Slacker and Steve - OPP: Speed Therapy 4/22

Friday, April 22nd

We have a couple ‪OPP‬ s today, and since they are a little easier to solve, were calling this Speed Therapy! The first comes from Stephanie who doesn't feel its fair to split a huge dinner bill with friends. The second is from Brooklyn whose boyfriend spent a lot of money on a new dog, and she "hates dogs." What would you do if you were Stephanie or Brookyln?


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Collector Steve tons a day. Thank you do you. The truth of the matter is sometimes OPT's. We get ones that just aren't. You know us to do for a whole hour gap we have like the smaller ones so we have a stack of them and we're just going to do as many as we can so Steve will read it. And will we he and I will dissect it and then you guys gotta give your advice and Williams won her next speech therapy to. What are gap now guys I let out on out of the bush I guess I don't I don't mean just he's physically and be really easy with the and guys guys guys. But does it and I don't know how to handle what I back is a common social situation. There are two with two or three different couples we occasionally meet for dinner. All my hubby hubby and I usually have a glass of wine at most when dining our friends tend to be heavy drinkers and always order by the bottle. I swear more time is spent drinking binge eating problem. When the bill comes I literally cringe when I hear our dinner companions cheerfully scream let's just split it don't look well. Hug it doesn't even cross their mind that we only ate food we don't have the nerve to explain. That we are shouldn't have to pay for their bottles of wine and so in the past we've always sucked it up and silently paid like the chumps we feel like at that moment. Lately we've been making excuses not to get together so I was wondering what other people do an awkward situations like this this is from Stefan. If you were if I'm just saying if I was in a situation needs my friends were getting short and missed it because I I do or your bottle guy I mean idea and he likes. I usually just try to peck. The whole thing you throw isms in India I thought oh yeah nothing but a good drive easier crazy OK I. This is that you pay for that even though oh. Yeah it's exhausts me I'd rather just I bet that's why don't go out very often because I just I hate doubting the end of the night where everybody's Psycho. And now we don't know I just did Gallinari but you're allergic to finish you shouldn't pay any of them I think. Take. Joy out of business heights that the newest tell this moment. Only know you suck the life out of this entire tank always so you're at Duracell familiar you you your bottle guy so I'm sure there's some friends. I'm like I'm like Manhattan got an original the drink switching do the other day you know we're rectangle one dirty up. That's a twelve dollars and sensitive. To your wizard girl whose drink you know how shall let setting a bunker some ten. That's not fair for you this footage on the middle your drink is. Twice as much every time you order why so when that check comes in I'm the world knew him drinkers had the least amount. What do why how to lie. And he. Got to beat all the cool off I OK I just ruin no PP because now nobody's gonna call I won't call you a tool to your face please. You know if you're one of these people who your seats. Little or whatever you don't drink and you go out your friends and they do drink or maybe they order more apps and you don't even indulge in you know you're on a diet. But I'd I'd also have friends who we go out and nights. The Weis always just as a side salad or whenever I guess sitting over here easy suing Al Saleh or whatever. Indian and I feel lights. I wanna be a the most what did you just you just don't know we need to seem. Right to split down the middle Blake to go wild if we pay 65%. And you read the forty but it. I just think doing it. You have to you have to continue to avoid these friends then the bottle ordering prisons humans in jazz power still but. I it's it's. I don't know how to fix this problem for so if you this why we call the speed therapy if you're a person who's who's had. Whatever it takes to step up and say something. I don't think it's hard I just think it's uncomfortable it is it's hot word do you do wit this sounds petty when you're not been pen you've ever right to do it. My question is if you're good deal. You do it while you're at the dinner when he checked it's there or do you do it next bingo hey mom. They're not the normal day and I just want the truth. And I. I don't know. Have you could call me the next day they do that napping at the end because I have paid for bottles of wine. I do have a nice little buzz on I'm about to hit over my thing and now you wanna do mass yeah yeah. Ian Rudy then you can regional ball business notices to see you would wait till the next thing go you know what. You'll I only have that salad you guys see and stuff what do you use. Crap out of sync with our daily slaps. You cheery now I'm what should you do spreadsheets and knocked out. Presentation to discuss our shares of salad. Qaeda the it's still it's at the bottom line slower than two dollars. How do you how do you tell your friends tell you that I each incident is its Fiat I just don't start with the weight units arguing that you said he is no good so listen for just like. I spy kids very well are you did you still. Okay yeah. Really OK I don't call you right now I mean you're gonna do all right do you and I paid for a bunch of crap but it. Well all OKC's. They. It's your albums sold. Skew so weird yeah I doubt that the just broke because you don't allot any well. Except until I was telling us what to the only Kieran alcoholic and all whoa dude actually oh my god you realize I was doing that oh cool your idea I won't. I'm more cognizant of how. AD just spreadsheet. If you could just western union they got a 600 I got another call Eritrea and clearly think that you play. But with this sorted and brought to see your friends with arm. I don't know if I don't if I guess I will I did one thing I will say is that I believe in my heart that stuff and he's not alone. Oh yeah I I don't know what speed hairpiece so what we're gonna do is read take a fuel new and then read our next OPP Boca but if you did in the situation where you had to tell your friends who were always done. Split the check people earth and you don't need is made US dietary restrictions whatever it is or maybe your friends are those people who always going to out. He didn't miss alleged to dole who replaced I would do jurors in the news. They act as you know their meals became this customized. Color adventurer but here it. Oh. Yeah. Yeah yeah but at the bit everywhere I go way up here even if it didn't. More conduct final burger then you might say that let's split the I. So you've been in seven situation. Where you know opinion too much of the bill too much she wants to know how to not awkwardly. Make that stuff I amber. Yeah I you've been in this situation what are you they don't. I don't multiple times I'm like everybody had been a situation have been any out yeah. So. Well look I usually do personally did what did you mad that the cartoon is probably the most but act which is I'd goal to an accurate before you have to make an ordering more like like whatever advantage. Tell the waiter Italy trip that I want it our portion of the bulge. Angle behind everybody's back into it preparation. We Lewis with the rest of bring the bill to the table you guys are regional like Tea Party terms. However when the table we already think I would behind your guys is back I Raphael and there really passive aggressive. And the play gab but he also injured but I'm not thank everyone else who didn't act like a little energy drink and a girl and legal outlet like the bottle service people at all. Jason good man I think maybe we did you think you ask for your separate checks may be linked opens and then and then. Let it I would go to the waiter in Sebring separate checks and then all like surprising you split it up. Who you know I mean I never thought that we just. That's my thing I hate asking does it say it's don't know later hey I know this is one table and it shouldn't be this much maintenance and we need you itemize. Running wives and yes. She's practice but what I do like worries like here's your team Jackson's right up. Oh yeah. I guess thank you for our perfect thanks for going the extra yeah it's cool breeze with an up fascist not bad not bad at all amber stay did you amber your passive aggressive fluent I would go out with. What's ongoing now with somebody drinks who drinks. It's just that the attorney general Hawaii so. But it and it's your odds on the floor and he had any advice for Stephanie here. Yeah it doesn't quite easy one and I. Are they good stepping they squirt everything on hold over the next night whenever they go get a girlfriend they they square that circle that. The only good thing is I mean I know my friends I have are my those types divide you have I'm on the bottle drinker. But did but to drag is still keep track and he's still behind because when she pays for everybody she's team for bottles and she didn't drink and when everybody pays for her. Oh my own race like. The shootings he came under a hundred bucks were they in obtained forty bucks alone it's. So they did I mean I'm a bit problem personally I'm not very. Both political crowd of people came to regret all the Waco that could somebody else but it remains. We get an opportunity to look a little bit actually let go out there and you know god and whether instead of getting it accounts they get a sixteen ounce. That's do you know what the end did you get caught doing I didn't think it that obvious solution ops I know the answer yeah. Stephanie just start drink to jail or your hero you. Our food is more stuff I mean you're doing well they're slipped and then eat as much as they eat a man or takes him to go with you Kelly. Yes yes. He it will be it that it can't talk to about it before he. But if you have that can't you expect Eric just grow up hair grow up and say that's how we deal on your feelings ticker ability. Her street killing kids see that. Bring that's never the answer I don't know PP over your feet now they're jealous find a way to run a higher gas is going to call right so we've handled Stephanie situation nice for now let's do our next steam therapies dice EIA. Claiborne bring came home with a dog last night and I am so angry so. He spent 500 bucks on her and didn't ask me about him before he got at this he said he's one underdog for so long and he saw her and fell in love. And he knows I hate dogs. And I know that's why he didn't ask me so what do why do now can I make can get rid of the dog or my stuck what does saying. For the next fifteen years is from Brooklyn. He had cared when it comes to animals and stuff that was fine cool the way uncool. But it cannot be animal's fault it's not so you can't ditch dead dog. How you gonna ditch stab dog now when you knew put on Craig's list almighty god did you just got it's got a hold now. You just priming I know it's not probably all the way established yet but still. You can ditch stab Java means and sim Brooklyn's got to put up with that for the runway from the dog them. You cannot I know that's that's a huge design was in my vote freely on how. The helix. Did you what dating because someone for a long time you know live and animal and really get serious you guys decide to move in together in the U Tel plus you can bring an animal yet you have euthanize every song yeah it. You can't bring a life you keep you found her but it's this is a dull it's RD round yup. That's the only solution here. Either she's got to suck it up they got a break up yeah off. This home man this saw. Com well obviously the reason we're doing him assassinated. It is speed Derek he's so if you did in this situation may be your. Significant other purchased a pet without consulting you first her. You tried it I mean if you bought it from like a dead pets are most places have a no original browser policy. If a loved one has brought Roma pat without consulting you first what did you do EO we are doing speed they're. Brooklyn needs your help yes it would so Brooke. Thank you. Hey what do you think. I hate that might check happened and I bought this dog and what I put her mind for like 800 dollars. My daughter wanted to end and then turned out she hated it could he like this straight everything palaces. Movie critic share heat tape murky close. Or. 800 bucks what you do. Well and then nobody quite been thought could. Saying it's not his ball great eat some. The lead currently there's show clearly don't wanna keynote so the only thing we can really do my mom like that are. Though we even get my moms are like my sister he has and remember. He get ready to someone who would get him home. Can't speak and the author. We continue essentially you're admitting you lit 800 dollars on sire. Are today news. I mean it's and it's just it's the lessons you learned so you think that's what Brooklyn music do maybe teach him a lesson give the dog away to somebody. If only you know I'm an adult you are not good at home. And I did not just a random trends in the series I'd like to know. Oh okay I I I and kind of shots and other people are gone through this thank you for the cauldron. Amanda. Yeah I when using it. I think we'll begin our. If you hate dogs he really somebody brutal attacks in me I don't like tax unit may Leslie last a long time this. I did not feel right he did god put them my wife yeah he got about my birthday. And I'm Patrick I don't know map. But I expect an hour and now Ike could go without him I love the never be without my god it's and he that they get out that you limit given the guy you might armor but. So Brooklyn guy is so she's got to change everything about herself because her man is a selfish piece of well. I mean I. I. Amanda your wife is the same way in ninety. Even though you've grown to love the dog now was it that was deep bad movies she decided that for you you have no choice. Right now and I went mad I remember a couple of days. And I bonded with the dog and I don't know like it to the matter anymore I wanted him. That worked out good for you so hopefully it'll work out good from Brooklyn. 8 am and my former bonds then Q my early growth beloved. Could you wouldn't it to you say you hated dogs before this dog. I hated guy an ever owned it and it is by the club walking down the street like to go public about. I saw my work because Brooklyn says she hated these dogs. I think you mean the car. Attends these. Yeah I yeah I would use it. She can't thought I actually hit that I brought a dog calling and my boyfriend without structure like a week and Hewitt I. So after a week so basically shooting you have the world us to bend your will and you every choice is a dog's cute you know are hoping to dig the Q factor of a puppy will eventually win them over. Listen to your Saturday suddenly hates dogs what does Sarah lurks Jadox dual would you have done. By Pratt when a couple of out or eating champion are there can't hit that helps but at. I like you kinsey studies he always gets her way to see the other. Thing I'm telling you figure the cost in the I lean towards given the dog away. To somebody good OK Zack teachers out person I'm fine I don't lesson got to consult us stuff like that with your partner. I yeah dinner and the more it hurts them the less likely. They are tended to repeat that bad gloomy here I if you us don't want to sound off on either of RO PPs or send just one of your own. Next time we do speed they're do you do it on the same place the FaceBook dot com slash slacker as defense.