Slacker and Steve - OPP: Spring Break Son 3/9

Thursday, March 9th

March brings warmer weather, the time change, and spring break! Our OPP has a son that wants to go on spring break but she’s not sure she can let him go. Hear her OPP and tell her what you think.

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Steve are there. So every year about this time somebody is. In some sort of bind as it relates to cheese spring break and mom and Matalin is one of those people that's in a bind to a sign it was up Madeleine. Yeah an aide tells let's the problems. Home I got you okay I am club conflict is okay my might candidates Guillen at the last year or he wants to go for spring Ricky let's go to Florida. And with his friends. And thin and it and the best friend going at best friend momma. He's super yacht she had a like the teen actually he's really still in the parting stated she let her son Mike. Smoke pot on the week and she didn't care what he does and he dreamed. And he wants to go I'm not allowed to go out. If I'm too old I guess who killed bash said she might sum up the gut I go on down there I. Goes on so little so what is beer bond then copied and you know. Naked girls or whatever I just remember one more year and take a monarch. Grand Canyon annual pancake. Tons. Wolf that's going to be its its license after a break just fell and tore a hole there how do you imagine life she's going to be digital divestiture. You leave your name Jason little. How. He's eighteen so I know he's an adult but yeah trust my for my name is best friend's mom wouldn't do rearm and and. AD into his student would you trust your parenting though Matt because I think I know this is your zone your new default foolish and was wearing as a partner never appropriated now. You can shot that took care how you react because yeah because that's all they know it comes out dude did you trust viewers parenting did you try new trust yourself as a parent is itself then you should be trusting your children. In instances like this moves with some I don't tell. It and I think you can really bad influence. He's only fifteen years older than her. I see that part I see my great thing is I trust my parenting. Wind it. I can control attempts he's the amount of temptation that's around them Boca but it sure. Set him free in a candy store no parent is so great. They you can send them into the Wonka factory and say don't touch any tech grocery T even slow. Lee. I a whole stops and we always do stuff she really broke. Or should his parents were and Jordan Charlie was well behaved and try to. I have no idea how I ended up onto the for a Charlie and it's not the record screaming for a modern yet. It's a great breaks. It's yeah it Lauderdale. Wouldn't be snapped and whale tails like this is the job. They can wait my focus is terrorists they trust their jerseys deals they were let Charlie go. Anyway they would have to forget they don't have the means to stop him I put another mom I'll give you now one that other moms about party mode she's gonna hit on your kid who. How do you worry about that yeah I generally don't your. He's very attractive she's very attractive and I wouldn't put it past that she's got I I'm gone after that golden ticket if you know what I mean. Worse with a Charley in General Electric. I see it. Through this is rusty says it's gotta trust him eventually he's eighteen now he's with friends you supervise it got a but eventually it pains me Matalin but every word Stephen's just said this trip you but there's a level. Of temptation and let them go oh he does fla. In August how is it different and right he's sort of zero to sixty on the sort. Did he have a social skills to pull this off. Because that's the other thing if you if he hasn't done a few frat like parties in high school always you don't overdo time. You could pot legal could be in serious trouble is. Yeah have you. He's bought alcohol poisoning your there's no if he doesn't legitimate at least sound like your good. Your point not sending a chaperone and medicine shopper if she's going to be she challenged herself didn't pay attention to see if you're. Your kids even safe and they won't let you go it's flat out it's a no no which. If you could go. I don't know I think I could feel weird my you know I guess I. Now I don't know I don't I don't think she should guys think it's weird that he's going. Mellon U jobs appears to make memories for your kids so you gotta you Odom go listening to make memories there ago. Yup. That's that's your answer yes that's Richard Allen classic a little bit. I don't know I I feel like maybe Steve's right but. This is so. It's Fort Lauderdale still crazy for me all right you all Florida's got a funny they do there's there's a text this morning and there's an influence and they're your worst now. Would you rather well. My son ending up on YouTube that you know what I mean. There's past. We want your son who loses. You're going or Al that is horrible my boys really glad he's done a good eighteen he's not like your typical jock that kind of shady things they see ya he's very young and very immature. Sounds like you embraced him correctly that she's Steven from a good point and before we get some people here to tell you what to do and we'll get some spring break stories as well I'm sure that won't either porous I view all stuck whenever there's do you. Do you know Piazza's key card still. That's my husband guy he has really do you know that's his job. I just keep dynasty right. If he doesn't if he if he's realizes he card number say don't let him go you've always wanted to raise agreeing to the army member I know how. Unlike sucks why did she Madeleine were you some advice so hey and director yeah here's the deal I. I'm inclined to say that your right and Mike you have to have. Eventually you have to let him go zero to sixty near misses it's a huge jump so I think we need this advice on one hand but we also need. People. To do bunk. Or make real the spring break stuff because I think like a lot of things like then how would he stays in Vegas and I go to Vegas I'm like. I have never had a hooker approach me right I've number 88 again I'm always slept outside a drugs yes. Why is that and a white hoods O'Reilly are also RO spring break things. It's easy sometimes over inflating could just to go down there and come back with a healthy liver and no grandkids. Or is it all true and they just if you even set foot on the steamy beach. You're automatically. Doing drugs haven't relations do when the whole race thing. Madeleine needs to know. Tanner AT. Year old who legally can probably do everyone's always another eighteen year old friend whose momma was only fifteen years older than I am a young momma chaperone our scenario seems suspect but should she be allowed to spring breaking its foreign knots header. Yeah I what do you think. I think vacation bottomed out arsenal have performed and the fact that she had people with low ball. Quote unquote grandmother. Fifteen years apart from personal and I'm fifteen you're apart from my oldest daughter and I'm completely responsible. And it always let my children matrix. Their own decision because they raise him now look. To be responsible and to make that choice to trust your team. Lake and it she is such a good mother and she. Should trust. Her parenting skills. And think that she did a good job raising her plan to make the right choice for. Even if tools like your youngest daughter who wants to go to spring break with other girls Hillary you got that confidence Heather to let her go lady she's responsible with the people around her maybe not as a responsible you. Really. Maybe my kids are trying formed when he and and they have not a thing done things they don't think that I know about scientists say that they do expect from around it is her. The best friends weird but this other kid and keep going over to his friend house. Do you not think that he might be smoking pot wind but you grew into how to program back a few beer. You're right but so let a few Beers is a completely different saying and you seem to do the things you just put old daughter. What I keep going back to Mexico he's I've done my spring break to Mexico. And it if it's anything like dental Fort Lauderdale just walk around some blows the whistle and you just gotta tilt your head back any port tequila in your mouth and tell you get and it's just gotten I mean. You gotta have a certain tolerance and savvy and a swagger. Or else you're gonna get run over you are I blues tied huge by girls by everything. Oldenburg harmony with the Alabama combat conversation. And shoot and eight do you think that you can make these decisions. Here in the situation. If you can't deny you not go and if you think you can handle her burn. No one how fun but I need my Neeson. Look at when she went to Florida and six for her friends and now so I don't know many great decision. 000. Team down now ready legs I don't know that I like when my kids are sixteen no way you think you could call though. I just moves sort lot of bridge core chaperone and nobody might descend a priest was dumb or it's all played I. I I don't think the priest would LeBron right he's just sending tanks or whether Jennifer. Yeah yes yeah I mean I. The guy. You know what I needed absolutely she should not let him go however what she should do instead is scrapped that crappy vacation to the Grand Canyon she. And do something more exciting Canada Mexico or something else. There you go there you go country that let him cut his teeth a little bit with mom and dad didn't mom and dad are gonna take him to a foam party you have these things you don't wanna go to Lowe's home party though he's he's you I don't want to senate floor of that shot. Yeah so the hey good yeah it's. Didn't leap in regard somewhere cool that he didn't go off a little bit on his own but he'll look at it right into your buddy when them. Exactly yeah what do you have kids. Ideal but their pick an age yeah so we'll leave your head what year do you think you're gonna let him go do on vacation on their coach is. All he's gonna do something that after college. Since he's won the very least. Yeah and let him go in the last person did I hit sixteen of where your friends you gotta you let him go this this summer between high school and college they dine you they do a trip to another system you have to go do some. I mean they and that's. To find. Oh ha yeah Hope Solo the derisive we need to get this kid go to SLA no spring break skis that day killed as if she'd better aero. Better parent it's it's a better parent I am not seen in a better parent like to guide him to do make responsible decisions that's all one senate parenting. The other side is trying to in his liver for things like yeah that is appearance. Ever care about what you do you know every aspect yes. What's saddest. I'm do you like it oh well. Do your kids sort of talk are you talking about real bombs and bottom line is I think that's a part of thinks nothing need to teach. Kinda need to teach your kids to drink usually deal also didn't. I I don't wanna see you teach him how did you drugs like your tolerance and cellphone so our Alley. Yes what do you think. No absolutely not he's still in high school all you are responsible for him and when you authentic kids of spring break for the first time. And you have the whole group of party mentality hitting each other on and then you are drug and alcohol in the big girl on the mat. Not a good idea she's the mom your butt down have a one last time Stanley they. Kind of sounds like so much fun the way you described. That is not that's an experience do you have kids out. Fun and now that I worked with Ted social work and teaching. I'd say absolutely not he can have those experiences and actually hear it when you able to. No it didn't ATP by the time Diebler eighteen they're already started it's tough to like tire of drugs and alcohol Booth at this point Tony you know I know. I missed it big I eats weird idea just seems like. The moment meals and whatever is after the Maloney holes they just really should they hit the ground running and at like twelve. Yeah yeah they feel it you know that the greens aren't fully develop the men and clear in your early twentieth. It's just a recipe for that Internet there's not an adult looking out for him banging around really have to understand when people are. So not trusting your kids. Steve is or not. Abstract bell is about. The capability to make clear decision when your around drugs and alcohol and partying for the first time. And you said I don't go but yet they do the Carly in and you send it out front makes its about that star didn't egged on its site. It's not even. Done that it ranks just caught up to now mob and it's like everybody else is doing and then this is you don't see everybody. And therein. Yeah you nobody thinks. I pulled that he'd sit out nine you see on hold right now I talked a life. OK so it any pain got stranded is someone who's not why not allow the mom is no way. I indicated how they never got any of those. You that's he's he chose that friend for a reason. Yeah I am not sure that interest that's his dealer to try and smoke. Because even a bit on the AP confident and a national. Should I eat each year until I worked two jobs. Thought I'd knocked that in a sense. Right you're the ones with the keep our eyes. Student yeah. The wheelchair and since we didn't voice this I do or change your name I think we don't want you we've made in need of the ways that you might not be innocent mind. We do appreciate the perspective yeah you've been called PO. For the vote for go. Since he didn't do you think you only keep track of the most for goes out how many people listen don't go not as many yeah. As many it's actually more of the consent zone. Eli. Yeah I guess you guys did he go or not. I don't go well I. I get so when I was nineteen years old my mother like me and my friend to Cancun for. It's sort of scene and thank you you if you were only nine. Tourists see anybody is from over and biting in doing bad things right away. Exactly deny one trying to find their way back to the hotel my friends grew up on an officer issues in the fell into a bush. Load medallion and only threw you out literally tell you where mentally it's a little less studied six. They get to Billy club out a little quicker down there it's the arms but don't that was pretty much loss and you never he never repeated their behavior was seat she knows a life lesson for you to do was it. Did I mean overall when you traded do you think you should have gone. You know what I'm glad that I went but what guy wouldn't let my could get out of Oregon law enforcement now so honestly. It depicts I turned out okay do our martian. Powerful idea the arms. Especially if he's a nerd right. In actually yeah he's he's just not Steve I know we wanna crop another soul to click here you broke your hands together like Lucifer only. And we're rhetoric it's like dude who's ready that's why not right yet leave this and on the tree OK if we see and authority on the radio moral horror stories about spring break or advice from Matalin and her eighteen year old son will take it on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.