Slacker and Steve - OPP: Promised Promotion 7/11

Monday, July 11th

Mandy was offered a job promotion from her old boss. Unfortunately, her boss was recently fired. She wants to know if she should say something to her new boss, and when it would be appropriate to do so. What should Mandy do?


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And it has been pointed out to a that we believe today's a PP is an episode of friends I continue though that I don't know OK I east. If I don't my friends trivia or man he's live in a friends episode singer is this ya guys. A bus just quit and I don't know what to do. He promised me a promotion and now I don't know what to do since he's left. Should bring in up to his boss I don't wanna bother them during their search of those position but he wasn't the process of doing it. Women should should I ask. I really need the extra money he told me I was going to get an already made plans and where some of that money was Golan what should I do you guys this is from Mandy Earvin you've you've never really worked real jobs real men know I don't recall ever been in any situation like this. Mom I do know one thing that she did wrong she said are really need the extra money when you're gonna go talk about getting a raise you don't ask you don't. Make it known that I need to pay this car payment. And it dissolved vomiting Anemia so she did you have for and and she spent the money before she got there yet more I don't know she's she's made some significant errors as a human being Mohawk mom. I've been in situations like this as the manager. Some and asking for a person who thought they were gonna dead and trusted people. I worked a lot of just shady jobs no real like you've never I guess no one gets it the Steve Everly. Don't so straight out. It's a splitting up his parents in the regularly do in the radio and like this is not a job it's not so. We got to work real jobs and I had people make promises that they don't. Come through on and there's not lived in the workplace. We are not person leaves I don't what you do. I was I don't I wanted to get this drawn the cook on the phone this I quit. So kids. You see his name is I it's not good in the company so we can call back to go oh by the way. I know I could but. I humanity picture the 5000 dollars a year is a men's thank we don't hear it all bets are off its. You just quickly you your decisions before that. She should've gave her the promote given the usually sure and then equipment now she's learning you ever major decisions based on other people like. Uniting around a thousand do we tell little d.s now orderly way. Tell exist at things piece like please please let. They're not our intention serve and you can lead with the action. And the I don't know what to tell this girl I don't I think we need other people who've been in the situation. Where. Then you go in and say by the way you know the person that is left they promise you this this in this in and then they're real proof that. Waited nearly didn't know anything about that until you just automatically seem like the squeaky wheel when as you manager comes and goes. K. It brings up now here Alice doesn't make mormonism is another corner of his or an error and it's a new manager ago I don't know you don't know your performance driven shall mean any thing you have ensure that you've heard many things so you show music you're exactly trucks that are coming to make demands on day one that. The truth couldn't and you should maybe you know get a job with your bosses that wherever he went to. I don't telescope it's such it's such as simple question I just might you know Venus beat derby game because I don't know. How many people have been in the situation it feels like a sit com situation doesn't tell your friends. So there they get this company is to make major decisions and hiring another person. You can't just chicken and your kids. Yeah yeah. You're doing now big doubts hey it's the I don't but if she was promised and it's yeah here's what I'm trying to forget you think he's a big company a little company. It feels like it was a big company. Each show are another look at The Beatles would be turning OK I need to continue to turn it would be so I would email somewhere we could be uncovered and they go well obviously. And he's still getting his promotion this feels more like one of those. Not only mom and pop like more committed late sling and where they're multiple murders Pratt. I think. It's a little bit bigger company but not so big issue you lost in the earth did they did there's an there's a mechanism that moves they then ninety she's already in the pipeline for this promotion it's such they just there's you know. Carlos fifty employee can places and she was about to go from. Number forty years since the tip number thirty daily she's deep fry in there's no way to vote out so Sassoon. It took the energy because. I was I don't doubt she'd keep cheats you out she gets is doing their go but the big problem is me now. Yeah I mean the worst but we said in you can call blaster if you want but the worst things she's done is like I really muddy I was going to get clarity needs plans or Nadal is well stage a he take you from soccer and Steve do you money sometimes we've ever good ratings which is almost never. If we ever started spinning up where we exactly ten Chris. Stature until now you've got to mean a guy so she was an idiot enact in that climate well look well I mean yeah I don't yeah the bullet. Got her deteriorates I deer are always good to start. India us and immediately. Yes and and I was at a 100000 dollar car easy it is a good look at them now and she's the no this isn't your boss. Yeah. The broader look at it. If Christ is their success Qaeda and I need six figures to be fried girl with the okay so if you've been in this situation. We need your help Mandy thought she was getting a promotion and the judge promising to work quit his job what possibly could she do next. Lisa. Are behind you and Cheney. Start tracking it trying to hit the nail on the head it starting depend on that side of the campaign me it didn't attempt at twelve. And you might be and try opt. He he even has an email from cantor. Am talking about the Larry he did a baker camping or write a carry any EU RB generic error our parent I'm an HR person. Tell him your best you season ends who can tell I. I'll get I'm Rick Perry out so it gets it and Nick Price electoral thing he. If it that they are camping THR so Ian ball. It is in air and touched it he had to eat out I am sure your kick hit Icrc. OK I mean these are now. And like pure. But don't call these former boss who quit to have you call back to the cut into hey I need you know. Yeah give me India Dario. Yeah. Documented document she city every American that there are. I'll bear Bob Bennett Matt. ITunes music and that's. Don't what does this guy was not document edit yeah what does he was blowing sunshine up. He's he was quitting and he just needed Kurdistan. Media. They're doing that everyday. I mean it may be reading people commenting that it can thrill so recently that it guarantees that email I'm you. Yeah so we now expect our. Does she go to HR and go hey by the way where the wheels still turn in my promotion or where my out. Yes. Let I would after knocking on the gap get it actually seen having any email correspondent in regards to it and as I noted that merger off. I hated each market the I can't turn out yeah I'm just here. Was she still looks like your team player to the new regime or half. They give me give me it's all about me it's almost like you're trying to take manager of eighty. And while Casey for the call us right so if you have any more advice for a Mandy beyond what we sell our HR director has told her I we would love that help given to us online Rick FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve Fey and so.