Slacker and Steve - OPP: Pierced Boyfriend (Audio)

Monday, August 21st

In our OPP, Candy and her boyfriend have been dating for 2 years and he got his "daddy-part" pierced without telling her. He wants to keep it and she's not so sure. It's not that she doesn't like it, it's just odd. This is his first piercing too! Should she be worried about this change or learn to live with it?

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Staying on day. So this is a weird whining and I don't even I I know a couple of details about this and I'm this is body. Global relay to candy should. Yeah I yeah I want you tell us what's going on us. OK so I think hitting my boyfriend for two and a half years now thanks and we lived together. And he came home the other night and it. Out of no where he had gotten his caddie part pierced so. He never said a word to me about her. You know never mentioned didn't say like hey babe and post something I'm considering. Now you all about it he keeps going on and on about. How much he likes says and plan on keeping that any definitely eight. Thanks and it's not that I dislike. I just feel like it seems really out of character. But he didn't have any other piercings or tattoos. Are anything so you kind of feel like it can. A bold first SpinRite reads his ears are pierced nose zero to sixty in salt no. His armored daddy parts aren't enough now there's a cash no sense you know. All of them very first thing at any. End. What are you thinking then were you mad that he didn't like bring it up before you gonna donor does he have to consult with. You hook. I do I look more like it so to buy their way than saying. It's to me just kind of wondering what war I mean we suddenly go from you know what totally. But no luck fuel getting in this particular you're saying like is this a red flag of some sorts. Like on their Flag Day I mean. Do you want us to say it because I think you're asking me quit because here's the thing I've known women who they're husband comes home of their boyfriend. And suddenly. Rocks a move in the bedroom or does some things and their super please of that and then then played 24 hours later they're like wait a minute. Do you know that move the last six months we've been making relations and now he's got this move where he learned I'd move. He's obviously cheating that's removed came from you is that where your brain is with like his motivation to pierce is junk. Yeah and I hate to reiterated they get hit by it. It just seemed so what out of nowhere that that is kind of where my my plan. Yeah let's remind my news really. I can see it seems to me that he's already pocono was someone else and she lives this type of tattoo we lifestyle things outside girls I don't now and now he sees this yellow legal hadn't tried that. Can't. People have to get a first piercing I've China's down trying to sell the other side with you do she went from yeah. An era I would think that's most of our ears pretty go Shrek now when he went to the top ten there's not many piercings bigger than the one he just got. Nor its top shelf ready we're right how easy. Asked how I know you're already sharing some media tells you must but how is he in the relations department is he good. Do you use experimental. This he light or is she pretty. Experimental really eerie. Do you feel like he hasn't standards and he performed well so. I'm just wondering if this wasn't him you know wanting to spice it up I see that I would I would start smaller. And I. I'd like I'd go by toy the other yes. I did the right right in men and I hate to thinking this two bit. Yeah he went from zero to sixty so I don't particularly. Explain that part but it doesn't automatically mean she did it doesn't the water he played all right when asked. Free will he he would probably consult you first like hey I was thinking about getting this survey of singing about new York and you you try to bring the feminism army argument and earlier it's his body and no right is so if he was trying to cover something up I think I would go ahead and clear with you hey I was thinking about getting loads when I look shady. But so does not. Clearing yeah easy easy now. I write cartoon reverse psychology says are quite clear in English yeah we're all thinking yet much has really. I think he's been cheated that's what you really do now is whilst there office he's never had anything like us. I guess one reason or another reason it makes much. I am the same remember. Who has. As to my knowledge no tattoos. No nothing and he has that. And he just. From a very young age he saw on film Morey saw him in a picture somebody and he just he always wanted to and one day when he was all the mouse. He just. Is he married at the time or was he you know relations had a girlfriend. But it just. Put it I'll say this since very young. And if it makes you know this guy this it needs it that's a crazy move that she was in the late teenager ready. That makes sense but in professional dude I am just trying to give him some sort about because he it could just be they always wanted to know was like. You know what I'm rock solid in my relationship with candy. All. I'm gonna go do it himself tries her with my I was younger heiress to a doctor itself. Yeah out Mitt and assuming that you would like something like that. I do I would think that he would have at least like. Casually somehow brought it up in conversations with fear that even pumping direct interest to. That's why I think he views he's doing or for someone else. Our Lorena weren't talked to other people who've had I'm sorry moves or junk piercings or other things change their lifestyle drastically does that automatically mean what. Are all jumping their conclusion I would suspect. I'm hoping we get enough people to tell you. Now we've got a sellout it's not lose and I don't miss Carol. I know sorry can go to NASA talks on America regardless but Nadal puts it shows some we're gonna days now hang on right there. You really think there's no chance to dislike out of left sealed so severe let me ask you this if you just brought on the towing an announcer didn't think. Now lets us a little milder. But it I guess it is ultimately it's not if you didn't discuss it all that's a thing he didn't discuss like halo series toy is. Writes if you would've brought rheumatoid out of left field it's still still seems a little bit better suppose you use a toilets and why you trying to bring into this relation would you see this what are you doing. Yeah what you're guy just battery something new and better try some different variety. Is they've been like Steve said in your layers it's a huge John it's like he just do it different. Since clockwise swirl PM hey chief. Should chill. He is and that's all right well if you get help candy out and all she wants to know does the piercing on the junk mean something bad. Activity. Will. You yeah. You're not see any we were talking to a second double what you do eyesore what do you think. The car and Brady quit he will be taking immediate worry other sexuality in fourteen. The baby boring compared my hero war on an airport gate right where I actually I didn't even get a lock it up quick and deep support that Arctic. It's like there. Back could be a little black or that. Red I back about eight but it is it. It's a shoe. Red flags for relationships. The issue how willing to go out with him but it could be that way. Breathing all I'm not black would that be. Well ha ha. Com there's you guys had a little conversation and you get to be the one who talks is soccer and Steve minuses. It's the flag pole and how would you. Black vote. Candy. If your real thing was gonna get one of these you would appreciate the heads up at least right or resent that. I appreciate it up let not let all of that went back. But can he do if he wants if you if you tell me you don't like her you know he'll do whatever he wants though. I don't think. Why my may hurt near the appendix. It may not wake of that budget perfectly and no look. I don't function this is to win it's hurt it. Yeah. All right okay you've forgotten you we appreciate you in Europe Kart meets on Daniel. Are you guys the way what kind of advice do you have about pierced junk. It's okay yet just because you got its. Stuff appears doesn't mean that he's cheating automatically. Mean you might not be tried opera over. But he might start it up well he could be tapered change you might be adopt or. They might be up. Piercing model why all sorts of reasons why I would do. Pretty much none of those are goods for their relationship. The so don't need also. Aren't but it's still a conversation he should've had you can't go out and radically changed. You this this stuff on your joy your you know it is still is choice. Thank you gonna call Daniel playing part of Steve today suggests we annual Kelly. It asks. Do you. I'm I think maybe exploring a golf and now and I had every may college she was going for her doctor. And angry and Israel they all of that guy and she back early even at upstairs and down appeared. I'm appeared then they want to catch you is she Mary Jane she just wanted to explore her off actually. When she did you leave it. Legs grossed her out to heads I mean it's. I just heard big problem wasn't there was zero warnings is like the next time you see it but got a new paint job on you gotta he's from you should know that. That's terror I don't know she told her boyfriend she told me that we would be honored that I'll shoot you. I went there and see how it happened yeah. Sure she's okay theater disaster isn't like some big biker dude gives tattoos show us just some deer and he's just like I'd have to go hello. Do you go to Claire's boutique can go now known as dear today with the cook how any of the paddy did done. Yeah she handled at a pat you parlor and a quicker and took credit your wherever. It can't let a player doesn't it don't look. There's users to care for Carter likes it or not she's keep an issue like Sydney zoning board. Focus it there. Will I'm not in there use idea they call up a lot of people really going down that gay angle and that's. You think I see you Alex you are come when either I mean now. Any other advice you may mean an African anywhere and have to move this one over to the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.