Slacker and Steve - OPP: No Regrets Later in Life 7/17

Monday, July 17th

Destiny is off to college soon and she doesn’t want to have regrets when she’s older. She always hears older people say they regret not doing something they wish they would have, or they wish they didn’t do something that they did. Destiny is looking for advice, and to hear some of your regrets and how to avoid them. What regrets do you have?


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And number one we had net exercise we had to write a letter to our eighteen year old sell some of them that's kind of what today's PP is for Ferrara BP writer. No destiny. See you guy guys yeah I. Probably a lot of OPPs won't feel would do this on the radio but here's mine. Some dirty and getting ready to leave for college soon I'm always hearing older people say they regret doing things they wish they didn't or not doing the things they wish they would have. I don't wanna have a lot of regrets when I'm older can you maybe have some people tell me what their regrets are in life and how to avoid them. What things should I do and I'm young and what things should I stay away from what should I see. What stuff most people do that's a waste of time thanks guys this is does the. Colin welcome to our rookie took up. Arms. It's this is like a really. It's a really simple question but it's also really. I feel like to. She was right like we probably shouldn't do this on radio and minutes seem time. I did what to do this for three days on the radio there 'cause there's so many regrets. Regrets about what did you and regrets so why didn't I do them but what but what would be the first attack. Her going off to college I I was kinda serious I think. My suggestion is don't regret anything Nolan back. Have no regrets just gal just do everything you want and then sure Ol eagle guy I want to do who cares you did it is awesome really had no regret any united. You don't you don't regret anything OL it's. He's done enough. Oh era credit but it's doing and I think I think my thing would be. I would I would not in. Feel I'm I would have as many relationships as humanly possible relations. No relationships I don't like every old relationships. I mean they do not be done doesn't have to be with au Aurora to this meet people I think that was one of my biggest things is like I guiding in. Riots of like this is micro. In these in these are gonna be my core of friends and this is. This is it and then. Knew things would be a deal before me like as on a friendship level or whatever might. And that's how I got friends oh you wanna expand your friend horizon or your circle of acquaintances because as you get older. The G don't but I. This is so hard because I know so many people who don't let go high school. There is that you you can't tell me that we if you went back to what attain or whenever it wherever it is. Eighty some percent of those people are still there are all still friends that go to the same Boris they do all the same crap as they used to do. They're all pretty much in the same vicinity yes that's all the stuff that's the last what they wanted but I think I think. I was sort of that minute getaways from the initial clip mom high school but I got out and I'm like well how will fluctuate. She made it even some like you were in an official click and high school I need you were the I us. Listen I wasn't she knew you when you and me and I was in their. By the time. Let's high school I had my run of the clinics because you're generally good what I was allowed in all of them because they Sami played Arnold sudden Boca the jocks and embraced me more than they ever had was like in the moment I'm just gonna colon girls girls and Australia but like I was like oh my god I'm gonna like try to break free of all this. And I broke free and in the first group of people that I was with like Mike and compiled terrorism like this is it. And I never did it again by CQ what do you say I just might reassess my first staying would be did you got to just keep. New king your life and starting over but I would say. He opened two new crap all the time but don't don't say I don't like dad because I didn't like him when I was seven yet just. All all that stuff that I did in my life my biggest regret is heating grow. I didn't grow as much as I think I could ask you you can affect you kind of stunted yourself a little bit must make that we all do that I think it's one of those things where it's site. I didn't light. This is just terrible example I like stuffing when I was trying to go Turkey stuffing. And so. Down sixteen a limo be like try it and I know is I don't like he's fifteen years ago on my growing minimum 26. And I try to like. All. I. Multiply it times real stuff in your life Sasha. Like all I try zip lining when I was fourteen and it sucks on me for doing that again OK I don't try to get so close off avenues. Sure making so we just talked for like eighteen minutes and that's all I meant until we have we have I don't think. He might steamroller who sang it very well okay would you do what would you to mean. Other than don't have any regrets do you is there were a link. One thing you wish you darn. For me it's like a personal thing it was shorter pursued my baseball career a little further as opposed to denial time party insiders can ask you about drugs do you think. I don't think you tell yourself to do as many or do the same amount or do you lessons that I've never regretted guy yeah I wouldn't you guys are young and about thirteen which so little. Watts but I don't think that's young in today's world at all OK as most people go to she regrets or no I mean that's when I start wrestling star and see that's why I I would love to go back to maybe change things and I think to myself right now why. It all all roads lead to were Imad Knauss of a change one thing. I'm among a different road somewhere else could it be better going to be worse who knows I like the road like the capitalism. That's that's cool damp so maybe maybe your initial advice of don't regret. Is doing. No there's consequences oh well you know in five years who cares. Also on the other hand I got to look at my nephew he made some life choices young and he's still kind of pain for him now and now he's might have to. Dragnet baggage with him for awhile don't do that oh I am a great suggests OK okay here real. Do financially secure as fast as humanly possible. The fallout from not being financially secure the stress. Everything that that entails. It's just it's who you are trying to get your potent group 128 it's too late. I think so you'll eventually get there but it's kind of two and no kid that age wants to be financially responsible I had a little bit held because I got some money bequeath to block off all the fallout than the stress that comes with not being efficient and financially secure now worth it try and try your best to do this. You want ire is concentrating on my finances in night. I wonder what they each each inning you're listening pictured your eighteen year old self destiny ready to. She's packing up her Honda Accord the fifth full of all the crap she needs for dorm room and she's like what should I do what you and not do their clubs I should join sure even tried to school what. What is on this road astronomy. Helping make some decisions before the decisions are directly in front and at least you attempt to college I never did but I never really regret that. I don't I don't regret going and I don't regret leaving Oka I don't I don't regret either one but I regret I had to pay a little bit rate. But it's like whatever but are you move on yes and you'll regret looking back I wish Oregon my degree in this in this throughout this I think I would have regretted staying in school when that tour Pete. It was this is this is like not literal but when the tour bus pulled out I got the call it's and stay there you wanna go out on the road. College isn't going anywhere but that road right I would and I think my biggest regret would have been not answering that call. And so I'm glad I got I I'm glad I got on the bus because you accused of America which is more expensive so trying to get back there alone long. So bottom line is this destiny wrote us saying what are your regrets. What are you wish you had Dunwoody was who hadn't done. She's like I assume an eighteen year old ready to start her life this steer her in the good way you would you do places ago if you've got some advice like that he would really be helpful. Katie. I. I would tell her aren't shaking out don't you don't you don't want to deal I'll be afraid of me and people that are not liking you it it you know you gotta thank. You have to learn to play now. Not race. No is the you know some people it's the will never learn how to do that you know what it is it's an I think you and I both habit of caesar's. So what are men and you don't wanna say no but you're just laid down on many days so it's better. Just saying they don't know what it's like it's so much we always do that almost got I'd love to go to that dinner and then it's like your last mommy outcome of this. Or elaborate ruse where an uncle flew in downtown and as. Just say you know just don't know I can't and in fact it actually to be honest that's not something I even kind of wanted to yeah theory could be Odyssey this. Coyotes are making do and do analyst David what. What do you wish she would said no to his or something it drives that trio. I can contingent of people ask me now can he hopped where. Eighty wanna go out here on your your great they compete formality and let you anymore but it. They're just saying now that it can't double track and. That is true. No is learn so you know there's an art tell no tales yeah I mean. Just say no I'm just managers and you can sometimes be harsh to my friends who say. Now it doesn't sound like me. At first Easter hurt my feelers and now Mike oh my god that's awesome. I know they you're just rather than coming in being miserable little time to do New England only a last minute side rather just say no and a nice suite are all in my uterus thank you root of all that's fallout all that crap. They give to god gave me great advice I'm Justine. Hi what advice after destiny or yourself back in time. I'm actually going to be a senior at imperial college and my big injury gravel is not making connections with people my freshman year that I thought I know what it might pull out without. Own prejudged. Adding that tiger Aaron you're pretty deadly right decline it would mean there are also anti about ecology at going to be the same way. But going in the nineteen year and actually brand with a lot of girls they wouldn't they are banging out my freshman year. Bob what the what finally snaps you out of it and guide you to like keep you open your mind them. Now Obama. That at but really. Duties. Actually I'm gonna firebrand lane going there imparted those people are a team. They never really beat me up with people are. So you wish she'd just done that's not the alcohol thing sooner you wish she'd just been more open than other people and other experiences sooner. Which is Smart Justine because you need to make those contacts in college and important people that you can use in your further adult why. Is everything for you gonna have value it's easy I thought it doesn't have it's just value is the friendship. Well. You know it's what we did out of -- you everything's like somehow this networking saying it's there and end up to see you know old ghoul and they're gonna tell you why the stock this we see me. But it's it. I mean that's a value for you can actually learn something from blades. Eating out of your bride's. But I just Justine I just set a sense that he has no response to you can't see outside of the people jumping up every time you hear word from steam on here it's when he jumps high enough to get on the Microsoft target not a loser right out of the grooves system his well laid right. So arms. Do you think you've been yet you only did it for a couple years to ruin your life by by judging these people you wish she'd just done it sooner. I can't actually can mess about on that college experience goes straight years. Okay thank you Brokaw I will say this that is the biggest thing for me like I was saying before. If you're going to college. And establish. Well goal and soak it all and unless you're going the community college like two blocks from where your high schoolers we need destiny when you walk junior college. Nobody knows a yearly girl asks you can beat and he's saying and they need but don't you don't. Don't let those eighteen years and of elementary school middle school and high school baggage determined you are. You you wanna BA should be due for Astaire and like where Pachulia and do their thing and played. And be that nobody's really liked how would you change your stuff. You know stuff yesterday great advice you can beat anybody really wants to be any any any if you sir feel like your lights in a rut. But you've done this during a radio guy. Moved to a new city and beat start over you're certainly aren't I'm tired of being seaweed on Steve chase now I live in Cape Cod where exactly now hold different personality and everything I screwed up here I can start fresh layer and unless somebody from your high school your last job or whatever is there anyway if they argued blank black and this has always been me sorry I was faking a back to blow like that but talks have. Tom. Yeah now the way I wasn't saying you do it and saying that's what people say how. I know my camera range from everyone because I was such and such a chess player dynamos like if I do that it's gonna lead that's late in them and end up. In a home somewhere so I like I didn't try and I would checkers player cited everything. If this is the OK Tom so what what would you tell decimate. Alitalia that hearts goal next technical seriously and living it up in college and don't expect protection from the potential mate and don't be afraid to move to a different city state. He's OK don't be afraid to move is one of the ones we are just talking about a minute ago that's like. Embraces. Is it's a thing that we talked about awhile ago where like at least 80% in your graduating class is still within ten miles of your high school. Sites. I'm torn from Michigan next and other Intel short or twelve years in the literature in 2000 and I absolutely enjoyed it but I'm ready to move back I'm ready to move again probably to Florida. Just he's just keep refreshing the scenery when you can always go back you can yeah it's not going anywhere that's good great advice on we appreciate it. Jennifer. Yeah I would advice her destiny. Got Stephanie has tried to punch my eighteen year old bell and the eighth. It would be explore around and cashing in an investment account I only have like grand in there. But I was here agent I decided I needed and a motorcycle and a gun anti continued these. I think the mall any length and excited just let it set up so much money right now no matter what you do you put money any baby girl. And I get it mostly us that agent and I'm living for today I want to someone and now one that I wanna wait. Fry yourself gratification now as I might die next year's it was screwed warriors are meant a lot of people also same way it put twenty bucks in savings account what's good for but if you do it and I analysts. And then you whether or you know let him I know you can if you can leave it alone. Put simply restored the only respects these two pennies that's for pennies AB keep doubling the how much Ethel and eventually boom its own you have to track time yeah it's hard sell your advantage though. So like are you penniless now I mean you are is that. Grass real well now I've started overt but I could I had so much more meaning that twenty years ago. I'm you know and OK but I could have been an online. I'll call this sheer number of times I've looked at the stock and said. That's the one and then I'm like now on Mac and do it I only have a thousand bucks like I can name the times in one them was apple now back in the beginning. What is gateway when you're you're sorry they're not in euros a year they do and it's still there's all these things from light their homes tax. Roy eats a vitamin water was one that I got to my inside slots. He's just look we want to put a thousand in a two bit pointing that happened. Everybody is a big court I don't become a much did technology got nobody years ago and you put a thousand and. Two months ago it be worth like ten million U putting him when I first heard about it it be like a billion. Dollars right now at the time I don't know you it's too you coined exactly. Ever played I could buy a more recycle Laura New York. Yeah as soon as the debut general goes all worked out for you think that's a terrible. Daniel Boone ER yeah I was your sage advice. Darden had morals I had a chance. Purdue wins so I'll see Obama didn't miss learn how to say yes it's. I Daniel skulls are your biggest regret is nice not dumping your morals sooner should exit the present it. Let it hides I can meet 1121. Closer to my class that's she does thank you Daniel always a pleasure. It's you're really hard to follow Daniel's advice. But I feel we can keep this going masks are FaceBook page to be the pays it any college student goes to a house. Saw currencies FaceBook page and read all the things we shouldn't do before we go. Real things we should do yeah. And and and avoid the regrets prepares to create our own new list just does still have regrets right just me I like that duo different ones. Our FaceBook page will be the hub so if you wanna tell destiny or any other kids it's about to go off to college. What did you regret doing we're not doing tell us about it so they can avoid your mistakes.