Slacker and Steve - OPP: Secret Vasectomy 3/21

Wednesday, March 21st


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Steve are there. So we have to handle other people's problems somebody's on from there I got a lie in their marriage and broker. We're the answer to be wow I don't get a bad for her resume yet scrappy out. Residual you need us tickets are this year and a host I'm guessing his name's not really Carl any we are gonna disguise his voice so. Carl. The guy you are disguise tell us what's going on. Whoa. Hooking movies too bad yea yeah I mean you guys. And you're and you can really be part of a ring true you are who you think you can probably group report. She wants sentence. You lose and we want to puke them anymore you don't do the little. Boy who. And I am sure you that happened we learn we. You did you edit you know you're the voice is geysers making your voice some really weird so I'm gonna translate some list I yet you so you had a vasectomy and I without. I won't give away too much and that's how a few years ago. Every group go do it. Ten years ago. Okay act didn't so all of a clearly over the your current wife has no clue about the the year and no. How could you didn't why why would you bring that Holcomb best seems like some that would come up or was she somebody you didn't want kids yourself what's I. How do you this is this is kind of being switch it. They're boot hit global. There and Europe or are you won't want the most important vote you'll hear it keeps you can tell. Have to check it because you guys been married for how long. Rear. Hookah. All those who. Police still did you when you work or did you who did you bulls agree like I don't understand what the kid talk never came up because it's a kick. It's if she ever said some day when asked kids. That would have been your moment to say and if you didn't say yeah now you're devalue the so long tee back do you go. Did kids come up when you were when you guys were dating. Nowhere in the bill leaves you didn't put food murder if you've if there were only able to have you don't want to puke your Russian seem quite. And not to lose interest and should never. Talk to go to political fortitude you can go to co more and more well. So you felt like because she never brought up so now I really didn't have to divulge that information for you ask that you are kindred spirit. Zach I kinda like not I'm not omission kinda crap they you've lived your whole life fine with the arms. Oh it's a murder a computer or interest group or group or construed as regular. Took them. Most of his translate I did he said here her sister is responsible because she just had twins always said the baby fever got cheerio. Happening in his house in down. So she is queen she starts to say. Men wouldn't it be great to have kids what what have you said up until this point or do you just go let's go try I mean you dude. Every time. You have relations with her at this point. And it's under false pre two pounds so you'll lose me kind of sort of move it not kind of sort of work. Our guys social pollute goalie. But the very few we always get there's no shoes and know that there's no forward. You know now. There's banks you'll love him. Good for you don't think we're not talking about you can include Google bushel or Marco. Good content and Karl this is you know a guy here's my thing you love her beyond birth control. Well and also regulates I guess a woman's look as you know you and your new best friend Karl. Joy don't do another. Group yes there is I do you tell you my god she has to be unable to tell yourself that just that's that's definitely justification in the air I know that's the big could be something burning but I think it's justification but you're you're right she's been on birth control mode like god. But you know what so she's gonna not be a birth control and to the figures are trying to have a kid and you're not Kabila have one. And that's where you have to say maybe you need to get checked Tony because I maybe you know. Yeah he'll have to check sue. That's word yeah in the dossier go low this scar on your new theories is a clear indicator that car. Carl what are you gonna do man when you make what are you asking us when you should tell you should its older three years ago well. How how do lord knows what. The community who know. I must be buried honey because we're gonna have an assumed Steve is still trying to put in place of flame somewhere. Coral. Do you really wanna go. You were out for our group and you know somebody. Who went through so crawl with. Right oh what was changes it out okay now it's harder to figure out honesty is getting involved that's where Steve is out there yet and I am only half way and took us some all talked when it comes saves there's an easier way out even being on us though Big Easy night I am with him for that. Carl dude yeah finally yeah I wanna do the right thing you do wanna do the right thing in our school excellent thank I mean we're gonna get advice but I am just wondering how women would wanna hear its site. No matter what I. You almost have to put it back on her. Yeah no see no but I mean I you but I don't mean in like did she can't have a kid I think you you might have to say something like you said you didn't mono you've always led me to believe that you didn't want and so I dismissed my concert up. So I guess they're dead just this cnet's news says doctor. I took this as a player of applause doesn't mean another layer we play there's so many layers already tense like the fact that he's like do you turn this entire retirement you wanna go alleged changed a timeline of when he got to that makes it more is that she'll feel guilty that he did this for her see now we put a back on. Okay. Carlson. Or whatever your name really is why it like we're gonna. Were gonna do our best to find help for you and it won't be from either one of us it's going to be from other people who. The dude. Do not if she says if she doesn't like that pulled the goalie let's. You do you just have to rip to be you have to sack no doubt yeah side yeah okay we'll see if anybody's got a better master plan the brother. Every time you relate with her and she's thinking she's getting baby gravy and she's not Europe bad. I did was lose cheesy but does she enjoy yourself anyway I mean leasing now what you and I can tell by Carl's voice sentence that I just getting Karl you're you're going to hang on. He's suited to reverse I mean is after years of giving a yes it is remarkable Yahoo!'s I guarantee enough though. It's that easy to be out of commission yeah you don't lie about that. Or you just say I got that done and then let's we're gonna go try to reverse said but. We have the grownup conversations should I had when you work you're hitting a mean like overpass so we can't it we are packed. Or draw a lot of stuff we got to get the so called soccer and see the grown up stuff went out the window so low that it be any solutions that don't involve a grown up nest. Carl got a vasectomy never told the woman he was dating now they're married and made she wants to start a family so words he had now what does he do with that information how does he break this awful news to his wife Dan don't. Yeah I hang out we got a voice is guys are on still. Go ahead do you know if. They've. Yet so I think we're told they're both at fault because I love your outfit like by the miracle whatever. And immediately early on both sides are what have a kid and I told I guess what I don't know either they. Move on opiate of the fact that you already have one yet you don't call it good now on the health and kind of guy felt. It begala though the jets and she needs someone who are still not over effect diminishes us. Oh well. Hi while I'm going to get so then see who to how does Karl successor is his relationship doomed. I his relationships with it's. It's probably somewhat dimmed if she really preference for a kid yeah and they look you know what I got a confession to make. Maybe I should've brought that up so I take ownership of not a professor that I Abbott. And. I just that I never thought you wanted to have them so I don't want. I just never really thought to man up to something upper figure it out because you know little about. It's not relevant because you didn't want kids you and at the end of curriculum from you got a best years anyway and so oh god you're so. Gross sometimes what do you mean that's just throw. So a lot cheaper what do looks as though. Six I think you can go. Birds we have some female perspective now mills. Yeah I yeah I tell you the. OK okay let's here's the deal. I hate to think that it's admirable that you all wanna give that advice to break somehow couch at X but from. I've been going to the chilly treatment for ten years of my twenty year Mary at six and. From the female perspective it is jacked out of the first and cannot just come out and be lake. If you wanna change pure and derail mr. what's going on and I would stop that you didn't so maybe it wasn't that big of a deal. I'm Helen you know here's why because it really matches that you had when you can't have it. A low sushi for remark also you can try it for ten years and is still not working. We need to have a baby four years ago but now where we want another one that really clicked. Come around totally be even teach yet still not easy so I'm just saying late. Pieces for your husband and you didn't help Blair did elbow shots in the music I know I. I tell you the reason this doesn't work in his units that forever your years ago how bad idea. Oh song called hey do you think calls daddy do not thinking OK I just ripped this band you gotta tell them. AB and he's got it means easiest dude you. I know honest he's never the answer okay it's always eons ago we never wanted to media exactly but in this case it might be his only choice Tori. Yeah SE. A guy who will what are you egg had advice for Karl do you have sorry I. So fresh clear I would pay crowd do you not in any way as trying to blame here wives in anyway don't do that Edward. First up. You're saying don't Steve is OK you are right yeah somebody else. Don't see this time and secondly do comparisons. Do you spell either isn't as possible you know and how their. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you before you know I know that you wanna have kids and just come queen's and then. Present alternatives you know they we can try to get reversed or we can try aches and. But somebody else to help prevent her options she didn't feel like she is enclosed and the hopeless. You but as part of the whole lights. I don't I'm not trying to say we have to Stephen a little bit but it's part of the whole thing like I'm sorry I didn't tell you. Yeah I almost feel like I'd have to say I'm sorry can tell you. You made me feel like heading. If you want to rice is so do we get accusatory just that's a matter of fact I'd does that do I have a what are high. Hiding from you would have to use says Susie well then yeah why don't you tell you. That provided or given away one of my kidneys and my brother because you have to a deejay music and remember come on isn't why hasn't yeah. SPN only hinder with that in that in the event you know OK okay we're gonna go to the doctor and get repairs in that evaluated the doctors left and says well this could Diana overtly you know ten years without that you preview and you go and shoot somebody being able to call you on your blood and a few light turnout for the second time and she had. Tell us. After a while you ski used to there is no I don't think he's you know you just resist it because easy for the first time there's no way out of Iraq. Honestly I'm not easy to serve.