Slacker and Steve - OPP: Recovering Addict Husband 12/13

Wednesday, December 13th


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And we go to the PT yeah on this I believe a little on the heavier side you know. I think there's a lot of people that have gone through this so we might actually be able to help files Coca. She was like her voice disguise from an insurance is real and solicitous staff talked for Sarah. We have do you disguise. Once you tell us what's going on. Arms. Total Connecticut where a guy. I. And total. Are basically it's not my husband used to be an object. Our Aron. If you were pretty serious arm and tend to be keeping it clean that he's made a huge pressure and what I hope. I am so grateful for not a boy. I. I can't forget. I think there's she created do what I need accumulating. It. Our guys a huge issue and I'm really awful things and it good lick putt on me. Awful things to you. But physically here. No Arnaud Arnold on this well what he's up old is she actually. All under my wedding ring net. So secret Barbara. Who. You know that's an addict. Art. This. Like I wanted. Only big thing like you did and basically every I would doubt what do we know how now but I thought my actual wedding ring that we think we I got a Republican and and retirement account IT. I remembered that I am wondering. What. If you we invite them how to get access what what I shouldn't. Do you public. Did it our way through and how does stop waiting on me look like you're slowly division student broke. You can and he said the things you like old baby no not on the first thing when your chance summer to replace that. He's done those promises is he done that so that's who you are not even brought up at all. I need to outrun out and obviously we garden these huge by eight. Columns and she's got a little older I think and she taught me a little Cleveland. Grain all that. I. My third yeah. Rick what I didn't. Early purchase this is this is tough because. On the one hand I wanna say you're very brave person your very forgiving but then again. You're not it's forgive yeah because if you're truly forgiving them. Then. This you don't see and it's like you're staying with him to do the right thing continue not think you're almost there but you're not letting go. How late did you really do you completely that you you have all I'm saying I know how did you actually I don't I am not. I'm only a few you can pull one thing back and forgiveness it's all in her I'm gonna stay with you I think we can make this work I love you Davy and I know your clean now this is great. But if your mom all these bad memories and you don't really you're lining when you say I I'll give you look at it that way so you think she. You I mean do does that make sense like I. Yeah it's. It makes complete and they could I'd try to figure out at all I didn't fully local know duke. I would stop because he not only hurt you he heard your union. Yes error of the next one thing down I'm sure she did a lot of other is the one that really sticks and yeah. So what you what even if he went out bought you the most dazzling weddings are not yet done you'll never it's not it's the deliver speaker BI you can forgive but not forget this. Rice kind of that's. How long you been cleaned. Your. It's true and do you have safe since that's gonna stay that way or is this and that little weirdness partners here do we do you pay ninety is that do you think it's your brain trying to tell you to protect yourself. I didn't rule out the door open he's been so good at. Like everyone at all you know little little little adult they creep and that and let that he I don't I mean I don't know what I should Blake. Turned to humor like maybe not forgotten what you do sort of you know get out of Serb. I ate I don't have the answer personally put every day as CB reminder he hurt you he heard Choo every day for the rest your lifestyle. Yeah every time you looked at your left hand which means you have to get out you have to get out of this relationship than. Sarah we shoot me totally explorer another supposed to be cirrus payoff I help this guy did cleaned. Time to get back on track with the relationship but yet move forward because there's a reminder every gets right there on the left hand that keep this is how much he betrayed me or the drugs and again you know rainy. So our Sara I know hang on right there there's some sushi so won't be married to addicts are all gone now right so that made all do that. So if you've been with an addicted person and you forgave them and they got clean. How did you move can you are there any tips tricks. And tricks and the right word but if there's any exercises are things she can do to try to let go of that crap he did. When he wasn't adding that stuff is you can helper great if not then Steve is probably right off. Their marriage is over help of her out if you can't. And only. In this. I know I had I actually let me say it with our who's getting married. Married a month later how tired. Within six aren't we we're no longer together and either concede your break that chart and it turns like centenary year without. And so it did not work where it's what honestly the best thing that ever happened then it'll eat. Wake up and learn a lot about myself speech has a bit Larry age he broke the trial. He broke all of and it really hard to get back to. I. It's hot and it's not easy on a lot of people that care and addictions. And so it's in my heart and bachelor we can speech. It past incidents he sent you 100%. Take care of herself and it might take some time but it. And thinks. Do you think there's any hope or is she just delaying the inevitable. Hands. It's is gonna eventually happen. Are. Saying anything coal plants that. And if trust is not there then. It's really hard to look at anything else. There is a chance. Okay I'll spoke Dutch. I handled differently but when she takes something it's supposed to where do you believe god sanctioned your marriage are now he takes one of the most precious things between men and women which is that ring thug and a says I'd rather have a line or whatever his drug of choice was you know it's best sucks that's all that's a piece of trusted is that's hard. Another Raman is not already and still it never ever. They even calling ansari your relationship didn't work out mark. Yeah I music you've been here. Yet from the trauma point of view of of the attic to it spurred give them. I've been there and until we have those woman who forgave me and but I mean we'd fight. All the time. Old grudges and old. I'm playing good idea occurred and I do hold against myself a net and that she all it means more so what I've only get myself to what she Hulk may go. So you're late you're having a hard time forgiving yourself. Well I did some terrible things didn't mean. Horribly you know and any addict. Or where horribly conceded. And he'd get the Colin and can't. A normal person should be able. Right so then what would your advice for her beat this she need to leave until he forgives himself you know would you sect. I think there's you know it should you do this they had. Understand that it's not going to be on China broad movement not going to beat. You know they they he'd never going to be OK bit it's. This little she's you know coalition. Whose students better just better to go especially she's younger no return. You know they're they're the mistake in my life native and would meet where we're twenty years down and we built by about things that happen to get senior. You're you need a clean slate everybody needs a clean if you really didn't second chances maybe they need to be UN security in the true self to achieve your when your drug Europe all madrassa or even who you really are anyone you an idea why she ardea. Yeah your your always gonna beat that person we you're just not on the drugs pushing you to beat. Extra off or you're always going to be big egos and and they competed our. PO I think they've got you there and the myrtle. Wow thanks for that thank you for the advice mark. This is this is bleak and this is one of the latest right I mean we I knew there was the people who have been in the situation but I guys like oh no you Disney did I read the book. Dealing with today's league but it it's there's a lot of you know can't. Yeah I get any hope for these people. I techno I have some hope that. Why do to get out of my. The father of my child dealer to meth addict for years and unfortunately it didn't work out between us but he ended up getting clean getting married and having more kids and everything. And I think that that ring is cheap looking at our relationship with her new ring as a new start. You you know elections should be happy featured act and happy for. You know that he did get clean get it to. Extremely hard when you're an addict too it's really hard I was an alcoholic reader with extremely hurt me to quit tissue should just you know you look at that at the wrong way she'd teach you military rendering and smile. And be like. At eight you know. I could clean got my goodness now with despite a diet. Hello. That's actually the most hopeful thing we've heard is that all it is are you gonna call and I do we have to end on that because I only hope Perry. It's good. Sarah I that was me rod you know it's you know Steve might have nailed it from the very beginning anymore advice. Support groups whenever you have. For each other let's make a little resource over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.