Slacker and Steve - OPP: Stole to Survive 6/21

Wednesday, June 21st

Candy lost her job and her family is going through a super rough time. Her husband tells her that he’s been picking up some extra shifts at work. Candy found out that he has been stealing from work and the guilt is eating her alive. She realizes that if he wasn’t stealing they wouldn’t have food on the table, clothes on their back or a roof over their heads. Should she confront her husband? Or keep quiet about it?


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Stay on day. My guess where delving in white people I just hope he's he's gonna have to do with morality now because those were wrong guy wrong guy. Isaiah DB zero audience but I'll see I doubt the moral compass doesn't exist in this if anything neither of us are even. But can he has asked us a moral question and we she's actually gonna come on the air this. Jamie we know that's your real name and you are disguised comes when you tell us what's going on. Not a. For guys aren't that have been the only way you are neat and I can't create I can't eat basically can't. Are there only beaten real dire street trying now we I mean we can not even make our mortgage can pinch. You don't have food on the table mean it arbitrage. Picture basically eating break. You'll prove true because that's all we can look forward now I lost my job are about to meet the goal. And arm are achieved to find out. That my husband. In order to help make ends meet Auburn QB from his shop. Pulled him. And and he doesn't even know honesty normally but in order to keep food on the cable. Even doing that we've got a couple times and arm. Is he stealing money stealing something that he sells is he stealing food what do you stealing. He really money cash. And he's done in pink are you know she told me you aren't picking up few Patricia got the job. I'm just Mickey do virtual ball where I actually to try out their future actually healing from the trouble and dolls. I checked confirmed tipped off armed people to create jobs. But at the scene trying I think you know I have beer of the deal. When you you're you're thinking of turning him in his boss. Turning your husband. What I mean. I think that would have been ordered you to return money from Kabul we all know how great it is Monday with. You are still I don't it's a Smart is not a word was for you do understand that if you do you mean you kind of sad day but I just want ribera site. You don't have a job right now in if you turn him in them. You if you think your dire straits right now you're in lakes and I'm not condone doing what he's doing. I think you got to convince him to stop probably. That's for sure who I am guilty we're approaching him about it because he might get a threat. And Egypt we put the picture and fairly you do the best teacher here and but I can't deal with good skilled actually eat actually increase it's all my mind controversy. Because you are not those people. You were forced to kind of in the situation do what you have to do now you have to become those people like edit the. I have never thought I would be that way growing up you know we've built a quality education people work really hard issues. I don't know how we ended up this situation. Com. So what are you you're options right now we've removes tell on him. From one of your options I mean if somebody thinks that's an option we can talk to them I. So what are your other options confronts him and pass and ask him to stop and then. Start setting aside money to pay it back to you can't there's no way to pay you stolen money back without admitting you stole. You me our way and don't even Arabic but I it's either way mutual badly that it can't even carpet we don't getting the job. Give I don't see he's doing it yeah I respect him burned. I did in respects a strong word is he's doing you got it in the end regardless of the law. You gotta do what you gotta do for your family and keeping them alive like getting food the basics I get it it doesn't trump the fact does it make what he did two nights yes. It doesn't condone what he did how do you know I know it's eating you up inside what is your relationship. With him likes do you. Do you respect what he's doing or do you find it repulsive like where where's your head that as it relates to your husband. My heart in creation for him because. If you need to work every chance to keep our our group you know what. Got a bit of hope. They contribute should've buried. Not a great food put food on the table from our break through him and I know why he's doing that but they chant indoors I can't continue to do. Right eats I don't know how to fix this when this is awful it is to you both your good people and just trying to do easier good person you. Now concede the ND when you sucker you would do the same thing you would secure your family. No it's still illegal you're not saying well I needed to live my failing would die so wouldn't it shouldn't be illegal I would say this I I think you're right. I think it's if there were a bullet is there a conscious my ambition and I mean what with what we're you guys already really there you don't seem to do exhausted your other enough. Yeah so they weren't. Yeah there's nobody you can turn to remind me why don't we not rich it's really not bridge. There are making. There were no government assistance I'm just saying and it just seemed exhausted all it feels like it's such an easy thing to do need to say like I had to. But I mean did you really. We have to do. I am much did it I. Oh man who food and and government troops get huge future in pro group. So then you haven't done at all so. That's what I'm saying and it also leaves a bad do all. We still quite understand he's too proud to Dan Wheldon Tim which is more important to writers the loss regularly out there it's it's one of those you know. I I agree with you Steve I would do everything and I might Dewey as early as this guy did. To avoid looking but it's still after you've exhausted I all feel like I would want to do I begin in plasma I'd be. Like stay within the law as good as I as long as I reasonably could I would I mean. Do you guys have cable I mean if you cut all the corners he can you don't have bureau OK I'm just. Trust me this truly mortgage payments and we don't eat out anymore I mean literally wherever we bring our I try to stretch it to them are sent them are. All right I mean aerial every night if we have to. It's a husband providing for his family. And he had to go outside the law did do it candy hang on hang on we're gonna Jason advice I I don't I fueled and T yeah. On the one hand. I don't. You always praise criminals you're always act but. If I can't pretty similar she's been and he's doing what he has to deal. But still you celebrate as a matter why you're doing that you're still break in the law was breaking into your house and stealing beer do you see match there because it's not hurting you directly it's like always is still in from some retail place who are they should afford it Sunni sectarian in de factor it is bright I don't. Well we're gonna around. We're gonna need your nicest nicely to ask you super well she certainly let's say you found out it was your wife that was doing this like you know you really behind your back. You would respect you go where ridge top. I would I would've wanted her to ask me before she resorted to that OK but I seem Kearney was missing she's right. I I it's cool what you're trying to do but I. This you're making decision which if he gets caught she can go to jail. And Detroit bound to they're like complete southeast. I don't or if your wife told you know your accomplice. Sort of the she didn't tell you minutes just the this is always key it's all it is so candy needs to know what to do now that she knows her husband is stealing just so they can have food on the table. Turning him in doesn't seem like the right thing but what is the right kind areas. You knew urge you know. Yeah I at a time. All of my bank I have cubic about riot the first line would be if I got my mom is actually an internal lock prevention skirt fouls and knowing that and I hit and what can have detective work both in chill. But being somebody that dealing from a corporation and he's going to get caught eventually hands. The financial burden anger and now it's going to multiply it times a million once he gets arrested linking these it's his job and he has only got. Background on these you know I have batting around it that. At this you're only incumbent and has as a single mother myself I lost my fiance actually when I was pregnant and I never had to worry about the I can't fit into I had my final and I'd have to swallow my credit thank you. Except government at that and I get quick I get. You know you don't churches that bringing you whatever I have to do in order to take care my friend who had that they are. But I'm not going he'll re going to yell and him look cool or a losing everything. Do you look down on the husband for what he's doing then are you can't understand her. I'm I do understand but I. I know all look what the legal situation that idea because at my mother's background and it's you know I licked into you heard talk about Kate says. You know constantly out. I get kind of feeling and you know last year terrific feeling edgy about it and I creek. And it broke my heart. Mom had to beat either get a guy like she ask you minute to get I you know it. Food and what apple not current aliens. There's just and I don't law that doesn't. Matter it doesn't you know doesn't I don't hear the reasons why don't matter our our resource. And you know what I thought Gil and I can't get over we keep saying you know we respect this guy does he do anything. To right and he's helped us kids but to our troops won't do anything. What I won't do is swallow his pride. He's always right. As well if I had and not Christians all night and Sheldon you know like what are they gonna do when doesn't yolks. It will be a felony it's not like it it's going to be taken lightly. You'll get at least where I but the rest of the right you have just like your food out of prison Tierney they usually are exam you know we really do appreciate it. Page. Yeah I. We're using it. On the whole I can't seem to that seen you so you will get on permanent government at that and I understand. On that she may not. Want her husband now we can do that actual person that's in the negate your kid country first. I honestly don't know what I would do in the situation but there's a lot of the programs out there and you are look at our mothers. Get them on Wednesday that it that they can have fruit and veggie and that's just scary at all. You. Friday but denies she has to do behind your husband's back then cut they're both doing things behind each other's backs is try to save the family they need to have a good big come to Jesus and go so I know what you're doing in the me tell you what I'm about to do you I'm putting this on stage. The NASA team. He'll links and got behind her back where and she put them on government as well at least they had. And healthy kids to get Becky doesn't have a serials are. He speech thank you for the call. I know it's. Yeah yeah I what do you think's. I think stealing from the till I have to wait here risky I mean if you will do that job yeah tournament and a BA in so much worse. Position I didn't think too like why wouldn't more shameful stealing borer. Food stamps. He's just permission to get through spam that's what. Kind of kicked in around right now that night. Yeah you know she said they've tried everything but then when she said she's too pride sold to give food stamp cent tells me. You you haven't even begun to scratch the surface is trying. Glee like she ran. You did they give you what can be big. But cardinal one even knows what it is he going to Kirsch is our new you got to pay like any other form of. It really is is an anomaly used to be were they this likable or Clinton actual stamps and nights you determine on certain sayings you couldn't. They like checked your bay hill and it's like you couldn't buy cigarettes within or whatever it's like. It's a completely different I see more and more tags on food in store saying we accept. That he needs year round it was in his wild and so what would you do if you're in her positioning you can think you know be your husband doesn't know you know you you've got to confront him that's first and foremost right. Asked I would definitely call Mallon to come here April it's difficult yet important which you risky and I would go to. And you would go get the chance I would go to the food banks that don't require you to show like income documentation. Oh Nokia and I swing on it and do you go to a food bank I will puncture you can fit beautiful in these hits home but you know you just like Todd immediate sometimes in short supply is that a little soy yo diet book you brought us food banks is look out for Stephen is Audi asked 56. That you for the call viola it. Kress. Yeah 98 when you think. Are good men and I think it's just a lack of responsibility are not on someone's parked there may and it. If if they're mentioning mortgage payment symington had been an ongoing thing Mitch nod. Not not something that just suddenly happened like he did yesterday you know etched. What she did lose her job a few months ago and you know what I just read some recently that. Like the bulk of Americans don't even have two months of savings so if you lose your job. Two months from now you're already missed a mortgage payments and I was only the next one you thanks. So etched it did so then he she's they're durable irresponsible. We can be mad at home we can point fingers and go you did it wrong whenever I know there's a couple kids say we're gonna be. Starving not getting ready Tricia what we can do about that. As yeah I'd be impeached. That that is where you that government assistant comes and I mean that in what these programs are or are sort situations exactly like nets. And that did that that that's what they're for they're united that we see so much about abuse of the system and everything inch to be honest we Humana based. He did they hit Stanley either so yeah they they they they should know. And apply for the administration to have everything is like against. Just doesn't feel or else I looked out parliament and then released forget and. She feels like she's doing right by stretch in serial over days with sync with what nutritional value were these kids get not a cereal in let me ask you some real right guys is it more like a general man Lee. To steal to provide that is too. Bad idea there yes I think you unless you are always ask why you're gonna tell us I'm in a mayor and I'm now. Conquering you know you decides it's time to get it legally do bad as you'd you know how much the main unit be imprisoned. Apply for help yes. Needs exactly may well well what's gonna happen when he gets caught on camera taken their money. Did you know they're gonna tell him you are nobody even the first loser doesn't crime over and over on your gonna get a Condo they even call press. Bottom line teeny if you're still listening homicide give me stop you stop and get help for your re go and we will be sending you stuff from our FaceBook page candy so you listening. Any of you wanna give them jobs or different food banks they can visit. 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