Slacker and Steve - OPP: Nanny's Naughty Kids 5/3

Tuesday, May 3rd

Candy is a nanny who watches over naughty children. The children are unruly because their father who works from home gives them candy all day, even at night. She wants to correct this behavior but doesn't want to over step her boundaries. What should she do?


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And soul who makes a better parent or parents or. I mean you are talking off air I was like would you. You take advice. From a nanny over trusting your own parenting skills are absolutely because I have no parenting skills I would even earn one watering could stay normal day you would get a nanny just so you know to do when you know that in I would learn the little essentials from the nanny is I got nothing and I wanna learn from someone that's got experience in a fire there and they have no experience and ice -- get it it's learning to drive a car and thinking you're a better car driver than Mario Andretti who drives a car for a living isn't even really wants did you view and ice media should shut the hell out for a sack any minister means that name I need the young nanny is he Jimmy. Tips on how to be a terrorist resides as weird you might be weird that we're gonna find out because. Candies actually on the phone can be. I think what you tell us what's going on. So every day and who are in the dad will come up get caught here a couple of saint. And I go back down basement but and curled my act can sort continue to look it and then. Like 7:30 in the morning when they get all the action then they get really not each other actually Dana White men and not a concert. Just just to clarify. You don't you watch TED these children all day but she's zero all is well also but he just he's got a home office or something. Are you heard him. Lawyer. OPEC is so she's ruining. Your whole next. I appreciate. That and they election Neuberger like. They won't listen with short. But it but it but if this doesn't have a they have like fruit or green vegetables and they're like angels. I can't they didn't have any GE NN. We didn't have any cannot get on top we had a really good day. And you can you wanna tell your boss that he's doing general. Trying you action. On the planet foreign not to get. Engineers are there other cookie that so early in the game I don't want to like aren't that I boundary is. Lying a lot of care. Right disease he's the hero he's trying to be the hero for itself. And he is a hero and you horrors in Toronto the dirty dozen banks cop bad cop yes absolutely now do the net but he's. Every time and they asked me India I would say no because they're at RE international riots. Good are we have. Burn when you're trying to get him to do something. Do they ever. Circumvent U encoding and they go downstairs and then go like you know can you won't let us slob like you we let us do it. So this is the only time he override zeal. And there's like the only kind that Billick seemed like I never got it off. Anything candy. So you think she she doesn't know what he's doing it on purpose you just think he doesn't know any better he is and no new apparent shouldn't do that or maybe. Don't think I mean no it's not to do and I don't think I think that ER. Just think I don't know I think you think it's okay. White people that. We have to do airlift that being not until I. Besides that sure as worn off and all your time outs and all you're giving them good protein and dairy and fruits in one night. They're they're kicked in to good care homes all we ask to see is the end result of what you do and you've got to take up the pieces from here is. Little sugar tirade at 7:30 in the morning while. Romney's real quick reducer regents professors no sugar early you know it's rude earlier to get a ma'am stuff like this is no breakfast. For me in my house amateurs are younger. Then they do any you'd like to do animals like drinkable squeezed below whenever the shooter than they do their sugar in there all alone. You. Or they have like cheese or something string cheese or younger I start would dare you read it. There's onto a fruit so it's like banana are something Tina straight Jeff the Hillary camp strategies in the yogurt major mouse. To sweeten the on the strawberries and sour did you want my entire. So this I I give my kids didn't like my kids want. Frosted flakes I need to frosted flakes in the house it's not an option apologize for that OK this guy can just candy in my house for my kids said. China twits Barbara for school I would be likes. Ashley just you know there's crashed into the U jerk. The kids are going to be enhanced and they're gonna crash. In their second lesson of the day and the teachers can have a salacious dame it's and he's wrecked in his shoes and he's a teacher he is a no you got a Q and you've got to see something you've got to pull aside and go look she's doing this. Yeah you are guys who don't know. Oh you're mad at the things you're doing any more to do. Is try to sign other meanings. Who hadn't stepped in and corrects. And parent to parents. Yeah I mean yeah I know this sucks for you. We appreciate you trying to help out you don't just FYI my my name is leaving soon so I'll and the fact that maybe you can come forward in my house and renewed I don't give my kids any sugar and took the act. All of the Tom Taylor I don't see anywhere you. And that's she's going to be here's a no easy it is and always doing it wrong so we can do artillery position. And this musician plays music and sometimes Stephen I listened to a songs playing you know really. What why are they claim that. Would you want to come home and tell the guy you programs through. He had damages from now that's what we deal with CCD what candy as well her main job is to what. Protects the kids keep them say so is candy making them unsafe when you have this is the Texas is a bad thing. It's not a good thing but it's just making her job harder. Scioscia has to do all day and you know it's serious and it's not good nutritionally from just I don't know how I I don't know day. I so I'm torn because yes I think she's right and I teaching music corrected by you and I both know the the worst thing you can ever do to any parent on the planet. Is tell them what to do to correct their stuff don't ever try to pair right SCSI instantly go defensive in Kenya may end up unemployed. Is she tries to correct to step towards the mom what's your word is just fine as. Through this area and I. Plus a lot of nannies we want to many deals if you had to correct a period. What do you do when the parent to screwing something up how do you actually. Like tax slowly almost guide them ideals or let him right by better helmet as a duo and think how do you. If the kids series and still keep your jobs saves at the same time a merry chase. Yeah I yeah. I'm actually had been any. On. Up though not as altered its air it out I will be. And it doesn't really it got there really actually though what I ate and I had to deal it they. Said no mom I'd like to talk to you on. How do you want an open date at all like you that they inhabit the how they're really. You're really said that sit down we use our time. Now I just like. You Kelly you know. Like she did gain that she would know. A little earlier very spoilt and she never told now and though I would that you expected that how are now. And her mother actually who has cared less than. We weren't making any progress that I didn't that. Do you want to say no. I need you evacuation. Like. Okay and it worked out so that I don't told how it would help me and that's. How I. You know I mean. We don't have kids. This is is for me you lost your car it's your point. He even might. I can help. Not always need the help you movies in the and it's better for the kids. Read I'm I'm here to cut. The didn't seem to eat you your making logical sense right now. And you're not a parent yet you still recoil in horror when she first started saying well that's. Well some of the things that I see you're doing it's like you know that that's your your basically screaming her seriousness. Come. Unlike the that they are not getting the right thing you know like I congress and. Especially when your dude you're talking about the one thing we do that actually happens I mean don't quit her job is great link your kids are missing their legs neatly. We we don't want you tell me screw I sucked as a disc jockey but don't tell me I such as apparent to me it's. It's bad that. It's really at my job and I got it for help you think you can get your job room. You're helping me help you. Ultimately it now liar K all you did irrigate dobbs Oreo. A good point. Thank you gonna call me T you're clearly in case the I would never it's our enemy students higher on this so I would I've not seen I would fired just. Ultimately I'd like to think that on the cooler heads now and I'm not you're excited I'm Cheryl. Hi I'm not. I'm who you say. I think it issued baby Eric yeah the end amber yeah it easier Joker not because if they are hyper aren't sure if not misbehaving hit. A home. So do tell yeah what it's she is a nanny she stand in the house all day. Okay. Okay so then in eight. Key while he's working in the basement as a lawyer whenever he's rarely comes up just to give the kids cookies in the morning just committed 730 in my tosses small backgammon and isn't nice to know that shook her strong enough. Some Suton a source nice team and I. It's early so you can't needs rather than any agency can't handle our. She sang on the days where he doesn't do that where she stays down in the basement. There are no timeouts sad day these kids are aliens because they are not stamped up and make cabinet sugar crash I don't I don't mean. I I have children and I I know that they use if your children are truly well behaved a little sugar we can overcome it. But at the same time. A little sugar can help them make some pretty well during that sugar crash my kids make some really colossal league bad to say I. I yeah it's OK okay so we're the brother. We are we ever gathered that. Now she's is listening so we don't we don't know I mean if I sound like to data just is just cover it. Well OK okay so as the nannies on the nanny I would speak to the mother and the other together with the children. Whip that children now without the Joker credit eighty hear it and 88 year one page. Because edit edit nanny my cap that's what I'm doing right now I think nanny now I'm I want to a six month old currency crisis bad. Bad and that may Andy you DB on the same page. That kids need to be on that day with you wouldn't cute CV that appeared now. Get your kids and we can't figure get away with that they're each and nobody here that they'll play that any in the spirit that we get a voluntary Brando. There were on the same page. I Cheryl I'd love what you're saying I think it works on paper but what makes it feels almost like. Your dressing me down in front of my kids. No no no no no not no no no no no not yet on how do you do it you're talking. There's there's that communication between appear at. Eight and you let didn't endear her dignity and their children. The aware that there may have been eight and doesn't matter need to be brought in the loop because see that also these not a a single spirit. I mean we didn't we are all a the dialogue that Dorsey excellency to get a sharp. Says. Yeah yeah because kids. People and their kids did it that's a touchy thing and you have to be careful it and you have to protect your doubt that well. So oh sure I tip that the nanny writes yes no I mean also like garlic I got a I like maybe I could there be no I don't own any French and by the time I'm detonating at her or are we go to preschool but. Yet I. I go bad or because I I have around and I know how they can beat. And I would definitely cocky and they let him know look you're not losing her and you're not doing your kids and his neighbors Arnold's Molina do not to mention there teach. Yeah so thank. You've got a call Cheryl to those who allow you new. Still no no good did no I don't know out on papers here. You lose his craft a mentally and expunge it doesn't ordinarily would solve the and do you edit the I love Britney. And I when he's there and. I am better and any turn to Gary at different types of your keys on people all I think Al need to do just highly suggest you know. I'm in earning him the delta and in the morning we've been having a lot of heat real issue and you know to be a I think it be a bad idea I again the girl in the end of the day either work or it could be easier. Am I mean. Than any is there to do your job and to get you getting cheated you bet she's all means am I helping. A barrel tab could be easier if they're having action I. I'm being bad debt nation begin any in the first place guy you're correct. I'm liking our little girl and what that suggests this thing you know this isn't working parents Owen sound anything but eat well do what I would suggest is we try that. You know. It's kind of get congestion not really telling him what do you interpret that may need completely I cannot thank you are like Allah give an idiot of the day. Instead and I don't they have been that he needs. I would do that in that chair of our core. Technically aren't all that it was a billion during the day anyways. I'll cheat they he should now. Now my girl Larry today I don't know why I hit it because they eat and an even in the evening it's all right. While all 818880. Tree first thing in the morning. Some kind of think Digg go well when you made suggestions than they were they wide open tutor did they get defensive when you try to tell somebody maybe nation tried to differ my. Not to let people I have kind Arabic. Correct inclement beat army were not. I didn't see it I was Smyrna peppered with I didn't want to be like you know I'm gonna cheer its spread that thing through their school. Should be an airplane while they are busy working or going on the DR. EL. And it's my job Lou let them know that aren't. You know this is the way it sort backs and what you teachers do exports are students they made. How parent what became cool to learn to about their ability or to behave at about their ability. Doubt he needed could happen or not the courage and it's something a little at union and having it that they eat your chain will be like a very big topic. I'm much concern means that there's a lot of let it be to talk to cheer about about a kid being bad by aren't. I mean actually they're hi I'm Andy. Just need a seated need to colony now let's let's give that Cheney for Debbie eager earlier in the day that we've been having to. We don't you ask why some asked her I Lu an easy call 800 thank you for they're I celebrity we do appreciate it is I'm Liane. I don't what do you think's. I'm pretty any courier I am a summer. And I tried to touch a parent they weren't an anemic and I am and the kids were terrible for me. Like after the parent instead I am like this picture hopeless chain as you do it and I'll kind of means I'm. I graduate parent Hyundai each did and a green and I didn't bring it it was a team or six yards and do you. Haven't happened Friday in front of smothered hit the neighbor kids out and a guy. The really opposite experience for me back. Ease yeah well I decided that that was not a good edit they turn me out of their hearing I know. You go for a back I didn't wanna be any part of it and buy into it she had the conversation instead you know. What happened today when he gave them candy and then what happened yesterday and it wasn't joking. Maybe I'm not that the national panic and I eat it right then seal it for another job. They did you quit since. Oh. Dad after the bad start talking about it than me. Today that I yeah. You would. Yeah Dell would be the eye opener when a six year old is LSU that's like two put the brakes on do you pump the brakes smoke both. And yeah. I guess not end well I am now when he started they had on me I bet. That bank and when you need are your time. Every day eighty with a Camry it it's really important urge you get. While it's true thank you four in the calling and we appreciate it. Armed bottom line is I think she's gonna have to confront students is gonna be prepared to lose her job but that's what it's she. If you wanna give candy anymore advice or apply to be mine if anything. I'm online FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve spray ons.