Slacker and Steve - OPP: Second Class Sister 2/14

Tuesday, February 14th

Melissa thinks her mom plays favorites she says her mom treats her like she will never live up to her sister and this has been going on her entire life. Melissa has pointed it out and her mom said she doesn’t play favorites. Melissa wants to know if she should cut her mom out of her life forever, or is there any way to get her to realize what she is doing?

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Staying. At most ceilings are a little bit Saddam from. Emerald the word is dependence where you a little bit compared. With your sister. Changes. Happened just a natural resource to between young siblings game and we had stories recently in and you set it always. Parents always tend to you. Nobody was sellout which got a fever can you do. Slipped his kid out certain quality that you like better than the other than the other kid doesn't and sometimes it fluctuate sometimes I just a little more because of some they've done in back and forth. The buys you large parents tend to you yes I have more about a favorite sibling and yeah see that's what's going on with RO PP here. Melissa. Yeah a guy that's going on is the best. It's not much at colonial re we hear you have a problem with your Sam leaned we'd love to help us. Our guru our show and I don't just under an hour. How and it's like you're changing it's like always this break with my mom play I'd get straight she'd get like beat and even my mom would preacher and like not care about making honor roll or how. Every time she starts and career path of the last one didn't work I'm Alan do you like hole. Didn't touch PR and good direction pretty elimination didn't even think Larry you know. I got a good jump after I graduated and had stable career man complex oh that's what you're doing and it's soaked streets and like I don't. I'm kind of happy in the Nairobi or can't I had gotten my mom is likes oh really and now she's getting aged years of marriage to Mary years ago. And did my momma pain for almost everything is your mom list. Collection of the data were budget my mom really don't worry he'll paint for a nice at my mom's like really am a lake that's what you're doing I can't can't handle it anymore. Arms he awkward questions straight off the bat are you yeah they are are you adopted. I mean is there. It was up 20 I know you're not so hazardous place just there's some times I'd see it. Where it sized natural this is my real kid in this is my sentence or real kids so they don't do. And I am not trying to be mean but I'm just trying to get a read on it like we said about a minute ago I think parents tend to like a kid a little more but this is. Your talking about some extremes like this isn't a little bit you know so everything all the time you worry you're redheaded step child and your sister is. The golden golden you know all will be. How many siblings are you exit younger wanna reserve a lot of siblings in front. I'm on the younger Ryan just that you that I can lake and one well I can't get into their personality even more similar iron play. They know all. And are you like it's like a big big age gap between you and your sister. You know ruined careers channel all of hookah arms. So you're engaged right now and and that's what's bringing these feelings of the surface I mean it's always been this way but now now Bert. And that's where I think like little little bits and pieces of like I can deal with that before and I figured like this from major life friend and she's going to be excited for me now. And you don't even care. Are are you an oops maybe. I know I know I don't know if. You know her doctor my mom and I actually been really able. Okay because I I know that some parents. Canada and present. The kid that was they didn't have presents probably Vince yeah there's iTunes it's there's probably a better vocals were in their but it does. And we were done and no you yes I'm. Do you well years showed her with me so then what are we get to try to do for you today are you do you are you thinking of us. Constructing your mother about the way she treats you or resist. I mean I don't I don't think no in my. It took until on that always been this way and I think I'm mr. agreement and my dad and I earned my when she still gonna be like. Let alone like uranium Carter hall lights. You third season either in or around and his point Melissa. That's. Salute. So in other words you're your your mom go if fuels are respecting me and then you have to leave carrier coming into this church land taking. All and I'm gonna leave it hanging I'm gonna get a very this. 100 and he's gonna need only feel Bad. Religion I want everything that's fine like I can handle. She's gonna show up and critique any decisions I make which doesn't help with any of them. You can that say anything about my sister's wedding would like I don't so I don't wanna Hewitt then you know it's my day we're excited and I should have a good time we're. Do you some advice to I think my my last big question is wis. Goldstein showered upon your sister and nothing being showered upon you. How is your relationship with your sister you might I mean are you guys are good or do you resents her for getting all the stuff so you don't get. I mean at this. Really didn't think any kind of cheered up can Wear time. I name you know we talk on FaceBook went sellout when you're so this is endless and you know initiation that if I did but I don't think she realized the extent. I see. Well if if you do this with your mom and she shows up to the when he had to be prepared Melissa that she's gonna play victim all day long. I hated dad still play how tall like moms I eat arms so we you've got some major decisions to make cheap and we're I am that there are other kids out there who feel like they are like oh yeah absolutely dissenting classes half sibling. Yours yours is just probably won't whose extreme cases. I'm a virgin that's just knew you like to be excited. And paying for one wedding and then he's. I mean at least eighteen excitement but not like she's so this is weird feelings for a moment so you know excitement right that's your job. I'm doctor. You mean you know actually knew that. Says this guy and what I'm engaged to be happy for me and Melissa we're gonna try to decent bison are paying terrorist there. Aaron I I I don't know that you just cutter out of the way I think you have to confront or even though you've lived your whole life like dad ray that's. It's if that's just how she feels how do you tell somebody stop. Stop liking stage stuff stop liking this more than that front that's the scenes how can you you can you know it's who she likes his Jiang. I ask you for somebody to it. Treat me differently but maybe you can when it's your mom. So Melissa is the second class sister. She she's getting married and she adds this has been the straw that makes her she's like I'm done being treated like this then how can she break out of this cycle. And yeah I yeah I. So I'm I campers someone of the same situation except I'm an only child. My line shows a relationship over me she shows like poisonous. Yeah I know school stays. Why did he turn the tide turned eighteen. Went off to college and I guess which are. I decided you know not my job to maintain a relationship with a woman who obviously doesn't put me first. She doesn't value you she values everyone but you. Yeah and when I was in you're basically said you know what did you wanna be part of my thought you reach out. Tell my job to do but B barn you decided to do best. Well didn't work what does she say what does she do. On the right now we're on much better terms but I the first couple years she's stubborn like I am and she refused to call and I looked fine. Has enough adopted family in I did meet her and then we each and yes do you collapsed she triggered an Al. She realizing guys are pleading examines forever. Yes but on top and I need your mom and so. I think in this case played she'll figure it out but I think really cleanup shut down and say you know this is my life you deal with that. And she met her choice if you want to be and it's not her job tea I mean occur like accommodate. As long as Melissa doesn't go to the mom and go. You know you never like me you've done as soon you always you can't win as many artists you've not met child why not easy I did dad get that he's got to be all but I don't notice you know our relationship is not is that it and a. Yeah I didn't I didn't say anything nice yet so like here it is and whenever she can ask why it happened and I told her. Let's get to play when I stop calling. Do you sink had you not done you would you I mean TCD even though you don't show it outwardly it's. Breaking you down from the inside out because you don't feel worthy of any thank. Well unfortunately that wasn't my case my best friend's mom actually went there for reasons I seized I had a mall series tools. I can definitely like that would have children eat it I had no other option. Wow good for you for standing up to her in any good for you for doing it in the non. Weiner yeah yeah you are on our FaceBook page right now you'd see that overnight. Stay you the call. It's. Yeah I mean you guys on FaceBook identity didn't get to hear her voice necessarily like it just saw Eckstein to. But if if you realize your parents don't have the capacity low that's one tank but did you see that they have the capacity alone. That person over there and they just don't share with you dot Sox who does what she got to be self aware you gotta know your place. Yeah okay. Oh my god. He's the rest of your life childbirth you can do get disaffection from someone that's not gonna give it tomorrow if you see like that OK at the data to mean that means you're a bit more done if you're gonna treat me like a second class citizen and then. You're not my mom after you make it known that period here's how I see you treating me and it's a nothing changes he's got a I don't like know your place is like a class system things. Do I Travis. Yeah I yeah I mean it's. Priority get well we don't know much. I'll tell I have a similar situation that I can relate but I don't have any solutions or. But I I wish I graduated from college I was the first one in my spam way to go to college and graduate college NM my graduation my grammar showed up my error. And about three years later might fit for Gunner both its degree and graduated from college and there what did they had been mystery and so. I ask my momma should. Why is it so much different it's cheap and you would you know what the order to college my mom and vote harder on her. Well I was gonna say that's isn't married couple with a little you know we're just terrorize a man understand it. Well I can't understand it though because my sister did have a hard time school which you directly to college it was a big deal for. Was this expected of you you knew you were gonna. Don't analytic well I Boehner what I earned roll that out categorically that my sister day. They were right even been rolled you know. So then in dinner you kind of on teen Steve just accepted elites your parents are gonna trap. The other crime beyond that banks are there where we are different get their different then and that's nothing my son is he's struggled with school but he Smart. But that doesn't mean I mean he's he's Smart enough or he doesn't do it schoolwork because he's late you know writes that didn't mean he's a dumb kids. That is sister just got to put some group because she got her school worksheet in basketball to get these yolks it's not that we. Dote on. My daughter more than we do much time we count myself a lot more than we do my daughter. Because he needs that pushing and prodding but that doesn't mean we forget my daughter she just had a good arm built with all. Yeah thank you know because Travis we would have come near graduation riesling you know that it appears to have your little skirts and Internet and I doubt I I know that's how it is digests some sad when you're the one he's likes nobody can this. Only IG to. Car and. Then he ends you be harder for her and guy. I would say this is that I hey it's just. Not fair. Brittany. And I equities into. I think that this he stated have a conversation with her mom before she made any sort of rash decision. Air and always two sides to a story. And it's very possible her mom doesn't even realize that what she's doing. She's only lies how do you not know you're savoring one of your kids. They can be it subconscious and be like LA or late care more and just yelled something what is really blind select radio. It's yeah I guess your right to she did say she relates to negotiate this Alley the older sister is a lot more like her mom so maybe that's her by her mom just kind of favorites are. Also. How the conversation you've got nothing allude to and that pony. And then make your decision if she is tiny consciously then hello yes. This might hurt you know feel like I'm sorry if you can't support weaker than dot com but given the opportunity. To. You don't realize what she's doing and come around. Well thank you for an eye straining to appreciate it only one person be the boss's favorite everybody else is not so everybody else article it I'm out of here I'm a little. But the boss is a little different than somebody who social love you unconditionally. I mean that's. If you're a better worker U you can get in the big bosses I don't know how I don't know so and so Melissa no she's not the favorite is she goes to Obama I know. Our work cut. I know now he's a favorite you then yeah I'm just cut yourself however much I think there might be the answer in Hamburg. Yeah I guys. And I think he's not a mom come to the Latino they got a little bit deeper than just a relationship right now. I know least favorite child I realized. You don't just. Yeah I know I mean my sister Ali thank god those days and staff shouldn't I wouldn't get to just my mom for money. Because I would get shut down. I'm just wondering is he. You act the way you're describing to me as a parent. You may seem to steer the least favorite. But the kid who's constantly ask him for money it's idea they probably deep down love you more and just know that you are more responsible and respect you more you us. Well I know there's been a lot of weather changed. Hard ball instead saying it's okay you know not do you have a car. You know your gut the sabres so how do you adjust what have you done with your news cut mom off you don't pay attention to mom happens. No lucky monitors without delay January 10 it's so. If I didn't have. Really I would talk to my mom or done something where you can count I writing he would not have that support of your Mother's Day and the timing here is the most just got a little bit deeper than just a wedding. So just suck up your place as number two in case one day you're not a hot cup that's a terrible while that's also. I didn't hear how much do you it might just do it different had the right let me into some of the Republican he's got a lot of parents who. He and I see in the Wilkes to do everything. I have no idea you know you're calling amber and sorry for your loss and it's is Cheri. Hi guys who do you think. So here mommy always can be your mom I can have this being situation I don't know if she mentioned that her dad in their. Can various styles. OK so my eight situation is my desk that does not acknowledge me. And until my mom kind of stuck in the picture and I have a brother. Who it's from both of them though there are like its family and kind of. You're only passing museum will hold back. They went on vacation they did all of that and I HO and I would highly recommend that he doesn't couldn against her sister. It was hard for me with my brother at first that they can't control how other treat Ed. And and now my brother in out I have to hit the issue really need a nip this in the bud before they had kids. Because this is when he gets steeper trick he's done now mom won't come in my house for Christmas Eve. They've for an hour and then rush home to go to her hut but it's. He's in the picture than I was in third grade so I speaking kids problem. Did he get hit except that taking from another me till this elite suggest she talked to her mom. And held her how she feels and work without speaking than a minute they have kids. It can get deeper achy in growth. And she really want to figure that out and now my brother. Had a little girl you know as I adore her and I can't ever imagine not having a relationship yes my parents. Treat her to a. Totally gas saver grandchild it's. I see I knew that was gonna happen yes banana sticker that older but I'm more like back in no way. Of my relationship with Maine she's my world right now. You take it out of your kids you automatically christened a favorite. Thing to cut. Why did you break I would think it's like pastel. All we know might Alter how old am uncertain do you think you're not my favorite today he's our C. Studies late see these are not that they're out and also flat out they know what your brother clean it chaebol without being asked. Married being an early favorite today okay. Soccer yeah. They're doing junkets they do medical I I want to say this dude. Most everybody said such an opportunity I would not tempt you to basically said he's in the same situation condom off now before it gets worse and even most people who. Our staying say it's saying stay in the situation. We do if she stays in this year's grand kids and grandkids not to favorite yeah. And us have seen this Xena. Thank you do is easier on your kids I would cut it off now see your kids never have to mill site. We don't have a Graham on the outside redden have drama though why is Graham argued that kids seal. Actually I a hot wheels compound whose Q world. Hide it anymore advice for the Weiner I'm Melissa. And you don't really cruelties Havana Lilja we will take more of that argument over there on the soccer in Steve FaceBook page.