Slacker and Steve - OPP: Sister Dating Older 4/28

Friday, April 28th

Kaylee caught her 16yo sister sneaking out. The sister admitted she was going to see her 22yo boyfriend and going to a party. She begged Kaylee not to say anything but Kaylee doesn't know what to do. Should she keep her little sister's secret or tell her parents?


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Steve are there. I'm a dad I might have to recuse myself from Nassau oh because this is sound this is your daughter brotherly bond and I know you're Johnny bought out the dishonesty when you got a body and our young guys yeah I. I'm in college and went home see my family for the weekend when I was Eric caught my sixteen year old sisters sneak it out of the house. She admitted to me that she was gonna see a boyfriend that mom and dad wouldn't approve of I testified knew the guy and why mom and I wouldn't approve. Shall we that she was dating a guy that is 22. But she met through a friend or working admitted she was going to a party with film. I ask that this was the first time and she said she was seeking out and going to parties with him pretty often. She begged me not to tell our parents but I don't know what to do. She told me in confidence and I don't want a loser trust we're going to parties with the top 42 year old when your sixteen could be dangerous. Couldn't eat what should I do tell why parents. Or keep her secret this is from K you don't. I gotta keep to seek I don't think that you trust us cellular to keep the trust that trumps all trustee communication. In relationships it's a job preach. Ross you all for you all reached an all you through what she should reveal now anyway so by the sisters sister sister bottom DOT to trust. Ask your question yes sir when you're in high school yup. Anybody anybody donuts and hot chicks the head cheerleader and stuff was there you know those two match. Three high school has got that guy he can't let go high school he's been out of three years and he still dates the scene here comes out so. An hour. Snack Jacqueline is usually a senior girl maybe junior but this girl is sixteen that was a maker freshman. Sophomore I don't yeah. It's freshman saw so far yes sophomore probably but but keep in mind where girls are Mormon Church so she sixteen US marine she got a more like nineteen. OK so now I'm trying to do so now everyone in the treated Avril do you go to restaurants eighteen it's what's the age difference quite is in his obsolete you get some made him or her nineteen so that wanna you say that he's twenty when you don't really matured as fast as boys and she's really only like 901919. Case also. That's for sure. Well let's. I was easy. I have a daughter and if this were my daughter and my son were hiding it from me. I your pretty two starent if you think that they're not going to be hiding stuff from a to hide stuff from you now I've solution they're behind stuff right there alive hiding that she's dating somebody six years older than her that's. You can hide that you were surfing porn. This is this is too big guys she's. I think she should teller. She's she says that she's been Europe for a little while here so she's doing pretty good. And that she could she got buster doing good tell you are not doing good she got busted by someone that she can trust. Yeah I wasn't her parents depositors so. In my do we want these Wu's waiting for Chris Hansen come around the corner and stop this dude he she's. IIIE. I don't. Don't I don't and I don't understand why he what you have in common. When your in your cronies with it. With the door color child she's not your right teenagers mature faster or six and I seen sixteen year old and I would swear Toney doctor right. But doesn't make for 25 just because she can play twenty facts and the upside for hurt yourself she has access to everything adult awesome yeah he's like the medium now. Still don't get to do it it's grown on alcohol or tobacco Dolan danger staying as positive flu being behind you should. That's yeah that's why should be noted that she's like yeah. I'm really kill it in the last election cycle can I influence your vote in some way by sleeping with two worlds mr. 22 year old coming out registered to you hang out. Schools that makes it even creepy year a little bit because he can give her those things that she shouldn't be having. Yeah she's drawn up too fast a little bit there. A lot this yacht but this is about trust now this is about. So older sister doozy Garten our off the younger sister or sisters that live in the house anymore. So so really you know she's a part of the dynamic anyway. I would do if she dirt off the sister she goes back to college L younger Cicero she's is ditched her out of the deal with all that's what is your take on this little dethrone your headphones. Guys I think as base there were my daughter I would want somebody to tell you know but. I will say I think one thing that we're not thinking about it she said she went home for this and I. I think this is something that is a lot more prevalent in smaller towns than you guys think it is a no I don't yeah it's been so I think. I think that really plays a huge part in this can I know I grew up in a small town and there were plenty of people who work when I was in high school girls that were Dayton guys that were 232425. That just stayed in town and got jobs at the coal miner right after they all drove me on this for some reason hey guys I summary the associated grab Gutierrez. Foreman yeah but I think this is something I think that's into a little aspects of it that China needs to be taken into account tale. The fact this is small town yeah you're the difference makes. Options are limited and it's more prevalent that behavior younger girls sticking with those super older guys jets look for some reason Bloomberg prevalent one. I'm not acceptable. But you don't. You're used to it a little bit all around Ontario he he's he's he's it's just kinda how it is yeah but this is still illegal is a picture he's tying a tie you know when you. Heard you're excusing this legitimately. And she's such high don't lose your in my other thing too is my wife and I are five years apart. Like she's five years Hillary and I am when she wasn't high started dating her when she was twenty and that's our nineteen I just heard. Current what is it like it's not that different telling you seem college I did that but she was still under age I was over I could buy alcohol she could not I can do all these things I can go to the clubs she couldn't we could do it it was just it's basically this situation. Just a little bit different if she tooth. I want you say knows how high got a lead all of these words do you wing your daughter little ass. He's dating indeed six years older than I. Play this back to you when you go this is. Just continuing your patience I I didn't I I think the data would have a different opinion about a but I think it wit as her being a sister I think she's got to keep the secret. Otherwise there's no trust Brett. I I I don't I disagree on a bottom line is you only need if you had a secret and your sibling in you should've told me you should have told. This is what makes me. So letter because you know drop. If you really if you knew you should keep the secret you don't need to talk to soccer instinct. You don't need you. Did she. Fortunate hoping visa we get and you know this is a fact they already have their decision undermine and they're looking for one of us or all of you to validated that is true. And ignorance is so I think she knows what she jumped she knows keeping the secrets are turned way out of what freeze this shortened. 'cause it's not a right it's like you're you're struggling with it because you know what's wrong you know your sister's doing something that's not do it and you know anything daughter hurt. You would feel guilty for at her for that to you gotta tell. You know you shouldn't that I forgot why does the biggest plus car panel knows he's got to try to do wording here's what trump card at the but bottom line is she's asking Neil. Should she tell she found her sister sixteen to 22 year old sneaking out going to parties. You know both parties means. No word alcoholic the very least yeah but probably drugs. And exposure to things that a sixteen year old. I'm ready for which she's gonna be doing that anyway regardless of she's dating and all that I thought worst knows you it's not an excuse is just sat there and she's going to be scoring those things that succeed anyway not with a lecherous stated. Okay that makes a difference it's a lecherous dude. I don't like him for going after a sixteen year old but word didn't but bottom line it's in your court should she ran her sister out or should she keep this secret in and keep her sister's trust. Andrea. Yeah I I. I'm not in this that they need to Nadal I honestly like my sister on her company that so much trouble the cops got involved because she lives. Doing things started with. Her dating a guy who is four years older than her when she was Illinois school and he without. And next thing we know there is naked pictures all over the inner Latin and I like it. It's terrible that that's something that she needs to worry about but. Keene she needs to tell my sister regrets me not town links and me not taking her by. Dole argued Sunday that it's built on the machine tells me I wish you'd done thundering. It. Sucks now look at my sister hated me when I told. Painted that's that's her big fear and that's the only points where I can jump on teen Steve is that if her sister started getting some sort of trouble. Then. She would have a confidant but it's if if she if she's cruiser and she's got known toxin I could make him hurt a little bit their own. Yeah and led I mean it might infuriated me for about two years and then she realized how bad of a spot that she got herself until. And to this they were so much closer and she'd. Regret not listening to my advice and cool having to go to our parents yeah I really think that like. The cops got involved yes I mean that diet. You've started sharing her picture injured at her. Yeah that's that's another gentleman. Yeah that's making my head it's so densely do happen in the since NASA winds usually calling Andrea. Vicky. Why are we naive what do you think. You get questions about how little does he. Intermingling. And it's not that big and a different end aids. I eight I mean we hash this out a little bit worried I just wanna say. I think. That many years age difference is absolutely not a big deal at all when you're in your late twenties early thirties or forties or seven these. But when one of using high school how is that not a big deal. I mean exterior and you're right I mean people when you're older and some people are very that belly it's been battered during the taking your girlfriend steps. Disappeared. And then I just don't sigh I admit that they're both he and I don't try that. That bad. You know in the eyes of the law he's allowed to drink he's allowed to go to bars he's giving her access to things but no loss says she couldn't half a. I'm soul music anyway. Yes you still think that's a would you cover this up for your sister. Mean absolutely she came Kirk if my contention greens you're an Eugene McCarthy. You you know why and there's a thing with sisters you can't be true. You guys gonna keep each other's secrets and stuff like that you can't lose the trust of family like that you and keep that in mind too. Here I mean what she needs someone mentioned Qatar came down oh I wish you want to nourishing contraction. Perfect start. And so we're playing the what if game I get it lets you tell him. Cut what is she ends up missing or dead or something and then they find out it's this Psycho who seems to like the young girls in high school and you're like oh crap I knew all along. How about that when asked. Meanwhile are. You're going but I edged AG LA and she used to be thinking Constant Contact the parents know Luke going on any inch. It's I don't sort of sets all right here's my thing and I'm. Big fan of women who are younger than me I think as most when men are I think. But aren't in there in high school and I'm not a sign that us putting you it's a little yeah. There's yeah it's eastern immediately each. Do you at least half to have I just remember like I said some people in my high school were doing this and its site. You haven't Hollywood campaign she's got finals you've gotten rid. So you look yet you look at the dude here's like come on dude you're hanging out with a high schoolers who winners here I think you will hopefully nothing other source noble BR KR. Content what ever you critical than I leaked. Yeah I know I. And I'm all about keeping secret I have to you the truth of my own and I kept that eager and the guy and it being a fact that there are registered but I. She. So how did you guys find out. I'm it would and I hate monster looking commercial achievement hitting him on base and better and they immigrants are on the way I look at. And looked into it and did record urged that Olympic opponent in the winter like yeah I eat out it's not entirely accurate and rocking the OM. Girl gap. Yeah and get it as the eye and everything. And I had never ever borrowers for the entire O Furyk Robert sneaker outlet can look pretty well but we care or don't don't eat it like back. Thank you for the call kind of nice. Chelsea. Guy who do you think. I think Spanish she should actually say something. Whether it's. You know talk to her first good at and ultimately apparent she should intervene is. When I was eighteen I dated a thirty year old. And you know nobody said anything can I kept it secret and I wish I would have had with that because now when I. Think about it and look back on that it's a gross memory. I regret it represented. Ichiro came though I mean immunity thing that happened in the with the Idenix. I don't know because traveling nothing bad will happen in these situations but because one or two minutes like everything's all its all of armor to be bad if you don't strong right now. Think just let it. You know if I would've just been two years younger like hurt then it would add in all how it is now in the current situation illegal because there is you know. They'd try to make you think you have similar interests which are people calling it that much older but there's. Almost always a relations aspect and so you know that's not okay for sixteen and attorney Gerald. It's really not. Mean she's not. Brady we and you were talking a little DR fair and he makes his little sisters friends. You look at them and you you look at them in the deal look. Mature and everything and then we Susie open human their mouths you're like oh my god your child so immature yeah I'm ready for any and that's your body. Appears. To be one thing but you aren't just things in. Yet and is not start off initially like that it you know not saying that this person has been malicious intent by it and it just trying to play her to get that point but. A lot of times it doesn't get that point where. You know I got older person is looking for that because that's you know not a common uncommon thing when they're giving people their age. But that younger person might not feel comfortable to say no. Yeah worse or how he really say no because they're going to parties and she doesn't have a tolerance for alcohol or an understanding of the two sacks which guys keep reminding you remove its 42 year old boyfriend she still going to be party and she's so going to be drinking consumers aren't as hard if you don't have a 22 year old who's applying new car he I he's already horror when I was and so you started dating it's 42 year old until I was supposed to people who were almost deemed to get me this stuff that. Because they I mean you did because you're you have a party did different way to on a leash. Yeah I yeah. Try and fourteen years in the future. My anger accurate picture carry dating a guy who actually feel she I had an integral picture and offer her protection and beat her Alabi and protector by noting merchant that. Oh instead she got pregnant she got married at sixteen. She heaved. Our truck with French guy if fourteen years later had four kids into the high school and never had a job which. He treats her like traction she turned her and she can't do anything about it because. She checked. She had no EOK and cultural. Okay yeah I don't know I think this board its use to awesome with these dudes are predators. Because now they are there any other girly wanted your goal and for somebody so weak Russian mole and that's so board director at it's been steamy impressed because then dig. They're never gonna challenge you because they don't know how by the time they figure out how you've got to unsold homes. That they can't get out. This call kind of sways because there's pregnancy forced to grow up too fast parents are having no breeze acute this wreck that just savor your jobs out there and this aspect really makes life. I just big guy who's like you and little dealer Thomas market town guy who did this is dating pool. Couldn't he but he could be the other and the risk of him being the want to. Is worth telling in case he's the other while. Actually. Thank you for the call Lisa you're raising kids at sixteen just making your life. We too hard is just aren't you a little bit dragged and this is a reserve I'm with an older guys get a or caddies get a nice candlelight yes he has got so big delete older. Thus is still testify now. Go ahead err on the side of caution. Let the parents no because you can't do either for your sister because you're not living is that. He's just advocated anarchy and if you know what I saw first time I'd ever. Heard that in my entire life might lose his sister's trust and that's good but because it to prevent everything we just heard. Congratulating me just this morning instead welcomes and a lot of tough. I tells you how amazing is the government's assurance team FaceBook and so.