Slacker and Steve - OPP: Overly Affected by Death 5/19

Friday, May 19th

Chris Cornell’s death was tragic…but our OPP is already sick of the reaction to his passing! Hear her OPP and tell her if you agree with her.


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Staying on the so when celebrities die it's not a great thing obviously but on some people are affected by it. More than others apparently some people do is get mad about anything you have to somehow I think. So celebrity deaths are sort of the subject of today's OPP. And Kara. I'm not ID tell us what's going on my feet wide and Chris Cornell hatred for. Her okay it's a well look wouldn't under the banner here and wanted to do this whole short tiny iron impeachment. Or. It's an Alley and does not match. It's been reported and all while you think about it asks. Bob players here you don't shy and solitary looks. Each page he would do to get our internal power. You are are more. She would even go how late. Owner Rupert he thought. We're human euros and increased pretty tidy the day hey how do you ever met him. Yeah. Hello I am not never heard him like never. Even bin depiction media and I park and. But yeah he's. It's okay go at it like it's important spotted it while. Mom and I'm. But it hurts him on this tour. Makes you. I think you spend it can be dollar and downloading and how much money he keeps you know we bought into trouble even monitored quiet. You know an arrow fired her sins and I didn't he and light. You know we're daycare not a money down and hit me back. He's a musician and he also going to be under the plea like cover songs of Chris Arnold. And he was never end audio slave or sound argue was never any of these things before. We've OK maybe you heard him play you know I'm like why didn't. Maybe but it wouldn't light on the minds and they and each. You know where I don't know what they want to get me into this. Is it just limited to do so so I guess what you're saying is your husband is overly affected. By celebrity deaths is easy and just. Musicians or like when Robin Williams died was he liked. Downloading this is doubts her name when Steve Jobs died did he go by an iMac can make it happen how far does this gal. Oh I really don't know where neither can I print and then. Now with critics liken it it's in the border than where each item like a learning impaired. And I'm honored in my we're gonna how much trying to implement RP. I think you're saying his grieving it's longer and longer with each death than he. I'm not expect it cost to change in the early months a year and it didn't damn good. Now only guys once in a lifetime so that Trump's own service kiosks. Alone. She's learned what is a shrine entail exactly which are we talking about putting up pictures in. And meg gold records public what do you know what is in there it have you seen diagrams of the shrines. Diagram. I mean a packet with a riot that he got my old records variety eBay some loops in any way I don't know I mean what do you Walton chunk it. That he's narrow win here I'll never want to beat you never went to the contrary. Secure us. So you've done this through through this before with him is so you've been supportive your kind you you go along with you don't understandable like whatever you know I'm their forum. But it sounds like you're just over and now you wanna put forth Africa's wanna go dude not get off you're not out and failure. You heard it. We are very. You but Sarah. Have you ever been affected by a death of somebody you didn't know but ever waged when princess di died did that affect you win win. I am trying to think of so let me like she did the girl from the boys whose name Tripp grainy and it Kristi oh me whenever. You. Need you can buy insurance Barack. I think about you now urged Karbala and issued last year it significantly more old match that action. It the old stopped me in my which acts for do you. It's stopping him from ever relational museum. It's a great question Maria are you still haven't relation like yeah how tough it was as an effective and affecting him. I think I'm here. It died flexing her way of getting a draft in the morning and Bynum but it can spot could still banks they it. I'm not ideology he suggests. And she meant it you PA and. News you know and clumsy usually take himself out of the other ones with prints capacity snapshot I want. Congress who wouldn't. A neat we can have. Bombs and so it's just musicians. You know I've won a judge the guy I feel judgment coming off of Steve's them so I'm gonna I'm gonna play devil's advocate for a second because. And it it in this should come as no surprise you remember. That I wore jeans and a black shirt from like three weeks on my job Monroe after Steve Jobs sash he resigned it was slaves she was. You're in and I never met the man right but I don't I I wasn't a disciple of sorts like a bot I don't a lot of apple products but like I get it. Like why he sat I think a lot of ads people can get affected win. But I knew people would Heath Ledger died make shots down. As he was like. He was a heartthrob he's an up and comer he's any had some really edgy roles between broke back in the Joker in nights. In so some people would be death instant amnesty couldn't you know what their lives and have relations is yes. Care you're not alone terrible oh I'd I'd seeing each. I think it's a little weird that he wasn't a stand before that I worry gets weird for me is liked to yours is looking to Google Trends the other day. And like Cornell was like. The number one search in that site. Three days earlier. Nobody gave a flying asks about golf so Cornell looked like zero to sixty you barely sell out the Sox and Detroit yes and now. It's nice to. Everyone cheers sees his family's going to be taking care of for life because I T makes it easier missiles so you don't really nice tune soon and whatever but armed. Carol we're trying to do use some like I don't know if we approach your husband and go. Like smacked him in the face intrigued she'll win the baby picture of Chris Cornell though you know this isn't he says now it's like then why you crying. A righty I don't know this man. Yeah your intimate with Kara your girlfriend your girl you don't know this court all your spending all her time with his Cornell death year after this unhealthy. It it seems. Unless healthy you're right here due time it may be old Peter our and its owner and on I don't know barrel beach seems like a really long time to mourn somebody you didn't know I mean we don't everybody grieves different that you didn't. Menu what is a match after weeks of press started Leo simmering down a little bit maybe he's simmer down I don't know. Our Wolfowitz Tara hang on we're gonna we're gonna hang on. This seems like a really trivial PP but I'm telling you right now. When you've Kim Kardashian indicted today all how many women would be dead they stayed paid it. Without I have no reason is kids died here due earlier you know none of you know her. So actually you know yeah I mean you know or because you see your own reality TV you know her right so. Noise affect why is it's we heard a few weeks for death it's for death itself I mean what was the name of the dude you missed. He was Bruce Lee's kids over robbery and thinly spread. I was deeply affected by that guy because on the size like Bruce Lee's son and he got invited shrapnel when I was night. He just never know but I mean. I does all the dry no but I would I mean it was effective but I wasn't this but I I as I get older I start to see them. Not not to play it like dished the shrine is where I go on it and you would you would have relations he would fight through it yeah yeah. I invite thorough yeah I died I still. Really Siemens I don't know if the last. All right sort of trying to help carry out her her man is overly affected by the death of Chris Cornell he did the same thing Princeton I am. If you ask somebody in your life that overly mourned somebody they didn't even know. Are you allowed to smack upside the head no to quit being weird too poor or is it do you do you support him no I'm sorry for your loss of a person. Then you only know on TV what can carry due to get over this home's chassis. The guy what do you think. Why do you think we get so late in Bob didn't meet the lottery quietly and I just remember when Robin Williams tiny like we were all expect it because some ain't that big. Pat they meant that I he and Nokia all these problems underlying ejecting out. Like just little me and do you know all yeah I mean my. Up to you when Robin Williams guys you might personally but I don't remember like they are going. I got a slight. He was so funny so happy nobody in the candy underlying problem. And then it just really. Really like wow how many friendly can high altered the motion for a mental. Connecticut so affected by that is somebody we the other aches and these people and I highlight the issue I entered into its head he would I'll live and highlight. You kind of makes us little people go whoa what's this gonna happens mussina can pull pull him vulnerable. Yet what exactly did you fall into any of it so Kathy did you like. Download a couple movies would you go home and watch like dead poet's society in cry your eyes out. I only know immediately went out by airline didn't without firing at play now I locked down like a Hewitt match and good actor. Yeah daily talk about it and I'll commit without firing its like get ready it ever played out. Nobody right it's a great loss of talent and that's sad. And not you know I have to admit what you see in on this is self harm like my kids got into it a few months before he died and almost no connection no movies do you your kids were into it and now. So we got home which is a common like my son has riding he came home. And I had missed out fire on and they sat there and we watch it together and their last thing. Yeah I don't know me. I'm because it I'm weeping and near there like what is wrong with you this is hilarious there's a death but it brought your fairly it was a good silly moment for you was but at no point did I start getting out its own board and hit my local hobby story and start buying in shadow boxing writes may you shrug. Yeah I had a little bit jittery day streak going but I think it does affect their talent different ways. And maybe he's just how many inner struggle what can help kill. OK this is as good points since he's been a college athletes we appreciate it mark. Yes yeah what do you think. I can't control our age you know Chris Cornell and root owning. And I spoke to some degree I understand. The impact if he can have on people. I folks so some people indicated voice over work. But I know men like or you know lose so to really. Impact he has on people out. To build a shrine. I like I love my mother I call my mother every day in which she passes summoned be devastated you know bill I'm not. I'm not only trying to her yeah. Bore me who I spoke to every day yeah it seems weird. To me I think listen to his songs in your headphones on when you're feeling weird but it should say it telex. This affects you that deeply changing your life it's a weird day thank you call my not just yours you're you're both partners yeah. Yeah it changes too many lives or somebody you didn't even know. Body. I what do you think. I ain't me he needs to do it snapped out of it. You know I issued explaining that you know the first pilot about a half a bit parents seeking a little bit longer. I'll let you know what's gonna happen at Marquette next celebrity diet how long it back gonna take it and an excellent you know it's like. What can happen in social level can happen to those relationships. You know his work and everything. Else. And as sick as any celebrity or anybody you didn't know affect you. I mean not really out at Camille like have like. Spike hold on my life. They don't quite honestly I felt so I'd you know learn respect political. That if they put it Easter you know. Clutter it you know. I got a Vatican you know I have I have no much ado about her family. Now the relationship I have responsibilities and I can't put that aside for somebody like you know I did it now. Right that's what she's feeling right now so you think in this case even though we we've talked about death before there's no there's no timeline for morning. The always somebody didn't know you're allowed to go to stagger in the say is go. Yeah I'm sorry am I and allow you mourn this anymore right easy no I've no connection with this is Clinton Murrow. Hey thank you really common on car. Yeah hey guys when you. I think I the American culture as lacking an art and they need that form of expression. And other countries around the world put up shines for people that had a huge impact on them all at the beautiful thing old. So they knew thinks he's his shrine is a good idea. I don't know I think that elect somebody other creative expression and all worn out response saying. An appreciable way he is cute at all. Really I mean. As a place you'd be okay when your husband dropped him called lane in nights didn't shadow boxes it's like step for the Fox News guy did you ask. I'm always aware always get in the shrine yet. And you know today I mean wouldn't. You know he's he's expressing his art he's expressing himself. On a wave that. You know shows that he's something might impact and a blank and it our culture is blocking not been nearly. So Kerry is the I look so we do we take somebody's taken the time to collar show and in bare their feelings and now we're making her nightly. The bad guys situation but I mean valid point take you for the call Tariq. Idea. Yes this is what you think. I didn't come under and it pops has. I told her you know pass seemed the whole age and getting older. But he picked idolize her. Trash you and that's a little hard to carry million. We're these CNET has now I remember. My parents. Likely yeah Jerry Lee Lewis or somebody would pass away they were like my mom would be sad and I'm like each. We barely ever listen to it but it was like I can do some she's like are all. Is poll we I don't she's older holy crap she passed the way he can die I can die it's like we're looking general yeah mentality yet. Great well that's weird is Valerie and Facebook's and also so there may be struggling with similar issues of the way he died. How it's a suicide suicide maybe as suicides is. We're looking at it like she's a jerk for light. There like building a shrine to somebody didn't even know but there's there's could be this underlying theme that being giving terrorism you don't view. Thank you for the call by the way on. And so they know we let. And in the tiny little shrine. I guess so right he army you out more things to say about celebrities are affecting new their deaths affecting you more than they should. We'll take more of your comments over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.