Slacker and Steve - OPP: Relationship for Marriage 4/5

Wednesday, April 5th

Our OPP was looking for one specific thing in a guy. She thought she found it in her boyfriend, but it turns out she was wrong. And now it could mean the end of their relationship. Hear what it is and tell her if you think it’s a big deal.


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And so we got to try to help his girl's school. I don't know how your list of things she won an inning guy and then that she had just. Everything checked also and I guess is she was wrong emotional things black and one of the things on her punch lessons out. And obviously she doesn't want anybody know who she is she's change your name and can lead the owner voice disguise or ten feet. The guy you're disguised bomb. In clearly came he doesn't seem like you very normal name what's what's what's common hunt. Great show our brother cry approach with my boyfriend. We've been together for a throat. Arena happier. Arm and I think it would have time to. You know trying to not doing errands I would completely upfront with them when we first circuit feeding. There were two people were armed. You know at the at the end of why American kept. It's religiously I hate because I haven't been in that. Would indeed do well here with a single new color I don't. Are you saying and Steve you can answer this as well really sling here on your serve gauge your laboring over whether or not to get to blooming onions. And it's nice to excellence you know while I enjoy fried vegetables. And eventually I I'm expecting. A husband that's a little. It's just part of your conversation it's like I'm not into casual dating you've you've made it clear you're not a casual pair. Exactly that in a what I can meet clerk I'm not play anybody get married on air force base where. Got you okay I think. It's just it just seems like an awkward thing to bring up when there's men like Steve out in the world title. Will run as soon as you Sam did you eat in your mind you've made it clear that she reciprocate that. I mean eventually down the wire to see if you want to live there are sure way you know or you're under armed. Lick he would guard Brandon. You know if you are under drop a girl that it really worked not a rabbit I'm. Right when you guys were first dating did he and you would say I'm looking for something more serious did he say I'm looking for something more serious as well. Oca. He has CGU I mean for sure you're not just you didn't and I don't mean to be rude to you. But you're you didn't just hear what you wanted to hear you heard the words come out of his mouth I'm looking for that tip. Yeah our future can meet. For the longest time you've that I didn't think our group we want to get married and I would want to share. And then he let me know when I hear what people make our I would want to turn to kill me with people I would. You're Oca let's also say the key words there is with you yeah wanna start elite but he's an all sort of semi that's your way of hedging your bad. That's so gross so so TNT now you're three and a half years in and where clock is taken. It it what do you it's what makes you think she doesn't wanna do that anymore or is he flat out said that. Well he didn't we have to talk about it and Ironkey I can let you know Katrina here and we're you know we're we're gonna move. Permanent base in your shirt while you know it would look like a win here tonight I don't think I'm ready to go down. Good. You. Com. And you eat what what went through your mind when you heard that mean the trailer. You are reported weaker arena happier. I mean. I want employer. Which is why your commute a whole aren't you or working it. I don't know. I'd ideally your you know there is there's there's more than one possible explanation here and I think we're gonna try to give you some advice or whatever I mean. She made genuinely. Not wanna get married but he may also there's a lot of guys you just. This fear of that next step stairs and so they just they pull back out Adamo Michelle there. Funeral I know I you know I don't know I'm just I'm usually Wear rant about a block. And those guys. I can't it's hard for me to finish a sentence with you and the broomstick because I know you're gonna punch me Coca they need to push sometimes punch dad that pushes sometimes either. Threatening to leave actually leaving. Taking a pregnancy caught doing hole into some sort of ask. Actually getting pregnant doing some thing. Two source Armenia and towards. Did did saying that you ultimately he said she wanted three years ago where are you suggesting I'm not suggesting I'm merely pointing out shackles. And then possibly suggesting he's hears it in the way that I didn't mean it to earth. Okay. I know and it's. Sorry we didn't. We are one conversation about. You know at the very beginning of our relationship and then that would and bitten jumping to weep. What do if you are like you know actually hired me for me to open during an hour period. So his master plan was to take away strain after years of your Tonys and I got an immunity idols I don't see him I don't know this guy but. Iliescu worth the souls like the only reason you're with the skies because you wanted to have a baby was them. I know it's your find out you're not giving you would she want payroll mad. Well but Carter at all old. The hardest hit it it would are not important like I'm defeating Gary orange. Even reported my expectations are high I don't wanna currently being parent or if not what you want that's fine under tropical brio. Makes sense he wants to be getting. A band. I don't know what time. And you're still a listen now even though you think CE he might be a liar is. Yeah I think not that's the thing you're writing. I don't why don't we. Did it can never gonna happen and maybe I need to find 10. Who loved me and I love in Turkey and we without I don't know. That's awful this is awful I don't it's like soccer was saying I don't think he's set now. Too late you know and I don't nobody means it he's not ready but he might mean that he's not ready indymac case. Despite how much time you've invested enough. You you will have to leave and that sucks. To get what you want but I don't know how to find out which version of that she years. Maybe there's other women who have been in this situation and they can tell us that litmus tests there it has to. To figure out what he's he just wishy washy. This diabolical nature of some remind your face Katrina fears and you still being lovers and either you're a terrible judge of character your horse he's. An immense amount of evil that has been seeing since the dark I don't think I think the truth is somewhere much yes. I urine smell here ingests. Great what you Kenny what hang on and you can you can your heard your voice is sucks and betrayal. But we're gonna we're gonna try to find a way to make it so you didn't waste three and a half years. Or if you did that you don't have to waste any more there it is hang on armed like where your head zag really other people who steers. Her canyon like maybe the right direction or something did it tested a sure fire test the pregnancy thing is some I was just saying that thank. I've known somebody who lives literally said. If united did this I'm leaning and she did it Sheila just as NT will help that was enough to make him go cool holy crap you. Do you realize what I'm gonna be going with how if she walks in and I don't know if that's what can he needs to do if you've been in the situation you can help out Kenny may even if you're a guy. And you. Pushed back with the same lake said you were in a one thing and then all of us when we got put in the corners and when we do this help you did what her mandated. Why did you say ask for some insight into what goes on in the guy's mind Kenny wants to get married and wants and no she didn't just waste the last three and a half years of her life Katherine. Yeah guy and we've been there done now what do you think. I have been there done that and I shield for her and I think what it's gonna come down here is you might have to give them an ultimatum by saying you know. If we can't afford it we can't give us an umbrella if she needs to be all the fun through that I was union back in position and my man told me that he wanted to you know get Mary got up every day we are together I theory I'm sorry and she discredits. You know it's not actually what I want I don't wanna come and I don't think she's an awful person you cabinet but. It's just unfortunate it took five years and her you know I mean it's taken to how you're lucky not connection met all I you know I'm. What are you where you match where you lights could you maybe. Told me today you made the decision you wanna did not commit like why why do you tell me sooner than five years. I think it's just so called because I had Matt my boyfriend 120 street and we work really. You know wanted to get married I don't let her come can we have got about I think it's kind of something back. You continue to think about as you grow old with some lunch it was extremely disappointing I was it. Extensions and speak but it would really disappointing you know played late in the alternative. Kind of how arrogant and that together and have the inlet and you know that and it turns out it wasn't like you wanna itself. Colon and try to our ears pull would you bring how often would you bring it up like once a year one question you asked how often would you gently push would you guess. I mean I think the longer that they're together even more frequent ecstatic about why can't they when I was younger what really on my mind as open gloating rights act. But you know you your street source I don't let her know. What are we doing here are pictures here I'm bored I'm bored and just not on trigger and then finally you're out of your bread crumb do you for an end the last two years should turn. I'm it's not like I wanted to get married tomorrow budget now that was something that we both want it down the road they all eat it and it attacking getting not generate fuel for her. Then you're telling her she needs to do you did and just pull the records long as it's not. He's not gonna suddenly wake up tomorrow and I'll never mind you wanna commend you you know I'm not so they're not doing it throughout. Do you wasted your time was a boy we said five years. I don't feel I can't wait yeah I don't regret it but it's a disappointment I'm the I'm the guy who when I when I got the first divorce I was like I just shot. Do five years in the face yeah good solid years of my life just uses more exuberance. If they even color Katherine and Shelby. We ease thanks Gary yeah I think I under I actually went into duration and garner. I haven allegedly at the Frankfurt we're here and he had told me that he it would be married and now or go to nickel but you know my diet leading up and you realize fact. You without it anything ignorant thing came back there at that he did aren't that well I started last. So the evening was the best thing once you left were you open makes. Where you cool would that there was I don't know even got to realize I can do better so let's do this satellite. When the hour mess. Yeah it would you're going or is he married I don't know it or yet but and new ones I less than he'd like he. You know no other place bullets it reads like he was like wow what am I thought that you like her Norton home and then many people are quite like it. Socially. Not only Europe but you know that she's in it for you now it was because of the ultimatum. It's as you actually last and he actually casually realized he needed you. I like he actually realize that yeah there's definitely a more important that aren't. You know Bahrain simulate stairs like it I can't hit it about their relationship announced net goal is to be married eventually that's champ car start but it something which really important he's very Euro and split sort of like little bit. I mean we aren't like you have to contact expense you are sure that your theory is the current decision because like effect skies there definitely. Needs some punches and. I'm sometime guys absolute punish its act and I'm I'm betraying. The brotherhood who has sometimes guys will. They agencies with pork come see. I would we change gigs we're not gonna change it sack guys are you guys who Wear underwear till they fall apart we try to run and we can't ride I guess you can still OK if you want some different. You gotta make don't run uncomfortable and she is it true while so they give me the call shall be appreciate it. The Tosh and you guys though god what you've been in this position to. I am an intervention on my bed with my ex boyfriend for four years. She saved for with disdain so. Your mad about it. Eight you go to any area that I'm way past the that the plane via. He and we brought. I'm married to leave but how can get learn rules. And after an opera house that was who you talk about Mary age we talk about having kids. And then he came home one David like I kind of mundane and boring and I don't wanna beat that mark. So who. I would tell her to get out now and honestly it was it was always them better and have my money. All the best years of your life easy tiger and I ER. I'm just yeah. Yeah Jerry premieres downhill slope and when it's announced kidney usability you know. You and that that's well yeah. We don't talk there was. I am working. Not to know what you meant that a sauce I'm home console you eat eat your you're trying to savor the extra six months is Richard Allen. I'm I'm during the day or the extra six month it was boring. Why are you feel like those cheers did you did you learn did you grow as a person or do you just look back and Adam like what you just said. You you shot the into your twenties in the face. I can't remember I didn't grow a little bit by a I would rather have the last. Warriors in my life and I'm not how that I I'll let them. Are you Jews in its own though thinner what's. I'm in the process is going area now. You can split it with who's been all wrong you you know he's so of this asset to your tie did this guy. You decide you're gonna spend forever with and then he its legs it's not to I don't. I don't want it to happen hurt so get out of a candy. Maintenance crews call on the touch. Emily. Yeah I eighth in the have you been in the still act. I have unfortunately and I advice you can be is that she even though it sucks you can move on. Is I wasted three years that might when he is split. A jerk who told me the same thing and I finally gave them an ultimatum and I laughed and now I'm what an amazing guy I'm engaged. And that the best decision I ever made. It goes really fast with a net this sounds really weird thing goes really fast with the next one doesn't it. I'd I mean and what sucks is that. But when year whip. A jerk when you're actually with a good guy it makes the good guy gets you appreciate him so much more than that guy you were flat. While he's actually giving you what you want in life in Al shell but my. You wish Selig got no sooner were there signs for you to get out. Oh god red flags from the very beginning. Earth you know I didn't listen to my gut with such as she needs to do kill are likely to slip into her gut. And you take a little bit of accountability to Emily I mean you understand that. You kind of chose the wrong horse you continue to back the wrong order. Success and I went there. I would diamond that aspect in my age sister and family and friends know nobody like him from the get go vote like. I don't know why I couldn't see that but that was badly missed a huge mistake on my part numbers. For you you so now you do sound happy were were how it you have a history of it and sell you wasted years yeah one comes this this is awful and we I mean we can just keep going and going with what I mean let's just do one more minutes it's essentially every. We have nothing. It's also own minds of women brought been duped by this this exact same type of guy it's so does that mean all men are bad guys mostly Diana. Yeah I do you think she should leave as well. Yes I think she EHE. Might have been telling her oh yeah I you know I want bad it's great she is a relation basic early I can't see that. Now for three and a half years I might say something to get relations like 88. But you guys stay though you you can leave anytime which you all choose to stay you all choose to believe you all choose to. On the same give us the benefit of the doubt that's not that's not only and that's a good that's a good day for them word taking advantage of somebody's half. Architect need to get the Alcan made and then in the right let. It is an ironic you don't want and it's on. By this day we need to be moving forward we need to okay to jewelry stores or. Let's. Yeah wild okay I think you've been called Diana waddle I 88. This is why are men so easy. Hi if you still wanna give her any more advice perhaps moving companies I don't know Ian Kelly at this point she doesn't have a lot of options doesn't sound like. We don't hear more from you on the soccer in c.'s FaceBook page.