Slacker and Steve - OPP: Smoking Mom 10/20

Friday, October 20th


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Eight. Seems likes to throw out the words armed. I have to be an advocate for this child you you use that never try in the proper context before we I'm I'm here for the child you. Cool yes Omagh a moment people that I hate children but yeah animal we start to pick it up further job well RO PP he's kind of serious today and somebody who. Think she's witnessing some form of abuse and wants to know. If she should get in Baltimore. Nods from Kerry. I try. And. Oh my god I literally who lived right now okay. My child I dropped them off to school every single day and you'll say I even if you want men contract sharing your car. With the windows won't stop smoking. Would hurt too little girl in the back C a could be used. I don't know what didn't. I don't know why no one in at any pain but he absolutely get Scott Danks. I. Okay. I won't seek smoking cigarettes and with the window adopt either young. Children and a good physically and on the box and it's not until you know breaking it should be no 100. Campus are okay. I'm very continued I don't understand every sensitive about it did you think. The woman she rich and I don't I should call the cops or what Childs permit you know I don't know. I don't I don't know let's not coming up principal arms. Kerry clearly you're very fired up arms. I don't know do you know this it's he smokes and you have kind of weird face on trying to do you think she's. She writes or is a night I think abuses. Is is a little bit of a strong statement. Thing all the moms are breaking the law concealed she cameras at a rate to smoke especially her own view local and stuff but. Shall and I know that you smoke of course you're gonna tell defend her. But I mean really like you can't give up and I bet you know it's bad for your children. Releasing an ounce of Hernando years. Would you locate would you wanna play around and smoke like blowing then at eight. Thought she would do. But Kerry you do what you mean chess is finished. She's not breaking the law but if that was me about parent with children of course I would refrain from smoking around them. But she chose not to and I understand where you're coming from a she's not break it's not abuse. Smokey yeah. It felt like kicking your child to a to a nightclub right now also do a lot McCready got going I mean I wouldn't have our. Put my child in a position where they would be around smoke I think it could damage there how. Easy act in a B. He carried out that you think about this to you see this happening once today. This is going on. All the time throughout the winter it's cold you're gonna like you would you would think that there in the car more and you know I'm Linda likes different activities. You don't catch I noticed cigarette Searle are our legal mean what does she was given her children small amounts of cyanide everyday you know that's that's a foot that's not. This woman is doing it she really did fit her. Our children can inhale. Cigarette smoke. And how would tell you doing what is she getting her children wind sheet allowing them to see on television mean this. Problem and you're just because this is something that she's doing is legal doesn't make it good or does or does not bad you know this is he eighty is illegal so what can cherish you. You cold you call principle she's gonna like what are you wanted to do it right you can call tough protective service and always say the same thing yes. Yes socialism is crazy it's not good and all. I lucked out way samurai I might. What would you deal I mean think about picking your children and your children when a situation where they want to collapse through my teacher wouldn't. Smoking in the classroom. I'm just trying to find it non hang it really didn't keep understand how would you feel you did your kid could be rounds and how I want to know. You're right in your passion for young children that aren't you yours is. Is awesome you wanna do the right thing bucks. In the end it's blown out is and it's just mind your own business. It feels like it has to be but it feels like just can't be what's what's what's avenues is Carrie have now. Took every care protect these children. Have you thought about. This from the author talking you know walking up to knock on the window and saying something too I mean do I wouldn't recommend doing it when you're in this mood because your. Very confrontational. And like it's not even my kids in and and I would never do this to my kids plates. You already is you've you it puts you back on your heels on so many questions. Your ability to. To begin with a dad or mom that's on your heels or. The forces of the wanna act how yeah slash out of the person. Two crew critiquing their parents absolutely out. I'm not confrontational usually know when it comes to children. Okay I had no actually. Considered a woman and her kid denied that and my son played together I didn't know that she smoked and how to whenever you you. We know what happened people are crazy of course I'm gonna be different and of the children should learn very hard to be a great mother and keep my children's. It in this seat area to keep their health good. Why hasn't every children and why did and every child deserves that I don't understand yes. I am confrontational. When accomplish something like this because it's stupidity to. Wow yeah I almost know yeah you're you know love your pet carrier love your yes we're going to try to help you carry while I don't know uniqueness. Who knows disagree bake off in the moral world you're right I just don't know right that you have any legal recourse. Hang tight. Did would you loves. But Kyrie coming up CU and being an advocate for your what how would you him how would you I'd come back at her but I I'd like to think that I never. I have never put my kids in that kind of situation. Think somebody smoke in their think this is what you said this time machine and my dad it's somebody told my dad. Who rule our windows I don't Bagram. Goodnight you. Then I mean if this is a woman sold fashions. Did she thinks it's OK to smoke in her car with the windows up a sudden it's two beautiful little daughters so I don't need imagery and make Demi their team tales in cuts are aggressive but it's still have to -- they're completely innocent and in his car and they're having to deal with us that's awful. But it's not illegal and it's. It's not our business. Is it carries business even though she's so passionate and we all think that some needs an advocate for those kids somebody does but I means hot. Is it carries place. I wouldn't if she goes up like that we're in we're we're going to be hearing about it is as she says this mom parks across from the school Sunni and on school programme she's no there's not. Broke even as a smoke kind of review to be like you I would and it's not his right I would do my dad did the second or child enters the picture I'm done completely with smoke and I will carries seeing the smoker things happen when she drops awesome too except for kids from school. Your car with the windows rolled up can she do anything should she do anything Katie. Yeah I what are you thank. I think it totally out of business it's not ten. I know there's no legal recourse for that whatsoever. And as well are heard saying that why am I haven't expected shelter and she clearly didn't understand how tough addiction. You've got out there's absolutely no legal recourse. So do you smoke. And that's why you're so passion and on the other side you you don't wanna be forced. To him to stop. I don't think they are right on anybody else how to parent. You'll mom. Okay and did so do you smoke or do you drive around with the windows up and smoking and stuff with the kids. No I out by. I don't know what I want usually don't add. Why all okay. No matter what you saw somebody doing you would never. Even knew mom I'm a mom yourself you wouldn't picture that you would wish that someone would. Wish. I don't. Action by not a bit like. When looking at you are not seen at a time. Oh sorry people would swap couple. They see if it's DJ guy I'm not saying I don't condone that but I've I've heard of people getting we will be. These kids are overweight in the mom all she does not fast food what should I do thank you know not a not a rarity a sort this thing thank you for the content eighty. How he. The guy who do you thing. All. Logos. In the car. You don't we have heard that we can get a lot of likes FaceBook messages installs. What so. Really it's illegal you can literally call the cops will look on her like she's driving drunk but I mean what's. What's a big course is it is and if so I mean what is it. You know I may do not know pressure I would think that they would definitely put grow up honor but I never had a situation I don't know I do know that it. Would you leave if you were illegally in your state and you sigh. Would you immediately jump to the conclusion. Or not to the conclusion to the outcome I'll call the police or would you do something first would you can't try to confront which is what I hate it's like we're such an impact when nobody wants a community to say my neighbors music is an act. Hey sex clubs go ask you go communicated Tor mean a lot to Mexico we don't see any great total diva and I Steelcase. Golub I don't know go hey. You know this it's actually illegal in the state and I don't want I don't want you in trouble and I don't get involved anymore but it's. I should not really good few kids but instead we as a sign or nice. I don't want I'm not getting involved but I'm getting all the way involved I calling the yes third party think so what are. Would you do anything first or would you just automatically pull the record on the Pope well. I mean she analysts Powell being broke untraditional I don't see up and you know golly they. You can't if you're gonna be mean it's not gonna make how are you opted out broke the US broke the market Latin an addiction because it. We appropriately so I think and keep him out good obviously she is very up and I would you know. You approach it like you know I want the world that they both didn't know it and I know. Terrible all you know isn't you know what ever. Being mature out. And now David Connelly and some. This is Tutsi. On the science. Nine what do you think. All right so my wife and I saw a woman that during the same exact thing windows closed with a brand new baby in the car yeah it's called the cops and they didn't do a damn thing about it. He did not see. Almighty god for real. We babies like Jack Davis. Blatant breach show her and nice. This just to get in a move this woman's at an elementary school were the kids could broke down when I'm sure mom Intel atom by light. So Akashi said dude it's a free country do what you gotta do. Exactly that so far. We can't do anything about it you know out here not to do that and that's. Who. That's disgusting that's well. Thank you for the comment I told him and I was in a smoking rounds and therefore when German woman brought baby seven nominee. On the town and I'm like dude you know the smoking around arsenic in Nancy permeates your soul member. Terrell Owens. Yeah I what are you don't. And I mama green and so I I think it's really hurt the parent to parent other parent sir aren't. So I think we all want to do more harm her. Her to go up to the car when those kids they're in the air because they think a confrontation definitely gonna start. I mean I get don't get any way around and I will get probably need to get even more nervous or fat. But I I get Rasheed coming from that you want to get something at the Mamas and you know protect kids but I don't think her going and doing something they're right they like she's got to go to somebody else whether the school counselor or are. I there are a speech it's going to the college airline you don't think it's sad that we just played the week glossy abilities communities don't if I don't know you're number 290 units. Anonymously text you something I don't I don't I would ask you you know. Italy. And guess what you think. Off me learn I don't know week or happened and where apparent Gamal Brothers the active. Truck and it's true like. A lot of things gone on an. All right. All of the impact on the poker I don't smoke in the house and look at McCarthy. Pushed collaborator. It is I don't think they need it went out there and get them all. So Malawi it's fun it's fun that the people who are saying that smokers. It's a sign I'm just saying it's totally dangerous things are easier smokers get defensive and go nobody's gonna tell me yet but out stale out in my. Right you know I'm listening to this and I political or. Do what I will get back mention. However. I I go up that cleanly and I'm trying. You you you are mostly fine you listen to psych currencies though there is there. I think it's clearly there are no you don't often. This is this is seated so short of calling the police. If you've got any tips for cherry on how to keep these kids out of harm's way. We'll take them on the site currencies is OK just.