Slacker and Steve - OPP: Professional Wedding Photographer 7/10

Monday, July 10th

Sarah’s sister is a failure to launch. She can’t seem to stick to one thing, leaving her with a new hobby/career every couple months. Her mom stills pays for all of her stuff, including all of her new equipment for her newest Sarah’s getting married and her mom says that her sister is going to be her wedding photographer. Sarah says absolutely not, but mom says yes. She is afraid that her sister is going to ruin her wedding pictures, something that she will look back on forever. What should Sarah do?


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Staying there. Any time we do any OP PE related in any way shape or form to a wedding we. We have to remind everyone. It's it's still brides. Today a special day he's heard today and that's why we asked yeah such deal would she wants that this is kind of an interesting conundrum on whose day it's turned out to be Sarah. Yeah yeah a first off congratulations on where intending not Schultz. Gains here thank you so much and very very excited and nervous. They won't tell us what the problem as a brings you know PP. Well I'm getting married in the fall and everything connect and until library and I'm picking out. In. Commentary than. I have a concern. And. Whom I really loud but she credited as being received. Pick a hobby every few months and commit suicide like a couple weeks and then smooth under different hobby. And and immediately started picking up photography. And that my mom. Gave frolic photography equipment. And met. Education is like China now my sister get her photography business started he'd like happening. And that it. Wants me to hire her and can be nice photographer. To my wedding. Even though she's never done it before. Her first professional job will be your. Yours special bag with the. New dad. And I heard APEC now. On but. My mom is kind of pushing it became and she can change she is paying for large terms of the way. Who initially. She's being that ultimatum down or is it implied or she actually saying. Use her or else. You hear our routes but knows she laid it out then. You pushed learned she pushed back on new cinemanow your sister's uses your photographer. Warm. And I tried to explain to her that it is. It's nice day it's my special day and I don't want the really bad but obviously it hasn't. You know lions if you're lucky. I had to pick. And I don't line and maybe you. Meaning a even though he had Lancaster and I don't know what to do what is right. Do you think she'll suck doubted. Mean she she'll she'll just try harder is. Because it's. All I -- maybe maybe not what what's your relationship with your sister like you said you lover is there a rivalry thing is there a chance she'll screw up your photos on her does or. Do you think she's gonna try her hardest. I think it's gonna try her hardest but. I didn't know her she's kind of always deny. You know like she will never been a hard worker should have been home with my parents still. And and she didn't college age you kind of like Doug Collins finishing. Right if probably not going to be photographer much longer after your way and after she hasn't she actually ruins your special day and you know what she sounds like Arnold sir that if the picture suction like oh well I mean I'm an amateur would you expect Brian and his walk away. All that didn't exactly what you would be off I even eating confidence now I just. And nervous about it. Have you have you two spoke and you and your sister about her this is new kind of dumped on your lap and his between you and your mom's so far. It. It between me and my mom bought my sister kind of mean choose. Mom you know you Theo that's going irons and an eyewitness says no any rain. In my mom is involved Larry Kantor sort of. I guess my question is can I know the people who listened to our show our our amazing. Compromise Ers and they. They're gonna be like can you hire. So I shadows second photographer but that that probably violates the terms of your mom's ultimatum it's like. You're going to kick start your sister's business this day or your not getting my helping your wedding. Yes. I mean it's like. It violates. My mom turned and it also. I think I don't think I could hack trying to wedding photographer who would be okay would he had an another photographer photographs the. You can thank you city they do Dave Carney scary insanely. Its territory are asleep even people try to lighten dip their phones out when he may wind up Albright and he's no nope nope nope my shot. And what's your what's your rugs for your husband to be would what does he say about all of us. Oh he'd get me. Yeah on her sort of wrapping up running the bank. OK but is it worth losing the funding. I mean that's that's your million dollar question at least continue afforded by NATO to gaps are your mom. It's paying. We're reading maybe be. We really. I'm only option left to you guys then is. Because he's on board with you is your Roth by ourselves a new low and then just make everyone else even more math and it's also season. Far around you I don't know that there's help out here for you I we're gonna try to get you help 'cause I know that. Did other people have had relatives you know all do your hair also your dresses I'm starting to take business. Let me make your wedding cake but I mean how do you wedding takes screwed up. Is is only Steele here for that day. You having your wedding photos screwed up that's supposed to live forever that's a forever mistake you have an you have a choreographer to go to on the side you do hired there she your mom hired to the still photographer and the video person some people do that okay I do you have matter is that NASA on your back up because if not. Because you've got one shot at preserving your day and it's. A deadbeat sister not to put it bluntly our half. The IK. I really do and her video haven't heard that's also something in our budget every China look at and my mom the involved in the IQ and sound. And that's another thing it was. Just ask a friend is because they're there to Saudi. Are all we sucking our oh yeah where are right now it is your mom is trying to you. Mary also one daughter and kick start her other daughter's business. Add to eat eat in your mom's mind it makes is brilliant is coming so I guess I can get rid of both daughters that day it's it all works but if it does ends. You're it's it's all back to square one I used to call off your wedding and wait till you guys. Free ourselves gates Steve saw his advice is pretty extreme may do we got some people who don't need elope Porsche or call us they're literally out seats feels like it's only us but there's people smarter than us listening and we hope. Sara Taylor and we're gonna try to help you. You are right I just can't I'm too passive this interface she screwed. If if mom pulls the funding and you can't get married out right now yeah are you gonna figure out so you either roll the dice and hope your sister takes some decent picture I think it's gonna suck really we all pretty much. What do you do when your winning it this is the question for Sarah and if you've been in the situation how did you get out of it or how did you mitigated. We now seem remember or a friend is forced to be one of the elements. Of your wedding. You grain and Darius being shut it down DL hold your ground. What can Sarah due to get good photos of her wedding. I cherries. Why are you guys. I do it in the paint situation and eccentric and in my mom's best friend twenty years ago. I have no pictures picked their part to a good one and the rest Charles my mom and dad wait what I would look what are your mom's friends teacher wedding pictures. Yes she it would take into tiger thick cloud proven things like in. The media did pretty thousand dollars less. And if diets no good pictures really. But she took pictures of your parents can she's proud of them she took a bunch of great shots event as it was nearest. But the. I totally. What I would recommend is torture mom and they're you know. Oh I'm gonna comment sinister kicked the directors are you going to be in particular is especially good Stanley pictures could you want her being there. This is big part of their two. Okay I mean so you make it seem like you're you're making the sacrifice it's like I want her in the pictures and runners know it. I love her so much that's not a real reason but they have to learn owners dampen the pig I don't want herds of ruin my pictures that's not that it. I have my pitchers in the pictures didn't get to come and so that's something I'm really wished. Actually how your sister and the pictures inmate the world adapt. How did your mom feel when she saw that you literally have no me like no mementos of your wedding. She learned royally. Upset so she hole and I I still committed to when he later and wind. Get too good pictures then no matter what we this where are happy story opens argue yes she still friends this woman. No she is not and that sort of a big part of it. I mean was stopped using someone else's wedding is your engine I don't orders I can stop using friends to do any work for good at all friends or family because then click do you find it's easy if you hire me. She is a friend or remodeling your house. We see it's just is gone sideways it's like. Hold on I need to talk to you not as my buddy but I'm the contractor on drug to right his right now friendships out the window right now is biz and sisterhood is gonna go out the window is like this this and you're taking crappy shot there it is yeah. That's the big thing so. Yet just don't conclude that the clincher in the pictures that way it's kind of a win win for everybody. That's not about it yet you looks different when I was just thinking about forty years ago they would take a bunch of shots and you wouldn't know. Until three weeks later oh I think I'm okay at least now you you could be in the middle of the reception go to Ukraine over here and like scroll through and go. He's a terrible. We gotta we gotta go back outside line to bridesmaids. I mean. Here's a note musically when when she got married what eight weeks you when you and you find out oh crap enemies are now carry estate a thousand bucks for nothing so are you doing but he wants to stop their their wedding in the middle and go to Iraq and you know who threw for the photographer's pictures and reduce the Melinda. It's. Well she that Gary had a shocker but it. I know a lot of harm to eat it up. At eight ot Urquhart add the eight ball. Any. But pictured as you. Well know our market watch UK at ruby. Or individual out here know. Every that it. I have that it that's terror unit that's a talker eat pork degree action only. Covered just ended. Just that she's it's taken the pictures of the kids dance and get on each other seats in. Running around in night none none of this dust that you gonna pull it. In your living room at big framed picture of the two view with a silhouette of the bruises or your flower really didn't she gets none of that that I effect Melinda someone else on Twitter posting just shoot. Ever go to the news of the rehearsal there's a rehearsal dinner rehearsal dinner yeah however show up here. Aired yet. Does that then show the mom and go these are going to be might you would you think these are good quality because he's going to be my wedding photos per dry run dry run of that rehearsal he. All. Hiring a photographer was one notice is probably not gonna happen if she blows the rehearsal dinner then it's nice. I need her ideas are for tomorrow and a righty but they were either re got rid of them professional Wright who they have so far but I mean I think she's. We don't find a way for you get a professional Augustine on call yes or sitting there waiting don't notice. They do it's it's a good idea I wonder how many professional photographers would be like. Let me take different let me take this and you can do generally I'm sure immature yeah Alen Austin to shoot. Like I did one of my weddings. We in and nobody does anymore but we laid out the disposal camps. Yeah the last time it goes and you just we just got a bunch of random pictures you can get a really most of my crap the most and you know you'd. Drunk guys are too crotch shots and whenever the night but there are some good kid there was some decent stuff and maybe that's what you have some bad idea for was doing the sister Jennifer. Hey nice. I think you should have heard in the engagement pictures. And then Ellie you could see the quality of her photos. And. He's confused look because he's never done this and never will do it there yes some people do. Can wait for the guy takes the girly go up by themselves to someone he proposes and then almost at a photographer jumps on the day but not all hail outs to people like you go out of the wilderness and shoot some prom like photos and it's like it T somebody's in here we put not on FaceBook insect. She's sitting there CDC the marine ball at all okay I guess he's getting married any team put on your like save the date cards dirty no. Getting may 25 of 20/20 four who once you're married so lose go to those accused of occur we don't have yet. I don't know what you do with other guys are all my photos in the same burned all announced that the could not winning Clinton. All of us not a bad idea but I assume with her wedding coming up soon Jennifer degree yum it probably -- done that okay but let's say we are doing. UN how do you want an impact you've already had your vote at your photographer. If you've done your engagement double they typically do bowl on well I think I don't know Jules both your engagement pictures in her wedding picture. Not a bad idea and they knew it's a trial run in May when they sucked you don't look too this is wild pirate somebody yell you want me to have this quality. I don't think so it's got to be better than that thank you for the call Jennifer appreciate it. We actually have a photographer here apparently Tina. I got me on it. So I actually have both I'd look at my mom what exactly the same way for my wedding she paid a lot of at a lot of opinions Arnett. So I understand that's why the things that progression the harbor I actually won't do wedding. Even my friend that's because there's so much that goes into it now especially your wedding have been torrid the other lady all of the things. Actually think it would be good to bring your sister economic. Makes you comfortable. With what proved to her share a word become maybe you can be an existential wedding photographer per week and even go back direct. You a mock wedding she realizes that if you expect birch catch on forever. Now forever. You have experienced you don't know what's going on. And I think you need to be clear run there in the public and again at our wedding I'd like mom I'm sorry but this is important to my husband and myself I have to put my butt down on. Luckily enough she would OK with some of those same I don't know what you Mamas like. But I really think you should bring your which are in and kind of get her on your I am Powell. Yeah they did did you did you dual wedding I mean let's let this is my thought on doing a wedding or DJ doing anything your wedding. Even if your perfect somebody's not telling you did so why bother. I with the way. I. Wouldn't shift and I realize I would benefit and tipped our church on and I did according to realize that it wasn't charming it turned everything you have a pride and mom actually very picky with which have been so it's Arnold cap situation but I think if you bring your sister and and I am not worked and what equipment are not like hard work properly quickly. Yeah it's all purse I don't think your sister has the slightest clue what she's doing knows what's. I'm how right you like you need to curb I think there needs a group that you're a mom to her mom realize they're okay maybe this shouldn't write what Aberdeen here and I don't. Maybe the test these piano and a lot of. Suggesting that it's such a thank you for the cartoon we have projects that somebody takes the EU get a camera you take one shot with big dip to seal with a flowered from blurry trees in the back to you like. I've got to ask. Plus I'm a photographer it's like. That tingles a move into relaxing and run Neitzel wedding is moving parts emotional. It's still golf many. You guys who you thanks. I know what you're doing I'm John when. I'd found they ask our expert later. It's Philly was like two of the disposable camera each table but none of them are gonna be like super high quality like. Your dubbed the shot of your first kiss where the photographer has access to like. Go behind the minister whatever it is or lower being in the trial you can trust herself there's a few moments. How to end in a professional needs to tap short in his chicken and. You look hey my wedding he did that. Might not get the picture back Wade Phillips singled like air at and T and I'm Brit skeptic Becky Barrett and I might seem to be brought there are a lot of contact. And Laos. You're off to people run better cameras who just their phones then yeah. It can meet. You beat it'll be contacted like Everett about experience I had I had actually that. Nobody knew I didn't paparazzi when you're nobody's paying attention as it is nice to. This is an awesome thing that you call that it's a pretty idea I just. Clarice. While guy when you think. I met Oprah yeah you not compromise on your photos and don't ever make bikes Stanley investment it's a terrible idea especially with the wedding because there's no. Important if your mom is so intent on how healthy your sister. There's a lot of thing you can do with your wedding that what helped your sister's photography business. And another thing she's not going to get. Cute start up for a company with one ready. To now like if not gonna happen and I do not get to ignore and letting planner that's never gonna happen. What she can view it like that part to an hour I'd like get ready an hourly. That a part time but that you're with Eric can take photos you hope and then she can learn how to edit one. And use some of those sort out Blake. Yeah that or you can view via companies have photographer a lot of photographers don't like get that there are and who will. Who will really work with other photographer that long they like don't butthead like he'd get in the way the protester to respect all other photographers I didn't. Then. Work on be it could. Thank you for the call Clarice still another star called sick go to like a photo club being delusional do it for free for their per Foleo is yes some youngsters so that's another suggestion do you remind the whole time that she's general wedding Sara this is really Taylor had I gotta make sure that this yeah she's gonna be in the moment we join yes it's awful Nast so Indiana team. I mean it's he is fired up about saving the wedding because you know that is very lucky they universe is please tell. Wallace told they're yelling more suggestions for Sarah please hit the south. On the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.