Slacker and Steve - OPP: Spy on Our Teen 4/17

Monday, April 17th

Our OPP today is from a woman whose husband wants to make a very questionable parenting decision…and it could be something that destroys their relationship with their child. Hear her OPP and tell her what you think.

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And this is an age old argument are not gonna get to the bottom of the live after your bowl signs and that's for sure you guys yeah I mean. My husband wants to start spying on our teenaged. She's been some trouble the more worried that he's starting to hang around some questionable people. My husband wants to install a tracker on his car and recording devices in the car and in his room. Audio only though not video socialist and anti says it's our job as parents won't be doing it for our son's own good. I think it's a violation of her son's privacy but my husband was raised to believe that if you don't get privacy while you're living in New York. Oh he was reasonably that you don't get privacy while living under your parents' roof. He says we can use information to make better parenting decisions in addressing actual issues rather than using big Perry guesses. Should we spy and her son be better parents. Mrs. for Mandy absolutely me and get it done what do you know right now sir look it up did admit. I find it fascinating that you think that morning. I know. As a kid I would be totally against it. Now on an adult it's my house my rules. Whom I shall have to pay its eyes wanted to clarify did you just claim you're an adult. I vaguely country at a. Yeah it's so early declaration new moon pie maybe take to do you feel it at all. I assure you that they're bad I feel like I will beat the guy who wants despise it but I also feel. You know what it. This is your fault. Was this is on me because you've said it before and I'm starting to believe it all. If if you feel the need to spy on your sixteen year old what you don't need. Sophisticated equipment my age. Recording devices you need a flux capacitor you need to go back in time there it is and and raise your kids right nicely done New Jersey by that age forget it. What are you gonna do it and correcting the course of the Titanic they're not gonna turn it yeah it's either. Although stay the course. G Smith. The way things are now these are things you can put on your kids car you can put a finger on it did just tells you they go too fast. You've sort of thing on the tells you what part of it will alert you if you can set up the GO sense. And they'll alert you if they go outside that's cents in the technology is getting better and better and better. I feel like the people who make a kind of technology wouldn't be doing it unless there was a demand for so I don't think that a lot of people are doing this. I don't think they kids. I don't think privacy is a right. And tell your. YouTube you're paying for your own right my dad always told me you're not earning our trust sore not merely you know. Our trust it's always on me to begin the drive now I can do initiated trust isn't something this is earning you can lose it's not a currency so you can you needed earnest fight I did there we're gonna give it to me. Found fame real quick if you Broussard to touch on the stand age in you have in your. House to. I am shocked that there are still children living in homes and have nests in these other. All these cameras and all that stuff we forget that they're constantly under surveillance yeah how can you forget that your house everything on the outside perimeter is on the inside it's like the CIA over that in my house is Olympic concertina why you're Antonio shot blocking can rarely of that sort of stuff in my house. My problem with this a PP is I don't know how. I can tell you much like you I think I'm a hypocrite because you're you're a total hypocrite if your parents indemnity have been mad men now you're all for good pitcher trust if you don't give me just give it to yeah I'm the type of person who believes in using as much technologies can miss so it seems like I should be on teen spy. Enact and I and I and I don't think I would spy on a lot of things I seals like with my kids. I don't hear my son's doing in his room. She C and just didn't put listening devices in his brown do you remember being sixteen year old in your room via. Yeah I don't I don't want any part of that. But I also don't want any part of what could happen if I don't address the issues there you go he can be dead she could be a father. I don't have I was putting those in order of severity of an ounce are no wonder which is worse I don't I don't. It's one thing. Not to trust somebody you don't allow when your house. Another thing we have a family member that you're supposed you're you're in charge of the care giving and raising a married in your house you can't just going get out. There in your house you gotta do something you don't trust them so here's more on that I do what we need to do. Is did people who have absolutely spied on their children on the phone. And make you a better parent we need to know the ID didn't beat did you did you did it become like an obsession we starting to like watching more than you should. Read their text messages and if you only if kids send some racy text messages part of that inter play. Link with human league. We got to flirt with notes and now it's just text messages and no one was monitoring every know you passed in class but we like parents have the same where. It EDI message goes between their son and another. I know parents that they see every single message or kids sense on their own phone. That might be too far but it also you might just needed because they did. The bad stuff that that's out there is so much worse to me that it was when we you're around. Does fit the weird pedophile style people can find you through the more. So I just just talking in circles saying no on the one and I want to trust my kids on the Internet I don't trust the rest of the world. And I won it's my job to do everything in my power to keep my kids safe this is something I can do within my power. There you go so it's a real job because jets beat a good parent. And his story all you they're here should happen when they were ten a hawk. And science and period there is but she didn't do your job as a parent and now you have to pay the price now I have to go to attacks or any time now you have to take it out in your kid because you failed as a parent now I have to turn around and punish my kids for. So we need both sites if your parents used on the spice tank. How far is too far just tracker on their currency that's a big deal cut yeah you gotta know where they are when they say no moreover she's SaaS it's like. You're at you're at such a task bar you gotta know that yet. Read their text messages may be too far putting a listening device in their room you. Putting a listening device in a car what does what does this government work room. You wanna know all they did I timed in quarters almost bridge. Oh right there is that. Now instead of being a parent and maybe have a job or career now I misspoke moments mostly focus on being a private investigator now because why because my kid. As an earned my trust I can't trust my own flesh and blood in my own house this is what I'm forced to do was apparent. I gotta fight I'm just doing this from what I just like technology of the world here that kid has access to everything I do too. And more so I gotta keep up I got I. I gotta be arm bite your right now I just don't know how far it should go I think he I I'm good I'm kind of in between I think mom is right. Legs we don't have to do all this data is right. You're a bad parent if you don't do anything if you just go our. And we knew Scott. Now you've fifteen got to bring it up there and did. There may eat eat their no no that's your there's there's giving him rope to develop and then there's the age. Giving him rope to jump off a cliff in a suicide mission I think. I think doing nothing is is. Not right beats you and every place that child goes down there under surveillance walking on the street going to drilling everywhere so why kill what's wrong with coming under surveillance in the home. That's why in their car and jump idea. They wanna know Manny wants to know should they spied his dad wants to go all in with recording devices she wants to do pretty much nothing. What do you Don and give us the pros and cons of spying on your teenager by holly with the way I spider knows fire you enjoy it. Your original you have to. Spot I think they're not to get paired with I have a seventeen year old and I didn't hit it very clear from the beginning. I paper or Internet happier now it's deeper your oh. Delegate I'd still like you're doing something wrong. I'm gonna go through it so she knows that any calling my name can I get to go through it if I need it when I mean all you black and do you pick up. Well. When I go through it I'm not hiding from him and there's no kids are fat. He then helped me because I was about outcomes are buried. Were you laid the ground rules here you can abide by them or not it's up to you. Right right so it's crazy then when you I aren't your kids because that they actually I think you block stare try. And now that which you as opposed to Egypt like that being a parent at outside hatred at there's yes I would say is. It's not wanting if you tell him it's happening and it's for. It's heat it's not like. I dipped a distinction because in my house. We have like to nest cams all over the place. There obvious they're not right hidden as a clock radio and we know it's easy you know you're on camera you're in my house you know this is yes but as soon as your shopping a microphone. Behind their pillow in their room to unbeknownst to them. That's a. I'm proud to be honest he's not ideal but you know I don't really want to know about seventeen year old doesn't has her own what I can tell you what he's doing newsroom and you wanna hear it. It looks. Eddie you have to try and I'm gonna get him to bury it and the private detective how they grow up and learn that kill which you have to make right choices aren't. If your kids chill behavior did stuff to not earn your trust. What you're supposed to do now I gotta I gotta person living in my house full time that they don't trust me I don't trust them site prison rules. I hit it fat camps so we are handled relevant here and it's humid air got to follow along or your limited take the consequences are not policy. Yeah yeah yeah did you think gender matters. At no absolutely not spy and spy urgently to monitor. The gender or bad. No I think this thing might have both inside and a daughter and honestly at eight. It'd be like I like expansion taking into it I don't wanna be I doubt I would be lifted it I was somewhere. Where somebody would. They're a camera on me and I'm unaware at best what do you do in my home or not. Another notch I don't want to get a I don't know maybe you could call it the thing is is like. Do you I I would think she did you have a reasonable expectation of privacy. In your own room and got this you shouldn't have the air monitors in some grown so you like it when you're driving in the car somewhere I don't most you can expect privacy like you said when you. Did out of your car TT and there's a camera did much. But senior Lina tried this year room I think you've gone too far because they have to have privacy so somewhere and where is the one little place they can always I see they need like. A safe place right now I see us Stephanie. Yeah. I'm well I'm actually younger and I thought my parents they sell publicly per adult and everything. And I think it's bad guys they eat you know maybe play a tracker on their phone or even their car because. I'm actually painful four and a lot of Bradford started a little out. I don't think people Rick because of our order breakdown somewhere where it happened to me I only time my belt but in the IP. I don't hold let me they got caught it tracking happened they she'd like each year we can go get there we can go halt our. That is cool price creepy Big Brother but it's cool you but it okay doing it's your kid that's an is that right or wrong though. Up until what age see that's the thing there's that easy does it or until they move out of your house which could win next time I should since it's so it's like I know my three year old daughter is and I don't know win you the you might as an as an eighteen year old you've got your brain around in your thankful which is cool. Yeah I am extremely painful for an I'm I mean I don't know how. And multiply it by me I need to think so hopefully eventually they'll dot I can tell you what I know why I now I am thankful for I'm. And you thought clean underwear so I kind of a little like over a bit overrated. Like burying because. My bats regular come over all the time and I'll be on its own had to bring up stuff that might. I really didn't let me op that my parents do you know I don't really mark my parents let me pick you haven't. SA RS yes this this isn't safe place isn't in your home they knew it's gonna be somewhere else in your parents wouldn't like that okay now we're getting into something that I want you you want a safe place to be under your rebels not yet give them a cone of silence somewhere in the house thank you Stephanie for the call. Shannon. Mary and I knew you sign on a sixteen year old star race. I don't fourteen and sixteen year old boy used to and and so we have cameras and how Serb. Work meant conspire remember that paved. And sixteen year old been part to making your girlfriend Marla Howell who. Kind of thing so you know I don't think that bishop park. Audio things in their bedroom couldn't undermanned ten of their sacred. Spot. To you you have to be apparent. So what and so. These cameras weren't hidden cameras Shannen they were they were in plain sight. Now my camera there and playing OK Aaron we got them because they took a trip to your development sixteen. Year old home she and not being our labor chief. You know they've made getting on myself on that there's an activity year. You know somebody blocked by an air wherever and I'm not home and they hadn't popped up sure the bucket out the front door and I you've got to be kidding me. Pray you saw the girlfriend want to rate. It. Come to stay together new easily. It's been a learning lesson you know it's kind of one of those things are you gonna attack on a phone until. I'm able to see you very that are playing Bernanke. You know staying an editor friend's house and I'm just happened to pop on and he's out at 3 o'clock in the morning I accidentally what are you doing you know. Mean very go very. Wow yes so you recommended tough. I do I do I and I recommend million under the tactical way to do it based on the other independent but I. One tempers for some believe you need to be a parent and recommend. Missiles into its working on your sung disease you know certain to tow the line he's becoming a better show this inherently isn't here. They didn't think you know cause sanity you're busy you restarted the insertion and say any of those things that you liked so would you congressman now right. Now she's in now we used like you're making your point in. Retro with replied don't do. Yeah I think I woody thanks. Pay so are actually lower the children who would be spied on by my parents little bit AW dot apple I eaten everything. Where my parents would do it is HK. Listen we already have access to our everything so we can download it and look at it or you can show us not the way I would build trust. All what a seed. And then we just show them everything or would you not. Odd. Not everything here the total I'll just tell you the way it would work you'd like it's something where they could look party years and I don't want them to know about. I went out to login to their apple information you know I don't the password even though they didn't know and I would build information straight from outlook. If so basically dumped him when you sound of the your parents respond on yet you became better and counter espionage and did she seemed immune to gradually turn das yeah. So there is however no guarantee. Yeah Juan. So then what are you sync is this spying work did it did it least deter you sometimes. Now it's it's maybe better at hiding it truthfully I I would have you know you're gonna tip they're gonna do what they're gonna Peter who buys. Just a matter of making sure they do it safely you know like I would have what I order rather out of it you know my dad said you're gonna be a party. Tony. And then if you do not stop all compete yup all make sure your state. They're gonna be written in your leaking out on top. Or do you think you would actually call them to you right right there and yell you anyway. Well I'd better than it personally thought Barrett and driving or anything like battery you know Abby do a place where not to east. While some don't complete Sami works for the Klan just signs services of the government now because you get so good but you're anonymous hacker group that as hey yeah notices don't get the and then you really gone down that's a good point is makes your kid get better and then you that's a vote against teams Steve's which is pro spike. And. Yeah I really. How well unchanged. That issue are going to do paramedic be trying to kid you need to open yourself to be led on by your kids do well who lead and teach them how. To interact with people teach them how to DURECT. You're just saying give them your passwords and you take theirs and it's like to each their own. Oh coach someone. You know maybe yes spring and autumn but it's a hey you know we put this jerking your car Eleanor mine I'm gonna see what you're doing you do you mind if you are under when I did not. And you're right there's been no trusted. Anyway in this whole tire fairly it has always just yet I'm putting myself I kind of liked the idea at all oh Zeta bosses who were like yes I get down to clean a toilet if there are willing to like to at least get their roll the sleeves up and get dirty with me that's true is this is that in parenting son's courage. I'm tracking you but. You drag me don't even Stephen yeah even though I'm the parent well since and you don't deserve to know which certain call on that a that's an inch. They are all open up your cell death that they even called Jim appreciate it pomp. I did we get anywhere because you just go spy on. You know it's like this by the story gets more cameras apparently thought he still wanna go pro spy knows I would love to hear more from you on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.