Slacker and Steve - OPP: Roommate Hitting on Me 10/31

Tuesday, October 31st


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You. So are we out some sort of double BP about from roommates is in things aren't going the way they were expected to go or something. And it's bad enough that she's asked for her name be changed in her little VD solo voices guys can be. Hey I you aren't disguise tells what's going on. So I recently had you heard me who's dead tanks and she seemed to totally normal I did all the normal interview now you do reasonably deep. She's she thought I'd you know she's a fine ruby and pat. Lately I have been getting the weird vibe from her. I've noticed that we have coral literally she always that next meal on the how would we like watch a movie or whatever. And I read only I go to the bathroom we have one bathroom apartment it. Get ready like I didn't our age in like a rude do you mind if I get get ready while you're in the shower. As I feel like it crossed paths we need. An income so important. Withdraw our attraction and if that makes it. Or else she wants to see you get out of the shower do you think she wants to sit next to you for physical link you think she's in new. Oh LaSalle. Classical kind of how long she'd Pena remains. Aaron. Upload we hadn't what are the Nevada tank alone do you want murdered your roommate floor. Like Al Amaro to be on an okay you want a ticker I'll be just using she's a lesbian or you want a ticker up to ten meeting you weren't comfortable I mean that's we got to. I have no problem with what we have I have a lot of blood speed Fred actually use this issue with mortars the big you can call it. Sharing got its field duplicate. Let me play in its field. If you put in a closet lesbian young attractive to media as opposed to. Let in his leg hey girl what's up unrelated. Ally girl what speak for dealing lead. Yeah so are you do you think she's building up soon might we can move I mean it's two weeks and is probably a little too Sunnis when you think is gonna how dinner. Mean. I mean I don't why aren't you doing what to think about it until I called sleep with one eye open. You can save it late come in and attacked you in the middle of the night I mean I don't. I don't know we are. Now looking more like he's. Or yeah this is gives even I have opinion of Craigslist remains that we were excel and Austin news but sometimes it it it doesn't when you're watching a movie. Is she watching a movie or she wants in you know. Sounds creepy but have you ever caught her. Slight Steve when you're let's try to do me a guy. I'm eagerly just hold Netflix and show saying is you're sitting there watching a movie and you're just. You're looking to the other person to CES it's it's it's a good time oh yeah and tenement and move so. Mike but it did play I would never have a movie that just care. Helicopter boy am I know I would only do your own group. We're a few invited your your lesbian friends over. Roy to move cameras and access it are on a media. Lucky good idea actually I hadn't thought about that usually a softball games we have received. Oh okay well we're hitting. Not. OK so then I guess it might let us. What do you want what what are you what are you thinking of doing do you do you do you wanna just kicker how. Do you wanna like to confront how. Aaron you know there's no minute I was thinking I should let her. Now I think having one of my. Well being bet these over give me a second opinion it's probably a better right. And then if she turns us -- lesbian then what confront her or just kick rapidly too this or it's easy for me because I don't Howell works when you pull somebody in off the street got you really feel squatters rights sort of right I watched a movie with Michael didn't work out how that family's life forever and donates. I just I don't know what your. What your plan is if you decide that she's gonna make you too uncomfortable thing to continue. I mean but I didn't peek into what he has some sort of open and honest conversation where she either. No I like I say I'm sorry you get that vibe that weird or. You are never in question are you a little bit and I wasn't sure you like if if I get word. That termer and I don't care Ali G we look I need. I would be gone it right now it's conclude that ambiguity that make you feel. Actually think she can get some bird like we're going to be more than roommates and friends and don't make them. Absolutely and you feel just respected so unique current attacks is to come out in state her intentions of there are any and then you can see yours Mano in all honesty any sexual tension it's in the room. That makes sense. I think there's an adult conversation in your future but she's she certitude can be started or the roommate. Any hang on we're on should I am not positive there's a bunch of people have been in your situation but you I've been in that situation kind of you know there's several people that we know. And I've talked about the I don't I don't feel like I give up the vibe that I mean time I go both ways glad. To a lot of gay men I I clearly do give off that vibe and I just. There's probably a couple conversations like Cain he's got her future that I need daft and go. Amen I just I wanna be clear. I know you're gay. And OK so you would stay because you know they're Jason you would state I know you're gay I am not. But it's but it's kind of didn't know for sure I'm not a 100% sure the morning guys you know that but right can you still say. I'm kind of a 100% sure your how do you is that route I don't know all because you kind of have to initiated and you have to save your distaste I. Times forward there's Springsteen had in the right just like this. Saying more exciting yeah slowly coming back to my room not so blatant likes it but it's and it's it's a savings to exist thanks. Student it's like what I don't wanna be brewed at. But I look for some show us all that did it's it's an awkward by deeds it is going to be your magazine it can come back on you know suddenly you were in the years to get out my lump I'm not a home folder all right all right let's now it's going to be. So clearly to any problem in I guess idea to what happens when you've got. A person in your life in her case it's a roommate it seems like their common on do you emulate. I'm seeing him uncomfortable how do you shut it down should just shut it down how does that conversation. Go marry him. Yeah I yeah I really think. I. Get sticker out loud you're one of the existence and no strikes and you're now why would you say you're. Well. Ultimately. No matter what even if you confront then I have a congregation. They're gonna be tension and and issued acting that way and you are they anti you ain't. That's going on. She hit it probably be capita bracket are and they get their era of terror and it actually grew in there and even more are where it's. Anything to be you an amateur kind of crippled our association can't avoid all the drama annual crime and get captured elite. And then move on the band not kid and then what not Craig's list next time or do you put. Yeah I know lesbians are allowed. Web sites still like actually that. Roomy and everything like that can do a little bit more research aggregate bringing somebody break. What she's misinterpreting. There's this girl gets booted her apartment because. At least you've chicken asked to have a grown up conversation. Well it app for everybody looked entirely show our Antarctic EDE now. Well because Mattie it's not illegal but it's import taste and immoral just a come out now somebody. Are you a lesbian so it's up to Super Tuesday. I'd let you in my out. And we ask you. Now I mean if so I would be more than upfront from the very beginning about my flurry. Because black and you'll hurt it can't movie with somebody that doesn't like. Who you are depressed and felt. She articulates. If you really want to let you know what an opera like about that and are well incredible Eric. We're gonna aren't making it more to you lit with a brick in the rabbit in her sexuality. Matty but so Jimmy you don't wanna have a heterosexual remain Iran to go to our only a matter goes I don't want and so that's okay. Yeah that's right oh no that's not a I don't know I don't I don't have I was afraid to jump on either side of the political crowd to mind my lawyers and I periods the. Otter out I mean it personal preference like. For anybody like you're gonna be more comfortable with somebody. Cool you can really hear oh yeah and ultimately achieve more upfront and honest about who you are to be glad and then you can get side but the fact it. She had kept. Whatever it dialing 900 rat out you know or if other fairly interpret it incorrectly clearly it. Beyond I didn't you know what's going on to begin with so I think rip off the government about. I thank you that you'll really throw there's a woman on the streets that sits so we'll put all you did this caller eighty hasn't helped me a woman homeless are Sarah. Hey what do you think. I saw. I different guys go both ways and I can understand those dealing she might get things I think. I think what he had an eagle at an adult conversation. And even let me play acting weird because the girls are making her feel weird that girl are you thinking in the girls yelling they need to deny they're. You know make it seem like a lot. Competing and going between the poor and I looked girl to a straight and they just like it. It really didn't pay let me get your sorry not the actual ballot as the maybe she really took on the growth growth. Person. And I guess your general I'll have so much. As I can be I think she. There are gay men and I can be around they don't have to want to sleep with me they're just really like your funny did that's good to anybody. Idea that he thinks the girl want to pursue major. She may be getting opera I bet he's feeling awkward for the girl trying to steal it I because he thinks I think the actually some miscommunication. That need to have it all current and figure out. And it's also our thanks for the call we appreciate it. George. I night. But he thinks power is so. I'm in my opinion it. I am I am gay and actually didn't let somebody who I developed a huge attraction to the news are trying to bomb. My opinion there has. Is she need to share their Atlantic diet trend that oil and attracted to church just because this woman has ninety day orgy getting gave I'd stand little chance to cheat a little bit Earl. It was just plain no big deal. I'm not game are getting old Arnold it is not liking college you know use your god and there's no. I don't think you need to eaters miss this plate issues between them I mean. It's not an issue or another true escape it. As as long as somebody stood shuts you down or just makes it clear look your great. I'm great I swing this way you swing that way and let's not be confused Shockley who we are now let's be great remain there and appreciate the call George flew. What do I do about my situation. It didn't have time to get into that I well please don't help us hit us up on the soccer team baseman prince.