when he was a kid, his mom did everything for him, and he expects her to do the same. She wants to know if he will ever grow up. What do you think? Will he mature, should she cut and run or should she try to change him?


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And I don't like who who wins over Pete peeve from the very beginning rent. This woman has discovered a behavior that her man thing has and she's wondered if he's gonna run it again you say you know wealth. Probably not well some things that he night night negro leagues growing up Audrey. Yeah I had I tell us what's going on. Okay so why have a boyfriend. I hear I think would be then. I am thinking that ain't me a break ops I have more or grant act or am I I don't know amnesty I think it. He don't you try really acted like Margaret I. So late in it they should come though murder can that in the laundry hurt and it and get a bunch did everything granite and somehow. I've become that person then I didn't keep car. To get registered at its united Dili I don't even know how I thought I. I'm waiting on that teens is starting to like I'm gonna go over and help in the fight. How quick I don't I don't think so it. Recent she's starting tonight instead of calling his mom I mean this is a big step dismayed I'm a mom yeah you're right he's. Hate him if he he he he's starting to transfer her fully trust CU this easy loves you. Bonobo. Yeah. I I don't know how I. He had I don't I don't wanna eat that tonight and break her I don't know pet. It parted at it started with an act in the mean I gotta get rid momma and it and balance that out in that now I know it would like not use it in any aspect. At first it seems like TJ he's allowing knew you as you whose lives yeah. And I hear his personal assistant. All the coach feel or his mom. And neither one of those is good Vietnam. I eat great diet and I used here really Drake I. I. Mean we're so young but he had a great job you know our allies keep Larry don't have that and I know they really love nineteenth. I'm not. It's got to be a lot like you act rule all current Putin would try and. Do you like oh here are all clear your brain for once I can't. Ready. And I love them. They do will pay you less and it. I'm afraid I am I not let him know it. If I'm the only. Or if we'd move in together and they get married and there is sometimes Camelot and like it's the rule taking care hit an all or taking care how do we know words these. Yet my marry any man any outlet anymore what. I can tell who your reserve right now what's his mom obviously every new Linda did just jumped. Your mail on and you can't undo this this is screwy is now you don't think any mama's boy can be weak and I love her she's had just self reliance mama's at least eighteen it's forty years ahead starter Andy basically monster handing this guy off to you -- and did did you get along with her very well she probably sees how you operate she sees how you're taking on these jobs for British guys like that you or maybe you're maybe you're right whale or right there's a whole dynamic going on here. I LE I heard. Yes I think she did and I noted that which she. I checked it achieved a column all acting I would dearly and I acrobat happen anymore. Yeah I noted that. It is that an act weird between and. So you think it's weird because she's she's matter is it weird because she's like. Good riddance your take yeah I know you're taking over. I think I think has backed the best that packet wanna you know her and food. Since I don't wanna I wanna I want him to eat content keeping it current spell you know. You did so when you first started dating game you didn't see you notice says because she was doing it and you just didn't realize he was this. Reliant on a woman or you just in realise it was gonna transfer Yale. I had the boat. In fact that I can handle it could I mean I think that we and I didn't each year. A little bit our way and fewer areas that are it will handle it very. They didn't act stop Powell. In at all she lies people went. His life it was pretty intense you want a Mac and I Eritrea I'd never match and can never act can act. Yeah you're include the other yet you're a married I know it's this is the time told rip if you're gonna get out. I'm curious since it is sick right now to did you get any any sicker. All you're going to be huge here retrain a mama's boy can you should mom has wigs I should of course it hurt. I wanna know he had it by I mean it I have to I have to admit I haven't really gotten about it but if I if I. Our argument that it's been eight. Or is it it's gonna. Blow up. Xenia resentful enzyme why wouldn't you what if you do not mean you do these things. I'm mommies always done these things free what do you do these things farm we need to find that this. Okay I'd posit this. I've never been more confident in my life it's there's probably. A thousand different women. Any any given moment listening right now that are like. Yeah I've had I got AM and I was able to wean him wow okay train him into it fully functional adult okay or. By run now be asked. If you are about to become a full time caregiver of a man. Affect. Our country hang on right there Richard Dickson vice. I'm kind of a mama's boy. Julian I call now. Just he's just check in on your mom you have that relationship would you like clinging needy shouldn't do anything else our youth is you don't need it does she did my laundry the entire dominant there. But it tells you hooked up with an okay well look I don't know when I moved out there earlier in my all round guarantee I don't ever need anybody do this on a mama's boy this guy. You can EST is there anybody listening who's turned this guy. Intend anything other than just works this is according she's she's he's perfect in the other way except for one this is kind of Houston's accuses the you know. It's you'll eventually cooking meals. Ironing his shirts doing his laundry obviously yesterday take his call already did it register below freezing the kids where does that end what is he good for. It's time but by Audrey needs your help ten you turn a mama's boy into a normal boy or is she doomed and should she get out now. Sandy's. Are you are you you are disguised. What what are you saying there aren't perfect. I think he did know right Merrill bin Mary sue me and her seventeen year and then he has no change. So what do you try and change who. I have left the laundry or let us know on the trough we're paying people additional way to do your laundry on your gave off an opinion but I'm keeping the bell south and only himself. And you stayed in in for a seventy easier here and love his brother and my friends are all. We love is blind and I met. The point where I can keep your belt get my don't play. There you go after you sell art you here's a you don't even pine drive. Yeah boy can I put up this way. I have talked and our mutual and blue on my base to end. I can do it anymore. It seems he was nagging many this year he's tune you out and things are now you're. No I don't hear yea I just did not tell me know if you do groups are meeting our work late night. And it doesn't get served. Do you Wear show us this terrible but do you wish you could go back in time like you're going back and talk and Audrey could could would you tell yourself. Seventeen plus years ago tonight in a moment this guy. Yeah. Did you change your mute keys they're not gonna change on their own. We need woman broke up or loyal and I thought we would it change in what good or his Mormon out again. And nobody can change it but yeah now yeah so I think you figured oh well she Karen. So it just doesn't know think art. Wow yeah you should. Yeah oh man I feel really bad for you because they links you've invested so much time and now you're just from. Wanton you got each other's best years now and. Exactly I would like her hoping that he would change thinking I can changing our. It didn't happen. Well thank you for the call candy I mean this is exactly what are PP is about dating thank you. She's. Britney's. Yeah I guy who do you think. I am totally tradable why don't we just excited move one yeah saw that we I'd shoot this guy now we have the chance and now you're saying you can train a month. I have that we're engaging now I screamed then touched it and doable it like pretty cobbler is positively reinforce the Q did you come you. Telling him how to do it. I don't know how to get my car registered uniform I get that flash unit that is what I did I don't have time but you do and then when he got hit by impulse. Speaking you for doing that I appreciate that. Not me is Cecilia really only more able to spend the rest of your vice training the person that you love as a parent toddler. Can only check me like three months and he picked it up now he had not come home from work and I am drinking equate it global. Why eccentric tip it's done all right now trailing. How were you wanted to drink in them chocolate we can guess what I came home good drinking chocolate each. All my gosh good for him golf so you don't he was a saying don't teach him how to fish in the did not teach him how to sit on the union says shut them that want some fish. Give her upstairs out again and us. I had it straight day acute cheek and he can eat there at that life salads that lines so yeah you know we just did we got you to do our jobs. Not that we are not stress it's. Really excited you are the phrase not always playing dumb resilience this floor so. Yeah you all you'd troops actually it's doable I take very long was he a mama's boy then is that was that the root of his problems. Oh god they turn we met and we lived with him to a parent for like two months is truly tradition did everything. You the and you got Marty are you would like Stephen said this earlier to Audrey are are you mad at her for doing that inferred from now to know and spineless to assault. You know all yup. You gotta be a little bed it's like what are you what it. Why don't why you have to teach him that pneumonia like she did you this mess things like pilot seller what this does not register zone call or hurts the the died. 3COM just follow the signs and I and I just felt like I so he now we're seeing strain of a thank you for the call Britney while. Nagin. Yeah guy who do you think. Shall I encourage her. Part of a change I married my guy like that was the best guy in the world. I'm doing that immediately begin eating late too negative early that now it changed in Q I woke. Go when he GDP actually that car registration. Leaking if you get as far as that I'll support you all goalie you'd still ask you now. I support him and he does. All of that I himself batting there to help him if he needs something. And still not. Do about it sure I really old you're talking about a grown man who needs support should go let's go to go it is licensed for what are you talking links. These are real they tell. Daly hit it and train it for. Yeah what what should I I don't I I think I know you love your man and I this is gonna sound harsh and attempting to any other way to say it. What is her mother about somebody so helpless to say that that's a sexy. Indicted owner out Healy went there docket and start it all much. Doctor myself starting at like sixty. Do you talking about. This is not an accomplishment nick Eric it's easy to tie his own shoes now he's out of the belt chrome and that's the. It vetted and doing absolutely although it or that. I'm bound to be support. That's very happy your happy I just signed the whole thing. Serving well they did you make him. Katie. Yeah I think would use things. I don't think you thought about. I am and nick and I really occur at ten years now and I don't have to do everything Pratt. Sizzle on Larry everything. If so is telling Maine need to take a shower everything. Tell him to go take a shower were. An eagle current and I'm you. He literally act or are you hold him what do you love about this guy I don't support sexist and knowing. He's a child who marry in no way it is very annoying. You wish you hadn't. Not moves him honor. Almighty don't you know you have now you have kids the million. Or where we get a rescue Katie had these kids and when you said so or were you counting him since the third you know you are tired. He'd be saying nothing curb there is Indiana house I would complain so bumps for you get we gotta get shot there. No I don't eat very little I know I and then he can't. Be O. Yea he didn't get to her like I didn't hear and then after I eat became match I have. The yeah so mom. While some crazy theory was four children and year legs no additional hundreds. He was she hadn't done it costs and I found they given a card TD he is there. He who require illegal you're seeing why you stay I. Once you start to see the pattern I would I would balance for sure Michelle. Yeah any idea what he knew things. I actually then what my husband for seven years. I would and the other total of ten and she is definitely a mama's boy she is mommy to bring him breakfast in bed every morning. Shoot well but why she would walk in with a tray in the newspaper and a little wrong. But it's. Not extra outlet but apparently you out of the way it's this. I don't know that you know he he had Kerry all you know just Debra teenager want it now days. To get my had been out of bed to get them up. Pro work to get him even just happy for the day I think about or Jerry all some much cooking eating for me. All layup in Basra Ali had to go go I hear he's not so. She's she's except it did you guys. It's following those footsteps are being so observer I'm with the America why is China. Oh my god okay so it's unfortunately by my count it's still can honestly don't know a couple people saying you guys were sitting you can train him. And a couple people saying runs. Run run like wind if if you still wanna sound off honesty were tips. Mean week but I don't book like how to train your dogs slash mama's boy husband. All new advice for her for Audrey goes on mine yeah that's FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve failed.