Slacker and Steve -OPP: Single Mom Swimmers 7/30

Monday, July 30th


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Steve are there. Time for other people's with her problems we call no PP for short spin down Mary Ann's got some sort of problem that. It's an age old conundrum I think Miriam. Yeah oh yeah I can tell us astronomer. Yeah I do harm so I hate how excited from that I am so excited I think well. It's been awhile there's an end this series on relationships and I'm trying to get up there the Menendez thirtieth. And I always like kids and so I have to just fight it unless he thought a great job I have good health insurance and it damning or what I am. I don't have homes on that I'm gonna have a CD com and I'm really excited about it. Com and so I am. Kind of outlaw stole a ballot. Whether I don't know and lake. You know go to a clinic. Or if like I have an ex boyfriend in my mini would really aren't any ridge. Overall a really nice guy and I would you not calling handed. So I'm just getting to would you have relations for them or just hit a donation from him. I would I would probably did get a donation from them because I need a bit like could be left flake. Emotionally nephew that laying. You yeah I would probably just flake out after him like to donate and then like go to a clinic and at least that I would now but then there's a lot of Netflix stuff. It comes without you you know I mean. Legal stuff yeah yeah which is you know I mean when you go to a clinic you don't know that there. A docked her or you know when they're left handed in whatever but that's you don't know the right. So your question is about where to get to swimmers from you don't you don't argue even at all concerned that this is not. Not how I'm not so fashion that I don't understand that people do you do this but you're not at all thinking. Maybe you we'll do. The regular way where you meet somebody and then you guys become a couple and then you have a child together and you've raised them in a two parent home are. I mean that's I mean I feel like I'm Pauline TI deal won't hurt. This idea that don't come along and I mean you're not having much luck generic car at every night I get it and now wake a couple of things like. Made my biological clock is ticking on a densely. Older that you got as a more complicated and expect each expenses pregnancies car. And then. Also like the longer you wait I mean not only having a baby becomes a lot more complicated late. Physically. Com but it Blake passed so wanna be able to be and see that that's still true. Take care that I'm my own uranium like him and that really lakers you know I hadn't likes I want to be able to right after right kit not like you know right after with a walker owns in. I have to ask you Steve what why do you need to see her and I asked about well you just said that I debt did not even enter my mind you just immediately accepted the premise that a single sponsor kids she can just millions of single what apps there aren't any I don't think there's anything wrong I don't want anybody to start writing are angry FaceBook posts right that's not what you're recess would consider setting out to be the goal to be a single mom that's were caught that the bulk of single moms. Backed the wrong horse got a deadbeat dude he disappeared arm and then. But even did so much better and I'm gonna situation that I quite open and I like if that I'd like that counts that the mayor issued a mistake shouldn't be default. You know you're just I agree with the facts you're getting your ducks in a row when most parents don't even Bartiromo is do you have a child is a surprise most people in your clear excel spreading she spreadsheet this that I loved. Armed OK so then. I did or did anything we want stick to talk about whether or not this is a good idea or not we will take some of those but the bulk of what you're looking for is. Do like game boy ex boyfriend swimmers. Or. Or clinics swimmers is is what I am. I mean and it's not just clicked for her you know so another. I hated this isn't complicated because they do I walk it every. The league if he wants to be some part advocates plays I mean I'm kind of open to that I'm like how a credit. This is all about the outlook for the reasoning they would be it would be thankful I have to wake up farther pick your best friend sort of weigh in different capacities not like the hug and that we both need each other guy we have strewn city. It's actually more like. Idyllic we ended on good terms that if he wanted to sleep eat. A lake you know email a partial parent even like even in the smallest capacity. And not feel like that's better than not having anything at all. Right but I just wanted to point out another way to have like a father figure in your child's life well is. You know. How have a father there there in the saddle I'm not I please stop writing your angry letters people I'm not sold put it it's right. You're you you know what's best for the child in your thinking. Here's think there are scientific studies that say. To parents' homes. Are better for a child's development I see a man and woman no I didn't know you do I said a two parent home so you get multiple influences. You get there's something. Let me. Multiple influences any way to do that I have you know I have an older brother and I had the LA I have. See that would be very much of a heart and this child's life it's just Schmidt who want to rule that even though it is that they can't. Traditional quote unquote role I just I don't know if it's something that like I. I try to plant and turn the kind of fit and perky church I don't quite debut of their hair a parent and it's kind of in. Impossible to do right and unity my back. I I love where your headset you are you thought of all the angles are a lot of the angles and if you're being very logical movement I really loved that acts I. I seriously wish you all the luck in the world I hope it all yourself where you weren't trying to figure out of the question is we're rolling resistance from or is she is this a weird things for the I think we asked both Coca. You don't want to see I mean can you wanna be talked out of this and I respect back. And I just think just a piece to our listeners are going to be Arabia few people who wanna talk you out and have some numbers just ask some number. I again I know I'm like am I have made up my mind and I hate you understand why do you understand that all of them right. It's going to be really really difficult but I feel lake. I would rather have it be difficult than not have the experience at all and that I can't put a sequel waiting around for someone Kalish. You just two years it's like still way to go eat there and hope to be there and took darn big like it is and you know there's a lot of hoping that well there's a lot of dice rolling and opening them. Marianne hang all right Terry decent and nice add on whereas whereby swimmers that I did what I Los. As I don't wanna be a writer are you content you know you're you're you're really dead I'm not old and I just. She's got you're seeing your role not being needed in this woman's guest is to ration figures like pay as a damn let me throw some things out there that maybe haven't thought and I don't think you have to give she's giving up because of her biological clocks it's like ideally I'd like to have. A husband and kids and the whole thing but. If it hasn't happened it's now so might as well just four if you give up on it then it's definitely not going to have yes so. Don't give up. Are you know old but she's taking a different route that she's she's so they get what she want needs. Yeah right. All of YouTube pulled out of the middle of want to know is what she wants it she doesn't need this. You know that's true but I myriad. Oh. Bottom line is an area once and no. She should go to the ex boyfriend to get to swimmers or go the regular you just through the okay this the bank that swimmers yeah. And we're or I AM just kind of throwing in the or should she ride it out man. Try to do this whole thing the old fashioned way rob. Yeah god god yeah he's real thanks. Well I I have a daughter and I commend her a wanna be a big other big dogs are ending merit anyway. But like Connecticut again about why did you get it detonate got here called out you know what my pop or the other day. One agent who putts like I did they going to be really. Are they did at the. What differences and make it's a father's name is Tom and he's just never come around. As I am not bitter debate a bill that meteor get a bit and ordered the otter didn't let it just a number I don't know what to eat very. Again I applaud our our buddies and that would be. Well I don't I would. You're you're kind of in the place and I am or was it like keep you think she should wait in. See if it happens. Quotes. Early true I'd do. Yet they let you know about it but let's look at buddy art and I bought one out boy after eight. It now price thank you for the golf. Maybe you know maybe this where basal sir showing you pictures that they can do like the composite current avatar who. XJ 195 could have a little simple in his leg and we did his best low teaser. There wouldn't count because. Because Mike did most U looks a lot like me. All right river senior good mood I'll send you one or no gas. Heather. Yeah. Outside our what do you think. So it's very playwright cap and I playing and I cleaned every it'll I was married I explained and it could play it in my baby for different speak. And life happens. What does that mean you got pregnant when you're expecting it or you wouldn't what do you tell her to do play I'd play and my pregnancy with my card but it. It may be Libor and I've been asked. To not let up or month old Sino peak wouldn't job. Buried pretty. If she truly want a baby. She needs to go good our daughter and that's been my mom and that this time on that site. She could she have to pay my divorce. And because I couldn't afford it and she said the issue they just kind of are without our. OK. You go south and might can I just tell you how well it. Might otherwise. She still side he would have been better to have your child's. With somebody anonymous then this dude yeah. But if you want your kid Eddie you ultimately. Aren't I don't honestly stock what you love your child you'd church which route to pick your child. Your did your toner goods and don't go to the ex boyfriend just did a summary totally anonymous and do it now I think you for the call I Haley. Yeah and I think what do you think. At this swimmer. Why. Kind of I personally believe I can live without him I can't live without kids. Oh yeah how. So then then you're you're on her side where she should get him from should she go anonymous or should she go to the bank. I would not go Max I know she mentioned not my accent are very night that I would not want to be stuck with them forever. Yeah I wish you had action should go get it don't shin and you've done. No I actually have been thinking cure it stopped I ain't cheap got married actually three months ago I ordered as well. Wasn't sure if I look going to have to know I've been keeping to the top because I knew I wouldn't be a live without personally. Wow the news release so you can deathly live without amendment but if you have kids. I do it without a father's is doing and begin without a manor who. You might not without it wouldn't happen. But that's grandpa and the world and it's they would have an opt them Angela apps that un American no further right person that true Milan because what edge. You don't c'mon you try and pretty quiet. So that I want to be sure that. Okay not good for you Hayley you've got it not only out for you appreciate the call via at lake. I guess I'm just an old Saudi daddy here thinking any. Yeah I really anxious. So I was in the very similar situation and and meant I had a friend of mine offered here oh. Impregnate me and I just made certain legally like on the birth certificate I am not only care and and he signed a whale legal rights that my daughter note that that's her data may have a great relationship. And it actually worked out beautifully forming. But but legally she doesn't pay he hasn't had a CD now send free and clearly doing. Yup creating clear legally and that's. And I'm very evil side of saved up enough money for another day care and healthcare costs knowing that I'd be like a single parent and that's really all worked out. With confusing to have him. In new your daughter's even now. Yeah doesn't know. Not at all but oh okay be about us you know it's so that's the way it took it does he wanna be called them easier to another stop now. It's station gets called him by his first tension only three. And yes and it all works out but she knows allows her to. The first person to say get it from him most most everybody's been shying away they're like dinner from somebody anonymous but it's if you were everybody's got their brain on straight and mature and understand our roles. And. Asked about going to a sperm bank and he was like well don't you want her to know late barrier baby at the time like to know who her dearly and then background and definitely. Would be nice to end and just by talking about here it's like well I'd be willing to do that for you then. I had relation should be all my name and you had relations. Lousy romantic like medicinal you were just doing it just for crane crashed into the anyway it is where where is their romance and all the relations are resist just like impregnate me in get out. Well I mean we have so we we're very close friends so it was later that night staying but it like. OK okay I'm on Tuesday is sonar resilience. You're gonna come back you don't blow it Barack job or exactly. Yeah yeah.