Slacker and Steve - OPP: Step-Mom’s Wedding Day Say 9/9

Friday, September 9th

Vanessa's big day is around the corner, but there is one thing standing in the way of her dream wedding...her step-mom, who is trying to make all of the executive decisions, even though she is not contributing financially to the wedding. How can Vanessa get her step-mom to stop playing the role of wedding planner? 

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Steve I asked so we're gonna plan a wedding did anybody. And so he's getting married. On the haven't some problems within and maybe we can all help out in a wedding will drama no way. A short series and I'm Vanessa. Yeah yeah they tell us what's Conan. Hi I think helped me kick in granite regulations. Aren't that with. Thanks yeah. And that here's my issue my step mom had been trying to like be a part of the process. Actually been like it's the most negative energy. Like everybody I come up with you like on I've terabyte and you like at cards and other Keitel are blank. I'm sorry I think it's just so not her place and that I'm really kind of let it narcotic like. Deal with the issue with my dad impressions about her being more involved and you. Talking how many for the wedding Blake and carried only a patron even you want to have a bank like come on. Oh while I was going to ask you I mean she's paying for the of their your your your your your your data and you're set Moammar paying anything nothing. I see you cannot. Let's. Yeah. Okay you can suggest she has no say ago. Men know pay no no okay no sense that this is an actual wedding so. Does our customers and how how long is she doing yourself month. I mean like forever. Lincoln did she raise your earphones kind of breaking up on us so quickly she she helped raise dew likes. Yeah I got you've been linked them on and I would like. A little cat. Okay as some basic issues are among the eat eat quiche do you consider her your mom. I mean. Dad thinks you can stab somebody actually has been around most of my life I guess than a blank. You guests. On us that she's your mom she raised either. This hung up on his you're basically saying. If she gives you money than she can give you directions so legitimately. This is just about. I'm just. Keeping a song that ever and like I wouldn't have a problem with her opinion it would actually like tripping something. You guys might have a dollar and you know what are you what are you giving her what have you done for her lately lake C race Q with a good he would like it is a little bit. It's my wedding. In I mean like I can't. NASA now. If she thinks she's your mom if she's treated you like. She nor her daughter her do you like I get its door wedding did you get did she as a mom has dreamed of helping. To plant her daughters when I know you're not her biological daughter did it but still she's her dad sees the other side he's saying. She. She wants to feel included in the process and your shutting around so maybe that negativity he's coming from way and she's trying to show overweight and keep children away yeah. Yeah good point you get. I mean you haven't played it you're being you know despite. Not about every saying that would be different but he's saying like all the media interstate Ed and kind of lie and hurt herself in a way that's not helpful and it's my wedding so I'm international cocktail I don't care but that's not everybody's favorite. Sued lake. It's just it's like we keep hiding my everything's like Muhammad what did you notice to include her because she happened to be you know I mean. Yes. You know they sort of us. I hate to say hit by the tibia bone thrown to mama but a little bit and he just my my first wedding like my my mother in law. Didn't contribute to dime. She'd oh she dictated what was your home because my first place like she was tied with her mom and her mom was like I think you should do table runners and this color and it was like. Wool. Are you painter cameras like nobody's like cheap night. Chi it's a right she dreamt of planning a wedding with her daughter that's where you have the means to pay for their wedding earn it's a mother's right kind of thing that it's an unspoken sort of this. So her out. Like you why you okay. Only got I can't decide if you're right or you're a beat OK so what can I drive I. Vanessa I like I don't it is your wedding in all women say that same sense and it's. We can fight against citizen but it okay you're right it's your wedding but you have to also consider Kim at some point you're gonna have a daughter if she shut you out this way even this. You're not biologically connected this would hurt you so. I don't know how to. Sleep but it could bring all of her idea I'd like if you like it's pretty correct and that that there and stay like I I I heard by the fact that seems. Now let me be a bad. You're right she and is it to be mean about it she can be more constructive and make this fun exposed to be on an. I guess stress free but I don't see that that's not yeah how it's working I don't know how you can. Look fat I don't like I keep tightening I think keeping their got a final italics. Like. It's my wedding and so my opinion trumps all ansari who is and I have to be so across that and. Yeah okay we're gonna try to decent once you hang on you know we'll try to heal and help here is she's a little bit little princess little bit. It's her wedding visits per day so she gets ultimately puts you right dude can why can't she just the or through mum does this step ma his stamp art make it weird. You went when she says that do Brees hurt or dead mom and that's your arm that is she's she's a caller yeah. Oh yeah. What's up with all right so what can you help but NASA hopes her mom be more concerned which was China. This plan a wedding and because she's not pain she doesn't feel like she's. No pay no weighing what you said yeah no pay but it's still your mum and see what your mom and your mom has dreamed a bad day as well right so help but NASA planned her wedding whiz. Or without her step mom. Jamie. You are not easy. I completely agree with chairman John sing I think that. I'm her step out there could have already at her wedding in her time to have it all about her but this is. This woman's special day and I think her. Ideas should trump everything and that's heard all day and she just went back. All Wallace is Jesus tell my first step mom. Dell woman do you do you really feel them when they don't do you are you married Jamie. Yes I am ice saves turnaround weddings or that way all of this week it could be mine. I didn't attack and I get that I really like your idea but at this hour and planning for my entire life and that's how I yet I appreciated by. You know that's my day and that would beat the titans I'm gonna make. I mean unity shirt is you by paying for yourself. Yet final and I'm just saying Janie I know it's your day but it's also a day where your family. It is sending you lost to start your own life shouldn't. Shouldn't they albeit part of this celebration and end of the planets like this is how I see my daughter. Going off to be with the man she's gonna do it forever. I teach your what you are saying on this you don't syrupy words you don't. I. You know it did more Arab. I hate to kind of just lay out this. What I see I let my Monty Oprah like it's its search it is like hearing ethylene for her hair out but like that. It's big Intel are really important to me like I just like that the R&D and there were areas that I let I'm her input as well as well. Table runner senator. Guess you could Celtics given the guy the choice between a DJ in advance Zach did you know or just needed ditches you are defined Andrew. Don't expect. But I totally support this woman I think that the church date may be ticked off about a little bit but I totally support them that this heard they and that church always did that it. The race last they've given causing me. Six. Sorry yeah yeah it's the old sorry just rule I don't know all most. You guys who do you think. I think definitely her battle. Tank what does that mean. That means it is something he killed adamantly passionate about definitely stick to her gun and blow it. Don't make every single deficient right. Visited disaffected this woman should step mom does that factor into used to it for you at all. I and now this woman who's been around for her whole life. Then you know that part of as a mother of daughters. I you know I am looking forward to the day I can help them plan their wedding play. You know like kind of scary if she actually want to Wear line green and purple. Obi. Okay and in my next question is does that factor in the she's not paying him. That does factor in a bit especially something like oh we need to have been argued on the intern wherever now. He's got a new us research suggesting high dollar things absolutely you guys are flying in flowers from class absolutely happens is still relevant you do if you don't mind. The guy had long stemmed cal lilies why me. What she's just going to do these girls. Steve. I can tell. People. Flying in Florida. Here's suggests the count it's what you do it yeah yes. I had some real cal lilies and I know and while they tell lilies of people can take for the centerpieces and I don't know it was not the united it was a things they did those suits you if you lose this situation. For sure that I think about how much money as an on cal lilies. There are all dead now brought peace. There are just brutal where as I'm driving my piece of crap ponds around. Acting for us to this wedding venue and as we're planning and might like to buy a new car for the -- eighth US and. My mom spent 700 dollars on Eminem or like your wedding. The AT&T say we're relaxing UT that's actually cool that's going to do probably put her don't. Always yes see now that's a good spend a message that's. Just skip the test just Eminem's could we talk oh are you ask you articulate colorless and so the bottom line is yeah I'd but don't run the ball do little doughnut and hundreds of TNT. Courtney. Kyra ask. In a hurry and I are good reasons. I have being about a similar experience I think she included hurt that mom in that area congregation at church. That it's her day you want how to hurt special memory everything like fat gene understanding out and not she found her entity the part about them. You is any woman listening right now that isn't on this side he's such as sync to needy this step mom he's so negative because she's she's fighting for position. I. I think you probably and I'm I am married I had my mom grandmother aunt on making this damn hot who's fighting to be part of the day and some cheaper form and I think that. She probably just wants to have her own little niche got to be in charge that something you want help her. Something special and belt I think I need to be aware of pat but that impact your pilot had amen well. She used to by the guest book saying right that you give her that I have a nice shadow blocks yeah you can understand. The truth yeah. Then either you are urged her to learn something that he can be anti death and she can help outlet but. Paris that mom I'll need to be aware that. Please don't be on the front of cleanup crew if your journey to recruit people perfect that they even called Courtney I mean there's so she's just there's originally you said thrower Boehner is not a real time. Ask just. For busy work Jerry Jones keeper of the socks she's strong and now. I think this is your mom okay demo. Of what this gumbo I know what you're doing now. Yeah yeah I what do you think. Make much and I didn't sure they don't think parents are at issue. Oh biologic. Coleman till we didn't really ask for an little. Gleaming reading between the lines it seems like she never mentioned her running her initial letter to us or in our conversations I feel like bio mom is either. Passed on not more so completely removed from her life this is not even probably abandon an urban where you're so he's well. And that which you can actually you know a little bit different but what about the other I have to have a daughter who are stepmother. Unfortunately it's hurtful as they can be we don't get that you really cute technician and sexual or why they you know if it's something that they made it Cilic and well armed. Hurt her mom doesn't really get to claim a milestone that's not true such as Parker fun. Biological mother and you know it sounds like they're a lot of history there. You know it really commit depends on the relationship. You know unfortunately. You know you you don't get to dictate. Couldn't you and your whole life raising somebody and you feel like this she's your daughter what a slap in the face to have her just. How Herbert sure how to loosely. I won't disagree you without effecting it effects you feel like that's her daughter. But let it get there and write and ask that she like that skirting my daughter. And each week plus our first step workers though you are the only people that are the way to keep the old about curt could be completely and now unfortunately. You know that's not something they each hit dictate the relations and you don't if you you don't get change your position and not all thank you if something happens naturally. Susan I know your place as a pass Syrian earlier. Surely not it's not then it can be extremely hurtful you can pitcher out that they you can do everything in the world. But the fact of the matter is let me let me take steps you are a mother you know the fact of the matter is that you don't get to just say here. Who had a mom with an asterisk you you don't like the lowest it's just more yeah. It sucks that's. Yeah I don't think the original wedding coordinator nick I'll be ignorance is Bo won this whole thing. Lawrence. I'm not these things. Yeah now I actually really common problem might elect most when he. Curtain call she should you get that angry that her heart beat it out at screw up. Tara and that they all nano lighting up now. He sings in think clean up crew now and she's. Got no problem. Aaron white hat how eat Eric's speech I earned it or purple apparently. Oral about national hot counteract its ease. Herb looking to hire a little EU nation I direct action nor money. Current topics need to look it different cops don't eat it or not that earn election but not make it it didn't for. Nicely done messed up better all of us still displace regular season the hell it's OK do your prison work. This trial Barack sobered there and then murdered back over to where was the day your caller I imagine it is a very. Very common thanks Tom well I EI NGU what I mostly Florida nine. Is I've really had the impression so many Vanessa was like kind of spoiled being. And all of woman kind as -- got now ya know Regis. Exactly studious Mozilla it trumps all apparently your your telling the one who raised you to go to canyon is invalid seven hole yes I if you like to be on either side it is just look up to be slacker and Steve FaceBook page and leave your comments there.