Slacker and Steve - OPP: Secret Paternity Test 8/3

Thursday, August 3rd

Candy is furious with her husband after she discovered an envelope that was addressed to her Mother-in-law’s house from a paternity testing center. He had a test done to make sure it was really his kid. The relationship was rocky when they conceived but the issue of it being his kid was never brought up. Should Candy confront her husband about this? Should she ask if her mother-in-law was a part of it knowing it went to her house? 


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Stay on the I don't even know why we're doing today's. Oh DG one hole and why are we take good guys citing women talk to her. Girl I know but even I'll explain where I'm coming from and you'll understand as well when I explained. Almost certainly am gonna become more like you know we knew you agree with me in the supreme in the past mid OK okay I was so candy found something in and let's let's she she wants to be disguising clearly came he's not her name sorts. Let's bring her appear candy. A guy you are disguised as requested what are you bring your buddy have to speed what's going on. Well I would come bring to my husband glued to re enact crown needs document peacekeepers. So they're entertaining and I have to do it every time to people who has a woman do you still and you come up with this stupid little back story if you were putting stuff away just only viewer like rummaging links no. How. Yeah no I wasn't I wasn't it I would putting my husband's laundry away with the perfectly normal thing to do could be gonna do it himself. You sound something that you hadn't found any other time so you're digging a little deeper at the time when you put is under way now as I. I want to our oldest are seldom are a couple of documents with his name on it tank but permanently couch right free Earl Clark. And dropped I dropped my work my mother in law. Guys will clearly see she. Think you got a computer paternity paths. She never really liked me it's cute in Spain. It was good good good document wood from like seven months ago guys. But he's kept affirming I have no idea why she didn't even some meaning to talk to me about bet if you. I would being unfaithful if you are again and I've never been more that my life. Okay zero reason. Who thinks that you were unfaithful. Could question. Oh no I mean we we have we tried a couple of arguably any normal married couple of car. But no there is no way I don't know. Are you having a rough patch of around the time you would have conceived your child. The main problem possibly. It did you look so obviously when you found these documents. You looked at them and he is the father of your child. Yeah. Oh my god yes. So. So what what are. During over what would you guys say rough patches I mean you guys just didn't talk to each other or you you guys you do you put a horror or anything. We now know her separated we were complaining all hot you know feeling very well let. And nothing nothing few greedy. Boca. Sorry is a married guy no I I feel like I saw and you don't since you don't do very well this is well tasks he is always silent treatment for awhile. Maybe a little later word because you're just she's a wanna go home and help any perceived as non zero around but it can also just be the I'd just been brought to OK we're just not an Enron. I think my mother in law wasn't really the one that that. Debt incurred that. Which is fine but let. I mean I'm sure it's because you're living you understand the logistics of this he had to swap his now you know and he had to swab your child's mouth. And put them in separate gangs and send them a lost to a DNA testing area so. Even if it was her idea or your husband isn't like this innocent bystander he would ultimately involved in this so. Pete I can't believe he wouldn't talk to me. And I can't believe he would even go to go blank. Non I totally understand the betray our idea so where what why are you on the husband's side before we even started desk today because you know me I always think that duke in the delivery room every child. Should be tested every child should be DNA tested right dad was born in a hospital to avoid it so much more crap down the road so his DNA testing right there anybody isn't there a data DNA test and improve more all the same party yes. So you don't blame but I don't think she should have been no where I think he was gonna DNA tests I think your feelings are to hold early validated and you have every right to feel the way you feel blocks. I Tess is still okay. If you had that rough patch in he had things running through his head or you had things running through my ID and he's he's fueled by his mom to. Yeah I got a. You. But he should've taught me the company doesn't trust me and communicate with me the real problem. OK so listen you brought up steel body needs to go a paternity test because I don't know where that rap there's no way you deliver you prime what do left the marriage. He had this take you needed to you he needed to know for definitively if he's the father and he still needs to stay the keep his marriage going to. That's only way he could have done it was behind your backs I understand why a mother in law do you hate her guts she's like aiding and abetting of fuel in this whole thing. Pulled this sort it's been seven months he hasn't acted weird around the time of the test everything you seem normal in your relationship this whole time. I mean I am aren't I could tell it was perfectly normal I. I'd just the other than normal little argument but it. Candy so let's do you right now can you can you forgive them or do you forgive him. And let's say you talked about it would you forgive him ensue if he could forgive him Melvin who cares as move on. Don't know I mean obviously I know what that and my marriage with bitten it. Huge deal. Yes I I it's it's gonna have to come out Zacks. That's fine and a receipt for a private investigator. To follow you kind of saying its site there was a time where I doubted you so much stiff I didn't believe this was my pitch high and there it is right there later I had so we'll have doubts and at times and our relationships. He's out he's tangible. In fueled by this woman. I I don't know who I mean obviously you can't you got to talk to your man. You at some point you want us to confront her as well and say. Back the truck up while you're darn. Bombs. Let's order try to decent health I don't know what that helps gonna look like I don't know how many people would then. And if you reversed the genders. Then suddenly it's a big deal but because our garden this trusting his wife I think that makes a huge difference more to women though. Listen. Maybe you might be right. Jamie if I get any other questions you want us to just try to find decent house. Sorry I didn't argue. I just want help I never I didn't. I have never been so angry and so hurt in my entire life. As you should feel OK we're gonna try to Jason held so hang hang right there I don't mean I'm not I'm not scorpio I'm more like crazy. He resists all that stuff that like when their twelve you find out always one extra neighbor's kid. I think I did why you want that who who is there were to be that tests in the delivery room. Every one. Who sought they were the parent. Would sign off and say yes. Feel free DNA test sheeting get that luxury he did signed her own Jacqui that and that that part suck she took her choice from her absolutely. To fulfill a need though that's better for all of a should Digisette. He should set so how does she play this now do how would shines the big question I don't know what to do is on non confrontational but she's obviously flying off to handle amounts of net Oca so I'm she's she's not alone I think this is. I feel like she might be alone even if not I mean no matter what don't you guys are better at confrontation and we are if you could you give any advice. On how to help candy with this. Bombshell of a paternity test we could sure use it. Candy yeah I what do you think. You know I don't try to pretend he has. Back to sleep in magical gray area I. I mean she can't ignore stories like all of the tape I was doing you about and I'm a liar and all the country come it. You know you don't you're buying document like that you might be big and big thick document like that. And I think that he should be uphill. I appreciate the fact that you carried out he'll get their backpack I'm and I got divorced her and then try and I never questioned late. Point in his being a good day and and it. It's a bull to you why it's. Like yours sing he you should you should respect the fact he just trusted you enough to trying to give evidence to bury you both for you divorced you. That's what he was trying to do it didn't come up with a mean somebody else's baby Peoria area there are. Well one minute because you know you've you've you break your count but yeah like. I like my heel. So look a 100% like my husband Michael went tablet exactly like oops and our other daughter looked like it would never even comprehend I knew I. You know sometimes. You imagine if you DNA test a vaccine and. I yeah. I would like if it actually you know but you know what relationship our party not. There's Ali trust issue and nothing is under Kirk that prepare your right hand. Income Mary H. Are you may be able cut contract issues and I think you know there but it sounds like they need to get like them back there and because. People and yet on another high and you know he did you detect behind her back. That happened thinker and it depends who don't he would react maybe they think about you'll get this past aren't. If I put my heart I probably wouldn't play. Slipped up at about lake what do you mean we talking about. I know that's why hollow so we exposed to meet you know what's that old saying how do you know if you build a father or your child's heart you know your dad years until mama tells you so. Right who uses you always gotta go while moms were well. Well Wetteland got his own words I just I still stand by there's not a lot of women who are going to be cool whisked him doing that behind your back to take. I don't beat you just say I don't be weird but I dishonor the general Derosa and our senators was 700% surety. Should we examined tells us something we're supposed to go along with a Melinda. Yeah I don't and I would ease thanks. So my friend of the in the same situation but she let you think Schaub. I am. By age she found out as an after talking with her husband. I initially it was to get he admonished shut up and like her and not the feelings hurt. I'm afraid of the car oh yeah yeah you get a picture a guy gets a paternity test regardless Hillary is in our mind to go crazy. You run. So she was just usually I mean we're we're given this guy a lot of credit it's like mom here's what money do you keep caller tramp you say she's not good enough for me you say to kids come mine are going to get to paternity tests. One mile to your house you'll get the results and then back off. I see go. And actually exactly what happened and she was a little skeptical at first I just talk Sereno girls mind run wild jokes but they're mr. Bernard hurt feelings and again and mom to back off because he loved her show. I'll tell backpack out be honest and that's an angle I never even occurred why is it when a man goes to a doctor and he gets a diagnosis gives you what I moment we'll get a second opinion. But when I'm told and I'm a father of a child follow. Do you readers know sector led the union that is you always a challenge no physical history and how well Canada is actually not a bad. It's I didn't smile because he is the first time you've ever not an analogy if you can at least in the double territory kept his eyes. Oh out there unless you're right well all my dad I'm gonna guess I'm just calling it and he's value second opinion. I say they don't tell your selling into the girls in the neighborhood while Melinda I try you look dear how. It's always for years the next time night. Only if other designer read. A team of doctors to come in to get these special second opinion and can still long you're standing upright because she's gonna knock you on in your replies why isn't the visor debate because that's your. Calling because you go get a second opinion not calling that doctor stupid or lighter color and if you say here's your calling her tramp and a liar you're saying she sent to other people know I think that's an accusation and I know I'm. I would say it's nothing to do with you it's always every everything we do encourage if it's done for you it's may know it's everything you're saying someone else could have been the father. I know why she's so what does somebody I know that she didn't job retraining you don't have a DNA testing right why you know she didn't do things we go to medical disability it's not a pleasant OK sit there is impossible for it to be anybody else's if you don't believe she sought to anybody else. Wouldn't know it just. Picky she or risk I got sick kids possibly hit. DNA shows us because I think I think she didn't she doesn't mean she didn't she does that mean I don't know you're still co owner of shrapnel white guys get a second opinion you can't tell there. Yeah so what do you think. Well. I I think it can deal breaker personally why on because if he acted like nothing was wrong for seven months since you found that's. And also it doesn't matter what his mother that I really don't care what the mother did he created this situation all by himself. Gene that put the idea and it's sad but why did need man up and go to his wife because if you're in a marriage it's not what I need it's what we need. Because he assumed she would lie about it if you confront an urgent distinct line anyway someone had just go so I think you're the sort that he Dicey and done some. I'm I'm just glad you now I want have a paternity test this is why you can either come with me and do it or under gonna do it he has that right to do it. Initiative told a change from the I say this guy that could if he can be that cool and calculated about it what else can he do without her Nolan. I'm just saying when you if if I would ask my life for a paternity test on my kids that could could mean I would I would not have a wife and I think that the and it's. I know it's it's a reasonable request but it's. It's something that I can't imagine many women go. No O Reilly I don't personally at all you're not saying that someone else put. Swimmers and meet and maybe it's their two best when you're saying by asking you for that. But he will finally have his cake he needed to you I get to keep my marriage alive but also finding out for sure that this is by HI what do you think you don't have enough in his kit. He would've torpedoed his me it would have been ugly little loved her even more god grace. Yeah I had reason. I am so. Early on her I had I kind of had that same situation happened and I think that is what their satellite edge trial happen that the dollar about the mother knowing him I think it's. Sad that I like there wasn't communication and Bob like being back east has the right how about has gotten with the mother now like I wouldn't bet it. So angry how to how to Baghdad on my child and I have not known. Hard task is it's so it's literally a cotton swab inside your mouth a child probably realize anything's going to wish we doing this in the delivery room and she is. The fact like that that can happen and like that is in the delivery orbit they want to die and it. We're not that he wanted to die situation without the oil that it. But seat but he would've lost his wife for the would have created a bad situation for the child sometimes just a few things under the radar to keep your married so putts secure oh my god but do you have any other links cute little cliches you wanna say right now it's always. Is just before the dawn. It makes no Simpson is well. Excuse for it but congress is. Zuma my Jamie. And I what do you think man. I think she's being selfish she's trying to make this all about her and ignoring the fact that this man had an absolute right to know whether he's the father it is I'll move. And she's ignoring the fact that if you ask. Your partner whether they've been cheating on you cheating partner and non cheating partner gonna keep the exact same answer isn't no conversation what you want but it is gonna drive drama. And then once again she didn't benching drama might blaming it on its mob. You know mom only proof is she had brawl Wii no ma didn't even know what's happening like Kmart got a letter going here alchemy noticed show low. Who don't. I'm normal he's familiar halo all day manhunt is because he's on your side now suddenly he's the genius who are you really don't mess decided just yourself. I think have a way to help her anyway. The and I hesitate to give it to orbit the fact is she should just sit on this until the time comes when he accused her of any sort of dishonesty. I would point you just wrote this base and you mean like when you get the fraternity that's little Johnny. Up my he's black bunkers yeah. Really you're rocking oh man you're a terrible person. I would never want a debut for many great support a lot of revenue would you be in a dude I don't know writes I thought I Jamie good taste you really are not always so spot on how shocked to anybody. What is news on team fraternities. But. The day all it's it's his bright but it's still kind of chicken asked tonight if you if you're all bad ass and like I wanna make sure this kid's mind how the cajon is still walk up to the woman and go. Until the test is going Richard my you're probably put your marriage you. But if it's not important CO I mean all the taxes and you know anything else you wanna say say it over on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.