Slacker and Steve - OPP: Overweight Neighbor 6/5

Monday, June 5th

No one likes the neighbor that interjects themselves into other’s business. Today’s OPP is thinking about being that neighbor…and when you hear why, you may tell her to do it! Hear her OPP and give her your advice!

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And ask them why obese. I can't believe you. That is what it's gonna boil down to Cuba it. Yeah we've had problems like this in the past and I don't know how to which side of the line to be on this woman knows how to butter south tale that's true yeah I slacker and Steve yeah guy. I know you guys to allow a children's hospital and care about kids in. So I figured I'd say you myopia PNC which have done. And moved into my new house at the beginning of last summer I meant everyone in the neighborhood including the people next door in their all really nice. The neighbors have an eleven year old son that is overweight. I don't mean he's a little husky either I've noticed that he can't keep up when the other kids are playing and even asked to sit on the sideline most of the time. It's sad because you can see that he wants to play in just keynote. More often than not I see amount they're tearing a soda or a bag of chips. I'm worried he's never gonna live a normal life to be doesn't change now. I know they probably won't take it well but should I go talk to his parents' home a cat didn't realize they're basically killing their son by feeding him junk and teach them bad habits. I try to take the boy under her wing and teach him how to be healthy myself. I can't stand to watch this young man's life already been thrown away what should I do you guys this is from Lauren. Still think it's an employer be yeah I love I love people like Lauren who who sees. Everywhere they look can you see there's there's an injustice. Gather something that needs a wrong that needs to be righted they wanna take it upon themselves is barge in. Everyone's lives and change everybody. But I just mind your own business. Do they think told his parents Knoll. India. I normal that they did your callers they do what do they understand now this I don't think they do yes they do you can't chalk it up on. He's and it's not a victimless crime isn't crime if you're hitting the kings at. You've you know what it's this kid's gonna die apart does your Truman Tony here is awesome his buddy could simply saying you know who you who don't see this ends dog snacks. There's house sold off if my kids this is why did you. Not allowed around my children this is one of the for example I never not a lover because you didn't I tell you sometimes I told you because I do not know what a regular hunt until site. That's a crime that's not a. Yeah my they're not eat Turkey dog that's not a lot of rocks and tips and facts. Doing the right thing you are by depriving them of why don't you can mark. Anything Ari can do what the last time you give you made a regular hot dog and your Turkey dog and you keep them a choice why would they do that because they're human. 00 Medved Show especially is what choice is this kid getting. No please offered him a salad nobody can see dividends mom and dad are given and sodas chips I did it's fast food. Every single either and lunch or dinner identity eat fast food absolute. I've not see about food I'm not a person says that's who should be abolished but if a kid if. If all he knows. Is that match she does. He's good I'd know it sounds. Obscene and it's a huge leap of faith but it's it's easy as good as being abused okay do you award go talk to those. Yeah yeah. You see you go doctrine that the pirates are. And chipped it asks failure so alive yeah I can do for the dog Jack I get it and I see these kids do we all see these kids it's never once entered my mind I wonder of the third snow are not yet know they just don't care there's a big difference when it's. So what's lowering gonna do. Yes hey it's fat kids in here you see this kid you're Joseph. Just when you boil it down and you start knocking on the door yeah that's when I hear that person. Bosh can't do it canyon but slacker I get where you're coming from is apparent these parents are supposed to be an advocate for their own child and they're not so so what else needs to step up and be an advocate for the kids. I would say this if you if you saw. An eleven year old he smacked around and his parents were I iPhone smacked around I think he's a no brainer to think of anybody who wouldn't want to happen. Wouldn't like stuff that is always go hey you may be some Ahmadinejad dad if you see an eleven year old. And the parent tandem cigarettes. You get involved I know because I don't know the dynamic maybe he needs the nicotine's he'll do a law maybe. So I couldn't I don't know we just saw that I don't know I hope I don't know the situation yeah. It years of experience on planet earth steam. To help how many people you know that Evan know from their doctor that says. Oh. She's way does he need a nicotine and it. I don't. He drives around a medical situation but but seriously I don't know the family situation but he's doing something illegal arms and light cigarettes as I see that I very know you've included me now you've allowed me to step up and it conducive in about a buck. You know what in an IR is hard to say. Oh what's what's what comes to weight loss in people being overweight. The one on the board expects to use the right reason I hear a lot is there's my thigh Roy it's going own there's a lot of Indian name is is not a body things and I don't I don't know that's about eleven year old kid maybe he's got the thyroid. Let me know is medical history if you always see him with a soda and chips in his hand I don't. Maybe yes a siren issue as well but stopped the soda and the chips guaranteed the kids can run a forty now without. Maybe the doctor's note required recited an assault I haven't felt. Oh no no doctor is getting more sodium more I'm due I did it any easier to call and blast me. I'm not the healthiest person on the planet. I eat. Make good choice isn't for my kids teach more often and I make that choice like and you teach your kids those good choices that's what most parents are. Are you teaching this kid good choices that nobody is still shouldn't she question yes shouldn't look at his other adults in this eleven year old sliders teachers there's principles Miller is doing and nurses we terrorists. So the neighbors up. So we all know. Amber owning your world so it's some speak there's 900 be somebody else younger is 900 levels of safety and nobody is doing it. Well maybe they did you just don't know hasn't taken maybe maybe have a natural there's just don't do it don't get involved because. Getting involved it's you involved in you don't wanna be involved especially as a neighbor. Got to keep in mind you got to live next to these people forever so if you're like banging on doors say wiser kids fat and whatnot. Now I hear that neighbor and now every time not just accounting and it makes any taxes and need you to stop doing that because were 'cause. Where does your stuff now everything we're talking about I'm all in a mud let's do it and as soon as it's like. I'm like running here. I. Hi don't I norm laughing and making light and it's not you're right this is a serious health issue but there is eight under other safety catches involved. Before it gets to the neighbor. I can get him off the hook you should check you on Italian. I'll 'cause eventually this continued drain on the health care system as he needs to go in for heart stints and everything else he's never going to be able to work actively as a person so you're gonna pay for everything needs to do serve. Okay. Now we're just now it's changed I. Now to nip this in the body there's got to be away. I would I would I would ring the doorbell. And drop off an arugula salad. In the next time and it affects you and I can just natural dog group and it. I think there's old. Obviously the right answer is to help this child in my opinion the right answer for the universe. For a little B says so village. What's right should help this I don't have kids but it takes a village to raise your kids are suddenly are responsible berets DRG but I. I don't think that I'm I'm I feel like somebody needs to say this kid's life so how would you ground. That's my problem so I wouldn't do it drew the neighbor you can't do it as a neighbor might get hire somebody else stupid. Yes laws I don't just bring him wait mercenaries not sure if that's. Honestly people so how do you present I don't know if we lose we need other people have done it you've seen kids. Senior Sam I mean if its neighbor that's pretty far removed if you've seen that kid. Being abused in some way and this is. Doing this kid's pro life of obesity and everything that comes with the parents are ya yeah. Yeah so let's say this to you or your doing too I tacitly. And that's the other neighbors fall minutes the other members fall for a new area is that braver solver under the this isn't as you all over the littered do you simple letter make the other day I was at my son's football game. And all these people left or water bottles on the field and I started to walk away MI data so rude and bruised or I turn around and I picked up every damn bottle that's because it's somebody else's problem it's not I picked up the box a primetime I would do that yard kick a muscle problem then somebody needs to help this dude we don't assume somebody assembly line will be on. It's OPP. George elegance assistant chief. He'll fix himself enjoyment have to start knock in sodas out of his hand or something positive to say if you wonders undermine property I go over and knocked us around put a watermelon his hand because he's on my property now he's living under my rules. If you can help pouring she's. Overzealous. Parts in the right place right just keep your mind out of ruins business that might be the answer but this kid is the victim so what do we do to help the fat kid in the neighborhood. I'm Nicole. Yeah I yeah I please thanks. I knew at the parent I retire Harry Donna touched a parent. I think that she's not gambling she is a neighbor. By. Instead. She can. Engage her children and that higher. Without their activity all you know that the parents now I can't baking making it clear we thought to how pan. Come went back and maybe you can take it may be per watt cheek maybe it's community is active and to tell a parent I bought a muted. Maybe it's a salad bar so low. Read putts very eye and let its high note it being something columns. Rather than. Going to the parent can say I can't see to getting your candidate that Scott. That's a that's a little harsh knows what she's like herself as a terrorist who sued to get it. You're not making she's not Stanley idyllic if my count came clean and I have kids and we just don't have. That's an accent I love that Turkey got by the way. Yes. To this. Not that. Have brought it spits you want to. Mike you know and also my she doesn't even owners is they eat Turkey burgers that's. The Montreal. Or persons we learned all the skies bad taste in the and they didn't yeah. Turkey back Erica can heated and then ground and you and backlash and I think the arc. It's a burner but how do you into this eleven year old boys had Heidi and we get it into this kid. He's just an. Did I think it's steps he's seen inviting handed him prior to hang out with her case and this good putts there it's urgent snack I don't have a sugary drink I don't current. They admitted no we have. Good Naimi did not keep all the time make I don't know that I eight. If you would have to pay my children a hundred dollars to drink. A soft chair how awesome is that they really dreamed they would they would like I don't want that rates so that's. Children don't want it and and they know that apple GM. Is. What its heyday hot. So how to we do this gym yet not a we have to do the parents that apple juice to the parents saying that you can't tell parents is I got a closer to subdue that kid. And let him make gains some different angle Trish and I'm act. Hit it eat air. Around me any I came reckoning a lot Kern River and feed their dot. His ice that's the stuff so yes this should speed biggest problem is and they even call when he goes home any tells mom and dad. Man I didn't amnesty today knowing well let's go supersize is that Troy eats now he's back he's back in the same bad habits I don't know that without getting the parents involved there were gonna fix a kid a kid can't decide what. What's in the cabinet to remove we do well you can suggest they can I have Cahill well they're going to be Immelt. So. This yeah just explain it drag. There we know he's our I don't leg in Russia the sauce packets in the middle there Obama now. I don't need to act now with the and a. Aren't you guys what do you think. So I actually learned. And as Americans seeing what happens to these children if they don't have remedy this situation. I would 100%. Go and play something is not called Child Protective Services. How protective services and really get involved through a hole. Think about it in someone not heeding their child. Yeah about the health consequence of that had to do you have no problem calling child for habitat it was a BC you're absolutely right. Yeah I don't think a total different because I hope he just is different this severe obesity. Are just as bad. I agree with you Anna but eats just did you can't go my neighbor sacked his parents or neglect makes. In a way it is neglect but it's not no lawn no good news conference to come in and Cafu mob and say put down on the bird. I'm saying that anyone needs to be how spoke what they can do is they can spend a social worker or ask him if psychiatrist out. And at the very least it's gonna make them aware that this is a serious problem that needs to be gravity. Well why they end up like some other kids like seeing on the stretcher with the diabetes or heart disease but they just finished learning. And a you're right and BB baby steps with this family. Start with awareness like Cyrus soccer you might have a right. You realize what's going on their parents went to funny did nicely you know you're right no nobody eats chips and fast food seven days a week. These aren't aware but. It's cheap you know it is just somebody. Swinging it like shaky knees to get him out of there are any time when somebody they. The times I've been the most fit in my life is six months after somebody comes up to Meehan says. Have you proven way to oh may I make. Irene knew it was. Happening but somebody. Had a report America's future did indeed gear yes I always need some help someone kick my ass and yes you in this kid doesn't have that Diaz nobody's there like Oregon and yeah he's a similar level. My job. To stand up for people who can't stand up for themselves under for the child who does not understand what's happening to him. So I would have no problem going over and knocking on the door as Shane. I notice you can now claim he looks like. He can't really keep up. Have you tried navy consultant that is stopped her about this week. Eric you were sending you really as your way and we'll give you the address and did you really Caucasus. I never should be a better than size and Marisa. You guys when you thanks. She absolutely get involved and I'm saying this because. I want that kid and a child I was very very overweight. And I'm suffering the consequences now as an adult I don't general bit. And I wish someone would have gotten involved. And said 08 so many it's been a better example. I eat healthy teach you how to be more active. And. Marissa do you have kids. I can tell you wanna know how. As you're talking to a parent in a way that will give you punched in the same sign disorderly. I think it's united and I don't mean now because I'm on your side I don't mean that to come from a place of animosity but it's like it's really hard parenting is. These are hard staying in people are insecure about it and as soon as you tell somebody you're doing it wrong. They can't hear anything your saying because they're just wanted to OJC sat right how dare you to see if it's a maniac it's. I don't eat your hearts in the right place but I don't know how to do it. Yeah I don't I am but I don't really do you like it into the good lord. Way to prevent that kid a parent and I wish you would find it because I know executive going to help out that. Had somebody intervened you'd like I do we asset question just a few minutes ago light. As somebody who's overweight now you wished that somebody had sure your parents. Yes I wish someone would just. Told my mom you know it it's tough inning of single mom but you gotta put a better example for your kid you know you've got at least. So we're a better late edit the. I Clark you know there it is Marisa telling your single parent who's he anymore audio you're not doing enough foresight that no wealth are. Ali is doing everything they head in this see it take you for the call though we appreciate it is good Nicky it's super AT and like I think we've established that somebody needs to intervene. In some way but nobody knows how to do it. You got tips on what to say how to say it what gear to Wear so you're not harmed when you're I hit. We'll take all those suggestions on the soccer in Steve FaceBook page.