Slacker and Steve - OPP: Is My Husband Gay? 3/21

Tuesday, March 21st

Today’s OPP may have discovered a secret her husband has been hiding…but now she’s not sure if she’s really seeing the signs or jumping to conclusions. Hear her OPP and give her your advice.


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And this this issue comes up every once and allow does it sound milk. I don't. I'm just gonna stay out of the way and let's figure it out together died he and I I have a serious question about my husband and I need some input. From the time we started dating he's had him he's he's had very feminine qualities. He tends to prefer reality TV your for sports he's very sensitive. And he wears his emotions on his sleeve. But in the last the last few years other things have started to change to. Whenever we meet someone new he always tends to get along a little too well with the men. And it's not the typical blistering Beers and guerrilla counter and I can post says it's more in the way that a guy would agree with everything he critique girl says. All of that is not a big deal but he's also hasn't been very intrusive in relations for the last year's so either. I know we're both busy with our lives in the kids that we used to at least make time for it a couple of times a month. Put everything together and it has me wondering. Is my husband day. This is from camp. It's it's kinda surprising how many. I don't edit and I don't know if that sentence makes sense but it's this present and we gay men. Try to fake marriage. And that makes me mad for some reason because that's an victimless crime your duping someone else and their entire life. And then you get your child and then you bail. Yeah so some and stayed up some end. Do. Pretend they blitzed and yet and then didn't do do that thing on the sideline oh yeah which is what sounds like. Think he's doing I I don't. I don't understand. It's a weird thing to welcome to your husband your wife nor you get a range it's I mean. You should be able to have. That kind of level of communication and I don't mean you should be left. Without insulting your significant other say. Just wondering if I lack the equipment that you. Golf do you designer or. I mean here's a thing the first half GOP peak around the its own stereotypical but it's not anymore. I prefer and I don't I a lot of the things she describes I. I don't. But college basketball college simple come here like you know you fueled these general little good links I prefer I am. I know good wine but I think you know part of me even remotely easy. I'm very open sexually open I exact thing I would never can be selects a ball loose and I. I Jerry Rice exports is just not although I know gay guys. Cool story to a more so back to the generalities and not. But I eat. I think what to be sensitive and emotional I think that's all guys now the younger generation I'm I'm yes I'm bat yet. And thank you I take a step further and this isn't a slam it's not I blame them for list. That generation isn't generation are first generation it's basically gonna be raised by single moms. And single moms. Hate aggressive man so they're gonna raise their boys to be more sensitive of the end if men refused to take part in their children's lives like their new one. The there's a male influence. So I think the next generation is going to be peace send more sensitive than the other ones are because maybe I appear yeah. Yes more yes more not send any. Yes. But here's another problem I have women want this in a man I love my main enemies sensitive or what the man beats you they keep saying it but we give examples like this and I don't want this young questioning them now. Yeah writing music you know it's not because it's they're mean there are two things happens in time I think there are women who want their men to be more sensitive than men. When push comes to shove they want somebody comment yet what's a man now and it's who rose and you can be Amanda and began. You can still be a man regardless I was saying that gap. So how do we fix this hot. She it's what you said earlier dude she's basically gonna have to point blank it's who want and can she knows his expressions better than anyone. So she's joining us is a reaction when she asked a question or to shift the lead up to a you know I've noticed you're really emotional. I guess I didn't. Noticeable we're recording but after we made his legal now on Sunday and noticed stuff I I think we need to do is I mean if we can answer questions in here but if there's anybody out there and we we can voice just as we can do whatever if your if your husband or your wife turned out to be. Day. And you didn't see coming or you saw the size if you wanna help somebody else out maybe teller she's overly I'm sure there's. I'm not sure but I think there might be gay people listening to what we're seeing right now insane. You guys are being stereotypical you are being offensive you are being on these things he's showing no signs of being day. But she's his wife yeah seeing these things yes and it and now the complete lack of interest in relations. Are those red flags. Or is it just marriage after years into these plans are to spend down but it's there's that he's here a couple of with all the other snobs. I know guys we're we're we want relations every second of every minute of every hour but there's some times that. You know we're tired to a were fatigued or whatever you just hear it. What about the thing where she's just always wears the waste you bonds with yet now. In no lights. Yeah imagine judge is new Baird's infuse coconuts awesome it's. Okay that I'd set it might mean a lot more drag. I laws hairdressers. Michael and I just added it was like a bonding mail saying that it would just I just don't like you know and enjoy. With how you. And just be all eyes are. I'm sure he's not his real friends like certain market grow brutal night. Look at pictures videos on. This. Kiki she's away she describes his reaction when men is the way. That a normal guys and I you know how it is when a pretty girl enters a room if she says something mildly funny you and arable like. C. She had so god. Could I please see you are dead and so that's you we've got three different things going on they see neat none of them. On their own necessarily look like a red Knight but the throw Weis all three of them Sino simultaneously. Has got her questioning some reports say he is she's got to bail. Or some women choose to stay and let him do his thing on the side if he's in good downhill provider than they can have there. Hookah they're saying she's it was without Boca yeah I mean it or she gets side work herself rose Islam. If you've been in this situation obviously we'll talk to you first we want we want people who've found at their partner. Was. Day. But we're also looking for just advice eat it or talk crossed a sledge. Is all this just circumstantial evidence and he's just a normal guy in a normal married this is kind of didn't steal. If there's any way we can snap him out of whatever this is she desperately needs your help Mary. And yeah I what do you think. I'm don't eat don't quote me you can go to a very doctor and I kept normal levels just like Clinton didn't get there out of whack. I'll look back all the primary that she talked about. This truth I drew Datsyuk. So my I would say don't you doctor did you go through that. I personally it on the female side is not necessarily on the male side. That make. So I mean when when you went through it or morally. Not to get off on the hormone tangent that makes you you wind out of hormones just to win they changed it was it like a light switch turning on trio. Come to find out what the core two mile expression. Much like how did precious anti depress the dead and all that changed or they. So maybe he's the same day he's depressed economy hormones. Hormone it he has some credit that he brought that bought him. Though he is expected any does the doctor before. We are there any chance and it's none of those things any easier is getting. Oh yeah Danica. Some weird how do you approach your meats I mean I know you Mary do we tell each other every they're supposed to be able to but clearly she can't she wrote exactly so just yes what do we go. No we haven't had a doctor I noticed some things how do you get how we get strong brochure fraud and hormone replacement therapy place on Islam. I only eight. As as could spell it why can't she just go up to my own I noticed a little bit different than you know. You know I've noticed this this family you know how have relations. Did your doctor. In the forty make sure they okay. That's OK don't do once you let's go together hormones balanced a moment we'll figure it all out right answer and then if it comes back that he's fine then shall kind of know well some medical it's maybe I'm just then you gotta have the next conversation is it something about me. It's not certain you. Did new. Thank you for the call Mary we do appreciate it candy. Yeah I. You so you've been through something like this Telus would what are your thoughts. Okay says he thousand I I would dating somebody does I think we have a developing relationship shall I can't that there was another way. I hit hard here screeched. I didn't show up pretty good marriage cracked his chipping was in the okay. Oh week ended at eighteen mad after eating got married my kids we're in the wedding my daughter staying away. And it still had not current mean anything bad and I hate it content taking thought okay alcohol that's okay. Six weeks go by. Acting sell high catch him after the bathroom and I was okay stop and think that going not. He tells me that when he's a freshman in college he got me. Now he expected him ally called the matter how. Ice started hearing about the investigation and I went back to his college it's. And heat to try it be back with wind which he instrument very well act and its tablet scrimmage and oh you're very cool and pray mood might rip sets you know still think he could go to that church he wasn't. CPU. Are right it is not a victimless crime. Fool twelve years I can't recall this bowl memory three here with knowledge of knowing me I surely. Dear actually emotionally. Might hit it well really belt that's very I guess wanna keep that out there. So do you think she. I mean didn't these things don't sound similar. Yeah yeah yeah it will come out elites yeah. But I mean at least he's had a relations what are they had they have kids together. But I mean he could just be dad dying words he's just as you get older. This skirt and had relations with other women tired or else. TV and don't let him he'd do it very well ground and now I don't emanating a few that are fairly definite kink down at labor. I can't do all he can't. OK I was gonna ask you how it's not a new lemon I'm blaming you but how things as a female to run I felt like I. And you don't you shouldn't play yeah. Mikey and I love my how old and I blocked everything became the norm. So if you've got to find out and even if they go to counseling together. All are I mean it's hard question to ask I just turned into a private investigator and I found out. Swap out here need no thanks for sharing your pain with the ES. It's Oki yeah thank you for the car and we do appreciate it that is summer earlier nailed it from the very beginning it's not it's if if he is day it's got to come on now because there are people. Expecting you husband release things you don't if you never plan on the filling those. You gotta let. Did there's victims in this crime rate it's not not being days crime but you this just afraid though when you media when you've told somebody that you're gonna yes. Kelly. Thank you are disguised. Com what do you think about this. Wal-Mart and they may have I don't think could be difficult climate for much of both are true that she question yeah yeah but the problem I think. If you're in a relationship with someone who you know like we're gonna you would not question being are related to radio station or. I did record trying to tell us something. You probably over one abortive. If they're. It's almost. So it's almost like this guy's trying to defraud her idol rip Iraq I don't I don't know what your Max from a point of her being consumed just yet yeah yup. I see that. Calmly and I agreed if someone who turned out to be day and I kind of knew all along put. Both factors that made me question a little quirky group and sort of being per structural. Ray but the worst qualities it. On on sorrow those are those qualities are that major stay in the W you're getting when you needed out of that relationship even though he was not. Yeah. I was a great relationship but I have looked like you all really excited new company look often they're when we broke up sure not hear they're being bitter. Trust. A yeah I remember they would actually prefer to question him being entered usually are. So we'll do it and you certainly calls. Venus. I yeah I yeah you would use it. Pushed so. Call it I wouldn't flirting and I dated a woman named Sarah who although in my sorority and the theory was. That she wanted to be a boy well we group got a we broke up and lo and behold there became Bennett and. While so you don't you sell to you knew it the whole time. I used to ask her about ideally very sure that you don't wanna be a boy and eighty was because she knew that was what I would enter then no button. I really now that Benny is. Any. I am glad Benny Benny. Boca but he wouldn't you wouldn't Dave beneath. Now I would never date anyway but it I think because I cared about Sarah. Now I understand like you pound you really want to be need to be so I still. Love that person even though the break up with the growth. So then candy Kenny needs to be come from the it's it's tough because she needs an answer for her own good but she needs to sell it lights. I I want to help you be happy so if you're gay. I wanna help you be the best gay man you can be and help you transition how does this Stanley that's cool. So just he's it's if it's religious reasons or whatever and he's entrenched in the why he's not he's going to be like oh thank god. Yes you know he's got to zero lead what Sarah did her like no god no god no one no I don't give away. But really you might shoot even though can be seen signs and her husband she solo would disguise she still loves I suppose if she wasn't they've given the card Dana we appreciate it. TD. Yeah I nice please each. I know OK at my husband and I have been together for quite some time on my husband it's your traditional big. You know extra cheer recovery package you recant and you think he's. You are big Mac going back rates when my. When we first got to get X my parents thought he would get a beer can that the. He shortened gave art. He. Makes friends with everybody but I will it wore the traditional like. Guy bonding sort of stay on he has would you kitchen Nellie and much more examine it. Stretch. And nick how a lot of people have you know the question like you know K you know which cited people aren't predicting you know if he's not. But it shirt and I think you can hit the nail on how to sleep earlier about the way our generation is being great imagery for its single mom he didn't handle mail. Arm into it at all whatsoever except her little bit Brothers. And you know you look at guys in our generation who are raised by only women and you're going to have a more Ayman generally. You know it's not dissolved salt errors on us leaving no bombs and all its men who choose not to be in their kids via. I don't think there's any Bocachica generational thing is just the latest bet that a lot of pressure being rainy days. If you're only raised by a woman and you only have a female interaction and or asking a role model those. Treat your going to be back. While good point candy. So then Peyton if they even call a bottom line did she puts it what what you know they've we hate it when the answer is just communicate with the answers she there's no. I mean short of her setting up play get Craig's list ad scam. To trick him in did proving that he's gay she's got a flat out. She's got to say are you gay all right can I help you be more of what you wanna be any p.s oh yeah and if he says no. That may still not be the truth because dean de Curtis is not. You don't automatically go answer yes on the first time somebody gas see you cry you may never get closure on this. I know you guys have resource is anything links to psychiatrists for candy but it's trying to help aroused some more on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.