Slacker and Steve - OPP: Single-Mom Money 5/12

Friday, May 12th

Our OPP is a single-mom that can’t make ends meet. She has an idea to make some money…she just doesn’t know if it will work. Hear her idea and tell her if you would do.


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And I have this feeling that tape so PP is going to get a mean clearly it's can you weird but it's what it's one of those. Things where. It's gonna be easy to throw stones that are vocal I don't listen most moms do what mums need to do you rate videos can be easy to judge her but you're right. She's on the phone actually but she's changed her name and he's using VD. Candy. There are a guy you are disguised so armed once you slow background and tell us what you think and. Well feel comfortable on when people lose their and I contrition Cleveland. Broke on broke basically another important struggle in the current crude on the cable. Armed aggression at trump literally affair I would cleared to prepare battles full. You know are people who in the conclusion you can learn from the local electrical and computer from another not. So nice. About not being formed working wandering around the turn all work a couple of feet Mulder could I wanted to Erin com. I will you need I can liberal. Media. Being in actual word I'll mix. Can we are deeply actually have a really great call you and your look prudent. And I'd be good arm candy. Armed. Are you wish you know. Where's this coming do you know anybody deserts is like I think any time this subject comes up I'm fascinated like. Okay I'm thinking about becoming a drug dealer you don't just go start something like dad do you do you give you don't just aero is usually a friend that this machine that was she suggesting choosing a friend. Unless you know where to put an add up and below the mean he's doing on Craig's list if she's talking escort it's very involved. You know used to have you used an escort though I have not always but we've had does the there's talk or does or Mumia bells and whistles to it exactly OK so. Do you know anybody is still an energy you have in him yeah more of a connection. I have a look on coo of per diluted during never ever you know I don't know all of these children are sort of got a good crucially dive into the radio guys that's sort of why are calling it. I do know Jordan during internship offer little card good for Eric and you don't need it made it seem like maybe your really weren't a possibility that there should be looking ginger. You know forgive me because I don't know if these do is escort automatically mean relations. I in my world sometime old white guy would pay you for anything less true but there are some business guys that just needs someone to make him look good at a party your social function which doesn't necessary lead. To relations butts most of the time yes are you willing to have relations or do you do you think you can give I would just doing arm Kenny how far are you willing to go hair. I'm not willing to an operation in our mind you my understanding look. A little large portion of people. People are portrait need until at least two of the brand or who you know who want to look glued if they're going to look at the commercial ocean. You got more than kind of things that I've been. Just guys guys some guys just wanna keep it business they don't want the emotional connection with like a decide girlfriend or something to a score of these functions select just easier to hire someone like candy wants to be. Since when there's security when there's a whole thing is a whole sub society. That that sits involved with the innocent and I just don't know of anybody who gets I would just being what you wanna be candy I think I think you start there and then somebody knows. There's I don't exercise Greenwich you to sleep with me and there's other weirdness that's a particular commune ball to an iron so lean on a safe place for you or your kid. As a parent is soccer. You boy we're just her view there's not anything you would not do for your child this I wouldn't do enough I mean I wouldn't do anything illegal I I really wouldn't I mean. Wide eyed boy certain I think I think bombs maybe maybe would. Fudge that line a little bit more maybe because there's the mother the mom mom's would do any thing and she struggling. I do I get after it morally or UK with this candy. The deal between you can both make sure that Interpol Schroeder Greek term trend. You know I'm doing currently primary care right now current and that I'm a little bit early people if you are. Because literature Woodson and you can hear that otherwise you wouldn't be doing this that you would be calling us you're you have nowhere to turn and you know what soccer kiddies got a commodity. And she gets to set the worst of her commodity and there's a there's a there's a market doubled purchased her body so why that's why wouldn't issue. Because it's dangerous. There is that. And so you're doing your your doing this under the guise of I'm doing anything for my kid but now you're my putting yourself in a situation where you won't be there for you can at all. I mean granted in your perfect drug can you be doing nothing but Forbes fortune 500. Rich dudes and they're not scary but they are still scary images we could afford to be yes but. They can get out of stuff they have teams of lawyers in and com. What if you candy do you think it's easy if you just if this let's pretend we all agree after we take calls from people that you're gonna try this. Is some guy did come to you on after when your dates and says I'll pay you 5000 dollars to sync with the united how you gonna say noted that. I have to believe that you and still be able to hold true America are you can tell. I don't think you can and I'm not trying to be mean to you five grand for one night all you gotta say you know I got so I mean yeah that's that's a whole slippery slope thing waves right. It's its friends of mine who become strippers. It's like they start getting used to this level of cash and then somebody goes how about a bumpy up to this level you do is do this and they're like oh that's cool. And then somebody else offers them a little bit higher level to do a little bit more. And all of a sudden. There hook in there. And continue the slackers gonna right you don't dancing is likely is a gay way it beats you you're the beginner and then you move up to the next level Russell you wanna go. Miami the top is an escort hi Orlando high dollar. You gotta do research on this you would morally not such a lot of moms sympathize with your position and they agree you know what girls you gotta commodity. It's worth out of it all right we're really get some calls to Canada I guess the last question that I would have for you. Are you prepared for. Somebody that you know somebody that your kids know seeing you out on one of these days there is that prepared for that from what what happens then. Hello particularly. I'm Barbara. I'll write. See you there's you gonna invest this is whose lives there are some stuff that goes with this would seem. I mean I'm with you Tammy and I am with you Steve it's takes if I can get paid to play guitar on a rooftop to do something we blinked. Do you do anything even some I'm not really into anymore just send. Like I bush supervise kids to provide but there's certain things where I don't know candy if you've got to vigna. Do what it comes down to this how much you know sludge your own morals to provide it for your family was with surprise or who's a priority year. What's the what's amen. Candy hang on we're gonna play you know at the very least we might get you some context of people who do today and even the business if that's what you want so hang hang tight right there. It is a costly bad idea but let's let's let's help we need we need. Escort I mean we'll keep these she's not alone she I don't know she's not an amateur gonna have some would call them we that's who we need to call to keep her safe what is she looking forward to. Crucify or morally and we didn't do that that we can yell at a teller do a teller not to do it but the other the other question is. Can she do what she wants to do which is just be arm candy is that even possible. About I'm not that I don't feel like I know that there escort to claim their only that that's just so the law enforcement's not a Coca. See I don't even know that part of our Intel a web sites to register. With the I heard from our friends on anyway I would so we're trying to help candy. She can't make ends meet got a couple kids. She just wants to a commodity in tourism market floor and she just wants to make some money should shield or shouldn't change. Candy. AI what do you think you you're in this professions. I am really work for him. I I just I block her know that it's not gonna blow kid thank you can only be aren't you. It isn't right I mean men aren't gonna have you hundreds if not thousands of dollars just to go out and looked pretty. Well there what are good kick it out of the dollar and every shouldn't cycle. It's hot it's not a lot of work I've I've been around for a long time the little mom I know how cute kid. It's not how to work. Do you feel. Do you feel like you've got trapped in doing this or are you doing it willingly mean I know it's that's a question. Beginning I felt really try and I'll I don't I'm a couple of people who I need. Armed. I don't know I I don't feel great about it but it is let go. And the ending and you can save you don't want answering these questions but do you feel like having an agency. Is a good thing because they keep you safer is that a bad thing can they keep. A lot of money. I'm. Out the people what mommy way. It's terrible but I simply retirement I'm uncomfortable with something you can opt for a bodyguard or are provided important. The stock bunnies so how much we make it on this and we doing. Army Jeep occurred I thank you to Portland Arnold and I. Nice and how many how many guys how many dates you have per nine do you think. I think it is. How important are people we. True we know weeks about two grand a week. And what are. Those are your right are you getting half of that at least agents publicists you know there are. Part. On a a OK guys you're doing all the dirty word can you get about a thousand a week though. Important. But you're still doing it because you once you're do you have to. I'm a blade type Q how did you like and I'm the teacher didn't make anywhere near a much money and why did he. But I can't be greatly contribute we met and Oprah do other things ordering. They do as a side do you outside benefits to a bully you generally it's hard if your kids find out. Our group. Or. If it's almost used it being number one on the day when this guy is that lawyer they think you go. No bigger or go to work. Okay you're not a lot more people. All. You plan on stopping you to a certain monetary amount your kids it was sir major like what do you know of the business. I'm actually putting money away for a couple of geared yeah. A bit that I we're almost somebody's going to look are potentially a big job can be argued to be told sorry but I'm not how or your car and I believe I did well you do not treat that we are here. They'll tell you all you have to do more. While candy on a series of the knowledge age you so much we care call he'd thank you take karaoke. This is a country that is the good cheer and stories tendons. No I your disguised as well and I think we're gonna just have nothing but disguised people today what what would you tell our candy. Brodeur can't do boot. You know who can blow up option machine bill worth is growing food. Really. Do you do you speak from experience are you a customer you know somebody who's done this. I'm retro Lou. Therefore Marine Corps. Oh well. And you you are aware of your your mom you go to our strong global poor were. Proportion an improvement. Should devote rural America horror blew down. Don't go include. Bush don't remember how who'd been bureau about. Backyard Kevin sheep and is she church amid her own business she's a businesswoman how. Do you think do you think it's corridor mentally or did it empower her somewhere she provided her family. I think full. We do this cautionary note broker. There is a little bit of storing and Clinton didn't care if you don't put Fargo drillers through their own poor. The moon should continue to build our computer room. That's not. Tell you how do you look at your mom you look back and go she did what a mom should do and provide for kids or do you kind of judge or a little bit. No movement at all. Look at our conclusion do bush commuted to do. Boom while serving turned argued thank you for the call Kevin while I'm Maria. Hey guys you are disguised as well what do you think. Okay so are actually use cute cute this dork thing I'm pretty equal footing who introduced me true when the I was kind of the competing and I are sure going financially. And she suggests that you need column. I am all for it I'm hundred import if you who. Kind of know what you're digging in QIQ are there any bad cheat a little out of money you're shooting that actual nimble. She's she's completely undermine we had another escort save that is the I do you think that maybe there are agencies out there. Debt try to recruit people telling them they won't have to do that and then once they get terror. Their closet them though foursome and I mean I'm just trying to figure out why anybody would change. Somebody would pay a lot of. Surrogate and I couldn't Hewitt threw an agent he argued that all arm to her goal I guess there are hardware I would say almost. Nor cantor as part of an agency but I can't church or any gentleman that is going to take her out if you're expecting suck and that dude. 100 compliment I. Know you're. Lulls and it is it depends on the gentleman and what they've more or on earthquake and I bet and I don't remember any. Hoarded away it depends if they want bigger if they want assuring if they wanted to know what night it all depends. And did you did pretty good you'd really well. I know I he would be able to support rep spoke often heard for a few years of our home but they are punitive armor. It into a real relationship out of that broke it. We use dirt and you're with one of the people who paid your first. I'm sure it will be no computer Leo Kate situation but it warned. Sort of being sugar daddy situation where I need gifts and make trips and things like arch. Arm and and it has eve ball into an actual real relationship. You're sure you have everything you said there's absolutely no downside whatsoever in what it would it would worked out for you glory. It could upgrade of their motto don't buy it because it will all movie tickets or you're emotional and you keep your heart. Speak good support I live I will see is how we use can comply again. Remove the studio doing okay you are getting Gossip Girl woman yeah yeah and I'm the same I mean thank you your emotional too full relations for me I saw was what you do besides thousands others he's saying he. I would weep emotionally does Fox's the X air raids but I knew I had a row with the pastor I didn't is there is a candy. Not if you are disguised as well what have you done this or what do you think. Aren't sure why have you not I am actually a camera oh. Arm and I want to let her know that our he'd like I don't have any predator or we're going to how many personal experience. We are making about a grim week. Police are doing what what girl has zero camera also she's watching him girl she just she's probably the webcam your own people pay all. Show lol wow why why do I know much about tennis I didn't go ahead and you well you're. Clubs. To wow ended the day in you so then you don't have to have relations with anybody. It. That is I forgot about this aspect I have a friend of mine which is a rental property. And for the longest time she realizes her Tenet set up cameras all through the property and was doing this new release and found out. Other girl from the cam girl Bieber kicked back till later T do ambassador in it together everyone made money on it. Wish yeah and candies right you don't have to do you ever have relations you ever have like your boyfriend or girlfriend over NM relations is that ever requested of him. I original question but I I don't. I have a partner currently got a girlfriend that over you can win more money if you trauma emotional what you will. It's. So your same before you jump all the way into the deep end does. CD rich dudes and a key girl. Tried that seat privacy there's an investment in what you're doing your eyes and I brought cameras and prosecutor in. And then you're. Mike you're really a lot of public computers like. 400 dollars or the camera oh maybe 200. Police have one camera okay there's this and yeah okay well yes sounds a Jersey was likely an Internet powerhouse now there yes. But didn't we yours and you pay a service to put your you can make your op on their server sometimes. Remarkable different servers on elders are independent software had clients that we like me an asterisk do experiment like. Shall we got through certain sort of agricultural money. Nuclear free preview there's. People old boy 00. Yeah okay are you all right it's been really great if you like to send that to Steve ought to figure out Adobe can drive just I don't think there's our. Faced kid you still links to that I might look okay that is why you hate. Follow. Tyler is heard a lot. Did anybody say don't do you think she said don't do but she still said dip your toe into the dating men to give you money by Lorena just maybe not having to be physical exactly. I don't know if you guys will do this but if you have more tips in your you're willing I need your exit he's kind of gone. If you go on our FaceBook page for you could always send us a personal message on FaceBook. And we can get anything you need. Over candy just to look up the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.