Slacker and Steve - OPP-Pregnant and Afraid 7/24

Monday, July 24th

Rachel's husband was adamant in his desire to never have kids. In fact, it almost broke them up a few times while dating. They used protection...but Rachel is pregnant. She is terrified to tell her husband. Is there a way to change his mind about having kids? What would be a good way to tell him he's going to be a dad?


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Staying on the pregnant and afraid this is another good. It's not the usual kind of fear from pregnancy but I revert pretty sure some people can relate to this young guys yeah guys so I just found out I'm pregnant. Congratulate you and your heart. There's every war and the so we stop severe congratulations. We. Did you don't know this if you're a female and I think guys do this is much Steve is not inaccurate if you mention anything in your life like I am pregnant or just got engaged. Every female in the world. We'll leave enough of applause for you to jump in there all right just how pregnant. He grabbed two ladies sooner or any. Oh my god Toni asked me to marry and the other day you figure I'd stood and they we Jack email art. Yes I just found out I'm pregnant congratulations yup it's very early but there's definitely a baby in the air. My husband and I were being careful and he was wearing protection but somehow I still got pregnant. Jar it should be exciting but I'm terrified. My husband is very adamant that he never wants kids he is so serious about it than almost entered our relationship multiple times. I'm so scared to tell them that I'm pregnant. It's gonna think I somehow sabotage given got pregnant on purpose but that's not what happened. I don't know exactly how he'll react but I know won't be good. I know the first solution that will come to most people's minds but that's not something I would do. I know there are other people out there they didn't want kids that are gonna parents. How do you feel about it now. Are you happy with your life do you regret having kids. What's the best created tell my husband please thanks guys this is from each. OK so we after that we have to. Let's have a little back story discussion person. GE. In my head. She didn't want kids either. She wouldn't have married dude who was adamant against children. Unless she didn't want me. Or. She thought she could change. Or bide their time for something like this to happen I think a lot of women who finding guy they wanna be that guy's wife. Even though he says it is wanna start a family I think women waited out and the its weight in what eventually they'll have become. I mean that could be true I just feel like in her case. She she mentions like like what you see four different times consultant to broaden the relational yet so it's like she mule. This guy's not connect doesn't ever. I don't think I just a reason and I'm trying to go that far into the backs or is. I don't think she did this on purpose. There are women I don't either who've done the hoops for hoops triple goalie like you like to Syria the ad says it should get a guy to change his mind about things. This is a woman who sounds afraid to tell her man it is happening. But doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize a pregnancy so. The weird thing about this OPP for me is. She. She has the era somebody who's already made a decision. I'm choosing the baby boom. And he can either choose the baby and I. Or he can balance I got to figure out how talent but it doesn't sound like it's an option for her Schneider get rid of the baby. And so then that means either he asked to accept it or leaf whose debt is what you just said there is exactly mice that that's work do you Boyle was sitting down. I was good to see the exact same thing that's her position now it's it's. I now tip. And I can accept both of us or not but either way and lose the island that you love we're gonna be the two over here now you can get with our program or not. And I I kind of agree with you because nowhere in this written no PP is she like. We got him out to be a bomber I know he's going to be man but now I'm excited that and she doesn't he says gotten a mom mode at all in this. That was the other thing that made me think if she didn't want kids because she says I know there are other people out there that didn't want kids that are now parent. How do you feel about it now so she's I think she's almost trying to convince herself talk herself to him into. I know this is what we thought we were gonna do. Now it is what we're doing. Yup I don't want to play I'm not asking I'm telling them but the yes now the plan is now being laid upon us emeritus I like where you would she said so. The solution is dude who's who cares what the husband thinks we don't cares about the matter how it husband feels he just follows along in the wake of whatever it is selling this guy's one of those guys he's the guy I didn't who's who has almost into the relationship before. Because of pregnancy scares rough though so who cares what he stays or goes. I think she will she's choosing worry about stuff that that's now on over AM now kit kit change his feelings about that are I don't know if he can. I mean maybe put a guy that adamant. I mean when I was younger I was I didn't want them I I kind of always dots. All eventually after his I didn't know why am I wanna kids just knew was sort of thing that you do you grow old get married have kids yeah. Rinse repeat. Break the cycle among people self addressed at sacred hoop humble gonna go to work questions how do you feel about it now more so you do among kids and how did your parents how do you feel she's asking for her in the way Harry that I was asking for herself validate and for him yes are you happy with your life now do you still regret I have. In kids what's the best way to tell my husband. Likes starters on into its so. You among kids at one time now you do know what it is I can answer for all of you parents. Don't you do you're gonna be wrong for going try this at some point in your head you have maybe I want to you and then you all had the accident. Now it up and then I have to do now it's have to you know and you put on your errors is a pair I don't wanna solid a bad parent no I saw don't want these kids are no I don't love these kids now you lie through your teeth. Yes I'm happy that I'm a parent now we got so I love these children out we've we've made a conscious effort to pull the goal you have okay. You mentioned that. The predominantly most reason why people have kids it's. It definitely you do there's a shot Gutierrez accident. Ha ha ha ha don't even put your headphones on the I'm man beat Miami. Sooner we wanted to hit it. But now you have to do now it's faster it's been value put on the false phase its menu blocked the new good pair is apt to be I. I did I think you're wrong but I know a lot of parents all right we walked down the hall right now grab U three guys that then the ones they wanna do it well there will be honest. It's not as they're regret that you what everyone regrets having him at the time they go oh yeah real. I don't they don't as and you kind of just cram him in your life and you make it work. That's basically. That's great Kelly I'll also have little or no it's Aardsma did accidental that I feel like I have to get married now I have to I have to I have to I have to. There never order are trying to help Rachel but now I it's going to be my. And hopefully you're not in helps that I've given you boil my own way of humanity to people who are. Like the accidental tourist in their lives yup or not. As you all are forced to adjust your life you are forced to adjust camera that. Oh. What may you have. Have an unwanted person who is what you intended and not at this fight goes oh yeah I think Maria talk this way am I. I would never. Because you're such a terrible person and Petrobras. I don't wish this on a child somewhere but now I'm Colin down the universal health care I hope that the you get an accidental. It's not gonna have a good Madonna. I would out here at all young and that would be my by comeuppance and you guys fed birdies and perfect dead at that time we got to get little the off the floor because he's terrific he's doing all sorts of salt over his show literally trying to embrace the curse that I do is remove. I think that children bottom line is this Rachel pregnant that's the that's not happening. And she's having this baby daughter managed so against it what happens next. Decision easier so he's against it so why do you pay your money per month and go away if you're not aboard the U we don't need G hurt nobody but this is how this is how reality goes. If you're out aboard the weirdest part of the problem get out of Iowa. That's that could be the solution but that's not every that's not the we all people think peppered him out if you'd like to help Rachel where you can recommend good therapist for ski like we'd love to yes. Britain me if. Hello hello. To help mean help us help Rachel help with the. So what I was saying is that I wouldn't freak out if I were hurt guys feed off of us showed women and I can any hands. If she's freaking out. And you can automatically freaked out when she tell them that she's pregnant. My mojo and I were dating for a few months so we got pregnant and it would clear that he never want it. And I got pregnant on the birth control pill and our son is now. A year and a half old and he had literally been bashed out she's happy we went into it for the world that the that's. Touring on a CC so regrets is their bellies just. Could not worried. Do you think I'd tell not a I mean you you did to Steve is oversimplifying. His own insecurity. And putting on the rest of box rates. Are generally you're totally forgot I'm speaking for you because you never say you can never feel like you. Image thing with honesty no not maybe you remember every you know censor that everyone around I can honestly say I'm you I hope you have two sets of twin toddlers right now I mean advocates for all you're stuck parents. Yeah do you feel diet bridge knocked. You know all the time it felt like it though. We it was scary it was scary so I know it's happening especially when you're not planning however at times we managed being able to go out and you know go to the Barbara young I'm in my mid twenties you know early thirties by at this time it's so much better like our. I do like her quality of Blake had to recruit. So it was on plan though. Do you think most of you know here's the thing you're telling your kid that. I'll tell your kid I don't go to snow after awhile they get older and most kids are unplanned they're just. All right I'd ever be ready Eric. Yeah that's why it's too cute yes that's why I'm Britney before really go at the bottom line is what you're telling Rachel. Is you've got to tell him. And just don't know you're always tell him is if you tell him like. This happens like if she comes at a M timid. End. Mike oh god I don't wanna tell you this news like jelly when you tell your parents you smasher cartel if you come out and timid you're you're gonna go down but if you come at a mango this happen and this is what we're gonna deal with from this point forward boom you I mean that's the way to do it right. I get a border don't but we're having the were going forward with our ally I'm having a baby out. I'm your wife there you go you can choose senators say terminate one of those things got and here's a pro tip. Needing to maybe exactly is so hard this your 5050 on this it's you could say you didn't want to sell you that we should have bad relations you yeah if you don't want a child and using raincoats using birth control pills use and everything. You only way to prevent pregnancy boom is abstinence and that's the only sure fire while taking the call Britney we appreciate it. Rhonda. Yeah I you guys. Are. Our right a quick few questions why did he never get ticks. Payments and others these are scenes light on her IINIQ. Did well if you're so dead set against it. Then you should have made sure because he only add a little accuracy in every aspect other. Boom for exactly but it's happened but even getting sixty is an honor percent but it's true so. I don't ever ask. So now she's pregnant and and and is usually how men find out the B fathers is after they've impregnated the woman the woman decides tellem. Libya are saying yours you're saying it's almost never a choice for a man. Mend this week to fight they're they're always hold a third of the apparently. Listen there are. I had I had to boy am I mean my net debt. Finances and everything goes out bait I didn't know what the future. So he didn't have to kit and never wanted to have one can never won at the island ever be a lot right now I have more and I decided to have to. But it's never an accident in my thought it's never an act that. I don't think and that of my Christian point Scott ever make an act boom there's a purpose and no matter what term people may think. It as I child is different than they. It just don't accept normally. Bring into the world. So what's racer who just wanted to just. Your religious on and tell him this is happening house now in LA charm they leapt in now and Latvian. This is what's going on if you wanna get a chance and you want to but the outcome start. So you don't look out past the BZW mum now. Any and answer her god forbid go get fixed if you don't have anymore any that they don't go get something done. I think I can already answer these questions for you run but are you happy with your nice. I am I am very happy now look I was married for twenty years. I'm not married anymore to their ads but that's okay because they every every step of the different chapter and it's what you make it. It can be a challenge in their ups and downs but it's what you make. Got to make its you got to turn that into some huge. You've got a right idea of trying. She's sick but life is challenging you honestly believe. They're life should be easy. I I don't understand why people make their lives so difficult that's what I fascinate. Only spiritually felt everybody thinks and feels things differently you know women have seven different more emotion than men and and intuition as one of Eminem you have a child it intensifies for a 1000%. I do not know that. Yes and I have at least six of them you know he's more aggressive and I think I'm a little more after today I could come to your little mouse five emotions and I've never felt towards yield I just to kind of get to see yeah. I bet you can't sit on the call run knew we appreciate it Jennifer. Oh yeah I while what do you think. It. I am I Harry went worry about it like it. Com. You don't worry about anything that caught on because I would not very articulate and I married young. I'm but I get unexpectedly get pregnant and I'm able I played you he wanted to meet cute terminate the pregnancy she's. I told him now and he walked away and you why they can't quite well I don't care aren't we are better. Alec back and you. Does that child it all I all regret at what Urlacher and I'd surely mean that I look like an exact. And I think every every day got you know whatever I can't break back that they re it he wouldn't be here. Yeah I tried to reach out and touch you ever since then or never. Not the he news Monday. It does not. No I don't get a penny on grandma I don't know where Heath that I'd bet. You just wanna your son's. Good consensus can be deadly Jennifer just dragging yelled down and be angry every day about it. Exactly and I feel like at eight out of my son I'd rather he go on and they can have back up. As bad and why we didn't really want to build. What did it matter to you if you guys have been married. I mean I guess I don't play a huge. Back there and for all of their. I still married he doesn't get to tell you determined to bring. He's town hall you know I think it would mean being who I am about to fill it mattered to me I mean that's what that magic you know break in the marriage spend about exactly what would happen is I would keep my trials. Over anybody. Jennifer you're like every other pair you were forced into this unwanted. Position and you were forced to make the best available now now you're happy that it happened today. Yeah I'm very happy I I don't regret anything did you come Jennifer. Instead she's happy yeah you don't really would you tell decision he's happy to put. I what you wanna give Rachel anymore advice. Or you have the names of good attorneys who can give me out of whatever happens next shift it. Please hit the supplements like Princeton day school principal.