Slacker and Steve - OPP: Sleeping With His Wife 12/11

Monday, December 11th


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And no VP com and something comes up every once in awhile and I you know. You're very particular brave to calling you mr. problems win. I think. They know that. Most of the people listening will not like that probably. But let's let's archery weight she has asked to change her name to can be successful caller candy. The guy. What brings you into other people's problems what's donuts. Well I'm kind of big problem. It's her that I that I am seeing is married to. And I mean he's he's my guy like he's my. And I'm turning her so. It's too. Well that's your opinion that app and he I'm having a really hard time because he's so freaking what terrible strangled me now text and saw and Colin long because. Calamity or from other little more moral position and sneered how do you deal apart and also how he can't stop actually do what is right and just like let's. Through a self help forge. Warned us all this and is going to be interesting way here and you know and wholesome I are here. Any illusions that mean his she told you I'll eventually run him ice or or is he always told Jew. This you're just my side chick. I mean I'm not I had I checked I mean he you know probably Italy Hirsch senior and in the meantime and a lot and to continue actually gonna. Why are you talk about having relations or sleeping in the same bad. It. Intact so. So he tells you what you asked him point when did you sleep with her is that is linked that's what happens that's your fourth play with him when he comes over to your. Undo or wherever you are. No it's just the conditions admire relationship with him I do not want this trip with her and she army that he still littered. Jim Baron the fact knowing that these security. When your position that you're in with this being the other woman. See you have to kind of put up with some stops that got this is one of those things that you just have to live with them when you decided to check to be in this relationship thus there's downsizings and more problems root out. Its share attention I don't. Think that's true I don't think at Syracuse my guy. Chairman rules aren't cliche do whatever I want a group. Okay it's alright it's very it's a fascinating theory you've got going now but you're second fiddle he lives with his wife he's crazy kids we ask that you head. Oca. When there's a chance he might leave her gas cut I mean you know I I don't you know that it's. I don't I don't even know how are you even begin to pro yeah so you do what you need help this week from fellow. Text mining and you're not Kasagic sorry forgot you're there can go. From fellow. I know what's the cleanest and Carl and I love triangle how do you end up tipping the scales. In your direction so you're the one and only. Okay that's what you want. Exactly exactly how do you feel at all and how do you get and it's. Knowing that if every night she's sleeping with that other means to you would see other woman and how do you get himself out of that relationship does he ever spend the night with you or is it or you just the relations and he goes on. Yeah she sound right sometimes. It's the other contorted about. Okay thanks so really you want us to help you get him out of that relationship to pause and come running into your arms mood. Okay. And in the meantime I'm sure he doesn't think that. Okay just ask you this real question means and I usually don't wants a cheater always a cheater kind of guy but it's this guy is sleeping with you. And sleeping with her. And tele media I'm sleeping with her he's obviously comfortable with hurting you a little bit what makes you think if he does come running in your arms if he's not eventually going to trade up on new to the next 25 year old model I mean. It's what it's what you guys like dad do they just keep fine in the next the next thing the new model I want to iPhone android. You know. No I'm not in the situation because I am going to be. Everything that he needs. Indeed it's this race here that are your conviction you in your mind. And you have a good we've heard that he's not gonna leave okay do you all right let's stick to the plan without you go away she didn't you're live in the secret like you're you're. You started you believe it so we're gonna make it so okay so we need so. We try to anyway that's actually find you a bunch of women's loud news we have dug up other woman we need to have. Other women and would you call wheelers of political crap I don't know third in the third size they have done. I'd putt Newsom a love triangle where outside wherever he's asserted tough she can either iPod news would like to lumps. How other women deal knowing that he's with that is why is the man you're saving minutes is still signaling his wife or you. Yeah I mean honestly I feel like a phone lines are already blown up here and it's I just I feel like I don't know with these women are gonna save it to probably sang Jesus did is there anybody. Reconstructive and beaches and rights fees are way tip the scales if you want a guy who's a cheater how do you get him. How do you tip to stay -- get over how do you get him how do we help a -- how do we help us cheater you write jets I know it's it's ugly nobody wants delta cheater but if if if we were suspended due. Our moral code for this isn't making me sweat it's gonna Wear so can we help India get her. Man all to ourselves and to stop sleeping with his wife there it is tell. I'm stoked period street now called in before her girls like that let me tell you. The only way he's going to get that guy to comfort her if she got a counseling get Malcolm Lee temper she isn't bad. Discussing. And anyone like that. It's pathetic it's even called you guys have something like that I'm sitting here listening to implement cannot beat her real no one in that stupid can they. But she's the victim won't. Yes he did not face him I wanna know. Now I want it for candy do it did not have the ball to me her real name. I would like to know it hit the white netted about her. I would assume not sneaking around he's sneaking do you care. Let me let me tell those notes to beat her you're gonna get heartbroken and telling skip it needed therapy generally. And I think I your passion is awesome on the east we have to assign blame here. There's there's just. One key it's to blame one. Cell. Tired of women not taking any responsibility because to do that you'll another one then it's just not okay. It's below the belt it's wrong. Anita and such immoral issue should add that to another girl. He did not let her or he wouldn't be doing that media that obviously doesn't let his life. But he did not love her or he would have left it like a long time. So then no constructive tips on how to get him to sound so he's been there okay. Cheney's own weight and Robert felt the need to help since she realizes this even worked more than that. Well I'll see Evan have to settle for a leader like that man. While. Thank you for your tasks until we appreciate night saying I can't say don't hurt yourself and therapy at your later settling that keep wrap. While and back ten into okay. And I. Think the let. Me trap holes each. Guy he thinks. I. I'm a delegate different they don't think he currently our eat they did peak on yelled out my primary if they're. Arrow on the right guy. I don't like this year they're too late now. So she's I tell you somebody derives less that's a sunny my man team owner. Although it's an eminent PG a MTV eighth and online. She needs to make him jealous and makes him want her I don't like you sausage when Baghdad. Used to ruin your advice when need to ask why all that just. End video iPod this can be like what did you EB airline and only make have been meager life. Let's give it Barack and I have a lot. I don't know if you recognize what's happening here that's just a writer needs. Dismissed US tennis to be like soccer and see solution love how all of it is excellent it is you think he's doing his wife now on us and. Now yeah deeply to a very not leaving her and still hoping MP wouldn't get down there and you get there whether and they are apparently it did Karl. But he still relatively limited life he's in no way to go out against children right IE yeah now I'll leave it. Jesus is our. They give me the car we appreciate it does do a great self. Value what do you think. A pilot actually. Where. Barrett I was married and oh yeah definitely like I let you well what are. I know how I got can't you. Elite from her and upbeat but I actually out divorce papers or any. And actually picked each and ultimately I. I was the why he got hurt because I treating him up pregnant divorce. Freed up and eat or. Also the unit cheating on you to go for you all like got shot kings really dirt bag would do or all we've heard about it. Divorce papers as we can actually see you made it tangible yeah like let's move this ball forward. And that works for you written while us that's really good at getting him an attorney if he's not least what ever see these seas act in there is a sailing relationship areas that's a great. Thanks Aussie film and then maybe you'll start seeing things through those good while we don't with all these constructive people but on the fact that there's any shoulder who thinks she's Leven and makes. As a milk. Yahoo! he's not going east why we lift it. It was checked out of relationship and I cheated I saw I was getting. All my relations are narratives. If he's giving any home. You're screwed very dry eats.