Slacker and Steve - OPP: Relationship Red Flag 8/4

Thursday, August 4th

Austin recently met his girlfriend's parents and they said something that is making him reconsider the relationship. As Austin was leaving, his girlfriend's mother said to treat her like the princess she is because it's what she deserves and how she was raised. Parent's calling their daughter "princess" is against his dating rule. Is his rule stupid or a red flag for what is to come?

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And I like this on I don't know if we're going to get advice for this Friday before if we're going to debts and the come as a ration and other stories like this ever listen while we you know Pete Pete it's not so much about them as it is about. Yet commiserate and die if you guy. I met my girlfriend's parents for the first time a couple nights ago we all went out to dinner at their house everything was good and they seem nice. But they said something that bothered me enough I think I'm gonna break up with her. Like she's your earlier sleeping when it's a girl who do you like announcer almost announced to go meet her parents. She didn't say anything and the parents did enough to won him the jumper RN. Yeah I think in my regular in the middle of dinner her mom said. I hope you treat her like the princess she is because that's the way we treat her when she was growing up and it's what she deserves. No no thank you iPad two rules the first is a rigorous as a mother is her best friend I bolts. The second row holds the same prepare its cholera princess. From my rules stupid. Or they just a taste are they just a taste of the horrible illness that's about to come. This is from Austin. With the. Com. So two things. We want you Colleen and give us in late. Yeah you can give him advice you can tell him he's overreacting. Or not. But I think for the most part what we're gonna do is let's talk about you or. Rules of the road. What is your relationship red flag is a guy says blank if you guys parent saved blank some guy treats a waitress like blank. The girl's dad says this. When I first read this I thought this guy is it total. Deep tag. When I heard you recently put it this way not as I just I. It makes more subdued voice in my head read it like apparently cheeses like when he's very warm humid presumed dead Murrow I do bank. We knew edit a night's. It's not unreasonable variety do you do you you'll. I wish you to read the mom's part because the new to the bureau wanna see dark in there. I have no idea yeah I'm hoping trader I hope you treat it like to princess she has confessed. Because she set new CEO it's. Serious welcome back to how she said it TO but if she had both her hands on her daughter's shoulders and going you better treat her this prince says he was brushing your hair. Putting her tiara but aren't you check or isn't what moms you know help parents especially dads with her daughter's she's cute and yeah. Still she's our princess. And I was so we just you know you've got a trillion princes to what about the other thing. There's other rule of all mom and daughter in new moms are best friends. You got a bowl. Well I'll catch it may be amiss and someone now on what what what's what's what's he is flying missions to close its thirteen existing daily news I think. If we're Jordan red flag relationship rules I think there's women who feel the same way that if a guy. Oh we lost our mom too much yeah especially that the what's the with. It's kind of little girl she's right. It's almost like she's one of those sheet over shares of the mom. She her mom are you close and they're always going to be sitting around bashing your relation that's going to be this fall and and she's gonna share everything with the monster every time you seem. If your best friends another girl who's out there in the same dating scene as you are. We knew say unlike dyes used Karen tool last night it your best friend you know like. Come on guys do that now maybe they alternate therapies of her family dinner unlock your mum is going to be somebody's. I'm usually don't directly to. All times you can't. Ever win the mom over a ten later sores you'd be tagged to a lawyer and yes. The south but she might if she is a regular best friend she might have the voice of reason. To talk to mom Isabelle I. Like I did this guy when I read DO TP but when you read it I liked your net I think she's not. He's not as bad as I thought. You're right we all have those little experiences we've been through all say okay never again if this happens and renewed again he did that's why he has these rules. Obviously this has happened numerous times they're pretty good rules. I eyesight I understand the mother daughter Nazi I always thought that women like an endearing if their men have a great relationship with their moms. Not pummel mama's boy thing so it's not cool guy he's my mind how can you how would you like tell your your wife and your mum mother in law they have a great relationship. Yeah all is so they are you still the same way no no because I my wife lives in a different country than her mom. Well they don't have a brother they don't have that every day like knack and just. I don't know how I feel about that part. Do you have any relationship red flatly I don't think when I was dating this is the stupidest rule ever I simply monument is this is a red flag rule for me. So down I would break up with a girl if she had a doughnut. The donut spare tire. On her car for longer than a week if you are flat tire you have to put the donut on a dead. If you haven't got that together within. Seven days. We got you are never going to be some part of you too you don't have your crap together. And as I was of UC IC it's just not the donut tire it's all the things that go with the last year yeah you can afford to change it. Did you don't digital carrier there so there's not a there's so I don't have a journalist some major crap. Alternate cracks and I opened it and you don't like you know what's funny this is why I never dated stripper I like I would. Go out on odd days and it's a stripper problem where it's nice. You see them look like telling how old 5000. Dollars in line and sit and excited. Oh personal or. You know just. Boyfriend were probably too hard no guarantee Jarrett never know when and that's exactly why can't stay with him because it I looked at all I expect you to do. That's kind of your I'm looking for a daddy did come do that craps war on. That's what I'm talking about that's exactly why so that's one of my rules don't I don't hear car Bush's Abramoff suites OK if it's longer than we gotta say I. Got a sign Dole's I didn't teach you how to be enough crap on your plate you couldn't go success donut. Animal you side but if you're right let. Do you if you're girl and you're right not don't had. Not yet but I was younger while I'm picturing. Is you when do you notice that your girlfriend's in the donut and you have you stopped to watch out it's. We'll see she's in she's. Yeah I don't wait until you sit till I'm through with you is why did you eat your donuts here's how to miles she pulls up when I'm watching it SaaS and seven days so I guess like hmmm I got hot literally do in my colon is that. Nothing but I don't look at. Right where go to connect. With it's we're not doing anything tonight you don't overdo it don't yes that. I'm wrong that lets hi I see you spit the bit breezy around until I. She's looking for daddy figure looks she'd never crap together and at some point she's no let's something major flaws in the cracks in what all gonna die it's carbon monoxide poise and that's your red relationship as red flag all right so two things going on simultaneously were art is awesome. Winded down somebody whose parents think she's a princess sale and whose best friend is a mom. And more than that we want your relationship reflects what is that thing where you know as soon as the guy says this as soon as his mom what do. Where he works what Everett if he's puts face paint on before he goes to a football game night if you have a relationship a red flag we want here York's eighty its. Yeah I what do you think she. I am wondering if my on meet its content in the middle of NR try to get grossed rendering. Oh we that does make a difference doesn't it because she's like Armani I like they did Owens if she Girardi. She. Mom what do you it and that's one thing I she kind of not been smiled and agreed with the. Mom that's her eyes you know. So you just heard he's eager to shoot if she's reacting this way I think it's the latter. I just thought of another relationship red flag based on this. If your girl. Or your boy it's Ruth's first to their parents as mommy or bad all righty or. She looked at her it was like Omar mean you know I love you and huge congress moved he did openly brawl do you just turn table over as a distraction as the debt outlook. I don't totally Arpaio how she reacted bad comment by her parents. Or you don't and on your car. Yeah and it doesn't. Mean I don't. Have you ever had one for longer than a week. Yeah as just being you you're totally data hole. You know I know I'm not hitting on you sit and I guess I might be getting under review Slattery an easy access to students couldn't. Suddenly it has I was so I think. It's important not worthy Britney got what G amuses me with the odd tale of us. Yeah are you guys what do you think's. All right you got your own bed with her strict. The rule a spirited girl just like there. Oh who had a thirty year old and vocal cords attached. As reasons mom. You don't have momma to figure out to lunch. I'm ready to go into it should mean simply that debt. Take a cardigan law that. He added wouldn't wash his daughter's car as an adult. You know if I was paying for her current probably do it forward oh no design she's doing right on my own and scratch. He loves. I don't know I don't know. Yeah you run the leopard now dream bubble what I could be gas station order. And since. How long before you caught on did you invest to much time and us. You're not accuse us to sought immunity anybody here you know. The ad doesn't make sense it's certain Zagreb Isaacson thank you really can't do them Jamie. Yeah I mean I had yeah a relationship red flag you coming on Austin. Or or. Did you go and I play my speaking at like I'm a trained aren't. My mum and my dad light bill on our every. And I'm mom and I think I. First street and I wanna help you Konami meat. Don't call her mom. Called her mom and. I'll. Mean that. I don't think my children that I need to enter anything that I'd barrel went hunting diving gold mine. Just because someone that you voted on and spoiled brat didn't mean that. That drill like they're back to Britain to be in a relationship left. Jimmy what's your longest relationship then. Oh okay north real quick I I judge do you agree judge you because your name got him to direct Kim media that's tells me you're princess he noticed absolutely everything that occur with. And click on I can Mika ecology at the park shut it changed my mind can't actually call me. OK okay yeah so just because it's the there's dominated still is you just don't realize it oh yeah he does did everything you're 80000. I thought the other side of the mommy rules. If you call your parents for their first name it's equally as bad ones or just cold and disconnected. Thank you so if you column mommy you're too close somebody if you if you if you say like Chirac they don't do that. Makes you hot got a call mom or mother. Well I was asked because I was doing doing crap closings father and mother that's OK you know that's a cash OK don't come. Mommy and don't call him your dad I never remember the economy that would be weird. Okay he's got to be paid showed its teeth too detached security there disrespectful. Or oral dispatcher your transactions to attach it to nine ST nice I did all these relations are ready I don't know we'll rule. A couple speak. It died yet red flags. Yeah I can never date a girl that either terror astrological. Sign as an excuse for her actions. That's absolutely out dollars and five cents I don't know who walked out hope it's like she's flip not to break conditions like what else could I. I'm married so yeah. At this at this tells me that's he can't take responsibility for any directives and so does make a BS excuse I retired. Right that's a good point there's always dubious story and it's never gonna be on her. Wow are all that's Graham and Colin and I don't have rules here it's fearless and isn't as an ad now undermine that's a good month David. Guys you or disguise what is the relationship reds like you guys. Okay. Are old woman who actually really cool do you need unsure who. Oh okay this man's on call wouldn't. Troll you Fujimori's approach which you don't totally warrant national award. I'll have to cut OK so I'd like now when you're on the first day was somebody else. EU might slip a couple of aerial references in there to see if she takes a buying disease she's way into her how do you. I makes. There's just out. And got hurt or what Google what do you learn she sure junction orasure. Yeah such such good form and that's precisely you know. There's some republic if you're really into princesses. You might get a little hasn't translated to behavior Lerner what you might do little can't play out of it but Barlow. They're older women and gluten menu boards usually the French. Oh my daughter oh right because she's she's looking for prince charming. Billy length yes. All right yes not bad with the Indian dress like snow ice a couple of days it's if it's not a worse relations Jim Russell I thank you name it I Shelby's. Shelly hang on we've we've played yet I see consent I saw the voice is as Iran from last indicted Shelley. I would you got a red flag. Yeah actually if you look at the other analysts I'm not. Moves. Slide area you know I. I don't see a point legs. My wife kisses her mom unless he's very breeze Brazilians are very affectionate so I feel like there's blame my son is going to be forty years old. And still kissing my wife all you're just dead in the bud now you what are does that refresh my Treo. I'm an applicant didn't grandmother amoled. So I don't know if I Q it's. Like a competition returns in her mind. We meet so it it created an unhealthy terror. She grabbed his bow allowed to see you church one I'm not. Wall she's trying to do she she tried to snuggle. Do you what are you. Why don't you see them about to do their lips kiss is horrifying to remind you know and I knew it is does she do is do either of them those drives them. Well it's a voice in their lips before they go in new rule at 100 Chris. She says cheat and how she does now. She she licks her listen for the chance. Rooks to see like like crap on her hair sign in our whole lives not much. You sound jealous like you lose and how Chelsea is and how. Early did yeah. Everything about this is still a solid shell peak I didn't they zip and everything I hate everything about why but. Why would you do that I knew Ryan. I guy I think we're relationship red flags now would tell what's yours. The oil and our lord and Torre. But you can not dead number down a digit since she thought she has some reason it's bring its offense is three you're already there. Okay should make sure you didn't know anything or are still at more than two are. I don't at all. Federation wants a baby leg right now no beans she's she know she she can get she can't. Relates to shoot moose. She current section from things they can't talk to her you I do it's crazy. Thank you did you take out my tax numbers might my cats are never argue with me about. Especially when their whole their anti. I I got rocky. Yeah literally in the lower you know that's the eagle and you'll only tell you this two cats two dogs or any combination somebody is liked. Oh I just have one cat one god three ferrets a goldfish and like you know somebody who is taking care too much nice. Oh while plants and the I was seen as a person with too many plants and mouse. Bat guano you've got to bounce. At all. Think they're Derek. They're getting a section somehow or things that he they don't aren't it's not reciprocal it is more with a dog or captain Dave do you don't want to talk packed. Why. Used to yup you got down. Dude that is that is actually great one and I'm adapting known as well Texas thank you are we're wrapping this up here are Sunni you're totally who you can totally bounce and a girl. 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