Slacker and Steve - OPP: Straight at Work 7/12

Wednesday, July 12th

Kate has a girlfriend who hasn’t come out at work yet. Kate’s girlfriend’s supervisor keeps setting her up on a ton of dates and she thinks it getting her ahead in her career. Kate has had’s starting to affect their relationship and she wants the truth to come out. What do you think Kate’s girlfriend should do?


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And so we're dealing with buying and deceased send things of that nature today with other people's problems you know work place to him unfortunately we have Steve on the show who's the demo is pretty much always the bride alive it is due works in every situation maybe not every situation will look missile Katie. Yeah I we appreciate you coming on the show arm minnows Canada very difficult subject matter but what what when you tell us all what's going on. Not irons so I'm in our relationship I let my girlfriend and I touched. My my talent and thank my agent girlfriend has not cannot at work. And you know okay that's that's normally starting skirmish but I heard it supervised very out where it is to train for her athletic men. And my girlfriend thinks that by going along with fed and the reality is now our next day it'll help her in her career. I'd chino near record where Ernie inner relationships you know like it's apes kicking away in time that he has yet they're taking out. Time now it will weaken going to be we she's so we know is. She's going and then they could mean then because she think that'll help her work. Mom. What there's a lot of inappropriate things happening here in lake. Why is her boss what what is this super why why what. Let's start there let's start right there won't since what is the supervisor Keira she's dating somebody that's weird isn't it. I don't know I mean I'm kind of collect them like only curry being like planet in you know solid my friend and a big sky like community it's normally work track Bellic and if you can't do that right they're going to fire reach any additional. Out with multiple that. Not gonna go anywhere because you know she and who are into lady in fact even been a. Com I feel sorry for the dudes. Tell us hey I don't view every group they weren't asking Dick does almost. I guess my next question is he he is it helping. Easier I think she's gone on these dates is she getting promoted issue getting more salary is it is there any evidence that it's. Helping her inner job at all. No hard evidence but I think that she'd Jack still want to urgent reminder to like her and it. Now later baking and Michigan's ferry building up in the company from the Arabic. I mean she shouldn't like her or not because the people that Sheen being in the kind of appreciate it. Kate did she know. She's certainly doing all these things and maintain view and say hey here's what's going on or she come to you and said. Hey this is what I think I'm I'm thinking about doing a cool place are going out on dates would do nothings gonna happen but it's gonna better my career. I mean it was trying to make the boat she came homage it when David Souter break a low. You know mine it in the right varying kind of set me up for this guy and I Kenny act than me I can get all. You know they help me in my career and until that's an I I was like well why do anything Catholic government I mean we should talk about me and don't you clearly not a diet and illegal weed has kind of going. I'm not only be you know and you cannot do it can't hurt me but it did kind of hurting our relationship right now. Arms so what with a follow B. If she went to work sat down with the supervisor and said hey. I think that's why would be tremendous I tell you I'm gonna jump into your side and Bryant Goliath but now you've. You've gone on these dates. To save your a lesbian now now is like she's who do you why do you ask didn't you tell me that from the beginning now like I'm setting up some of my good guys friends with you. And you had no intention she I mean she's she's rested and pretend. I just decided. I won't be easy so be a lesbian now right is that for appearances sake. I was you I mean you get decade we don't you think this is bad. Natalie grant. On the creates more work you know pretending that she is not all day. Yes riding in just a well. She hasn't come out to anybody at work that's her thing that's her sacred thing right she'd know what else. Art are you out with everyone's take mean you're on the rim announced you announced. Yeah I need I am I know it everyone I expect her you know now we need to know where yet felt like. You know sheik into the company for a long time then you know he had any other for a long time like what my doctor friends like each you know and then yeah I mean they are these. You she's gonna had to take me public you you can't force. Someone to come out. Right there are ice you aren't I think. I do know that they know that the pro workstations need to get in her own time at all which I don't think they plan B can be tired you think I'm Derek told. I mean really even I'm I'm trying to think fairly huge. And Harry helped herd are encouraged her to turn now. Or somehow. You. Cannot connect an Iowa more questions this is so insensitive Cade and you can just shut me down if you want this is going to be so an ignorant question but. Now that she's going on dates and spending a lot of time with the guys. There's no you're not worried that she's in his buddy get familiar and like. Okay that's a mean ignorant here but there's no chance that she can ever be bisexual like. Want to you're not worried yeah you know worried about that or are you. I don't think I don't think doesn't get that question and. They didn't know I'm I'm not aware and it's pretty Oka I anti Arab believing her and lesbian launch a new class yes thanks and good will will sling round. I don't know then says. See I mean one of the. Things this she can do is just tell the boss or supervisor whatever and in a relationship now. But I mean that's that's not a nice place she got could've done it it's it's because at some point she's gonna come out as. A lesbian and an all this other stuff Baja. Com what are hang on for a skate at we're gonna try to he's not this is I apologize to my insensitive way ignorance and a question we he's. Ride the line and it's it's it's affecting the relationship so ride delight doesn't work so it's a must run the lies she would she's got to give up key and continue to lie is. To job break. Why. Come clean plate though these are all the things the I eat and started to inappropriate nests of your supervisor said he wanted to and if there's anybody who's going through that doesn't. Sanity weird those that it's like our Bosco and Steve as you know what are my neighbors is in sync with would you be here without you without its. We if we are boss had like hung out a lot there was a personal relationship are appreciated Mike hey I found someone does every every tries to set me up anyway. But if it's happening in the workplace it's weird yeah I if you don't hang out socially with your boss says their boss is coming up hate I don't want to run neat that she's saying about these guys when she doesn't go on spurs it's actually my so there's a million questions in this case armed. Her her girlfriends is going out on dates with men to try to get ahead in the company but she's a full she's a lesbian she's a lesbian so. What can you guys help. Who's also a tough defeat even if you. I haven't been in the exact situation maybe you've got some advice for Kate and we'd love to hear from you right about now Matty. IE nine when he isn't. And I really do that patient and thought that gave. You know. Trying to rally and you know apple eventually everything there. I'm in the Hawaii and and unfortunately. It's gonna hurt or rationally when it I'm not either way special at a bus stop looking ahead. Do you. How do you feel about earth trying to force her to come out of work that's not cool right. Now you know ironically like I am a lesbian and I'm Mary. And that. I quite worked very very feminine and she's constantly getting. Network. I excitement and people that I'm in her artwork and she did very on it and ultimately. In order to be able to respect. Your relationship figure and ultimately like. You should be upfront with who you are not usual that bad. Many can ask you some are you flattered when dudes hit on your lady. I mean kind of yeah I mean I'm tech I I get kind of territorial because there's an accurate instead of where. They hate you don't back op and are apt like yep bracket Gary yell like that inappropriate like sheep not entered dead and now you're a little. I think that the if you're more likely mean Matty then speed makes because I like Steve always thinks it's a compliment when somebody's hitting on your your girlfriend your wise and I'm like. I don't I don't I don't want to confrontation at saint Jude just. You can see she's with somebody's galway youths leave me alone in. Find some sort of I don't mind it just like you know she's coming on which you exactly I'm all you guys you all possess soon. I piano. Allowed yeah yeah yeah. I noticed is they're not a mocha with arms but still bottom line is this is gotta do you think it's too late so many did you do you said it's got to come out if it comes out now. Tate's girlfriend is gonna look really stupid if I. It she's been. Mean not not that barely hanging she can actually declined dying aren't gay. And you know ultimately like he's still able to keep her private Ian individually each and and get. Decline in respectfully say you know I don't think that is the great yeah like I appreciate the thought her. But I'm apt attack and then you know after time she can say you know lack. I'm in a relationship and that's her choice let her watch whether or not what the Bible and an element. Last night's thank you for the call Matty we appreciate you. Mom. Jeremiah. Yeah I guy who he thinks all. I'd say no I hate to keep your relationship cute. You don't really find people let stand by your side now often Joba coming go in you don't wanna be that person had to get back. OK so then she's got to just locking a work league should she bring Tate into work and go. Militias are the dates and then like many doubt northern front everybody's oh yeah well Steve I know I meant to know not to blades I take my fifth time in our. Great I just did it. Oh my north. I know I really beating the worst thing that I think she should be high okay. I'm not in the guy just. OK so better supervise your goal to why didn't you bring this up forever ago three days ago the viewers are sending you out with a much friends and my brother limelight Bob Bob did you tour supervisor because I'm not out yet or wasn't gonna come open only and could kind of Tenet back on her to you kind of do that you sort of forced it on many. Right yes. Our. Boat and I think kinda kept it in addition there similar situation candid I cheaper writer and actually trying to shut me up with my co worker's daughter. And I had to be about any age. And she actually turned me down let me hammer going out and match a variety earlier pulled out this opening it and it hit in the right. Context I think you're like oh well. Alicia I don't know that earlier. If you respect her and she respects her girlfriend than ever do that we are. Yeah yeah smiles on our we've got far too many votes for honesty Sawyer yeah I don't feel like it's a slacker and Steve shine are you could try. Understand that in sauce is right if we're looking forward the real solution. There passive aggressive low around about that yeah exacerbate the situation make everything more sex obsessed tabby. I'd die night music. Gotta give an ultimatum you know he had this little red dye. Supreme court of the fact that is true. That is I'm serious harm or lesbian if my wife never did back. I would give her help me in order to come out at work that you can literally got your supervisor completely inappropriate you're hooking up. Who. I just it's weird that she if she. Let her do all these times and now reprimand her she completes the the problem this case girlfriend screwed up. The spirit but it ourselves you know liability got the perfect guy if you go no thanks you shot died down. Right did you have to say I'm a lesbian I don't come to say well. I would never put up within the first claimed by you know her current people. Any long you know particularly than they weren't going to be picked up her life late. When it comes to the relationship all she's doing is creating Havoc on secretly. She's gonna she's hurting Kate she's hurting her career. 'cause. It's gonna come out that she's clearer and a liar you. Your dig you I don't trust you. You don't why did you go on. Learn popular you don't go on dates when your relationship. Like if you wanna be treating that's one thing but knowing your community relationship. Absolutely not. Right we are right thank you for your car Chevy we appreciate it I think takes in and are hard to really badly well I don't know that we can. I mean this person obviously doesn't care about Kate announced she shares about her career more than she cares about there it is on. Michelle. Yeah I. I mean she said that. Her box down and to tell him and you know very relationship. And pal and body and she needs. I know there are hooked because she'd been dating guys but she let the girl I like you've been bisexual. Do you want because there's still a little Twilight Zone a little. Lies hello. Well keep this color ally is inconsequential. In the streets are you go oh yeah. And you think that would that would appease the bossa Dow points. Lara I don't I don't know to a net it barely get you can bet lady and it wouldn't make every event meant not as much to catchy beat you know set her up with. You know his diet or whoever that what you were letting her. We've seen or like what why would this must be doing that. Yeah that's sort of born that early nobody's addressing media and you have there been set up my boss ever Michelle. I am. Wow I always I I don't I would have to eight. Not a purely that but I would think there'd be an under what I loaded they are. Something and it's his week she's putting. Her employment status in jeopardy kinda all of it a little bit right to sue yeah. Correct yes I agree. And I'd I'd I'd do you feel burger threatened because it are like seeds and it's secret and hit it that era but he. I courier first but. You know editor livelihood cheers though I see the initial watching that. Wow feature you'll learn it or girl our current. I empty thank you for the call homes. I don't know who you're with the un and Daniels on the phone so that I ER. I I haven shudder to think let sage wisdom will come from your mouse today Daniel. What do you have. Or sacred date to a sister eight and didn't get the guy gets lucky changing promotion all over the place. Expect it it so actually usual that was a box your answer is a three way it's so there is. All hopefully yeah but especially today or two guys I want everyone listening to understand it whether she gets through on the air or not Daniel calls. And says that the answer to today's three decades OPP is a three way and I have to admit. Nine out of ten days in one way shape yeah I guess it's sort of war yeah. Classes today is one of those days but then it might actually work station you don't know it's been a pleasure will not yes tomorrow I guess the bombs. If he's still I mean it's obviously inappropriate behavior in intake needs to force some honesty ever pardon or even the doesn't mean coming out. If you've got any better advice other than a three way well more complete and total honesty we love to hear from you over on the slacker and sees FaceBook page.