Slacker and Steve - OPP: Soulmate Rebound 4/11

Tuesday, April 11th

Our OPP met her soulmate, but he says they can’t be together because of his past. She’s not sure she believes him and she needs your help sorting it out. Hear her OPP and give her your advice


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And I. Hot is there any chance you can leave your purse I don't know yes out of this I only drive it all the way through the whole thing oh I won't try. Yeah sentences were out of luck tomorrow I do. America can you can launch at the end of the UPP it's about soul mates and when it's right in minutes not right. Yeah I guys yeah I mean I think I've met by so late. Leave it you did okay. I think about my soul mate we think the same things like the same stuff that are basically the same only he's a guy. We could hang out a lot but he doesn't wanna make it official. Call it bad timing I guess he's coming out of a ten year relationship or was ready to commit to get married but things didn't work out. We met knew instantly clicked. We would spend hours talking on the phone we would text each other throughout the day he's kind of backed off now because he says he's too afraid of falling in love with me. He said it wasn't for his last relationship I would be everything he was looking for he said he's not the right mindset to be with me and I deserve someone better. I just wanna hear other people's thoughts and emotions on this is he worth waiting for in Chile sorts is Maureen. Is he lying to me I just need some clarity this is from Jordan. And I'm gonna go. Thank you her first line I think I've met my soul mate all right I do the math real quick seven and a half billion people on planet earth so they means there's one none of that seven and a half billion that's just for you. What are the odds at every person I've ever met that said that they met their soul mate is usually in the break room of their warped by Kaiser Permanente or. Yeah assisted living facility photo lineup so it really where oh where we were at the same place. Still that's just us all. From seven. Brilliant people all and those sold Mays era is your database only since a census yes seven and brilliant we don't have soul mates people say yes sir Arnold solely. On I'm the romantic guy and even I sort of agree with you yeah. So that I do believe your soul mates just believe there is wanna up old mate well that's I was always tell you get heavy slowly she can't get a one and only camp. I don't I think there ought. I think there are people on this planet that you can commandeer a few things in common knowledge so clearly you did you could did they you. Debtor sold. Your souls kind of delicious steaks so you can make a life together does it okay soul so I've you connected you're safe secure America. And your soul somehow somewhere in the process of according you're here than my own failure to your souls connected right to keep like. Really what did you describe the mole live or Rio no okay. But they're committed more guest tomorrow we dirtier make him remember I'm not doing what I'm trying to learn no you're you're big you've got that's not our voice heard and movie didn't do but it's not like you're an excitement value now I don't know it's not you mentioned are off of you saw how would it didn't you do because. People I met people that I like that I go I could absolutely. There's there's a million beautiful women on the planet ranked fifth. But I would say there's a handful of beautiful women that I could spend a life with the guy to deal with my crap and I can deal with aircraft okay to me is what I think is a soul mate. We just doing John is crap no I'm just. What dogs or. The final second set I sat at the Eddie Jordan if you're listening eventually we'll get back to your frat Boy George. We're here for chocolate can I dreaded TJ Jordan that there and bottom line is I think you know whether you believe that there's only one or you believe that there's many. She's got she feels a real connection to this guy and it's it's unfortunately. He's not connecting back. I think she is connecting back I think it's a right love wrong time kind of thing. It's. Even he unless she's being the typical guy who's like just saying the words he needs to say to placate us when I couldn't. But if she really does feel that connection think wow this is to be really great. But I just my heart just got hurt I just got done with ten years where I thought it was going to be wanting it turned out to be something else. I don't weren't like. If it's like did out of the relationship and I'm in right now and I wouldn't commit again unlike what I've done in my past which is swinging from branch to branch here. Get with these guys change their mother for whom you a lot. He wants to get a little distance and I think it may be stares and little but the he's like I just. I just figured out the relationship is not gonna work. And he's being new it's a what are the odds that the next person I. One she could be. She could be adopted. On the senator Abdullah and let's look okay she could be that's the me ask you this in real quick urgent is it possible. Do Corey knew there we all I was only is it possible that my soul mate is married already knew somebody else. It's like us. Yes oh I thought. I think they're ready available at destiny won't aria systems don't really want deals between some people have their blockade out like you have like it's like I don't really believe in it's also offer this guy over here with so your soul mate could be out there and she settle for somebody to you and your. Deciding to get her before she so yes it was my call and an indoor. And you guys add that connection and the souls connect she might go all my got a in the wrong relationship. Oh in the Unita and gum soreness so basically she thought that was her soul mate just like your missile PPP he thought that was a soul mate turns out no. If your soul mate were married if you if you if there's a married woman part of Israel your soul mate but it was a direct that's why did you Marmara. We don't know why he can't I think you know more than one decent though there's multi sign on flipping through all your help. Such an. And I'd attends or depends dispenser it's about time. So on the no dude so I don't do some soul mate is all those rules and stuff was renewal. One trying to pigeonhole me into rules I single one rule that you have is that there's only one I don't believe that poke some people dale so there's multiple soul. So I could I can actually fight moment solely to marry a mall lake spent two years with the slow on the country or the county could you recommend I guess and probably cut and so I think. You wanna continue to muddy the water social we did the auditorium shores got a problem as some sort of really think she he's the guy he's not been okay. His past with just getting out of a bad relationship is he's telling her. You deserve better I think you're amazing I think we can never amazingly together. If he's telling the truth should she wait is that a guy just CNET thank each do we tell Jordan that Steve's right its soul mates from DS I don't. I don't know the right answer to help Jordan right now I just know they do or not being. Did walk upright so what I drew a one final question yes sir OK so if if it's a so if he knows that she's Jordan uses soul mate. Did you automatically runs her only get you my soul mate you don't pull out excuses you know so I just came out of literally I think they and he just wonder where you get it. I'm wrong time it's he's he's. Hurt and he doesn't like you turn to process what just happened to you I feel bad for Jordan because she's finally got the seven and a half billion people she found the one soul mate until and the missile he doesn't want her back I thought soul mates it's automatic it's not automatic OK so then she Sosa he's. And if somebody's your soul may god help them aren't happy with your right so. Someone else you must ultimately. It'll sap announced he is generously and the year she's lifting a prozac also. You get your life right now like. These guys that it not be Steve hunter have enough to share with the sole. I saw the bottom line is she thinks it's a so make no he's his relationship issues is making a weird. Should she wage should not wait should she fresh six. War. Is she she is just doomed because she's a rebound no matter what million you know this guys slice a rebound so she eighteen and writing in rebound position and she wanted to come in in soul mate position she's rebounds only position. Yeah so there's one rebound solely for everyone out there are under the seven and a half billion there's a rebound solely for me to its potentially possible okay I I'm tired of views someone's talking to people who had soul mates and what actually wanna help Jordan both on land her soul mate I'm holly. Are you putting is anxious. I think it is he at. A lot of time and he wanted to be nervous meeting where it take a break early and he stayed out. What are you saying it. I can't do this right now do you supply and someone else you good or better what that's meant is he's trying to letter upbeat. Yup exactly. I you have guides say that. I'm sure romantic I'm a huge fan of goal and all of that but. It did act I don't think he'd he'd China can help ready murder. And it is butter out. Probably every as every guy you've been within your soul mate have you found your soul mate every salute him for so many. I knee. Armando. And could be token. You can listen somebody asks are you forever with a motion in the which you which that's RT tone he's going to be like. Yes he let me pull my car over Intel you. How I really fueled does manner in which we like we could be your summit. Likes to prosecutor under your breath cracked the jury late teens are having to disregard of the judges like this. It's too late it's already out there yeah what's your new friends irritated so good so I decent you'll just realized I saw many horses. I guess it's a bump us they you know you're not ready to say he's assuming you think there's only one person Owhali using just one in the world. I think the deal I. I'm world who could have a great perfect wonderful relationship with he and 81 person in the whole world. I spoke well I hope this guy turns out to dinner right guy and I think your insight into the way men work. You ought to be on easy can be stuck around for a certain type of guy that sound you that's it's sad but it's sure if I love you so much you deserve way better than me that's a that's that's. But couldn't manage it feels pretty well. Short teach. I yeah I mean when you think typical. The one thing that I know is that this culminated ought to be something that each year that being you could ever imagine it could be a note ebitda growth. And when it happened and it happened exactly when it's supposed to do so if they did the right line. And it's not even even exist prime not correct and in the right one name you're rushing it. Then you had your recipe yet it just kind of duke let life happen and it could. It is the right one. That they won't be background. Leaving it very easy using your office and I really experienced are absolutely. No question your risk ourselves. Hopefully yes absolutely. We know we're gonna purse we. Now we're that there would do we were sold its ability. You might inflame. All the way it happened was just incredible our universe just too many things that are lined up at the right time growth across app you'll actually. And it's been the easiest thing I've ever done in my entire life and it's and a few years now. So unhappy surely do better and better be so proud of the thank you for the call char three is a shortage on his soul mates. All the bulls. Cool cool we all. Lose 30. Who are actually. Kaiser Permanente reference and I was right there in the Mariano I'd get an idea you were trying to think. That's where the whole show and derail judge should lets you could see he knew the guys what are you then. I mean that they just let my boyfriend except I'm on his I don't think so I came out that I nearly. Got and that's something. Basically right away with my boyfriend and adding that same situation we feel a strong connection and it's very difficult for me coming up at such a long relationship though I think my marriage seeking victory over the Atlantic time bashing it again and that face. They get older what you what you. So what did you tell your man thing hey. Give these days they'll go to gold find somebody you deserve better yeah. You know I thought I told undeterred basically they're coming off a ten year relationship is typical you think a lot of you're like what I'm lining I told him I need. More space I can't Smart space and time I can't just jump right into something else though we still hang in there and make it work back. I happen slowly it's not something you can you can afford wanted to do. So she should waved ROP can redder Jordan should give him time and wait traversal make them. Content you actually had to wait it out at that and he's gonna beat. You agree that's what you read Erin Michelle Obama ads feature packed each other acts and you know wrongly Onkar. Right and if it comes back around. You couldn't use Steve what does your sole means married 99 minutes not the right time she can still be your soul Boca. And I knew sooner or later you passed cast your paths cross here to listen you'll make some gasoline you back around. Ask any should absolutely thank you for the call they could actually happen Oca. You reduce your coming around to my I don't know if it's real poorly just you can tell them I've loaded the gun. It's one minute that oh yeah police don't you think the guys are you wrestle me to think that I noticed no I don't it is our guest in the system. What you mentioned the. I think he's been in our relationship for ten years and he's kind of lonely on that and then and net. President and a place you want her relationship. And they're not on the same page about back and I think its ease and appear like you want then she shouldn't have gone or. You know like him how that timing issue should be you know if you want really heard general contractor. Good glories is lonely and just need someone around like he's also questioning whether that's why I mean he's doing the right thing going. This it's really good and really grew and so she's like that's a Smart way to go like this it's too good in my putting green or because I'm only now. I think we should take a break so make sure to see Jesse will keep this is yeah. I mean it's really easy if you didn't like slept next to somebody for ten years then you sleep alone provides you know two months you're going. Now I can really use some millionaire ex yeah it's nobody there anybody you all of somebody thank you Lisa. I have touched and nice. OK so I do believe and people may mom. And I think that issue that sure about him being her soul mate benching the weight but can't she's I don't know operation late there obviously are the ones. Did you wait it. You almost backed up with some startling I stopped I did socks and let your soul mate Qaeda. I do I do feel that I do because I aimed at eight got the word of it or hyperbole each. And a story idea. The only one in America why it's such spoil it just like. Just like every question and Nancy were you met your sleep tones while I would our minutes are up. Okay the news in the same town known in your own and yet. Actually lived about an hour are I happened to be working in boulder. And he came and body was cute about this are the same anime convention got his number. Ended up getting fired from my second job two weeks later and you offered Kate excellent to cheer me up turned into a thirteen hour first state. While. Never you guys. We go our way that's good guy that's a convenient Salma you want to scholarly world so do I detect my wife is from another country is that given me ninety does that make you better for you because I got somebody from another country to do she she was here in the news so it's just tell us. Slots are and where yeah hurry here. ESATA side of town that she saw one. Another country. But she didn't do it. We have. You who's gonna UBS soul mate has to be in the same town at some point otherwise never meet you can only be solely with somebody in China and somehow. Actually really really do a darn it I. How can ask customers are coming about your dedication and I'm in a different kind. Ins reverence what do you according say don't do you when you're in the city is our tour. We sold me on god Jason. I'm so I didn't IQ. What do you think. Saved at all and I seven years the gulf. I would dating a girl chi I knew right away that I wanted to marry her. And it never worked out and chairman years later. Which today we get married a month. So you reach ten at a dead. Would you re connected and made it work. Years we kept in touch over the years while we were dating other people we knew we irritating other people I think it was the right club Brian Todd. Now now that the timing has gotten right. It works. Yep we started dating now officially again six months ago we get married runs. She wins we got a better Joseph but. The cynicism and our new era of zoos did know that's cool Jason that's cool. You've got the right one and congratulations to the woman we were gonna get here who we lost its Tiffany said she should run we were split down the middle here because Tiffany girl is like. Nine because Steve. You who knows telling castaways that's what I might get out of this and now it is bad relationship badminton Lisa she's under run. I'm OK with her running. I think if if she's really the one they'll be it'll happen to reconnect to you will you I mean. The people in my life that matter to me I cannot talk to warm firm here ten years in the next time you see each other it's like. Boom and I think that's that's you know you have people in your life like that and whether they're your soul mate or soul friend or whatever it is. I think that's real and I think she needs still liked Jordan he's ago. Yeah you want space here's policies in the world this is you know way right over here you know I would wait right there I don't like your Jose mine another soul mate look for something else and it's as if it's meant to be he'll be back in both your best years are behind you would call. I don't I still wanna tell Steve what I don't even know he wants the I gotta go take a shower. Guess the soul mates and the like over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.