Slacker and Steve - OPP: Relations Writings 4/20

Wednesday, April 20th

James betrayed his wife's trust and read her diary. While reading, he discovered that he was bad in bed and a list of her fantasies. He can't change his ways in the bedroom, because she would then know that he peered into her diary. What should he do now?


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Stay on the day. Oh man is trying to violate their clients' trust and then figure out how to. It's fun to sweep up the mess noise. He's actually earlier this he doesn't wanna be disguise those so I'd James. Yeah I hate your your disguise tell us what you've done and how we can help. Oracle roku our vision would Mario. Well what are. Oh great we should have garnered broad. It all wouldn't promote love Jordan we don't know what to do and it's true. You don't over Ecuador where new national achieve werder roll out well so shooting guard. And our computer you know what you or Baltimore were shot. Large picture now. It orders via. Was it here what's it locked how hard was it for you to gain access to this thank. Don't go do what it would look good or bad boy Karl. Old and you have got a little studio we called our local the government would nightstand in a good. We're we're you know what to put the quote book you know you're employed. A foot short. The proportional to mark off our old torch off what else flew New York. So would we find out yeah. She usually between bureau. Of dog are a lot of golf. Although we're really we're really in what we will get. Shoot very foot boat or pollution. You know loans by York bureau at all or are open port security yarder earlier we showed general. Yeah I know you and thank you for keeping it clean but she's she's saying in their relations department. You yearn you're not you're lacking some some issue there's some things you can do better. You know you're out who's borrowed. Our relations push portrait of the old your coach with our. All the warm weather there would you do it wrong. Yes Grotrian less open an aluminum can Marty. Britney news. Yeah that's not OK. So now you have this information. And are you able to disguise the fact do you know this when you're around her I mean how do you feel when your in her presence. Well we've aren't. Are important. In our waters great but I don't always want to attribute that there are no. What you'd probably award our award or a short speech good production we do know. Our Dario dark art or art or would it work when you're probably our collective. That's what drew a short article are people more deployed few who short at all while you go to new look oh yeah neutral Europe. It's it's what you're doing my Santa C moves how did he figures that one out the year gonna. Yeah you're gonna blow your own cover if you make yourself better also saw a much better off half. From where you go to war or how are you sure. So maybe shorter our group well what you've heard all this. Oh I know what you mean I don't think you can do it but Bryant. Armed. I'm I'm I'm worried for you dude IE is. Here's how do you you can't even ask Kerr a bowel. He's everything okay exactly reducing unit anywhere and on your face is you don't you never asked those questions you suddenly out of the blue you are he's she's gonna no law it's his injured in the bedroom environmentally we did with. What's a processor. Now that she's gonna know right there so you can't do that general assembly shall open new moves. Arms. They had to hit a teller look easy jet was it just bedroom stuff is there or is there other I mean how much of this thing did you read dude. We are we're what movie was looking very G. He said all right that was most students. Is there any other stuff did she talk about things that would she be embarrassment. Her fantasies about other mentoring US suffers it just all about how crappy you are in that culture that. Oops there we are like well like you don't think you could hear old girl I don't know if you don't really believe war. Friction parachute it would be like. What do you wanna go you know. Aren't what shot very I don't know what we'll look at movie or do what. But they could shoot a belief. Just seems a grace you are you. Com. All right but Jay okay. So you eat do you love her I mean here's a weird quite new lover and you've you've you've violated your trust dude like to start dare you and I. This whole thing is sticky it is isn't it. But these heart's in the right place of wanting to make her happy by improving himself in this department. He should have been an entire and I guess what else is it yeah okay but there was a whole distance that James is no good and bad it would just does a copy of that have to wait. Missouri and on the air defense James. Hanging up on. He I don't know if you are gonna wanna talk to the women here because crucify you ever for for go and it'll move. That's not that was a mistake to let but it now is hearts in the right places that kind of make a foreigner. The yes I wanna do the right thing no I don't really feel you really wrong there is that I hang on did this armed. Well we we know we can't changes moves you may be out of character and ask so what can't make swears he had now why is she writing us at. Where she writing some down so we find it why did she put it away playing. Moon. She moved want him to find it while I O if I was writing stuff I don't want my wife to now. I would definitely I'd put it. Under pasture this far all something to she shorter especially if she didn't affect us a known thing. Did he have a law on the planet saying hello I diaries have the little percentage is more like who cracked open a little bit maybe you don't care. That's a huge terrible lover fifth but I can't combat. I don't know it sold knowing what James dads and knowing what she knows. What did I mean how we its descending the word as did what every one intelligent well that's sure he's gonna stay on the line to take the abuse or not quite maybe you think he's a good guy he's trying to do the right thing in trying to save his marriage. What can James do now he's red diary enzyme found out he's not great in bed Christina. Yeah yeah idea would be is this view is James your husband is he chairman admiral. I mean I won't say first off yes he did violate nurture us but to me and my marriage by having a journal hiding all those things that she's feeling and back in their relationship. Kind of hanging them on communication. Blah they're came up where it yeah sign as you would say he's the victim yup he's a victim here is yeah. And understands. Are you know he refuses to speak he now wants to talk about it so I think what gangs need to do is sit and write down. And he bring up the conversation I'm going you know you need to think of anything they are pouring in their bedroom light and then go you know they would have been thinking about an I was kind of wine and fruit and things like the new things and Bagram mind. I feel like things are gonna get stale and may not help prompt her to feel opening comparable to talk to him about her issues. Half do you think there's a chance she left sent out on purpose. The diary tonight if it's all about him do you think this is just her being passive aggressive and not known how to tell when he's bad and bad. Please do things such an extent I know I've had issued in the path I did not feel comfortable being a husband but did not want her to the ego like a David James but I can honestly say speaking to them obviously heard there you go a lot less than writing about thank you get behind their back. Or some of the issues that you had with your hubby. There are few years because it's hard to get lost they don't like if he described in stroke. I am taking on a honey didn't I liking episode and I want you to try and you know I don't like how you really do this but I love it when you do that. Hacking or you gotta make sure that wherever they are the negatives you got a call her and him but I absolutely love it when you do that I wish you do it more. What's that what is that thing the NBC well I know is not yeah. Christina you hang she's a do you personally he's home whom we can you wanna set something up on the side we can do that. I might as well yeah oh yeah that's helpful to think oh. Say after talking bangs and I am very much and lived and he's like we're newlyweds. Ninths okay so it's actually good good advice for. You know yeah I think you've been given a call Christina. I kind of one of the answers to some tests. I don't want is are you aware of the things I was your response and I felt like somebody had to be the voice of reason I'm Jennifer good with the guy. I minutes I think into the court that they keep well and nine and hardware industry. And now I've done allied as counseling with landing in China one Alan I'm planning mark communication from their partner. Or they're acute care to share with their partner when they injury. And they're there are ways you go about into that opening the door of communication without saying gee I Reggie got. This and then he knows something just in 98. You know. I don't know its aid. Watcher I mean Dick move these good suggestions it. That's cool it's okay did I thought it would you like do the movie of that road in the insane would you ever on trying to get. Raised. Are you can go I can't be huge this story together and pick out what looks I know whether it's the game. I am I know they have Blake. How Eckstein Carre that you might give you an idea mr. hacked messages. You know hi done and then start opening the dark meaning he cannot play it's. It's been a little pact and the very day like that thinking IBO. You know with one gang are both tired and I was thinking I'm Il this morning alert but nothing like that because that sounds like what are they can is that she doesn't that they. Yeah so he's been big innings rocking her world and its association needs it is like honey get a telling these sayings yeah on the. Take a hearty it takes both partners to -- though she is you what you aren't singing video of the fair. He's got to be comfortable and hearing nothing Bennett turn the key OPEC and whining he got and he ran their very much. He wants a pleaser exactly so what are what are some of the things that that we that you find that are all my element I personally expect. I'm what is the union it's your way check I don't know I. How we got here we've just become a lecture as it is right so I could wedge from just mostly fascinated him like. A woman gives herself to a man man gives a link your myriad of this person. How come you can't communicate with Mike how can shoot if you can't tell him you will rock your world who could you possibly tell him. Winning pigeonholed into some very negative categories Clark street talking about it like I. I think people haven't they're perception of who I am and how I operate my eyes because of what I've done in my bed that. It's it's a whole slut shaming and you say to you don't want you wanna be perceived as somebody would talk about those things did you ask. I sexuality in you're allowed to how he meant. And there's heat giving her that I finally the confidence that you're even to Ingram and that. You help her open that door and they will be better off just from the sneaky. While you're doing even because Jennifer Jennifer. Well I'm sure I'm trying to help everybody just I'm years. I'm I'm a guy. And you're creeping me off stuff was there just isn't just screw your chair just you know you're a ever been this intra city Philadelphia and kind of how Whitney. Yeah I. I am he made a big mistake opening night diaries can now he's already broken his leg strap in and so now she can't struck down. But she doesn't know that so we don't restive we don't have to do holds now one. OK second of all. It. He's gonna have to pick and best terror. In no matter why it that he read her diary. It is gonna bring up the tax issue. So he needs to just come clean about what he'd moon why there's got to be made. Not even though we're a show about honesty we usually choose dishonesty as the best and no earth no problems ride lies. That be want it changed the track issue in the instead he's gonna have to come clean lift there. About what he's reading the diary. We are trying to avoid that's never look at first more insidious sinister ways to get around that prevents thank you. The car Catherine. Right now I. Can't really want an and it carried it. Okay all right I'm starting to lean now we myself us. Fed domain and then K don't go in my phone. I'll I think the mom I left the room it wanna go in my follow. Diaries off limits but she doesn't putting it off limits. And that's what I was saying if you can get kind of locked up top delay leaving it on the bed like you got to town for the weekend I mean. And he's not get any backups for any of that because all he wants he found that are really gotten hats and all you want to Babbitt might confide in him and not confide in her journal. That it do you what okay. All rye eighths. So just hey you know it and that's so I don't know what the actual religion and everyone thinking and it has a much private beat. I think American about being open with each other just stay honey I love you you know and their anything you wanna talk about with neither not with the journal well. Plus Jeanne you did a good point in jeans and go I thought you lead and left it out there's reader read that's why aren't the big idea oh yeah. I saw your integrate Torah and I touch it no. Obama victim card by. Not kill it would be honest didn't end Betty you know I'd care about the cabello DO. While. Slump all right I ain't you being remarkably it Reynolds thank you think you kansans. Shana. Yeah. He's do you. I think I know borrow the Celtics at all well pick at all. Most likely is the wife who read the book bad shape that great. He can incorporate that if the book Elaine around they'll water on it. You know a million away but he can bring that into the conversation. And I movie night what are the I'm Catholic and he can make even a little bit statement have. Aren't really into that she's gonna say what how do you know yes they are any good they OK I let what you. No nation on oh now works content and now we're getting it all. It really as good deed he's fifty shades of gray a good thing. On route in the cut a bit. Pathetic question yet but in the block spectrum and not so much. To me it's a weird cardiac channel. I hold apartment because it would weird admit that they I didn't read the book Smart it right it will be an I don't need a. Is your your -- much is perfect harmony you gotta go you know nobody wanted to but it is there. Since this and you come it's. Who are. They easily cost. Daniels. Guy I need you banks. One. Way or no. A slight edge. Daniel is easy answer for now we're starting out and when you get through okay so the answer to today's ADT is three way. Yes it's not a guy again panel. They bring order owner Dow little I don't know. Like oh we're well. No I hit it I mean what are they are. While in a weird crazies are hopeful phase that's dailies your theory legitimately there's three ways solves all of our problems but but but but. Somebody who. I'll let. They may Daniel Elizabeth the do you have any other advice it doesn't involve that well some will take you on FaceBook story dot com slash slacker and Steve sands.