Slacker and Steve - OPP: Move Back Home 8/31

Thursday, August 31st


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Steve on the OK so I'm RO PP two days is going through something that I. I think there's a lot of people I agree but a lot of young people that go through this so let's try to help her out Shelby's from. Yeah I tell us what's going on we can and we know that that's a good. Well I'll do it well I it was made in the without my parents proud. And they were like no you're not ready don't golf and out of play. Forget I'm going in the and his. I moved out here. And needs I would play. I felt like I would like that curled up but can Hollywood like at a full of her injury in. The and it's like spent five months and you guys are good law I mean law said. I have it on a permanent job. Paying my eight really good friend is has been letting today and I get worse from Monday diets are. Do you know not proper read attorney meaning she's been eventual actually much more Hartman and who play. Literally sit up and complicated. You know I'm not and if not gonna be coming Mac and you know jump on land thanks. Like the big choices Blake dial Lynn my firm to violate. Your horror that's that's an option as Blake walk I mean I need I don't want to iron. Brian back with my tail between my leg and Hillary I know you guys you're ready I ate rat who was and he now. I mean I mean I mean but I steely. I did a good job I mean I'm not homeless and under her hopes you leave zeroing in your Carter. Want to sing like I mean I feel like a failure. Let all who steal late. I feel like I'm gonna be saying that their rage and I got to move home what I tell tucked between my legs so I don't know what to do I don't know whether I should just be late. You know screw it. I I I don't horror is necessarily mean you could do the CD Craig's list find her roommate banging find another person that's willing to it. To give you the cheaper rampant. In must. Like as a parent my kids are too young but it would kill me to think. You're being too proud to ask me for. How do you know what that's a good points slacker or shall be your parents. They were probably feel like what do we do wrong or shall we can't even come and talk to a supposed to play absolutely. Your blood your daughter goal. I you know what. It's like you're right this is the conundrum though a lot of people in the age of Shelby but I have no problem back to my parents I know we have a lot of pride. I would go back to my parents are no you're right I walked back to my old room to grab the generator should make you some food would you say I don't. Dude I got you know what Lisa gave it a shot and least I've proven I can do it for a little while but your right I'm not quite ready yet so mom what's for dinner. But she you breathe she made such a big that I knew some allowance off my guide because I don't want you. I want you to have been right I don't want you to have that feeling of going back when your tail between your legs which you were a freely or at least in Troy. It's. I and then trying so hard you guys you know doing my two. And I mother last year I just delayed. Are you serious I have to click. Are they the type of people who will. Rub it in your face that they were like told you we told you like not ago we told you were ready are they those are the people will make do you think they'll welcome you with open arms. If that they're gonna say I told you so I can tell when it. Is now my first second or put out not only my hugest fear. It is for them that they like all what do we tell you. And you realize song. Yeah like I need is seen even. Can't even imagine my parents we like our. You want me to the ground current I just I really he was Blake. Due to my girl and I don't EU and now I'm light. The outposts yeah on Motorola's you can elect a move that sound so hot styles are not ideal you're you're owed a little bit of I told you so then kids you'd you win out. Hard horror US we prepare for them say no now don't get to come back you say you can do it on the come back there's some new rules are related meadows area towns it's our guide me and I heard I there's. Tiara there's a ton of boomerang kids Nelson and Michelle yes everybody I mean luring kids happen up to forty exists they do so. It's but. And it's happening pass Abbott and seen it seems less. Atypical. Tonight's season but I understand your reservations kiss you made a big scene you do it on your way out the door did and now. You gotta read which is so a little bit so. He but some. Let's find you some advice from fellow boomerang nurse and see if we can get you back home. Or at least not in your car you and not doing the Craig's list suggest any of the lights that's not safe couch surfing I'd I don't find it yes and your parents would be mad if you were safe and in good in the big reason why they weren't safe is because of your pride yeah and that's exactly what what is right now so. Hang on show me. I never had to go home. So but. I I am I totally understand what she's saying ID sue is every you know you get that teenager that you know 22 year old rebellion your life. I got Dennis writes. The fact that you don't think I can do this hurts me mom and dad so screw. The comeback can go. Kind of a dumb thing. I like you're doing the visual view walking back in and hit in the fridge dried everything and I think that's not the right to loom over time we need something in between those two things. Two. To try to help shall be out if there's a way thorough review so we are boomerang is your boomerang where we could really use your help Lindsay. Yeah Addai who do you think. Well I saying she did it become an au pair in and I seen them at me. Eat you know they're kids taking care of our incompetent situation which should knock. I'm this EU. It living situation and it. In America got back. I'll say this is somebody I know our crew has hired nannies quite a bit in in mighty nice of being a father. My IA we never hired somebody you didn't already have experience and definitely I don't think we would do that for somebody to mow my house is that feels. I look any I didn't experience there are many are spelled that they're nursing plump and I became menial and it was great and twenty hour. And let them. But they wouldn't let her them need to live without him but I hit Canadian you can never count all. I mean it's a good luck. You might have to live better resume a little bit but it does still easy does two birds with one stone and I got a job and you got to place a list you want to go back to your parents in one scene not a felon I think it would not equal good. I mean would you stay in your car before you would tell your parents you were wrong no I would. So my cart out of my second piece of the fight this on your car. And you know get the money from your card your current Brittany playing and and you remain I'd at least until it. Get your buffet they have wake up more people top ranked. How old she is she felt a little older I don't object college education and church can get out of high school all but. You know they're people that do this all the time. She's not issued she's not unicorn. Our generation think early in a car. Selling a car forces her to have to make it here absolutely is my last ditch effort yeah stand or else while. Thank you for the advice Lindsay we appreciate it. Man this. Yeah yeah I. He's. I think she didn't back home it's perfectly fine with Brett great right now. I didn't being situation I wanna get out terror instead find a steady jobs first and then rebel. You're not embarrassed. Because. Almost become the norm he used to be like I don't remember in my generation and the guys ready go home like all you hear yeah and move back home run you are. All deal and now it's like a hero to zero move back home all of course hope what do you I wish I could move right it's so silly but you don't they didn't matter is the way she left her house like she did her tennis and I got tests. Well you know they didn't compared nature that they hold your elbow and you know it's better than living in your car. That's the thing now I'm most scared of I I would never. Want my kids tried to put him in that dangerous the situation there's no place you can park your car. Other than your own garage. It's safe to sleep there it is like you know there. It's so for parents found out that she didn't try and come back or to your car IB met. Something bad happened to her parents would never forgive yourself here he is ever there us. Yes and other what it needs of the call we appreciate it on the disease. I nine what are you saying hi. Oh and I think eighteen actually got it and let it I was like parent and I say you have the option to go back so. I just worked really crappy other end and a lot of the written crappy you know the I was looking to better jobs Strickland thing and make money pilot look at something better nice and then it continued I just kind of like. They don't get the correct something I didn't do like one night here and I just found the medical people my age. I look look look agreement immigrant groups you know and he delivered a couple people here Naira per at least in so few months. And now I'm living in an apartment and I felt good and they've doubled the money I was living crappy apartment but not the best people they or network both. And I'm looking for a better gap double time and now I am you know literally on. And they you know you just gotta do what you gotta you've made it happen you do decided you know what I'm gonna make it happen and you really that good trio brought pizza for it to Carl I don't here's my temporary Saudi McKenzie my thing is. After Tim is just like the safety net for tennis not there yeah as you're walking across a tight rope drew Ryan Neill is safe and you're 100 differently and knowing there's no easy morning you're not gonna fall earnestness so it's aged that's not an option Adam. Yes yes guy who I think. My daughter came back twelve times. 00. Oh no geez there. And it just end up costing money pitcher early that just tossing money gives you build up a debt. In them at a time to come back you have to help them pay up but yet I see them pay it off. And then she would pick up the money but then you go back out to be a Boller. Was first got back out again to your apartment again it's set up and. And the lower cash. That you know. She knew she looks like her so she can come back to you as a decision asks. But they say she you to do this stuff like Collins say hey I got him about my apartment. And and I'd win like today. Nonstop I didn't like by noon so can come help me and I got to pay them about knowledge. A little girl apparently I know I'm ill prepared songs house and I thought well hey you've really gone Adam. All right if you got any more advice for a boomerang Shelby will take you over in the cycle and Steve FaceBook page.